Blogging With Buddy June 9th 2017

I’m a busy boy!  Nicholas and I went to visit one of our oceanfront listing in Charlotte County this week just to check things out with 2.57 Acres.  I was especially interested in the beach as I heard it was big and sandy, two very important points with the Budster and his side kick!  Low and behold it’s true, it’s a great beach.  Now mind you the water is as cold just like New River (which doesn’t bother me but Nicholas won’t venture in until at least July!  (little wimp).  The house looked to be in great condition , 2716 sq ft. with not one but two separate garages, (easily park 4 cars or more inside and I like to keep my red truck inside) and the stamped concrete patio will be a great place for a lobster boil or barbeque.  Did someone mention cheese burgers?  Oh, no, I must have been day dream’n!  My big concern is beach inspection and let me tell you that this one passed the test in flying colours!!!


House looks great with plenty of parking.                           This is what I call a beach!

We’re excited to be heading to Tommy’s Beach (near New River) this weekend.  I’ll probably be out sunning myself on the beach so if you see me stop by to say hello to the Budster!  You may see Nicholas as well.  I may show off my swimming skills!

See you soon,

Big Buddy Bacon