Blogging With Buddy September 1st, 2017

Busy, busy week this week with 142 Centennial Drive SOLD and negotiations going on for days!!!  Mama was on the phone morning, noon and night on this one but she says time is of the essence when you’re working a deal.  This is what she enjoys most about real estate and it’s true, there is never a dull moment!  Just one call, email or text can change everything!  Congratulation to Carolyn Perrier & Andre Fortier on the sale of their home!

  142 Centennial Drive, Hampton SOLD!

We had a nice message from my dear friend Carole at the SPCA Gatineau.  She is the lady who lined me up with my forever home here with Mama, Papa and Nicholas.  She was so kind to me and helped me with my English before my trip down to New Brunswick (I’m bilingual you know).  She also took me on daily car rides for a week before I left Gatineau so that I’d be well use to the long car ride to NB.  That’s what I call a very well-run shelter.  She now has a gorgeous 3-month old St Bernard pup named Melik.  What a cutie!  Just looks like a baby Beethoven!!! She sent me this pic in an email.  Nicholas and I begged and begged to have a new brother but Papa said “No Way guys, we’ve got our hands full now!  If any of you know of a family looking for a large breed dog, Malik is looking for a forever home.  He is a pur bred St. Bernard but he has no papers.  He is kind, loves people, pets children and he’s just full of love to give!  You can reach Carole directly at SPCA of Western Quebec email address;  If you live near by and decide to adopt him, let me know as Nicholas and I would love to have a play date with this not so little fella!

  Melik, 3 month old St Bernard pup

The real estate market is still hotter than it’s been in many years.  We’re working with buyers from Toronto and Alberta helping them find their dream homes.

Hope you have a wonderful Labour Day Weekend!  Stay safe on the roads wherever you plan on going and let’s hope we see lots of sunshine for this last big hooray of summer!  Hope to see you out and about.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon