Blogging with Buddy, April 24th, 2015

Bring on the sunshine!  Happy days are here again!  Nicholas and I have been to the beach 5 times in the last 10 days!  We got to New River Beach once a few weeks ago and since have been visiting Redhead Beach after supper while it’s still sunny and (almost) warm.  We’ve met a few new furry friends there and enjoyed a great run across the sand flats with the tide far out.  I haven’t swam in the bay yet this year but I did find a large water hole in the sand near the rocks let when the tide went out the size of a small swimming pool and took a quick dip.  Pretty hard to keep Buddy Bacon out of the water.  Mama says it’s my Newfie instinct.  Nicholas was in to his ankles and that was enough for him.

We had a visit to our vet last Thursday, Dr George, who we both love.  Goofy Nicholas gave him a big kiss!  I had my nails trimmed, basic check-up and stepped on the scales for the first time since last fall.  Dr George laughed and said I weigh almost as much as him.  He quickly proceeded to put me on a diet and I can tell you that I am not a happy camper, at all.  Mama says once I start swimming on a regular basis my winter weight will turn into my summer weight and I’ll be all set.  I usually swim every weekend at the camp but now Mama says I’m going to be swimming every evening near our house in the Kennebecasis as well.  Good news to Buddy Bacon, the more chances I get to swim the happier I am.  Nicholas loves to swim too so he’ll be happy.  He actually lost 2 ½ pounds this winter probably running around the snow drifts playing “King of the Castle”.  I got swamped the first day I tried so game was out of the question for me.

Business is heating up with the weather.  Kim Burt was negotiating on a bidding war this past week and sold another house!  You go girl!  Steven is home from holidays as brown as a berry.  Jumped off the plane Saturday night and had an open house Sunday afternoon.  No dust settling under his feel!  He had a great crowd at 2808 Rothesay Road with the awesome price reduction to $388,500 with 1.89 private acres and he’s been showing houses like crazy!  They’ll both be busy again this weekend.  Steven is at 43 Bel Air Avenue at Rothesay Landing on Saturday the 25th from 2-4pm.  A stunning brand new executive bungalow with extremely high-end finishes!  He’s at our impressive 2-story Germain design at 15 Shetland Lane in Quispamsis on Sunday the 26th from 12-2pm (note the time) and then he and Kim Burt are both at our exciting new listing at 142 Centennial Road in Hampton from 2-4pm also on Sunday the 26th.  This Second Empire Italianate Country Estate circa 1871 on 8.27 acres is a rare find!

I read on the news today that a Cleveland Ohio police officer ordered a woman to sit inside her hot car as punishment for leaving her dog unattended in the vehicle earlier this month at a Walmart parking lot!  A passer-by noticed and called police.  The attending officer ordered her to sit in the car with the windows rolled up as a punishment.  She “looked very uncomfortable.”  Both the woman and dog were fine — the woman was not charged and was given a warning.  Nicholas and I would like to remind you with summer just around the corner to never leave children and pets unattended in hot cars.  Temperatures can rise quickly inside a vehicle, resulting in heat exhaustion and — in some cases — worse.  We go to Walmart and also Sobeys with Mama sometimes in the back of our SUV.  We are never allowed to go on hot days but on cool days we go and hang our big heads out the windows!  We like to watch the people coming and going.  If you see us come over and say “hello”!  We’ll both wag our tails like crazy but be aware Nicholas will try to give you a big sloppy kiss you if he can!

If your furry friends are looking for a nice place to run where there is no mud and space galore I highly recommend you ask your family to take you to Redhead Beach right on Redhead Road, off Bayside Drive East.  Parking is convenient and only a close walk to the beach.  Maybe Nicholas and I will see you there.  If so, come on over and say “Hello”.  We usually have a ball with us but Nicholas isn’t much for sharing as I can well attest to!  Never met such a ball hog!

Your pal

Buddy Bacon

Buddy's paw pring in the sand


Make sure you leave your windows down for a nice cross breeze!