Blogging with Buddy, March 11, 2016

Winter’s not over yet!  I was so surprised (and happy, but don’t tell) to see a wee bit of snow this morning when I got up.  Nicholas and I went tearing out the door and flying around the yard just beyond ourselves to have this bit of snow to play in.  Right away we threw ourselves on the ground and started rolling around making snow angels.  With the weather we’ve had this winter, I told Nicholas that this may be our last chance!  So we rolled and we ran and we dug in it until our hearts were content (I even ate a bit of it, so cool and refreshing).  Being only three years old this is only my third winter and it seems to me that you never know what Mother Nature will throw your way.  My first winter had snow but it wasn’t all that deep and then last winter it was so bad that I almost got swamped in a drift if you remember and now this year it’s like late spring every day.  We don’t know what to make of it but we just go with the flow.

Nicholas and I both got in a bit of trouble lately with the home mail delivery!  I got caught stealing mail out of the mail box (stuff that was kind of hanging partially out anyway), taking it down the driveway, rolling on it, hiding it under me until no one was looking and then ripping it open and chewing on it.  What fun!  Til I got caught.  Mama talked with the Mailman and now he’s careful to push the mail all the way into the box so that I can’t get at it.  Bummer!   What a kill joy!  From that conversation with the mailman Mamma found out that our sweet little Nicholas waited until the mailman was up near our front door and mail box last week away from the truck and then he jumped into the mail truck (door was wide open), grabbed the bag of dog treats that’s kept beside the seat and took off like a bat out of H_ _ _!  There was no catching him then.  I was really sour because I hadn’t received my daily treat yet and Nicholas wasn’t in the sharing mood.  Plus he knows that I can’t catch the little Speedy Condoles! The mailman thought it was a great joke, told Mama that Nicholas is a kleptomaniac and that from now on he’ll be keeping the door of the truck closed!  What next?

Steven is a happy camper this week as he double-ended a new listing at a lovely waterfront cottage in Westfield thus breaking yet another record for Team Platinum!  Go Steven go!  He will be hosting two open houses this weekend.  Saturday he’s at 33 Deveber Terrace in Millidgeville from 1-3pm.  This beautifully upgraded bungalow has gleaming hardwood, all new windows and deck, fab bathroom, finished basement and lovely back yard all for $229,900.  On Sunday from 2-4 pm he’s at a spacious one-owner six-bedroom family home on the west side at 545 Lewin Avenue priced at $209,000.  With huge living room with wood-burning fireplace, main floor family room and stunning mature grounds providing a park-like setting this home is ideal for a large family.  Stop by to have a look, say hello and congratulate Steven on his big sale!  Talk with you soon.

Your pal,

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