Blogging with Buddy, June 28, 2014


What glorious weather for a Canada Day weekend! I’m hoping to get for a swim (or two or three, or more, ha). Nicholas and I, both have new Canadian flag scarfs, handsome with the red and white against our gleaming black fur. We may sport them at the St. Andrews dog show this weekend. We’ll be in the audience, of course, cheering on our friends! Nicholas says if they have a biggest dog competition I should go in. Is the little guy being smart with me?

Mama’s been working some crazy hours, so she’s hoping to get a couple of days off over the long weekend. But if I know Mama, like I know Mama, is someone wants to buy a house, away she’ll go, on the fly! She very excited to have so much great support staff now with Pam, Steven, Kim and Candace. Our clients are loving them too! Personable, trustworthy, caring and service orientated, just want the doctor ordered! I still feel as Team mascot that I am a very important part of the team. The clients love me too and I love them. I just like to sit beside them while they are talking to Mama while they rub my head (don’t stop rubbing now). Nicholas usually lies next to Mama’s feet (he’s a real Mama’s boy).

The market seems to be on the move because the phones, texts and emails have been red hot and the Team is on the fly! Business is way up over last year through every price range from low, mid-range to high, even though we had such a late spring. I think everyone was so relieved to see the end of all that snow that they just feel rejuvenated in the summer sun and want to move on and celebrate in a new home! Was I the only one happy with all the snow? Nicholas wasn’t impressed and hung near the fireplace with Mama a lot. What about you other big dogs out there? Were we happy or what!

Nicholas and I wish you all a very good Canada Day! We hope you have lots of fun with your families with barbeques, games and fireworks while we all give thanks for this great nation we are fortunate to live in. I can tell you we are two proud Canadian dawgs! Woof, woof!