Blogging With Buddy April 28th, 2017

We’re as busy as bees this weekend with four outstanding Fine Homes International open houses!  Starting Saturday night with a rare offering of an exclusive Twilight Open House from 6 – 8 pm at 53 Meenans Cove Road off the Arterial to the Gondola Point Ferry.  This eight year old, one of a kind, architecturally designed, waterfront home overflows with character married with building excellence and rare imported granite, wood finishes, lighting and plumbing fixtures.  Features include solid cherry trim, 10-11.5 foot ceilings, in-floor hot water heating, upscale appliances, R-values from 27-60 and cosy oversized wood burning fireplace. My favourite feature by far is the slate tiled covered deck overlooking the water, the perfect place for Nicholas and I to relax after a refreshing swim in the river!  Oh joy, oh bliss!  Lucky the dog who lives here!


Then Sunday is a big day with three open houses from 2-4pm with Mama at 21 Upper Deck Lane $478,000, the waterfront condo in Drury Cove, Candace at 241 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay the stylish ranch-style with a new price of $549,800 and Amy right next door at 229 Eriskay Drive, the stunning stone façade executive family home with a new price of $958,000.  We hope you can join us at one or all three!

        21 Upper Deck, Drury Cove, Waterfront Condo.  Open House Sunday 2-4pm

241 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay.  Jass Lynch’s easy living ranch.  Sunday 2-4pm


229 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay.  2-Storey executive home.  Sunday 2-4pm.

Hoping to get out Saturday for my second swim on the year, weather permitting, if Mama has time before her open house.  My friends Special and Spirit Adams have been swimming since the ice went out!  They are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers with a double coat like me so the cold water doesn’t bother them.  I’d be right in there with you girls if I could, you’re lucky you live right on the waterfront and can jump right in whenever you want.   Spirit has her first birthday coming up soon.  I can remember when she was this sweet little wheat coloured puppy that her mother could carry in her arms.  Mama came home going on about the wonderful puppy smell!  Well we can’t be puppies forever!  Now Spirit, at 80 pounds, is bigger than Nicholas!  The Budster has his fifth birthday coming up next month.  I’m hoping to have friends over for a cheese burger picnic.  Maybe this year we can have A&W Buddy Burgers!  No additives, no steroids!  My own personal favourite!  Gus Dixon warned us, “Dont’ tell our vets or it will all be nixed before we even get started!”  Wise man, Gus Dixon, Mums the word!  Nicholas and I love little Gus, he’s a little dog (Westie) with a big attitude!  We love the way he struts around like a big dog!

At least all this rain is greening things up!  Pretty soon Nicholas and I will wake up early in the morning to the sound of whack, whack, whack as golfers start drilling balls across the golf course.  The first few days the real enthusiasts are out there in the pitch black!  Nicholas said, “What the heck are they doing out there in the dark?”  I said, “Look closely my little friend, they have balls that glow in the dark!!!”  They’re getting in a few rounds before they hit the office.  Nicholas says, “I’m a ball fanatic but I’ve seen it all now.”

Have a good weekend and stay dry unless you’re like me and plan on jumping in the bay!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon