Blogging with Buddy May 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Rave Scovil in Sussex who turned eleven this past Wednesday.  I know Rave would share his birthday treats with his brother Tux and his sweet little sister Daisy.  Hope you had a fun day Rave!

Nicholas and I have been getting right in the swing of things this last week by not only our daily walks but I’ve been swimming too!  My vet wants me swimming as much as possible to keep my weight down (easy now) and there is nothing that this Big Buddy Bacon enjoys more than a good swim!  When I get anywhere near water I need no persuasion that’s for sure.  This past week alone I’ve been swimming in a brook, large pond and the river.  Nicholas jumped into the brook too as well as the river but one evening before dusk it was a bit windy with waves and he isn’t comfortable in the waves.   The waves don’t bother me any, Mama says I’m up over them just like a boat.  It feels so refreshing and the vet says it’s the best exercise strongly working my muscles while floating with no weight on my joints.  Summer is just around the corner and I have to say that swimming is the best part of it for me.  We always take the Fetch It™ and ball for Nicholas as he needs to run and Mama can really whip that ball a long way with this gismo.  Nicholas runs flat out and sometimes after it bounces off the ground once he jumps and catches it right in the air!  There is no way in H___ that Big Buddy Bacon is chasing a ball!  If you want to throw it you’d better be prepared to go get it because this big guy isn’t interested!!!

Steven is hosting a special two-day open house this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday in Kingston at 868 Route 845 from 1pm – 3pm both days.  This is my kind of property with 28 scenic acres and a pond for Buddy to swim in!  Mama says the house is lovely, quality built by Queen Construction, a modern take on a farm house style with plenty of amenities and a covered porch overlooking the view.  It has apple and plum tree orchards plus plenty of blueberry bushes.  Buddy Bacon loves blueberries too!  Just my kind of property.  Hope to see you there!

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconPaw