Blogging with Buddy, April 15th, 2016

Well you just never know what my brother Nicholas is going to get into each week and this week was no exception.  Mama and Papa kept finding his favourite balls down the knoll at the foot of our driveway near the road.  The one main thing Nicholas is just crazy about is playing fetch and the higher the ball will bounce the more insane he goes over it.  I think he would play this all day if he could find someone to just keep throwing!  I can tell you that Mama’s throwing arm is a lot stronger since she got Nicholas.  I’m not at all interested!!!  If you want to throw a ball, you can go get it yourself because you’d have a heck of a long wait for Big Buddy Bacon to bring it back to you.  The few times I have gone for the ball it’s because I want to keep it and chew on it for a while, not to give it back (this annoys Nicholas to no end, if looks could kill).  Every day Mama was going down the driveway to retrieve these balls after Nicholas was in the house.  Why was he letting his favourite balls roll down the hill out of reach (we are on the Invisible Fence so we can’t get that close to the road)?  Then our friend Judi figured out the answer.  She noticed that he would let them roll towards the road when he heard or saw people walking along our street.  Low and behold many of them would pick them up and throw them back to him!  Hence the game of fetch continued with new players.  The ones left at the street were from people who had had enough of the game and continued along on their walk.  I could have told them what was going on after everyone went in the house but no one asked me!

The crocuses are out this week in Mama’s garden!  Check out my new pic below.  So nice to see the first blooms of the year, she gets so excited about it.  Many of the perennials have pushed up through the ground as it looks like an exceptionally early spring.  I had two more big swims in the pond behind out house this week.  Whoa, it was so refreshing, I just jumped right in, doing my favourite stroke, the dog paddle, what else?  Low and behold the Canada Geese that were floating around the far end saw me and headed right up to take a closer look.  Honk, honk, honk.  They must remember me from last year and wanted to check out my swimming abilities.  I proved I was too fat to fly when I took a nose dive into that snow drift last winter but I can swim with the best of them.  You take a closer look goose at the speed that I smoothly torpedo through the water, nothing but power and grace in motion!  If I had to, I’m quite capable of saving someone too, it’s what we Newfs are bred for and it’s instinctive but hopefully it’s a talent I won’t ever have to use.  Let me tell you that in the summer when Mama is in swimming I stay very close and never take my eyes off her.  Little Nicholas got in to the pond this week to his ankles but it was too cold for the little guy yet.  Wait until it’s warmer in the summer and he’ll be practicing his diving and swimming abilities.  He’s as super-fast in the water as he is on land, a really strong swimmer but I don’t think he has the endurance I have for long distances.  Last year at New River Beach a large Germain Shepherd ran down the beach and dove into the bay, swimming strongly after a stick her Papa had thrown.  Nicholas just stopped dead in his tracks on the beach as he’s never seen another dog, dive and swim with this speed except him.  (I just leisurely stroll in, no big commotion.)  Well he took one look at the competition and he was all in.  When the Shepherd’s Papa threw that stick the second time, Nicholas was gung hoe and gone before you could blink your eyes.  I’d never seen him rally his abilities like this before and let me tell you it was something to see.  He went swimming past that Shepherd, no problem at all.  He was giving it everything he had (who’d know the little guy is oh so competitive).  Every time that stick was thrown it was Nicholas who got it.  Didn’t take very long for the Shepherd and her Papa to give up and go home, the game was over for them.  I said, “Nicholas give her a change, you’re hogging the whole thing!”  But no, he just couldn’t help himself.  The only dog I’ve seen out swim Nicholas is his mentor, Thunder, the six year old Border Collie that Nicholas just worships.  He’s known Thunder since he was six weeks old and Thunder taught him everything he knows.  There are still lots to learn from the beautiful Thunder, that’s why we’re looking forward to play dates as the weather warms.

Sales just keep piling up this spring for Team Platinum!  So very nice after a long slow economy to see things picking up for our sellers.  Mama always tells them, “Be patient as when the right buyer walks through your front door and falls in love with the house, I’ll be asking how quickly can you move!”  This is just the way it’s been happening too.  This last month we’ve had sales at $179,900, $184,900, $274,900, $275,000, $299,900 $315,000, $588,000, $599,000 and $717,800.  Whoa!  Way to go Team Platinum.  I’m so proud to be affiliated this winning crew.

My “Buddy’s Best -Paw Approved” ads in the Telegraph Journal have been well received with buyers and sellers alike who are enjoying reading them off to their children with all kinds of kid- friendly/furry friends, important facts!  This week I’m featuring 3189 Rothesay Road.  Perfect For Pampered Pets and the entire family! This inviting abode features huge rooms, huge private fenced yard, oversized pool, California whirlpool tub, carriage house, gazebo & stunning renovations!  Just imagine the fun that can be had with this handsome two-storey carriage house, oh the parties we could have!  Perfect for school age children, tweens and teens of all ages (plus their puppies of course, don’t be planning fun in the carriage house without bringing your puppy).  All this plus this home is within easy walking distance to RNS, Rothesay Park School and Rothesay High School.  But let’s not forget the easy access to miles of nature trails at Spy Glass Hill!  One of Buddy Bacon’s very favourite places on Earth!  If you see me up there, please stop and say “Hello”!  I can totally fill you in on this stunning Rothesay property and any other questions you may have.

Open houses this week are Saturday with Steven at 33 Deveber Terrance, Millidgeville (beautiful updates and move-in ready with the M Gerald Teed Elementary just around the corner) from 2-4pm and Sunday he’s at 2808 Rothesay Road at the same time.  This home has a lovely layout, granite & cherry kitchen, nickel door hardware throughout, a stunning 1.8 acre private mature lot that is sub dividable and a huge oversized 2-car garage with finished loft!  Sunday from 2-4pm Jody is at 4 Crosswind Crescent with its modern open concept, stunning raised panel trim, finished walk-out basement, granite kitchen with fireplace and keeping room, impressive turned staircase and a master bedroom suite to die for!  We invite you to drop by all these properties and have a look for yourself, we’re always happy to welcome you!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Buddy Bacon
First Crocuses of the year in Mom’s Garden! Hello Spring!