Blogging with Buddy, November 17, 2017

Well hallelujah!!!  Big Buddy Bacon has lost 8 more pounds, down now to a handsome 150 lbs from my original 170!  Keep in mind that I’m a Newf, not a Bernese as some people mistake me for so I’m getting close to my goal weight!  That’s my nightly walks at Allison Drive with Mama, Papa and my favourite side kick, Nicholas!  Earlier now with the time change.  I’ve been walking further and further every week  and steadily picking up the pace to the point that Mama has to hustle now to keep up with me.  I’m trucking right along.  My vets are sooo proud of me as is my Auntie Blue who always keeps a close eye on our families health.  Everyone has been making a big tado about it, saying how good I look!  I just sit back, soaking it all in, love’n every minute!  Nicholas of course is the exact same weight as always, 75 pounds, which may fluctuate a pound or two at the most any given year.  The vet went on and on about how healthy he is, what perfect condition he’s in, how he has the strong, slow, steady heart beat of a super athlete, blah, blah, blah.  I get sick of hearing it.  So the little guy is Super Duck Live, get over it!  I’m all prepared to maintain my new weight this winter and if it’s too stormy to walk I’ll be heading over to the clinic to stroll on the underwater treadmill!  That thing is super!  Huge glass tank (you can imagine the size, as it comfortably fits the Budster) with a gentle ramp.  I just walk right in and it starts to fill with luke warm water, the vet hits the button and away I go!  20 minutes on it equals 64 minutes on dry land.  Takes the weight off my joints and the water makes more resistance while I’m walking.

We had great success at our five open houses on Sunday with the largest crowds we’ve seen in years!  Shows that more people are out shopping and thinking seriously about buying a house!  For the first time in years Mama ran out of sheets so many showed up at 10 Cedar Drive.  Good problem to have!  It was great to have our Coldwell Banker colleagues help out.  Very much appreciated!

Hope you enjoyed the milder weather this week as we know what’s coming and how fast it can change!  Have a great weekend, I’ll see you around!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon