Blogging with Buddy, July 31st, 2015

Oh joy, oh bliss!  Our Auntie Blue is coming down to the cottage and we’re hoping that she is going swimming with us!  Mama says don’t be expecting Auntie Blue to be getting into that cold water of the Bay of Fundy.   Not everyone loves the cold like Big Buddy Bacon!  Mama says Auntie Blue may put her toe in, until it turns blue which wouldn’t take very long.  “What are you talking about?”  Daddy won’t even do that and we know that Uncle Clinton won’t be getting in.  He’ll think we’re crazy.  Mama always goes in up to her knees and last weekend went in right up to her arm pits!!!  I loved it!  I swam around and around her saying, “Go for it Mama, you’re almost in!  Come swimming with Big Buddy Bacon”.  Nicholas was so excited that he dug a huge hole in the sand and than did a big dive right into the Bay.  He couldn’t believe Mama was in with us.  We’re hoping she gets in again this weekend.  We’d have to time it right when the surf comes in over the hot sand and warms up the temperature a bit.

We’re going to have a lobster fest for Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.  Um, um I think I’d love lobster but it seems all I get is a whiff if I’m lucky!  I’m a Newfoundland dog, of course I’d love lobster, just give me a little taste.  Daddy says if he ever catches Mama giving us even a wee bit then you know what is going to hit the fan and we don’t want Daddy to lose it.  But, then Mama calms him down with her sweet little soft voice and Daddy just smiles.

Nicholas and I hope you all have a fantastic New Brunswick Day Weekend!  Come and say hi to us if you see us out and about at the beach or the parks, we’d love to meet you!  The team is not having open houses this weekend as most people are either away at their cottages, their boat, their trailer provincial parks, concerts or whatever.  They really deserve a break as they’ve been going straight out.  Steven will be holding down the fort for showings, you just can’t keep a good man down!

Your pal,

Buddy Sand Paw Print