Blogging with Buddy, April 10th, 2015

Hope you all had a Happy Easter and enjoyed some R & R over the long weekend.  Mama took foolish looking pics of Nicholas and I wearing rabbit ears but I refused to post them!!!  We are really enjoying these warmer days now above freezing. It feels sooo good to have the sun shine on our faces and hear the tinkle and drip of water as it starts to melt down the drain pipe.  Great for Nicholas who feels the cold more than me yet still very comfortable for Big Buddy Bacon!  We still go out and roll on the snow first thing every morning , doing our stretches while we roll this way and that.  Feels so good!  Crazy Nicholas squirms and twists like a contortionist with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, big smile on his face while rubbing his back on the snow.  Since the snow has formed a crust this last few weeks I have been enjoying the full use of my yard for the first time since mid-January as I can now walk on top of the snow without going through (can’t believe we still have a good 3 ft/40cm on our lawns).  I have to tell you that it’s been a long dreary winter having only my driveway to play in!  Good thing Mama takes us to visit friends and to Allison and Spy Glass Hill to walk the trails or we’d be going nuts here!

We are both so excited to have an outing planned for this Saturday!  Mama and Daddy are taking us for a big run down at New River Beach!!!  We can’t wait!  After being pent up so much this winter I can just see Nicholas going flat out down that beach.  I can tell you that I for one will not be getting in the little guys way because he’s like greased lighting! ( the little show-off). Mama found out while selling her first Charlotte County house there some years ago that the locals keep a path open to the beach all winter so they can enjoy walking the beach year round!  The ever changing tides means that the beach is washed twice a day with saltwater meaning no freezing, no ice and perfect footing year round! It’s supposed to go as high as 10C/50F this weekend, yahoo, bring it on, we’re ready (plus we get to drive in Daddy’s truck which we love)!  That ought to melt the snow.  Mama thinks we are not going to see our lawn until June but we are both hoping she’s wrong, surly we’ll see it in May.  I’ll post some pics from our trip down to New River on my upcoming blogs.

We both send out good wishes to our good friend Heather’s husband, John who is in the hospital and our dear friend Bluebell’s mother who has been under the weather.  Bluebell has the Best mother, we just love her, she is always so kind and friendly to us and whenever she comes to the house she brings us special treats!  I hope she’s feeling better so that she can come and visit us really soon.  We miss her!

Kim Burt is holding down the fort for open houses this weekend while Steven is away in Florida.  He’s been working so very hard all year, we’re happy he’s getting a nice break and will be back hosting open houses again next weekend.  Kim invites you to drop into 23 Cobblestone Drive, Quispamsis (stunning newer family home still under warranty with huge decks overlooking the river) on Saturday from 2 – 4pm and on Sunday at the same time to 21 Allison Drive, Rothesay.  If you are looking for a cul de sac bordering acres and acres of green space with miles of trails and a pristine house with every bell and whistle imaginable, this is it!

Due to the huge amount of snow this year we hear our lucky little cousins Myra and Lucas have extended their winter stay in Florida.  They’ve been sporting around their park in their father’s golf cart.  Myra especially just loves to feel the wind on her face and see all the sights while her twin brother Lucas is doing terrific after a very serious operation last fall, enjoying the wind blowing through his gorgeous coat which has grown in beautifully (with a lot of TLC from his mother). They usually come home near Easter but we understand that we’ll see them back here now closer to the end of this month.  Being Toy Poms with those short little legs they would never get around in this mess.  Their mother and father would have to carry them everywhere but that’s no problem at 3 ½ pounds each!  Doubt that Joe Atlas himself couldn’t carry Big Buddy Bacon across the yard, I’m on my own!!!

We’re heading to the vet next Thursday for a check-up, nail trimming and weight check so I’d better cut back on the treats and do a lot of running at New River this weekend.  Daddy says I’m in big trouble when Dr George see my weight after this long winter!  Bluebell says this is my winter weight when I can’t be so active with no swimming and I’ll be doing much better with my summer weight when I’ll be swimming every day like she does.  I’ll keep you posted.  Paws crossed and hoping that’s it’s not too bad!

Talk soon,



Buddy at Uncle Tom's March 1st, 2015
At my Uncle Tom’s when the snow was at its worse this winter!
Nicholas at Aunt Blue's March 1, 2015
Nicolas checking on our Aunt Blue’s house.