Blogging with Buddy, February 25th, 2015

I don’t know about you but if I never see another snow shovel it will be too soon!!!  We go out with Mama every time she shovels and she has more than had her fill!  Her shovelling time is taking away from our ball fetching time, as she’ll only stay out in the cold for so long.  You know I love the white stuff but when my driveway keeps getting smaller and smaller and the snow banks taller and taller until Buddy feels like he’s in a tunnel then it time to say, “Whoa there”!  Big Buddy Bacon needs a certain amount of space to play and it’s getting smaller by the day!  We just came in and the snow in our driveway is over our bellies!!!  Time to go in and lay by the fire to contemplate this for a while.

Not sure how they are doing it but Team Platinum is selling like crazy even with this insane weather!  Recent sales in the last 6 weeks range from $204,000 to $998,000 across all price ranges!  Mama has two new high-end Fine Homes International sales, Steven is doing outstanding with four awesome sales in the medium range and Kim Burt is rock’n with two fabulous sales in the medium to medium/high range.  Way to go Team!  Of the eight recent sales five of them are Team Platinum Listings!  “Who’s Selling Your House?”

Nicholas and I were recently asked to do a bit of modelling, can you imagine.  For Christmas we both received gorgeous new waterproof raincoats complete with New Brunswick tartan lining, collar and pocket!  These coats were custom made by Leslie Vanhee of “DoggyDudds” and did I mention they are reversible.  Your pet is measured, you select the fabric and style of your choice and await arrival!  It fun and easy and the quality is suburb!  They are easy to put on with large Velcro fastens and the wide band around the tummy keeps us warm too.  We love our new coats and everybody has been is oohing and ahhing over them.  Last Sunday DoggyDudds had a booth at the Doggie Expo at the Dartmouth NS Sportsplex and Mama received a call requesting photos of us in our coats for display in the booth.  We happily dawned our coats and headed out into the snow to get some perfect pics!  Mama says we’re a real pair of hams as we were posing this way and that for the best effect!  Good thing we watch America’s Next Top Model now and then to pick up a few tips from Tyra Banks!  See our pics attached and check out for the latest in canine fashion trends.

.Large Paw


This snow tunnel leads to our back door!

unnamed (1)

Nicholas thinks he’s a mountain goat!

Must be great to walk on top of the snow!

unnamed (2)

Nicholas makes a fashion statement!

unnamed (3)

Tartan side is awesome too!

unnamed (4)

Big Buddy looks dapper too!