Bloggin with Buddy, June 16th 2017

Happy Father’s Day!  Thank you to all you Papa’s out there, four legged and two legged for all the things you do every day for us kids and for your families!  We may not always show our appreciation but this weekend we just want to say “You’re The Best!”  Relax, enjoy a nice barbeque, sit back with the newspaper and a cool drink, let the family pamper you, you deserve it!  We’re going to be spoiling our Papa that’s for sure!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Papa’s out there!  We love you!

Is the rain ever going to stop???  Nicholas and I have had about as much of this lousy weather as we can stand!  We’ve got plans to hit the beach and do some serious swimming but Mama and Papa won’t take us if the weather isn’t good and it seems to shower almost every day.  I can tell you when that sun hits we are going to be ready to hit the beach!

Mama and Amy have some exciting open houses planned and they are hoping for sunshine next weekend Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th, 2 -4pm both days.  Saturday June 24th is our special Fine Homes International Seeley’s Cove waterfront open houses at 76 Holland Lane and 546 Seeleys Cove Road and then June 25th Sunday is our waterfront condo at  21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove is on display as well as a Fine Homes International open house at 40 Waterview Place in Millidgeville on ten acres.  Stay tuned as I’ll be posting more details on this as the week progresses.

View of the cove from 21 Upper Deck Lane.
Forsythia in full bloom at 40 Waterview Place with a 180 degree view!

Mama and Amy have been busy this week negotiating offers on several properties.  It’s so nice to see the market on the move!  Mama says there is talk of a rate hike on the mortgages so paws crossed Nicholas and I are hoping it’s not too severe!!!  The rates have been at an all time low for a long time now (lowest since the 1930’s!) so a rate hike was certainly predictable.   Lucky the buyers that locked into 5 and 10 year terms at fantastic rates but it’s certainly not too late to get fab rates on that new home.  Call your mortgage broker and get on it, the quicker you act, the more you save!

Hope you have a great weekend and with any luck at all we’ll see some sun!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon