Blogging with Buddy, December 22nd, 2017

Well the big day is almost upon us.  Nicholas and I are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves!  We think every parcels that comes into the house must be for us and quickly stick our noses in the bags checking things out until Mama catches us and shoos us away.   We’ve tried really hard to be good boys most of the time and are hoping that’s enough for Santa Paws to visit our house and leave some toys and treats.  Mama says he has elves hiding around the house who see all that we do so we’re a bit worried.  Our own small tree with the animal ornaments has been up for a few weeks and our big family tree in the foyer went up a week ago.   Our big tree is always a live tree that goes in the foyer.  Papa picked it out himself this year and we must say he did an excellent job.  Not easy to find a perfect 10 footer but we all approved whole heartedly!  Mama has some of her mother’s, Auntie Blue’s and her Nannie’s old antique ornaments which hold so much sentimental value.  She oohs and awes over each of them as she pulls them out of the carefully wrapped packages and gently places them on the tree.  Lisa is home from Ottawa for the holidays and we always wait for her before we put up the tree as it’s one of her favourite parts of the preparation.  Mama gets the Christmas tunes blasting through the houses and everyone is so jolly while they decorate.  Nicholas and I just lay back and watch the whole thing develop before our eyes.  Mama and Papa drag the big tree in and place it in the stand.  Then Papa ties it up and he’s the one who puts on the lights and the angel.  Mama adds water to the base and then they all start hanging ornaments while sipping hot chocolate, laughing and reminiscing about memories of Christmas past.   My favourite story is the one Mama tells of Christmas’ when she was a young girl and her father would get his grandfathers one-horse sleigh out pulled by his big mare, Galley, on Christmas Day.  Galley was pitch black with four white socks and a white blaze down her face.  He’d put bells on her harness, the family would get all bundled up and he’d take them for a sleigh ride across the fields.  Their little spaniel, Brownie, always love to ride in the back of the sleigh.  It was like something out of a Christmas card.  Beautiful memories, fondly told!

We’re loving the wee bit of snow we’ve had, lots of fun to play and roll in plus we hear that more is on the way.  As you know Big Buddy Bacon loves the snow, the more the better, so let it snow!  Mama says the big dogs and the snow mobile junkies  are the only ones who get really excited about it.  Oh well.  Then she comes up with a long list of negatives about snow.  I just put my paws over my ears.  “Don’t want to hear it!”

We’re into the last few days now of hustle and bustle.  Mama’s been busy at work with folks getting into their new homes this past week just in time for Christmas.  Somehow she always manages to get everything done by the big day, she says that’s just what women do.

Nicholas and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with good health and happiness!

Merry Christmas, your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon