Blogging with Buddy February 3rd, 2017

Well you should see the big boy that came to our area this week from Halifax with his family looking for a home in our area!  See the pic attached.  Mama said he would make a great playmate for our Big Buddy Bacon!  Then she showed me his picture and I said, “He sure would!”.  He’s a Bernese Mountain Dog, about the same size as me, similar temperament with the only difference being that he is not a swimmer like the Budster.  They are friendly, well behaved and really laid back, just like me.  I don’t get to see or spend time with guys my size so I hope his family chose a house really close to mine so that I can show him the ropes with all the trails, beaches, fields, etc.  I think Nicholas and Gus Dixon would like him too!  Who doesn’t like a Berner???  I can see it all now, best friends,Ben and Buddy!

Buyers are steadily coming in from out of province.  Mama and Candace are on the whirlwind tour this weekend with a couple from Toronto!  All those from away love our area, proximity to the city, easy commute and best of all our New Brunswick prices!!!  They must think they died and gone to Heaven!


The team is featuring not only one but two open houses this weekend from 2-4pm both on Eriskay Drive in Rothesay off Grove Avenue and Highland Avenue.  Both are newer construction with every imaginable bell and whistle and both have had a recent price drop!  Candace will be at 241 Eriskay Drive $578,000 (home of my friend Jazzy and featured in Buddy’s Best this week) which is a stunning three bedroom ranch-style home so tastefully decorated inside and out.  Candace says it’s like something straight out of a magazine and we’re sure you’ll agree!  Amy will be at 299 Eriskay Drive $958,000, right next door which is a two storey home with stone façade, three bedrooms up and one in the finished basement.  If you enjoy the latest in finishes and style, we invite you to drop in to say hello and enjoy these two design treasures!

My friend Jazzy at 241 Eriskay Drive.

Hope you have a great weekend,

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon