Blogging with Buddy, June 14th, 2014

I have to say that Nicholas and I must have gone to Heaven last Sunday afternoon because if that wasn’t Heaven where we were than Heaven may be more than these two furry dudes can handle!!! We spent 3 hours at 463 Mascarene Road visiting Shelby Armstrong, a sweet 3-year old golden retriever (did I mention female!) and her parents David and Leslie. It was a gorgeous blue sky day and as we drove down the driveway the scenery opened up beyond the trees to this fabulous place on the Passamaquoddy Bay on the Bay of Fundy overlooking St Andrews, Grand Mannan, East Point Maine, Deer Island and more! Mama says it’s one of the prettiest homes on the Bay but all we could see was Shelby coming to greet us and 32.5 acres of woods, lawns, fields, ponds and the Bay of Fundy! The little guy practically flew out of Dad’s truck and his eyes were as big as saucers. I don’t think he even noticed Shelby at first, all he could see was the scenery, No invisible fence, No retractable leashes and we were both F R E E DOGS! He took off flat out around the house and around the lawns (can that guy ever run!) while I headed right to the 17 foot deep swimming pond, Splash, (was that a belly flop?)! I was swimming and swimming, Nicholas was running and Shelby looked at the two of us as if we had just landed from the Moon! She whispered to her mother, “These city dudes don’t get out much do they!” Next thing you know, that’s it, I jump right in the Bay of Fundy! There is something about the salt sea air mixed with the cold salt water that takes me back to my roots. I’m swimming back and forth and back and forth, so refreshing, so nice and cold (the other two wimps didn’t join me)! I hear the grown-ups saying, “Look Buddy’s right in the Bay!” Where else would you think a Newfoundland dog would be? And loving every minute of it too!

We were exhausted when we left there. We slept the entire way home and Mama had to wake us up to get us in the house! We slept most of the next day too, comatose! Heather couldn’t figure out why we were such good, quiet boys, ha! We barely moved, were almost dead! Then Mama always says, “How are the angels doing?” Heather says, “What angels?”

Mama and the Team are going to be back to Charlotte County this Sunday for Open Houses at 4 beautiful Beach Houses on the water! Mama is at 463 Mascarene Road, Steven is at 746 Seeley’s Cove Road (1 km of oceanfront), Pam is at 72 Kaydon Lane in Lake Utopia (fab pristine, warm, fresh-water swimming) and our newest member Candace (she’s a real sweetheart!) is at 133 Green’s Point Road in L’Etete (just past Mascarene) (watch the whales jump right from the beach!). “Buddy wants to see the whales jump, why can’t I go see them jump?” “I could swim out and get a closer look!” Mama says that’s what she’s worried about. The whales in the Bay of Fundy are the largest in the World! Mama says one slap of their tail and Buddy would be toast! Pam put maps on the Open House page of the web site to help people find their way. Nicholas and I are not allowed to go to open houses, no matter how much we whine! We just don’t understand, if we’re running and swimming won’t the people see how much fun can be had at beautiful places like this? With any luck we’ll get back to Charlotte County really soon. Paws crossed and hoping!!! Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Blogging with Buddy, June 14th, 2014

  1. Sounds like the dogs are having the life of rilley’Too bad that they are not allowed to be included in the open houses.Their little cousin Lucas is not good with his back hope he will sta rt to improve soon he will be back to his Vet on Tuesday.

  2. How refreshing to hear from Buddy!!! He is an excellent writer–very creative and sincere. Kathy please pass my compliments to him…I can see why he liked the Mascarene Estate–it is so beautiful.

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