Blogging with Buddy, March 16th, 2015

Nicholas and I have been out shoveling with Mama since 6:30 this morning.  Oh where oh where did all this snow come from?  Mama is at the end of her rope, the snow is so deep at her office window that all she can see is a bit of sky!!!  Daddy says this way she won’t get distracted looking out the window and I don’t want to tell you what kind of response that got him but it wasn’t good.  My yard is getting smaller and smaller as the snow bank get higher and wider.  Mathew is doing a super job on our yard!!!  He was here three times yesterday just keeping it clear as the white stuff kept coming down.  He made sure at all times yesterday we were able to get out of our yard and with a day like that we say, “Job well done”!

Yesterday was the first time in the history of Mama’s business that our open houses had to be cancelled but it just was not safe for buyers or our Team to be out in that blizzard.  Steven tried to get to 15 Leeward Lane (that house is such a fantastic value, I can’t believe it hasn’t been snapped up) and managed to get as far as the end of Boar’s Head Road then hit a dead end!  That’s as far as the road was plowed!  Kudos to him for trying on a day like that!  We don’t need to question now that this is one guy who loves doing open houses or why he’s known as “The Host with the Most”.

It’s so difficult in a winter like this for Mama and Pam to predict the date and size of these coming storms when they’re preparing advertising for open houses.  You know Mama is the Queen of Advertising but when the paper sets deadlines to have the ads in and finalized by Tuesday, who can say what the upcoming Sunday will be like?  Buddy says, “You might as well go look out the window cause if they are predicting flurries we’ll probably get about 30 to 40 cm!”  About five years ago Mama hosted an open house in a huge blizzard in Rothesay on a street that went up a long steep winding hill.  She said to Daddy, “I’m not sure I can make it up there and back even with the four-wheel drive!”  But off she went with a good book tucked into her open house bag and she never dreamed anyone would show up in the blizzard.  Low and behold at 3:45pm a couple come through the door and bought the house right there on the spot!  That blew two theories out of the water, 1/ that no one would visit an open house in a blizzard and 2/that people don’t actually buy houses at an open house!  Mind you, it does not happen often but we’ve done it more than a few times and it does give the sellers another venue for exposing the home they are offering.

Also, Nicholas and I want to send “get well” wishes to our dear friend Molly Burt who had an operation on her leg last month.  “Molly we hope you are feeling better and that your leg heals quickly so that you can come up to Allison and Spy Glass for a run with us really soon!  Don’t forget to bring your new sister Abbey!  We’re attaching a pic of us all together last summer here at our place, hope seeing it makes you feel better.”

I’ve got to get off this computer now and go out with Mama and Nicholas to shovel some more snow.  If there was some kind of snow plow for working dogs that we could hook onto me I’m sure I could plow a lot of snow!  I’m big, I’m strong, I’m smart and I’m motivated, I’m Big Buddy Bacon!  Stay warm and keep your mukluks handy!

Buddy paw

Nicholas, Molly & Buddy
Nicolas, Molly & Buddy