Blogging with Buddy June 30, 2016

Happy Canada Day!  Nicholas and I are so proud to be Canadian and feel so blessed to live in this great nation!  Mama has always told us that the luckiest people in the world live in Canada and we agree as four-legged friends.  We have our Canada flags flying high!  As a family we will be celebrating at New River Beach, our favourite weekend haunt.  It’s supposed to be hot and sunny so we’ll have a picnic at the beach and Nicholas and I will have a big swim. If it does get hot than Mama may venture into the cold water with us.  She usually does a few times a summer but we just can’t get Papa into the Bay of Fundy no matter how hard we try.  He says “You’re crazy, it’s just too cold.”  “Come on Papa, if Mama can do it you can!  Don’t wimp out on us now!”  We go to a little quiet gravel beach around the corner from the public park we call Tommy’s Beach as we like to roam free, run, dig holes and swim without bothering any strangers.  Even though we are super friendly sometimes a stranger could be intimidated by two big black dogs running towards them so we stay where it’s quiet.

Nicholas and I had baths this week, quiet a big deal when you’re our size.  Mama got out the oatmeal shampoo and detangling conditioner.  Rub a dub dub, Big Bud’s in the tub!  Nicholas hates getting a bath and Mama has to physically drag him in.  Once he’s there, he stands very still, looking very sour just hoping it will get over soon.  It doesn’t take long to bath the little guy.  Now me, I love getting my bath, I just step right in and thoroughly enjoy!  Mama suds me all up and I come out smelling like a rose.  Then we got the big comb out, I like that too but Nicholas hates it.  He glares at us through the whole thing.  Mama says his skin is extra sensitive so she goes slowly and carefully and uses a soft brush.  I think he’s a big baby but I won’t be saying it to his face as he’d probably beat the heck out of me!

We received something really special this week from the mailman.  Mama’s friend Diane told her about a huge pet store in Ontario that sells absolutely everything for pets, Ren’s Pet Depot .  It’s the largest pet store in Canada.  Mama contacted them to purchase a special dryer for drying Newfoundland-type dogs with very thick coats.  Now that I’m swimming every day and my coat is sooo… thick it never really dries!  Nicholas dries easily in less than an hour but not the Budster.  Low and behold my new dryer arrived in two days and it works fantastic.   Made by Bear Power, it’s called B-Air, lime green colour with a picture of a bear on it.  The bear’s coat actually looks a lot like mine!  The dryer is light weight, easy to use with several attachments and super powerful, 4 hp!  I am dry easily now in 5 minutes and Mama is only using it at ¼ to ½ throttle.  I love it, kind of feels like a massage and I lean right into it.  The air is just the right temperature too; not warm but not cool either.  I love my B-Air.  We’re taking it to the cottage this weekend as I plan to do a lot of swimming Canada Day!

For those of you who have been following the recovery of our dear little cousin Lucas, he is doing really super with a capital S!  Last winter he couldn’t even move and now he is up and about, running all around the house with his twin sister Myra, even getting up on his trampoline himself now.   A real miracle thanks to the excellent, diligent care of our Auntie Blue who’s dedication is to be commended in a big way!  Between weekly visits to the vet over many, many months, long nights of stressful worry, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, ultra sounds, massages and a whole lot of TLC: she has brought the little boy back to a high quality of life.  Many would have given up on him but not our Auntie Blue, just one of the many reasons we love her sooo… much!

Lucus & Myra, 7th birthday cropped_edited-1
Our dear little cousins Myra and Lucas on the right

Heading to the Kingston Country Market this Saturday?  Be sure to drop in and say hello to Steven who is hosting an open house Saturday just around the corner at 868 Route 845 from 2-4 pm.  This is my kind of property with 28 scenic acres and a pond for Nicholas and I to swim in!  Mama says the house is lovely with a very high pitched roof, quality-built by Queen Construction, a modern take on a farm house-style with plenty of amenities and huge covered porch overlooking the view.  It has apple and plum tree orchards plus plenty of blueberry bushes.  Buddy Bacon loves blueberries too!  Just my kind of property.  Drop in if you can!

On Sunday from 1-4 pm Steven will be hosting at 30 Centennial Drive on the beautiful Washademoak Lake at Belyea’ s Cove (route 705 to Crafts Cove Rd to Centennial).  This is the end of this 20-mile lake that is most special to boaters as they are just around the corner from the St. John River connecting them to Gagetown, Grand Lake, Belleisle Bay and more!  This year-round cottage on 1.2 acres is your perfect weekend get-away all year long with a cozy stone fireplace, open concept, large covered deck and glorious beach!  What does Buddy Bacon love more than a beach?  Not too much!  Think of all the good times you can have here with family, friends and dogs like Nicholas and I with swimming, boating, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, bon fires, wiener roasts & more!  I wish Steven would let me co-host this one, I’m getting all worked up just thinking about the fun I could have here!  Maybe Mama will take me up for a surprise visit, wouldn’t be the first time I’ve dropped in and surprised Steven!  Maybe I’ll see you there!  Paws crossed and hoping!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  Sand Paw Print

PS- Some people have asked and yes this is my actual paw print, taken in the sand at New River Beach.