Blogging with Buddy, March 12th, 2014

Do you enjoy the beach and swimming as much as Buddy and Nicholas?  Tired of shovelling snow and enduring the endless exasperation of bone chilling cold and one more storm after another?  Dreaming about a balmy winter in the sunny south with the sun’s rays beaming down on your face while you relax by the pool with a cool drink or listen to the soothing  sound of the surf gently collapsing against the shore as you sift fine beach sand through your toes?  Sounds good to Buddy!  Mama and Team Platinum are pleased to offer our clients a professional Florida buyer’s agent with many years’ experience in helping Canadians just like you find the vacation home of your dreams matched to your budget and lifestyle-objectives.  If you have four legged friends he can tell you the best dog friendly places for us as well.

As a former Maritimer, our connection is very familiar with our unique objectives and concerns as Canadians considering an investment in Florida real estate. “Our clients sing the praises of their buying experience with Our Florida Connection.”  Find out why today!”  I say, “Once a Maritimer, always a Maritimer!  After all what’s better than a New Brunswick summer?  By Buddy Bacon’s standards “Absolutely nothing beats an NB summer!”  For more details email me at, I’m more than happy to hook you up!

Our sweet little cousins Myra and Lucas have been wintering in Florida their entire lives and at 3.5 lbs each I am happy that they were not here in a New Brunswick this winter!  They usually come home after Easter and we’ll be happy to see them (they are twins you know).  At the rate we’re going we may still have plenty of snow in April.  They are no bigger than my big head but we are gentle with the wee ones!  See their pic attached.

The team is busy this weekend with open houses from 2pm to 4pm.  Steven and Kim are together at 12 Coventry Crescent, Quispamsis on Saturday.  Sunday they are in Millidgeville with Kim is at 32 Deerwood Place with a nice new price reduction and Steven is offering fantastic value at 15 Leeward Lane!  Come on out and say Hello, you know we’re always happy to see you!


Buddy's paw pring in the sand

Lucus & Myra, 7th birthday cropped_edited-1
Lucas and Myra