Blogging with Buddy, August 14th, 2015

Well I saw the culprit that did the dirty deed on my neighbor’s deck in New River!  They were so sure that it was Big Buddy Bacon and I got all the blame, if you remember.  We were driving back from a swim at Carrying Cove Beach and low and behold there goes a couple walking close to our cottage with three dogs, a medium size brown dog, a large black dog (maybe a Rottweiler mix) and a Bernese Mountain Dog.  That’s the one!  He was about my size (a wee bit smaller) and looks a lot like me but he has a bit of brown of course between the black and white markings.  “Look Nicholas, look, there he is, that’s the one!”  We spun right around in the truck looking out the window at him.  “Yes, that has to be him, Buddy” Nicholas excitedly cried.  “Stop the truck Daddy; we want to talk with this dude.”  “You two sit down and be quiet, it’s been resolved and everyone knows now that it wasn’t you Buddy, Daddy said.”  We sat back down but we sulked the whole way home mumbling between ourselves.  There’s still a chance that we’ll run into him at the beach.  Paws crossed and hoping!

Our Uncle Tom and Aunt Shelley sent us a selfie taken with their new selfie stick on Saturday.  They were out mountain biking.  We don’t have a selfy stick but we sent them back selfies of the two of us taken with our IBone and they thought they were awesome!  Maybe that’s something we could put on our wish list to Santa, a selfy stick.  Could be a lot of fun.  See our selfies below!

Our open houses are all booked for the weekend, hope you can drop by!  Saturday Steven is at 25 Cameron Court in the city, $239,900, a modern garden home with main floor master bedroom, cathedral ceiling, finished basement, wrap around deck, panoramic views of the city and the Saint John Harbour.   Sunday he’s at 42 Brighton Crescent, Quispamsis, $278,000 an absolutely fantastic value (best price in the area!) with huge stunning kitchen, economical heat pump, Air Conditioning and gorgeous interior, a “Must See”!   Sunday we are at 300 Hillcrest Road, East Saint John, $325,000, in a lovely inviting family home with great amenities, 2-car garage, finished basement and 1.25 private acres!  All open houses are 2 – 4 pm.

Mama and Daddy have been collecting beach glass now for about six years on the weekends.  Daddy started the hobby and then Mama picked up on it.  Daddy has a huge collection he keeps in tall glass jars at the cottage.  His most common glass is white, green and brown but he also has turquoise, aqua, opaque white and his special glass is yellow, orange, black, vivid sapphire blue and red.  Mama found both the pieces of red (although Daddy hates to admit it) and the second one was just last Saturday.  She was sooooo excited!  Red beach glass is so very rare.  Our friend and neighbor has been collecting beach glass for about sixty years and has only found five pieces in her entire lifetime!  Mama found some of the yellow and orange too but don’t tell Daddy we told you!  I help her out by running in the sand as my big Newfie paws make large indents in the sand.  So many times Mama has found the pretty glass in my footprints.  Once Daddy found a large pretty turquoise piece that he called “the nugget”.  It is gorgeous!  He gave it to our Auntie Blue and she had a sterling silver cage made around it and wears it on a silver chain.  Everywhere she goes people ask her where it came from, especially when she’s down south in the winter.  She tells them all, “New River Beach, New Brunswick”.  This is one of our favorite places in the province.  Mama is searching now for a new nugget for Auntie Blue in a different colour, something interesting.  You can be sure that we will be helping her by ripping up the sand as we fly along the beach!  Good luck Mama we want a new nugget for Auntie Blue!

Have a good week.

Your pal,

Buddy Sand Paw Print


Nicolas’ 1st selfie
My 1st selfie after a swim