Blogging with Buddy, January 28th, 2015

Another storm day and no one is happy except Big Buddy Bacon!  Nicholas and I have been in and out playing in the snow for the past two days, what great fun we are having!  Not so much fun for Mama and Daddy and the rest of the Team, shovelling, shovelling and more shovelling! We roll in it, romp through it, dive into the drifts, eat it and make our own version of snow angels.  This is as close to Heaven as the Big Bud gets.  I have a nice fleecy lined winter coat but I only wear it when it’s really cold as I enjoy the feel of the cold snow on my Newfie coat.

Now Nicholas is another story.  He always wears his winter coat as he’s not built like me and his soft fur isn’t warm enough for the cold winter.  Mama says he looks really cute in it (I beg to differ)! Ha, ha!  He doesn’t stay out nearly as long as I do either!  Sometime Mama makes me come in even through I’m really not ready yet.  “Just a few more minutes please Mama?”

We are all ploughed out, shovelled and snow blown!  Mama’s been busy designing Telegraph Journal ads for the Teams big Open House Extravaganza this Saturday and Sunday.  Kim Burt and Steven are at 5 Clark Road, Rothesay (beautifully updated and renovated) on Saturday and our brand new listing at 43 Bel-Air Avenue, Rothesay Landing (ranch with numerous upscale upgrades including stunning light fixtures) on Sunday.  Also on Sunday Steven is at 36 Maliseet Drive, Sagamore Point (one of the best kitchens you’ll ever see in NB!), Pam is at 5 Valley Road, Hastings Cove (possibly the best walk-in master closet in NB!) and Mama is just around the corner at 35 Elizabeth Parkway in a gorgeous waterfront home with a ton of upscale modern features.

I checked The Weather Network and they are saying no snow tomorrow but then more coming Friday and Saturday.  Mama is moaning, Daddy is groaning and Big Buddy Bacon is saying “Oh joy, oh bliss!!!  More fun in the fluffy white stuff for me and my little bro!  Bring it on; The Big Bud is ready!

Large Paw