Blogging with Buddy, July 17th, 2015

Happy Birthday to our dear Auntie Blue!  She celebrated her birthday on the 14th at a celebration dinner amongst her closest family and friends.  What Buddy wants to know is; “where was Buddy Bacon on that big day?”  How come I wasn’t invited?  Nicholas and I had to stay home along with the twins, Myra and Lucas!  They were about as impressed as we were!!!  The twins enjoy good table scraps as much as we do and all we got was a doggy bag we had to share.  Even fussy little Nicholas loves restaurant food.  Then we overheard Mama and Papa saying that it was the best birthday cake they’d ever eaten!  What the heck, we’re part of the family too and there was no birthday cake in that doggy bag, not even a crumb.  We sent a couple of surprises plus a beautiful arrangement of flowers to Auntie Blue earlier in the day provided by Mama and Papa’s favorite florist, Brian at Keirstead’s!  That man has plenty of talent plus the best flower assortment and they highly recommend him.  Auntie Blue’s had roses, peonies, Scottish heather, fragrant lilies and delphinium in three colours.  She loved it and we did too.  We have the best Auntie Blue, Nicholas and I just love her and she is so very good to us and to Mama too!  She likes to tease Papa and he sure does enjoy teasing her too.  Sometimes he says, “I think I’ll wind up Auntie Blue”, and Mama says “don’t you dare”. They have great fun together but Nicholas and I noticed that when Papa got home from the birthday party his shins were bruised a bit.  He said Mama was kicking him under the table.  We don’t understand why she’d do this, it’s over our heads but he seemed to have a good time!

The weather has been too hot for Big Buddy Bacon!  I’m swimming every chance I get and otherwise I’m staying in the house snuggled up to the air conditioning vents, so refreshing.  Our Uncle Clinton just loves the heat.  He sits in his sunroom on the hottest days just soaking up the rays and loving every minute.  We don’t think it could ever be too hot for him but then again he’s not wearing the big Newf coat like I am, really changes things, let me tell ya.

Mama and the Team have been as busy as bees!  She’s been flying around here and on that BlackBerry all hours of the day and night negotiating on properties. As have Pam, and Steven’s been burning the candles at both ends.  Mama says it’s usually busy in May but it’s as if a late spring hit in June and July!  She’s not complaining though, she loves to sell houses.  When an offer comes in she’s all over it!  She calls it tenacious but Papa says she’s like a dog on a bone!   Whatever you call it, it works.  Properties have been going priced anywhere from $114,900 to $848,000 and other in between!  Nicholas and I have been getting our Buddy Biscuits all ready to give out to the client’s four-legged friends with our own special thank you!

Have a great week with lots of fun in the summer sun!

Your Pal, Sand Paw Print