Blogging with Buddy, August 26, 2016

Today is National Dog Day which encourages pet adoptions! I can tell you that Buddy and Nicholas are certainly celebrating, as we are both from SPCA, Gatineau and Dartmouth respectively.  I highly encourage you to consider pet adoption, after all look how good I turned out and my little brother Nicholas is no slouch either.  We are kind, loving, and loyal (Nicholas wants to add handsome too) and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t fully appreciate our forever home with kind family who love us.  We think we have the best mama and papa but all of our ‘four legged friends’ say the same thing.  Little Jack McCairns puts up a good argument so do our cousins Myra and Lucas as well as Tux, Rave, and Daisy in Sussex!  I say we are all lucky, lucky puppies!!!  If you are considering a new pet, check out your local shelter, you have the opportunity to change a pets life and they’ll worship you forever for it!

Here is an update on our cousin Lucas; the little guy (2.4 kg) just received a clean bill of health from his vet yesterday and all his treatments are stopped.  His vet, Dr Bogdan, was so impressed with him, with his improvement and his gorgeous new coat, he’s grown!!  All the credit goes to our dear Aunty Blue who works so closely with Lucas through this long, one year recovery. Nicholas and I say lucky the dog who gets to call Aunty Blue mama!  She is our heroine and Lucas agrees.

Steven is hosting an open house at 21 Upper Deck Lane this Sunday from 2-4 pm.  This is a large waterfront condominium with 9 ft ceilings, modern finishes, and a sunny walk out basement.  Drop by to say hello and enjoy the view.

Have another great NB weekend!  No matter if you’re boating, camping, swimming, biking, checking out the beach, or just being lazy, there is nothing better than summer in New Brunswick! Nicholas and I plan some serious swimming at Carrying Cove, New River Beach.  If you see us, come over and say hello! We are super friendly and love meeting new people!


Your pal,

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