Blogging with Buddy, March 6, 2015

Congratulations from Buddy and Nicholas Bacon to our dear friends in Sussex, Tux and Rave Scovil on the arrival of their new baby sister Daisy!  Daisy is a 9-week old Dachshund puppy with the sweetest little face, see the picture attached!  Nicholas wants to know if we can meet her when she’s a little older?  Maybe you guys could all come down to Rothesay for Buddy’s big birthday bash the end of May, “Big Buddy’s Cheeseburger Picnic”?  It was a blast last year with games such as fetch, Frisbee, tug of war (of course Big Buddy won that, Nicholas says all I had to do was put my weight into it!), races, Mama organizing the fun and Daddy working the barbeque!  I can tell you that our daddy cooks one mean cheeseburger!

As you know we are still in snow up over our eyeballs!  So far over our eyeballs that we are wondering if we will even see our lawn in June!  This is only the first of March and you never know what storms can happen before this long old winter is over.  Mama says people are just sick to death of it but amazingly the serious house buyers are still out looking and buying, through the sleet and the snow, the ice and the cold!  You just can’t keep a serious buyer down!  For the dreadful winter we’re having the entire team has been extremely busy!

There is so much snow around our office that some days Pam and Heather feel like they are working in an igloo!  They are toasty warm though as our good friend and landlord Tony put in two new heat pumps last spring to keep the girls cool in the summer and toasty warm this winter.  If there was ever a winter that we would need it, this was the one!  Mama says that we can visit Tony this spring to see his new puppy and Nicholas can race around Tony’s huge property on Long Reach with the new puppy.  Be ready puppy, Nicholas is wired so you better eat your Wheaties if you think you’re going to keep up with him!  I’m just sitt’n back dream’n about some hot fun in the summer sun!  Will those days ever come?

Buddy paw