Blogging with Buddy, July 2nd, 2015

Life was a real three-ring circus last weekend at the beach with Nicholas. Mama decided Saturday that Nicholas was getting a bath!!! Me, I love baths, the more suds the better but the little guy, not so much! Off we go to a tidal pool which was warmed by the warm afternoon sun so he would not be in the cold water (nor would Mama and Daddy). Mama threw the stick to get him swimming to wet his coat and then asked Daddy to bring him into the pond which was only up to their knees. I sat on the side bank just watching the action thinking this could be very interesting. Mama opened up the Oatmeal Shampoo which is good for moistening his skin and preceded to suds him up and all was going well. Then Mama took a big dipper of water and poured it over his back to begin the rinse cycle. Well that was it! That was the trigger! Nicholas didn’t want water poured on him, no way, no how. He reared up on those strong hind legs of his and pulled so hard that he pulled Daddy right off his feet and Daddy went down right into the pond face first. Daddy was not a happy camper and the air was blue! Nicholas took off running like a fool going round and round us making huge circles. Mama yelled, “Catch him Doug, catch him” (that wasn’t going to happen, this was getting good). Nicholas was acting the fool and dodging Daddy then Mama said, “Nick come”. That’s all it took and Nicholas came right to Mama. Mama passed him to Daddy and said now hold on with both hands while I rinse him and apply the crème rinse. Within minutes the little guy was done, released and running like a wild banshee. He smells so good now and his coat is silkier than ever.

We had a great day Canada Day and went to the nearby Riverside-Kinghurst Park. We love it there and Nichols just loves swimming in the warm river water. Mama can hardly get him out!!! I swim in it a bit but being a Newf I really prefer the cold water of the Bay of Fundy (that’s where Mama has a problem getting me out of the water). At this park I do more lying around the beach watching the boats go by. Mama explained to us that we should be proud to be Canadians as we live in the best country in the World! We wore our red and white Canada Day scarves and everyone thought we looked mighty handsome and patriotic (Aunty Blue says “nice contrast with our shiny black coats”).

This weekend from 2-4pm Steven is at 444 Route 845 in Kingston Peninsula at a lovely property of 8.6 scenic acres. Talk about lots of space to run and play! On Sunday he’s at 14 Sunview Road in East Saint John at a property with a nice pool (did someone mention pool? Would Steven let Buddy swim in this pool?) and stunning modern updates to the home. On Sunday we are at 21 Allison Drive in Rothesay which features a huge price reduction (now $395), stunning modern renovations and a large private lot in the heart of Rothesay. Stop by and check these properties out!

Hope you all enjoy some of this warm weather we’ve all been waiting for (seems like forever) and I’ll be back to you soon.

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon