Blogging with Buddy, March 4th, 2016

We’ve really been enjoying the mild weather and good footing with some nice long walks at Spy Glass Hill. At this rate the golf course will be opening soon! We met a new friend named Leonard (Golden Doodle) who is about the same speed as our spry little Nicholas. Running around the field wide open and actually doing dives over each other as they went. Go Nicholas go! I may not be able to run too far but with my big bark I make a great cheering fan and my money is always on my little side kick, Nicholas. When it comes to speed in running and swimming he’s never let me down yet. We also saw our friends Casey and Finnegan Flood. It was sooooo good to see them out for a refreshing walk with their Papa. They are a great pair as one is about my speed and the other is Nicholas’!

We surprised Steven last Saturday and dropped in to visit at his open house at 28 John Street in Nauwigewauk. He was shocked to see us! It was a gorgeous blue-sky day and I wanted a first-hand look at this property before I gave it my stamp of approval. Let me tell you, it’s definitely “Paw Approved” with its huge lot with lots of space to run and play, awesome sunset water view, quiet cul de sac, spacious rooms, large eat-in kitchen and even a dog run! Watch for this property in my upcoming ads in the Telegraph Journal entitled “Buddy’s Best, Paw Approved”! See below for our photo.

Nicholas and I are really hoping that Mama will let us try the new A & W Buddy Chicken Burger! We’ve been checking it out on line and the reviews are coming in that it’s delicious, good for you with 0% Antibiotics and best of all it’s named after Buddy Bacon, so it’s got to be good. And all for only $2.50. So far no luck with getting a tasting so we’re going to ask for my birthday instead of our regular Cheese Burger Picnic with friends if we can have a Buddy Chicken Burger Picnic! We’ve polled all our four-legged friends and we’re all in! Will let you know how that turns out. I’ll be four years old on May 25th!

While Jody is away on a much deserved holiday Steven is busy showing houses this Saturday and will host an open house at 10 Thompson Street, West on Sunday from 2-4pm. This 3-level townhouse has a fabulous view of West Saint John! Steven invites you to drop in and say hello!

Lucas update: Our dear little cousin seems to be getting a bit better this week and much brighter. Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton can see a definite difference thanks to their continual TLC. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for him! Keep them coming.

Your Pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Keep him distracted with kisses Nicholas while I try to get his glasses!