Blogging with Buddy, May 29th, 2015

Not the best week for the Budster!  Had my 3rd Birthday on Monday and I was really looking forward to it and then I got sick over the weekend.  What a bummer!  Wasn’t feeling too well on Monday and Mama and Daddy had to take me to the vet to find out what was wrong.  I had a spot under my chin that was so itchy it was driving me crazy!  Come to find out it is nothing serious, something called a ‘hot spot’.  The vet says they are common with Newfie dogs and golden retrievers.  She gave Mama some cream to take away the itch and put me on antibiotics.  What a miserable birthday!  When I came out of the vet’s office Nicholas was waiting in the car and so happy to see me, tail a wagging!  He felt bad that I was under the weather and has been very gentle and kind with me all week.  I started coming around quickly to my old self and when Mama and Daddy took us for a walk last night I ran and I ran (even caught the ball once on Nicholas).  I had some good news while at the vet, I lost 6 pounds since my last visit earlier this spring!!!  She was very impressed with me and said that’s the results of my new weight control dog food and all the swimming I’ve been doing!  I’m a hero!  I was beaming from ear to ear when I heard this news.  Mama said she could tell I’d lost weight but Daddy was skeptical said he couldn’t see it.  Mama really gave it to him!

Mama had promised me a cheeseburger picnic for my birthday and although I couldn’t go out for a picnic nor invite all those I wished to join me she did make cheeseburgers for supper and Nicholas and I ate ours right up!  Mmm mmm good, yummy, yummy in Buddy’s tummy!

That lucky Steven is doing an open house this Saturday from 2- 4 at 7 Wheaton Lane on Belleisle Bay ($119,500).  Now here is a spot that Buddy could get used to pretty easily!  What’s nicer than laying out getting some R and R on a fine sandy beach with the fresh air blowing through your fur listening to the waves roll in along the beach after a nice refreshing dip in the bay with friends (or brother, this would be Nicholas)?  I can just picture it now!  Then wandering up the path to the camp as you follow the scent of a delicious barbeque (cheeseburgers please).  I wish Steve would let me come up there to help out.  I’m very good at greeting people and I could show off my dog paddle while Nicholas shows off his new dive where he runs down the beach wide open, flies through the air and dives out into the water as far as he can!  It’s really something to see. A German Shephard taught him that last summer at New River.  If you’re listening Steve we’re both available on Saturday but you’ll need a blanket for the back seat as we wouldn’t want to get your car interior dirty!  On Sunday the Team is in Millidgeville from 2-4 highlighting that desirable area of town with its gorgeous sunny weather (very similar to the Kennebecasis Valley).  Steven is at 15 Leeward Lane in Cedar Point Anchorage ($375,000), a lovely stone façade home with huge master bedroom, gazebo and water views. We are in a gorgeous home, (professional interior design straight out of a magazine) on 32 Deerwood Cres, ($489,900)near the ferry also with river views and Pam is at 78 Tudor Lane ($228,000 no condo fee) a lovely furnished garden home with natural gas heat and finished basement!

Hope you have a good weekend and if you see Nicholas and I out and about in the parks, trails or on the beach please come over to say hi!  We love meeting new friends, especially the four legged furry kind! (Be forewarned, Nicholas will try to kiss you!). If you see us in the parking lots waiting for Mama in our SUV come on over, you know we are super friendly and we’d love to talk with you.   We got my bright red SUV (known in the family as Buddy’s truck) last year from Doug Lockhart at Brett Dealership in Saint John. What a super nice guy, Nicholas and I hit it right off with him!  He has a pretty girl named Maggie ( a Westie, just like Maggie on the TV commercials) and he is the best of fathers to her.  He looked right after us and fully understood our four-legged needs in a vehicle!  We needed easy access, A/C and plenty of room for Big Buddy Bacon!  Our brothers who are passed now, Theodore and Laddie always got their SUVs from Doug at Bretts.  If you are four legged and furry and looking for a new vehicle we suggest you tell your family about Doug Lockhart.  We highly recommend him! (He may even sneak you the odd dog biscuit, but keep that one on the down low).

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon paw