Blogging with Buddy, Dec 11th 2015

What happened?  Last week I was frolicking in the snow and now I’m lying in my yard basking in the sun.  Mama thinks it’s great but you know Nicholas and I really enjoy the snow.  Last week was just like a little tease!  We were so excited last night when we went out about 10:30 pm for our last pee of the day and the white flakes were coming down like crazy but when we got up this morning, nothing!  Mama says it will come and she’s just hoping that it won’t be anything like last year cause she said she just couldn’t take another winter like last year!  We had so much snow against our windows it felt like we were living in an igloo.  Nicholas and I were very restricted with our play area in the yard because as it kept building it wasn’t long before all we had left was the driveway.  Nicolas was flying up and down the snow banks but Buddy flew into one early on in the winter and Daddy thought he was going to need a crane to heist me out!  I buried myself, trying to follow the little guy.  Daddy didn’t need to worry, once I realized I was bogged down I just rolled right down off that big drift (and didn’t go near them again!  Fast learner).

Daddy is all set for the worst winter can send us this year,  with his new-fangled, high powered snow blower.  He said we won’t have to worry because he’s going to blow us a nice big yard to play in on the side lawn.  We are so happy to hear that.  He says we’ll have to stay in the house while he’s using the monster as he said it’s a very dangerous machine but once he shuts it off we are going to have so much more room to play in this winter!  Nicholas will be able to play fetch and I’ll be rolling in it for sure.  Mama didn’t dare walk us on the road last winter as the banks were so high and the road got so narrow it would have been dangerous if we were to meet a car.  We have a great plan for this winter walking the trails of Spy Glass Hill and Allison Drive.  Mama says that so many people and dogs walk the trails that no matter how much it snows these trails will be beat down enough for us to travel on.  Oh boy, we can’t wait!

Pam ordered me new business cards, just waiting for them to arrive.  I seem to go through my cards like crazy!  Now Nicholas thinks he needs some.  I told him he really doesn’t as I’m the major mascot for the company and he is just the assistant mascot.  He can’t even use the computer for heaven sake!  He says that doesn’t matter, he’s here with me making suggestions as I’m writing the blog, putting his two cents worth in.  With that and his charming personality that makes him an important member of the team.  I told him I’d talk to Pam and see what I can do for him.  He said if I have any problems just let him know cause he’s the charmer of the two and he thinks he can wrap her around his finger just by batting those big brown eyes!

We are excited to welcome our newest member to Team Platinum, Jody McCairns.  Mama says he’s a real dog lover and has several of his own!  This is our kind of guy!  We want to find out more about Jody’s four legged friends and we’ll share with you as we know more.  Maybe we can set up a play date!  Mama says he’s friendly, super-efficient, business orientated and techy.  All over social media like crazy!  A great addition to the team and busy as a bee.

I want to personally invite you to our “Christmas In Rothesay” Open House where four of our Rothesay clients have prepared their stunning homes in their Christmas finest and are opening them to the public this Sunday from 2-4 pm.  Three of the homes are in Hastings Cove/Kennebecasis Park; 5 Valley Road, 14 Garrison Drive & 62 Park Drive and the fourth property is in the heart of Rothesay at 4 Crosswind Crescent off Highland Avenue.  Drop by to feel the warmth of the cozy fireplaces, enjoy a sugar cookie, cup of hot cider and view sparkling splendour of the Season!

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon Paw Print