Blogging with Buddy Sept 15th 2017

Another busy week with two new Rothesay listings and a Rothesay sale pending as we work through conditions!  Always hair raising until the last hurrah!  Just one more thing that makes this job so interesting, never a dull moment with potential sales just a phone call, text or email away!!!  Nicholas and I give Mama as much moral support as possible, helping to keep her calm and focused.  She says just having us near does this and we’re more than happy to oblige.  She’s always focused as this is the part of the job she enjoys most, making sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed for her buyers and sellers.

We met some very interesting new furry friends this week!  I met a gorgeous rough Collie (think Lassie) at the Riverside Park.  Is she a looker!!!  She seem to like me too as we rubbed noses and sat quietly watching the excitement around us.  Nicholas was busy running around wide open with the shelties and labs but I was happy sitting beside this new babe!  Hope to see her again soon.  Then the next night we were up to Allison for our walk and met a chocolate lab (good friend for Nicholas, same speed) and his sister, a five year old pure bred Newfoundland.  I have never seen one since I came to New Brunswick as a baby!  I’ve seen big dogs, mostly Bernese but not a Newfoundland.  She looks a lot like my mother.  All black with soft fluffy fur, so pretty and really laid back like me.  Mama and Papa were gaga over her.  I sat and talked while Nicholas did his tearing around.  Hope to see her again too, she will make a nice friend.

Hope you’ve been enjoying this warm weather.  Best September we’ve had and the meteorologists are saying we’re going to have an awesome fall staying warm possibly right into December!  Wouldn’t that be different?  Have a great weekend and hope to see you around.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon