Blogging with Buddy September 16, 2016

Well the little guy got in big trouble this week (actually grounded for a few hours for the first time ever).  I have to say that it wasn’t his entire fault but he’s the one that lost his cool.  It all started six months ago when he hid a favourite ball in Mama’s garden (hid it on the Budster).  Then the other day low and behold I’m walking down the walkway by the rock garden and my big nose smells something interesting.  I check it out and take a closer look and do a little digging of my own and what do I find but this nice orange ball.  A bit dirty but still in good shape, ha ha ha.  I’m one happy camper at this point!  I take the ball and head out to the front of the house.  Well Nicholas just about had a bird when he sees me trotting around the corner of the house with his ball in my mouth.  This is where I come out not so lily white because I squeaked that ball and rolled it around having a real good time with it.  I rolled on it, hid it under my belly then tossed it in the air and caught it.  Things weren’t going too bad until I shoved it in his face and then pulled it back away from him.  It was more than he could handle.  He jumped on me and threw me on the ground (he’s one strong fellow as he threw this 170 pound Newf puppy to the ground like greased lighting).  Then he jumped on top of me growling and showing his teeth with his face right up against mine.  I showed my big teeth and growled back (not that it did much good me being pinned to the ground).  Papa was right there beside us when all this happened and he was not very impressed to say the least.  Nicholas and I never fight but boys will be boys and Papa reached over and pulled him off me.  Whew!  So glad Papa was handy!  Nicholas was put in the house and I got to stay out in the garden enjoying the sunshine.  Both of us got a scolding, him for losing it and me because I never should have teased him.  Nicholas and I were both feeling bad about the whole thing so when I went in the house I went right to him and we rubbed noses and told each other how sorry we were, curled up together near the air conditioning vents and had a nice siesta.

Mama says the market is getting hotter by the minute!  I know her and the whole team has been as busy as bees and offers have been flying.  Mama says this is the busiest we’ve been in five years and it looks like the market is turning an important corner.  I know Nicholas and I are ready to roll doing whatever we can to help sell the properties.  Buddy Best is getting lots of attention in the TJ!  She just listed a wonderful property (she calls it Nantucket-style, I guess that means popular Cape Cod beach house) at 2374 Rothesay Road that we’re all very excited about!  The Team loves the updated house but Big Bud is super excited because it comes with deeded beach rights, yahoo!!!  What does that mean to you and to the Bud?  It means the full use of the nice beach right in front of the house!  Enjoying a refreshing swim whenever you want (you know the Budster is a great swimmer), bon fires, wiener roasts, relaxing with the breeze blowing gently off the water and mooring your boat right out front (I was born to be a boater, if you fall overboard I can save you, after all I’m a Newfoundland, it’s what I’m bred for).  The owners are very sweet and told Mama that as team members, it’s okay if Nicholas and I go to their beach for a swim so that we enjoy a first-hand experience of the lifestyle there to share with our buyers!  Yahoo, we’re ready!  Nicholas, grab a beach towel!  I’ll get some snaps while I’m there to share with you.  Steps lead right down to the beach and a lovely shaded area with a picnic table.  What does Buddy Bacon enjoy more than a cheeseburger picnic?  Not too much but don’t tell Dr Kelley, it would blow my diet right out of the park!

Here I am enjoying Riverside Park within easy walking distance to 2374 Rothesay Rd.

Speaking of Dr. Kelley (my favourite vet) I go to see her this coming Wednesday for a check-up and a weigh-in and Mama says she’s going to be very proud of me.  We took a new measurement of my neck and since May it has gone from 27” to 23”!  Mama says that’s impressive!  Pretty good for a Newfoundland dog.  She was so happy.  All my swimming (every evening, twice a day on weekends) and walking is paying off and I’ve stuck to my diet like glue.  There’s nothing nicer than seeing that sweet smile on Dr Kelley’s face when I step off her scales at my weigh-ins after a good week.  She bends down and rubs my ears, tells me how handsome I am and I just melt!

Saturday Steven is hosting a waterfront open house at 1279 Route 845 in Clifton Royal from 2-4 pm, just 2 minutes (left) from the Gondola Point Ferry.  This waterfront ranch has an amazing view, finished basement, 1.8 acres, 275 feet +/- shoreline, heated pool, beach and deep water anchorage!  Fantastic value at $265,000.

The entire Team Platinum is very busy this weekend with open houses!  Sunday we are having a Fine Homes International™ Waterfront Open House from 2-4pm at four of our stunning upscale properties, all are unique and all are waterfront located along the St John or Kennebecasis Rivers.  This list includes 35 Elizabeth Parkway in Hastings Cove, Rothesay at $1,298,000, 36 Yacht Haven Lane in the Moorings of Millidgeville at $798,000, 10 Luminous Lane, Morrisdale at $648,000 and 200 Inglewood Drive in Grand Bay at $589,000.  We invite you to join us, breathe deeply the fresh air off the water and take in the wonderful homes and natural surroundings.  We don’t call our upscale homes “A Buyer’s Gallery of Fine Homes” for nothing! Hope to see you there.

Your pal,

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