Blogging With Buddy, June 23rd, 2017

Special thanks to Kathy and John Ilku for their gracious donation the SPCA Saint John upon the sale of their home at 7 Ambassador Drive!  Nicholas and I picked up the cheque ourselves on behalf of all my furry friends at the shelter who are oh so very grateful to the Ilku’s.  Your generosity is so appreciated!

With all the talk of possible mortgage hikes I’m still seeing today reasonable advertised rates of 2.14% for a 2-year term, 2.44% for 5-years and 3.69 locked in for 10 years!  I’m suggesting it’s a good time to lock in those rates so that you’ll be protected down the road, worse case scenario!  One thing we can all safely bet on is that they won’t be going down any time soon!  I feel that this could be one of the main reasons that homes sales in our area has been on the rise lately with buyers jumping in before the rate hike!

Open house weekend! Saturday in Seeley’s Cove from 2-4pm at 76 Holland Road and 546 Seeley’s Cove Road featuring two lovely oceanfront properties with beaches and Sunday in the city from 2-4pm at 40 Waterview Place in Millidgeville and 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove.  Hope you can stop by for a look.  We’d love to see you!

Our sincere condolences go out to Tux and Daisy Scovil and their mom in Sussex on their lost of my good friend Rave, the beautiful standard poodle, who will be missed by all including Nicholas and the Budster.  After a long illness we know that Rave is now enjoying the good life in Doggy Heaven, running through the tall grass with his friends, ears flapping in the wind, smiling from ear to ear.  You will be missed my friend, until we meet again.

Rave Scovil

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon