Blogging With Buddy, August 15th, 2014

Hope you are all having a great summer!  Little more rain than most would like but rain doesn’t bother Big Buddy Bacon! I know Nicholas and I are a  bit of a nuisance when we come in soaking wet looking for a nice dry-down.  We have our own big towels with paw print design on them just for us (okay we may be a little spoiled).  We love getting a rub down and our paws must be dried before we darken the door of the house.  There’s a little sign handing on our back door that says “Wipe your paws please”.

If you are out and about on the weekend the team are having another destination open house, this Sunday 2-4pm at Kingston Peninsula. Steven, Candace and Kim are hosting three very nice properties on the Peninsula, all completely different with attractive features ranging from waterfront to large acreage, heritage homes to new with all the bells and whistles!  Whatever you’re wanting for a gorgeous summer home or year-round retreat stop by and check them out this Sunday.  While you’re there let the team know that you think Nicholas and I should be allowed to work these open houses!  So far all we’ve heard is “NO”.  We can easily demonstrate the great swimming, running in the open fields, chasing squirrels up a tree and all the many great pastimes your pets and children will enjoy at these special properties. We’re counting on your support, so back us up here!  My direct email is and don’t worry I’ll read whatever you send to Nicholas and forward it on to Mama.