Blogging with Buddy, September 12, 2014

Can sure feel that crispness in the breeze these days and the coolness at night time. Autumn is just around the corner! One of my favourite times of the year. After sweating it out through a hot July and August with this big Newfie fur coat (imagine how you’d feel wearing a bear skin all summer!) I sure am enjoying the weather these days! Mama says I’m so much more active, running more on the beach, trying to catch Nicholas and cut him off at the pass, exploring, play King of the Castle on the rocks, romping around the lawn and not feeling the need to be in the Bay of Fundy quite so much.

Nicholas and I sure had a great summer! Mama says we are much better behaved now that we are two and turning out to be quite the little gentlemen (as long as we’re in her line of vision)! Nicholas didn’t pick up the nick name Denis the Menace of New River Beach for nothing!!! (Okay Nicholas, I won’t talk about it.) Mama keeps telling Daddy that we are little Angles! Daddy says we are not angels and a far cry from little, especially me. The vet told Mama he wanted me doing a lot more swimming this winter to keep the pounds off and I have been cruising up and down the bay at least 3 or 4 times a week. The little guy stays more to the beach even though he’s a strong swimmer as with his slim build he doesn’t seem to be able to take the cold water too much! Needless to say, “I love it!” I’m sooooo happy I live on the Bay of Fundy!

The team has been working really hard and have no less than 12 open houses planned in the next 10 days in Millidgeville, North End, Grand Bay/Westfield & Rothesay! Wow! Busy, busy bees! There even planning a Pool Party Open House on Sept 21st where every house has a fantastic heated pool! They better not try to keep me from that one as I don’t even need to bring my trunks, they’re all built in! It’s been a busy summer with a fair amount of sales on specialty properties making the sellers very, very happy in this soft market. I will soon be introducing my new thank you gift for all furry friends whose parents list of buy a home with our team! I’ve been looking for a way to be more active in the day to day operations and Nicholas and I put our heads together and I think We’ve hit the jackpot! More news on that later!

Hope you have a great September, all you kiddies back to school (Nicholas and I are grade 2 doggy school graduates). Get out there and enjoy the last of the late summer sun. Am I the only one still swimming this late in the year? We all know what’s around the corner but Mama will have my head if I start talking down that road!!!