Blogging with Buddy August 5, 2016

I got some great news this week from Dr. Kelly!  I’m not only down 7 pounds but I’ve gained muscle and lost inches!  Yahoo!  That’s all that swimming I’m doing daily and twice a day on the weekends!  Dr. Kelly was sooooo excited she gave me a high-five and did some air pumps.  The whole office joined in and Dr. Kelly said that because I’ve been such a good boy and sticking to my regime so well she gifted me a large bag of Royal Canin® Low Calorie Treats.  They are super good.  I let Nicholas try one (he’s so very fussy) and even he likes them.  I don’t know who was more excited me or Dr. Kelly.  She’s knows how hard it is for big dogs to lose weight and she said she’s very proud of me!  She was telling me how great I’m doing, rubbing my ears and I was lapping it right up!  Mama wasn’t sure why she was so excited about a 7 pounds loss but Dr Kelly explained that a 7 pound weight loss in a dog is equal to a 70 pound weight loss in a human with that much pressure off the joints!  Wow, now we understand what all the excitement is about.  I haven’t once touched Nicholas’ food and I’m staying focused on my healthy meals.  I’ve been much more active, playing with Nicholas and started running again yesterday.  Onwards and upwards!

The real estate market is still heating up and Mama listed another gorgeous waterfront property yesterday.  One that’s right up Buddy’s alley!  I’ll tell you more about it next week and include some pics as well.

Steven and Jody are hosting an open house together from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday at 90 Javin Hill off Loch Lomond Road.  This is a lovely large 1-acre property with huge 3-car garage with loft for the car enthusiasts.  The house has plenty of windows letting in tons of natural sunlight.  I love the big flat property, perfect for Nicholas and I to play some ball!  On Sunday from 2-4pm Steven is at 1217 Route 865, Cassidy Lake.  I had no idea how large this gorgeous lake is and oh so picturesque.  It’s large enough for boating and waterskiing too.  Perfect for the Budster to have a refreshing swim on a warm summer day.  The house is one-level ranch style, very stylish interior and the yard is lovely and flat with nice landscaping a large deck overlooking the water!  Drop by to say hello and don’t forget your swimming trunks!  I have mine with me at all times, ha ha!

Hope you have a great weekend in sunny New Brunswick!


Your pal,

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