Blogging with Buddy October 18, 2019

Hope you had your hatches buttoned down yesterday as we weathered through another nor’easter!  Nicholas and I stayed indoors until mid afternoon when things suddenly calmed right down to the point there wasn’t even a slight breeze  through our trees by mid afternoon.  We lost our power by 10:30 am and didn’t get it back until 5:20 pm.  What a weird day with the wind howling, no power and Mama with no internet. Papa was out of town and was gone about 15 minutes when the power went.  Business’ today are pretty well shut down when the internet goes out, reminds us of how dependent  we are on it now.  Nicholas and I had a big sleep while Mama worked the old fashioned way with pen and paper utilizing the light from the window and her smart phone of course.  TG for the smart phone!

Exciting new Coldwell Banker Global Luxury listing at 96 Prince of Wales Street, Saint Andrews by the Sea!  Located right next door to the newer wing of the iconic Algonquin Resort this inviting home has it all.  Located on 6.89 majestic private acres it is built on the site of the Lord Shaughnessy estate of 1902.  Newly built in 2005 to duplicate the exterior of this previous home, it now boasts all the creature comforts of today in the interior and building standards above and beyond anything you’ll see for sale in NB.  Features 6400 square feet, 6 bedrooms (all with walk-in closets & ensuites, five fireplaces, main floor guest suite, ten foot ceilings, open concept kitchen-family room, spacious great room and dining room for entertaining, 2000 square foot wrap around covered veranda, very impressive master suite with huge bedroom, fireplace, balcony and spa-like ensuite bath with European-style WC.  The sprawling grounds with rolling lawns and century trees are the perfect place for pets to run and play while children climb up to the tree house or have fun on the swing!  Take advantage of the proximity to the resort with a relaxing spa, indoor and outdoor pools, casual meals, bar and fine dining, all right across the street.  MLS#NB035098 offered for sale at $1,680,000.

Two new waterfront listings on Kingston Peninsula both with fine sandy beaches! 129 Gorhams Bluff Road has been in the family for actually centuries and is new on the market with 18+ scenic acres of rolling meadows, forests, beach and panoramic view up and down the St John River!  The Viceroy cedar home has four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, main floor family room, 2 story great room ceiling with fireplace and wall of glass, huge deck & 3-car garage.  This new listing will appear on the MLS Monday with an asking price of $419,000.

  View from 129 Gorham’s Bluff Road.

71 Shampers Bluff Road, MLS#NB033272 is newly listed at $399,000.  This 1300 sq ft, two bedroom, two bathroom log home has an open concept, large deck, detached 2-car garage and wonderful sandy beach.  Located in a quiet cove it’s great for boating!

71 Shampers Bluff Road, Kingston

The following properties have sold this week!  The market is still hot this fall, call for a free market analysis of your property today!  Yes we sell houses in of all sizes & price ranges!

11 Kingsley Ave, Woodleigh Park, MLS# NB034524, $325,000

24 Hibbard Lane, Rothesay, MLS#NB031073, $245,000

95 Lighthouse Road, St. Martins, MLS#NB019208, $144,900

11 Alexscot Court, Chapel Hill, MLS#NB025240, $399,000

Wishing you a good weekend and hoping for some sunshine!  Hope to see you out and about!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy, October 4th, 2019

So happy to have Mama home from the Coldwell Banker learning conference, CBeyond 2019 in Halifax NS!  She loves to learn and thoroughly enjoys soaking up the latest in real estate selling trends, techniques and technology with tips from the top agents in the country but Nicholas and I do miss her when she’s away.  She hit the ground running last night booking new appointments for showings and getting ready for an inspection today on a waterfront sale where all seems to be going smoothly.  We look forward to our daily walk with her today just before dusk!

Mama is listing a huge Global Luxury property on Saturday which will take up most of her day.  Stay posted for details, this is one of the most beautiful homes in NB!

You’re invited to an open house this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 11 Alexscott Drive in Chapel Hill Estates MLS#NB025240, asking $399,000 .  This stunning bungalow has it all from sunroom to finished daylight basement, chair lift to walk-in tub!  It is in mint condition and beautifully landscaped.  Take life easy with all lawn maintenance and snow care taken care of for you.  Mama will be there to greet you, hope you can drop in and take a quick peak.

11 Alexscott Court, Chapel Hill Estates

The nights are definitely getting colder and I for one am loving it!!!  Especially in the early morning hours when I wander out to check my yard and roll in the cool, cool grass.  I stay out for hours in the morning, not coming in until breakfast time.  Nicholas on the other hand gets up just minutes before breakfast, runs out quickly and right back in.  I bet he’s not out five minutes.  I love the quietness of early mornings, with the birds singing their pretty tunes as I watch for any sign of movement in my neighbourhood.

Wishing you a great weekend.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon,


Blogging with Buddy, September 27th, 2019

What a fantastic start to fall with this glorious weather!  Mama and Charlie have been busy as bees this month with Charlie bringing the buyer to a close to million dollar home in Millidgeville and Mama getting an accepted offer at her exclusive listing in Rothesay at $985,000.  Top that off with a bidding war in Woodleigh Park, closing the lottery home, a multi-unit East, waterfront cottage in St. Martins, waterfront home in Morrisdale and one on Belleisle Bay, it’s been all over the map!  They listed and sold 51 Deveber Terrace, Millidgeville MLS# NB033120 within 2 hours which will close Monday!  Charlie’s listing, Mama’s sale, $285,000.  I’ve been having a time keeping them all straight but they seem to be on top of it.  As Mama says “you have to beat the iron while it’s hot”.

We had some real excitement when Ben Scholten and his grew from Scholten Landscaping came by and took our forty foot beach tree that was leaning badly from the hurricane and stood it back up!  Yes you are reading this correctly.  The tree is higher than our neighbours two-story house and was leaning at about 35 degrees.  Everyone said it had to be cut down but Mama didn’t want to lose our privacy so she said no, we’re getting in the expert to take a look!  The put three steel anchors in the ground, got out the electric winch and stood that tree right up straight and secured it!!!  We watched along with Papa and couldn’t believe our eyes!

Nicholas put up his new autumn flag this week which we picked up at The Feed Store on Rothesay Avenue.  We love this place, they are so dog friendly and we get to go right in and view the merchandise.  Nicholas almost got kicked out for trying to sample the variety of balls.  I said, “who wants a new ball after you slobber all over it Nicholas!”  He got the message.

We have two open houses on Sunday between 2 and 4 pm.  One at 31 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove MLS# NB025863 offered at $449,000 listed by our colleague Rod Martens.    The buyer of this property now has the option of choosing their own interior colours and the seller will have it painted before closing!  How cool is that?  You choose and we’ll get it done!

  31 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove

Our second open house is hosted by our friend and colleague David Nicholson the same day and time in Chapel Hill Estates at 11 Alexscot Court, MLS#NB025240.  Priced at $399,000 this beautiful bungalow with sunroom and finished daylight basement is great value with $458,000 invested! Hope you can drop by!

  11 Alexscott Court, Chapel Hill

Papa had a birthday yesterday and shared his birthday supper with Nicholas and I!  We gave him a special card showing our appreciation for all he does for us every day and Lisa surprised him with some awesome gifts sent from Ottawa via Purolator.  We were so excited we thought (as usual) that the gifts were for us!  There is not much that gets us as excited as the ripping of tissue paper!  Nicholas and I will be out and about this weekend walking the trails with Mama and Papa.  Mama will be showing some houses but always has time for us boys!  Have a great week and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, September 20, 2019

We’re excited to announce our Global Luxury Open House this Sunday at 217 Germain Street from 2-4pm.  Mama will be hosting, along with a special guest, this mint condition historic home built in 1888.  What a beautiful restoration inside and out!  Kitchen with 6-burner gas stove & pantry, double parlours, separate dining room, second staircase, finished walkout basement and charming garden.  The work is all done, all that is missing is you!  Hope you can join us for this rare treat!

It will be a quiet weekend for us boys as Mama will be busy Saturday with buyers from Toronto looking for a second home here close to family as well as the open house on Sunday.  So many buyers come to our area from Toronto.  Many have a very different concept of the reality that is Saint John and the valley.  They are pleasantly surprised at the beauty of our homes and yards, the friendliness of the people and our scenic waterways and mountains in the distance.  It is never what they expect and they get so very excited about living here.

Charlie has been as busy as a bee racking up sales like crazy!  Congratulations to him on his listing at 51 Deveber Terrace in Millidgeville which Mama sold 2 hours later to her buyers from Moncton.  What a team, bam, bam, done!  Wish they all worked that way!  Charlie also sold his multi family at 189 -195 Bayside Drive and his waterfront listing at Long Point, Belleisle at 948 Route 850.  Mama has her waterfront property at 11 Morrisdale Beach Road sold and the lottery house at 11 Heritage Way.  It’s right next door to the new Hospital Lottery House at 14 Heritage Way.  Do you have your ticket yet?  Our Saint John Regional Hospital is a great cause that helps the whole community!!!

51 Deveber Terrace, Millidgeville – Sold

948 Route 850, Long Point, Belleisle Bay – Sold

   189-195 Bayside Dr, East Saint John – Sold


11 Morrisdale Beach Road, Morrisdale – Sold


 11 Heritage Way, Quispamsis – Sold

Hope you enjoy a great weekend.  Supposed to be above average temperatures (to tell you the truth I was enjoying the cool nights and frosty mornings where I go out on the lawn and roll in the frost every morning at 7 am.)  Guess it’s a Newf thing cause I don’t see Nicholas doing it!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy September 13, 2019

Some may not like Friday the 13th but around here we love it!  This was always Mama’s father’s lucky day contrary to what most believe.  All good things happened to him on this day and it seems to follow suit with Mama too.  She looks forward to Friday the 13th and today was no exception.  This morning she listed a beautiful waterfront home on Belleisle Bay with main floor master, large open concept kitchen/great room, stunning gardens and sandy beach on a half acre lot.  Stay posted for more details as it hits the MLS this coming week!

Well we had buttoned down the hatches for the big storm last weekend and we sure were glad we had prepared.  Nicholas and I helped Mama and Papa put away everything off our back deck and stone patio out front.  It was really scary!!!  The wind was coming straight at our front door with that norwester and let me tell you we were not one bit impressed going out in that storm after supper Saturday to do our business.  Mama felt sorry for us as we wandered down across the lawn with our fur practically backwards with the high wind pushing against it.  Wasn’t too long and we were back in the shelter of our cosy house.  We had all just finished our supper which Mama made early just in case we lost power and POW  the power goes out at 6:45 pm.  It’s getting dark so much earlier now that it was completely black out by eight o’clock.  Sure did seem strange to us but Mama and Papa reassured us that everything was okay.  We were well prepared for the storm with food in the house that needed no cooking and lots of fresh water.  Our Uncle Tom (Mama’s brother) who lives close by in Quispamsis keeps a close eye on us when the power goes out.  Mama said we were the first ones out so we’d probably be the first ones on and she was right.  Our power came back on at 9:30 Sunday morning!  Just in time for breakfast!  We all went for a drive in my red truck and were heartbroken to see the big century trees down in King Square!  Nicholas and I just couldn’t believe it.  We were hanging out the back window and I’m sure our jaws were dropping!  Mama was sooooo upset.  She said it takes a hundred years or more to grow trees like that!  At our place we have one big beach tree leaning over.  We don’t want to cut it down as we’d lose some privacy in our yard so our friend Ben Scholten came by to have a look and he’s going to stand it up with anchors and pulleys so we won’t have to cut it!  Always great to know an expert in the business!!!  If you need help with any real estate needs call Mama or Charlie, the local experts in the real estate business.  They’re always available with a smile and some helpful advice ready for the offering!

Well on to clean up this weekend around the yard, probably what you’re doing too.  Have a good one and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy September 6, 2019

Button down the hatches as Hurricane Dorion heads towards the Maritimes this weekend!  Who would ever guess on this gorgeous blue-sky Friday that anything is amiss?  Is this the calm before the storm?  I’ve heard Mama talk about ‘The Ground Hog Gale’ of 1976 as an event that she will never forget.  Nicholas, Papa (who was living in Ontario at that time) and I listen in awe to the horror story that was the worst gale in Atlantic Canadian history and was broadcast on news stations around the world.  One of Mama’s aunts was visiting Sydney, Australia and was shocked when she turned on the TV and saw Saint john NB being pounded by this unbelievable storm with the footage showing telephone poles falling like matchsticks along Main St and Rothesay Ave.  It hit at 11 am on Ground Hog day and Mama says the morning up to that point was so still and quiet with not a drop of wind.  Then it hit with a vengeance and the large office building where Mama was working quickly had the roof torn right off.  All the staff were looking up from their desks at the sky and took off for home on the bosses order!  Mama was a young girl in her teens, still living at home in Hampton with her parents and she’ll never forget the terrifying drive home.  Roofing shingles and debris were flying everywhere and siding was floating across fields through the air like ribbons.  Winds gusts reach 120 mph/193 kph and it raged on all night.  Her family had horses and a pony who were petrified and everyone was so worried that the barn would come down during the night but it stayed standing!  The neighbour next door was not so lucky and his 30 milk cows were found running wild through the town of Hampton the next day.  It was excruciatingly cold as temperatures plummeted and everyone lost power for many days.  Her parents had 3 wood stoves and a wood-burning fireplace and all were kept stoked until power was restored and the furnace came on days later.  No wonder Mama and all of her generation who lived through that terrible gale cringe at the sound of high winds!

Good news for first time home buyers and those who have suffered a marriage or common law partnership breakdown!  As of September 2, 2019, the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive became available for qualified first-time homebuyers and those who experienced a marriage breakdown. For many, especially young people and first-time buyers, finding an affordable place to call home is not just a challenge – it feels like an impossibility. This initiative is designed to make owning a home more affordable.  You are considered a first-time homebuyer if you meet one of the following qualifications;  you’ve never purchased a home before, you’ve recently experienced a breakdown of a marriage or common-law partnership or in the last four years, you did not occupy a home that you or your current spouse owned.  Keep in mind you still need a down payment to qualify, you can apply for a 5 or 10% shared equity mortgage, your income can’t be any higher than $120,000 and your total borrowing is limited to a 4 x the qualifying income.  There are many details to review for mortgage qualifications so please call Mama or Charlie if you are thinking about buying a new home.  If they can’t answer all your questions they can head you in the right direction to mortgage specialists who can help!

Due to the pending storm Mama and Charlie will not be having open houses this weekend as they had originally planned but will continue on with those Sunday September 22.  Please watch for details.  Have a safe weekend and be very careful on the roads if you must go out!  Nicholas and I will be staying close to home curled up on the sofa!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy August 30, 2019

Looking forward to the Labour Day long weekend.  We’ve been super busy, going 7 days a week so Mama and Charlie are hoping to get a bit of a breather this weekend.  But you know those two, all it takes is a call, text or email and they are right back out there showing and listings some of the most beautiful properties in New Brunswick!

We’ve been indoors  quite a bit the last few days with the rainy weather (Nicholas doesn’t even want to step one foot out the door when it’s wet) so the sunshine predicted for the long weekend will be a welcome sight.  I must say that the lawn is very, very lush and green.  Time for Papa to get the lawn mower out again.  He seems to love driving that lawn tractor!  There has been a deer sleeping on our lower lawn through the day and at night.  She doesn’t seem to care that we four-legged furry friends live here and we really don’t care if she’s around either.  We’re not the type of dogs to bark at or chase deer.  Nicholas and I pretty well ignore them.  Mama gets a bit excited when they eat her flowers but not enough to chase them.  I’d say Mama has enough flowers without worrying if a few blooms are missing.

We’ve had a lot of attention this past week on 217 Germain Street, MLS#NB025409  priced at $495,000, the impeccable single family brick home with lovely private garden and harbour view.  What a fantastic location just a quick five minute walk to the City Market, the shopping malls, pedway to Harbour Station and all the exciting bars and tasty restaurants in our uptown core.  Only twice in Mama’s career has she come across a historic home completely restored in the best of taste and care the way this one is.  With the owner being an engineer it’s no wonder that no detail has been overlooked from the roofing to the wiring, plumbing, brick pointing, windows and interior finishes.  The work is all complete, all that’s missing is you!  I personally love the place!  Where could you live right uptown in a luxurious mint condition statement home and have the luxury of a private garden to enjoy the fresh sea air of the Port City?


Hope you all have a wonderful Labour Day Weekend with lots of sunshine and plenty of fun  whatever you choose to explore in New Brunswick!  Then it’s back to school, next Tuesday!  Not for Nicholas and I, we finished doggy kindergarten & doggy school years ago and Nicholas won the top prize for smartest pup in his class when he was in grade one with some of his special tricks!  I’d say he was the teacher’s pet!  He’s such a happy looking guy!  Everywhere we go people say oh he’s so happy looking.  He does always have a good time no matter where we go or what we’re doing!  When Mama says ‘Okay let’s get in the truck, he’s the second one in because the Budster is always first into the Bud Mobile!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy August 23, 2019

What a week!  Great time to be in real estate in all price ranges!  The high-end is on the move with accepted offers in Milledgeville and Rothesay and the mid-range is on fire.  We have a beautiful new Exclusive listing on the waterfront in the heart of Rothesay with a full acre of total privacy and 300 feet of frontage overlooking Minister’s Face.  Price $985,000.  If you are looking for privacy on the water in Rothesay contact Mama or Charlie for details.

Enjoyed our first ever swim in Hammond River!!!  Wowsey, wowsey, wowsey!  What a river.  The water is crystal clear, we could count every pebble on the bottom.  Nice and warm too, Nicholas jumped right in.  We are used to swimming in salt water and Mama couldn’t believe how fluffy out coats were when we dried off after our swim.  I had never swam anywhere with a current and I was quite surprised when I wadded right in and started swimming up river.  “Hey, what’s going on?  I’m a strong swimmer but I don’t seem to be getting very far!”  I quickly headed at a diagonal towards the shore before jumping in again.  Nicholas had no problem going straight across the river.  He’s one strong little tyke!  The water is low being August but still deep enough for us to swim.  Mama came in up to her knees but didn’t want to get her shorts wet. hahaha.  I don’t have to worry about that.  Hope we get to go back there sometime soon.  Mama and Papa were reminiscing about a lovely old covered bridge that was here, now replaced with a new steel contraception.  I never saw it but know what they are talking about because I’ve driven over the Smithtown covered bridge.  They sure add a lot to the beauty and history of our province.  Hope they don’t tear any more down.

You can start to feel it in the air that summer is coming to an end.  The nights are consistently cooler but the days are still lovely and warm.  Still a great time for the beach, barbeques, the cottage, camping, the boat, the bike and all that goes with another fabulous New Brunswick!  So we’ve got a few great weeks left (maybe more if Mother Nature works with us on an awesome fall)!  So get out there and enjoy!!!  Nicholas and I are hoping to get to one of the beaches for a relaxing swim.  A drive in the country is always pretty this time of year, to visit friends.  We love driving around in our red truck.  If you see us be sure to say hello.

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy August 18th, 2019

Great to see the market so hot in Southern New Brunswick!  It’s been a long time since Mama has seen so many relocating to our fine province.  Ten years to be exact.  She and Charlie have been dealing with a lot of people from British Columbia, Ontario and various states across the USA.  Nice to see some of the long time listings moving on to new owners.  Listings are at a shortage for the first time in many years as relocators fly in choose their favourite home and fly out leaving one more property off the market.  If you or someone you know is thinking about selling give Mama or Charlie a call as they are happy to provide a no obligation consultation to advise you on the value range of your home and the selling process.

I woke this morning at seven am to pouring rain and I mean buckets but it’s clearing up nicely now!!!  Mama was happy to get the lawn a much needed soaking.  It’s been a hot summer especially when you’re wearing a full time Newfoundland coat!!!  Thankfully Mama has kept me partially shaved for months in what she calls a ‘puppy cut’.  This means my fur is about two inches long and she says that I still look cute!


We have really been enjoying Cochran’s Country Market this summer!!!  Nicholas and I go with Mama in the SUV while she shops for everything from hanging baskets to annuals, fresh produce to the best steaks around!!!  Mama and Papa really enjoyed the local strawberries from Jemseg this year and Nicholas and I can attest to the juicy steaks just from the bit of left-overs we get along with our veggies.  We say, #BestSteakEver!  Special thanks to Tim and the gang for providing such high quality here in the valley!  Keep up the good work team, we really appreciate it!  Here is a pic of Tim with his large flower selection and our deck with the choices we made here.

Have a great week and we’ll be seeing you real soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging With Buddy, August 9, 2019

Summer is flying by and the weather is hotter than most of us can remember!  The real estate market has heated up as well being hotter than it’s been here in ten years!  A welcome change for the sellers but tough on buyers with selection of inventory lower than it’s been in a decade.  Usually July and August are the two slowest months of the year but not this year!  Mama and Charlie have been busy and have sold many of our high-end and mid-range homes.  If you or someone you know are considering to sell, give them a call, text or email as they are happy to discuss what’s entailed in being ‘on the market’, our marketing strategy which is second to none and the value of your home today.

Four open houses this weekend, all Sunday from 2-4!  Mama is at 11 Heritage Way off Pettingill Road.  MLS NB018710 $749,000.  A luxurious executive home with an amazing layout and stunning finishes.  The inground pool is a special feature for this warm time of year inviting you in for a refreshing dip!

11 Heritage Way, Quispamsis

Greg O’brien welcomes you to 31 Fox Point Drive in Drury Cove.  MLS NB025863 $499,000.  This exceptionally well-built three bedroom/two and a half bath home features quartz custom kitchen with butlers pantry and master suite with private balcony!

  31 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove

Join David Nicholson at 11 Alexscott Court, Chapel Hill, Rothesay. MLS NB025240 $399,000.  This bungalow is in mint condition with beautifully finished basement and inviting sun room!  The gem of Chapel Hill!

  11 Alexscott Court, Chapel Hill

Charlie is happy to show you through 146 Harbourview Drive, East in Redhead.  MLS NB027837 $184,500.  This well-kept home features four bedrooms and two full baths with main floor master, nice sized deck and walkout basement.

  146 Harbourview Drive, Redhead

Nicholas and I are heading out to New River Beach on Saturday for a refreshing swim and some fun in the sun.  Nicholas will be digging deep holes with sand flying in every direction while I glide through the cool clear water (my very favourite thing to do)!!!  Mama and Papa will walk the beach in their search for sea glass.  They have a huge collection gathered from over the years which includes some very rare colours such as red, orange, purple, blue, yellow and lots of beautiful turquoise.  Of course the most common are the green, white and brown which are the most common.  They have one nice-sized pale yellow which has a bug fossilized inside.  Papa likes to collect milk glass and pottery too but Mama sticks strictly to glass.  She says that Nicholas and I are a big help in this process as often when our big feet churn up the sand as we run across the beach we unearth the corner of a glistening piece of glass hidden just below the surface which they quickly scoop up.  Hope to see you around.

My 1st day at the beach, 2013!!! 

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy August 1, 2019

All set for the New Brunswick Day Weekend and looking forward to some gorgeous NB weather with warm sultry days and refreshing cool nights.  I can barely remember the humidity I suffered while living in Gatineau/Ottawa my first six months before moving to God’s country here in New Brunswick.  You can just imagine with my big Newfie coat how I felt in that sweltering 35+ weather every day.  The day I arrived to my new home in NB it was November and  I jumped out of the car, ran right up to Nicholas who was standing there waiting for me and the two of us took off tearing around the lawn.  When I was six months we were about the same size but I kept growing!  It was love at first sight for my new family and the feeling was mutual.  Mama and Papa were smiling and laughing, gently rubbing my ears and telling me how beautiful I am, Nicholas was being his usual silly self spinning round and round with excitement and I knew in that moment, in my heart of hearts, that this family and I would be inseparable forever!  And boy was I right.  I’ve been here six years now and every year is better than the year before.  Plus I LOVE this weather, never too hot and the refreshing nights are awesome!  We are so spoiled living in this gorgeous province!!  The people of Upper Canada have no idea what they are missing!

So happy to meet Nicholas!

We won’t be having open house this long weekend but we will the following Sunday August 11th from 2-4 pm.  Watch the Real Estate Guide, MLS.CA and this web site for more details.  Don’t miss the gorgeous property I’ll be featuring in my own ad “Buddy’s Best”!  Stunning waterfront in the heart of Rothesay on 2 Acres with sandy beach rights!

Thank you to everyone who turned up for our Global Luxury Open House last Sunday on Deer Island.  With 75 people in attendance Mama was flabbergasted (and picked up some serious buyers)!  It was a perfect, blue sky day and the ferry ride was awesome!  Special thanks to Papa, Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton for helping out with crowd control at the event.

Auntie Blue & Uncle Clinton

Power boat cruising by.

  Scenic view from the ferry.

Have a great New Brunswick Day weekend and say hello when you see me out and about!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy, July 26, 2019

New Brunswickers flock to the annual New River Sand Sculptor competition!  We’re hoping to get some sun at New River Beach and preview the sand castles, dragons, dolphins & more.  Always a happening spot and it will be packed for the sand castles!  Hope to see you there!  Just 20 minutes from the Harbour Bridge.  Nothing like a refreshing dip or just splashing around in the cool clean Bay of Fundy!  It’s the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen and Nicholas and I have seen a lot of beaches!  It’s our favourite thing!

It looks like a busy Sunday with another active weekend for open houses with four being hosted this Sunday  from Deer Island to Drury Cove , Quispamsis to Rothesay between 2 and 4 pm!  Mama and Papa will be at this extraordinary property on Sunday which is supposed to be a gorgeous day.  Why not head out on the scenic ferry ride through the neighbouring islands for a Sunday drive!

  Scenic ferry ride to Deer Island.

101 Richardson Road, MLS# SJ175127, Deer Island Sunday 2-4 pm. $499,000

Charlie Turnbull will be hosting 11 Heritage Way, Quispamsis MLS# NB 018710 on Sunday, 2-3:30 pm.  This inviting four-bedroom home has it all with a casual feel and comfortable flow you’ll be oohing and awing from entrance to exit!

11 Heritage Way, MLS# NB 018710, Quispamsis Sunday 2 -3:30 pm. $749,000

Greg O’Brien welcomes you to 31 Fox Point Drive in Drury Cove with this well-built 3 bedroom/ 2 1/2 bath home with inviting quartz kitchen with butler’s pantry and huge private deck.  Built among lovely upscale homes.

31 Fox Point, Drury Cove, Saint John, MLS# NB  025863 $449,000


David Nicholson is at popular Chapel Hill Estates in a striking bungalow at 11 Alexscott Court Sunday from 2-4 pm.  This well built-well planned home is in mint condition with daylight finished walkout basement!

11 Alexscott Court, Chapel Hill, Rothesay MLS# NB025240 $399,000

If you’re out and about this Sunday we welcome you to drop in to any of our lovely properties for a closer look.  Hope to see you soon!



Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy July 12th, 2019

Not one but four exciting open houses this Sunday including a Global Luxury Open House!  Special thanks to my colleagues who are helping us out this Sunday.  Hope you can drop by and say hello as you tour these handsome properties!

Sunday 2-4 pm Paul Dorian is hosting 31 Fox Point Drive a quality built home with a motivated seller which means extra savings to you!  Price is reduced to $449,000!!!  MLS# NB025863.   3 bed/2.5 bath, H/W floors, cherry & quartz kitchen with butler’s pantry, huge great room, open concept, massive deck, impressive master suite with walk-in closet, 5-piece ensuite bath and private balcony.

31 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove

Join Michelle Harding Sunday between 12:30 and 2 pm at 11 Heritage Way, off Pettingill Road at this Global Luxury listing with every imaginable feature!  Reduced to $749,000 MLS#NB018710 this home is so very impressive!  With four bedrooms, all with walk-in closets and ensuite baths!  Open concept, glamorous quartz kitchen, high-end appliances, spacious rooms, numerous built-ins, exceptional laundry room, finished loft & more!  This home comes turnkey with furnishings, accessories, gym equipment, etc!  Exceptional value!

11 Heritage Way, off Pettingill Road

Greg O’Brien welcomes you to 11 Alexscot Court in Chapel for this above average impeccable bungalow with inviting sun room, open concept, H/W floors,  inviting kitchen with pantry, 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, main floor den, walk-in tub & chair lift.  Large finished basement with kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, seasonal closet and huge storage room plus 2-car garage.  MLS#NB025240 Reduced to $399,000

11 Alexscot Court, Chapel Hill

Mama is hosting a waterfront open house this Sunday from 2-4 at Washademoak Lake at 1588 Scenic Narrows Blvd. Cambridge Narrows.  MLS#NB018216 Priced at $498,000.  This beautiful property comes with 2.4 scenic acres, beach, boat dock and 257 feet on the water!  This 4-5 bedroom/3 bath year round cottage has been beautifully updated with quartz, kitchen, modern bathrooms, dining area overlooking the water with deck access, great room with wood stove and finished basement.  The over-sized 2-car boat house has finished loft with 2 bedrooms and full bath with intercom to the main house.  Nicholas and I will be along to show you how much fun can be had when you live on the water.  Papa will be with us at the shore where Nicholas will provide games with his ball and I’ll be showing how important it is to be confident and calm in the water. with smooth strong strokes.  Bring your trunks and join me for a swim.  I make a great swimming Buddy (no pun intended!) Playing ball is no doubt Nicholas’ favourite pass time but for the Budster it’s certainly swimming, swimming, and more swimming and this is the perfect place to do it!!!  Hope to see you there for a Meet & Greet with the Budster!  Bring your children and grandchildren, love to see ya!

1588 Scenic Narrows Blvd, Cambridge Narrows, Washademoak Lake.

There is nothing to compare with summer in New Brunswick so I hope you get out there and enjoy it.  Our beaches are in full swing and we have some of the nicest beaches in the country It’s sure to be a fun packed weekend and we hope to see you around!

See you Sunday at 1588 Scenic Narrows!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy July 5th 2019

Don’t know about you but I just can’t take the heat!!!  It’s been so cold for so long that we’re just not used to it and this big Newfie coat isn’t helping.  Mama started trimming it back with the clippers a few weeks ago and I wasn’t being very cooperative but let me tell you I will be a very good boy and stand very still if she’ll just just back some of this thick fur!  Nicholas has no problem with his fine coat.  TG we’ve got the AC cranked and I’m laying right on the largest vent in the house!!!  I’m usually the kind of guy who shares but not in this weather.  I can’t wait for Mama to take me to New River this weekend so that I can jump right in.  She says it’s so hot she may jump right in behind me!  It won’t be the first time.  Now Papa, that’s a different story.  He puts his toe in the cold water and runs for the beach!  Nicholas isn’t much better, getting in to his knees but with this heat I’m sure he’ll jump in too.  We’ve been seeing on the news how there have now been two great white sharks seen in the water of the Bay of Fundy!!!  Mama worries about me, she says I’d be the ‘full meal deal’!  So I stay very close to shore, going just over my head so that I can swim freely.  We may even get Papa in the bay to his knees this weekend!

The market continues to boom!  Homes sales more brisk than Mama has seen in ten years!  Plenty of relocators coming in from Ontario and the west with the bulk of Mama and Charlie’s buyers coming in from BC this year.  With the exorbitant prices and small lots of BC, these buyers think they’ve died and gone straight to Heaven when they see what their hard earned dollar can get them here in New Brunswick!  If you’ve been thinking about selling, now is the time.  Call Mama and Charlie with any real estate questions you may have or ask for a free market analyses.

Congratulations to our seller of York Point, Suite 104 on the sale of their waterfront condo.  This was an exclusive listing in need of some updates which will be carried out by the excited local buyer.   We wish the buyer many years of happy memories in their new unit with one of the best views on the Harbour Front!

Suite 104, York Point is SOLD!

We’re excited about our new Global Luxury Listing at 1 Malabeam Lane, Sagamore Point, Rothesay.  Nested on two full lush acres surrounded by mature trees on a quiet cul de sac this executive home has it all!  Wine cellar, huge granite eat-in custom kitchen with upscale stainless steel appliances and deck access, three fireplaces, great room with cathedral ceiling, main floor master, rec room complete with wet bar,  pool table and more!  Moor your boat in the protected cove and launch your dingy or kayak off your own private shore.  If you appreciate privacy, you’re going to love all this property has to offer.  This installation of a brand new six foot berm across the back and sides of the property assures no risk of flooding in spring freshet!  Offered at $548,000 MLS # NB028280. Live the lifestyle many only dream of!



Congratulations to Mama who celebrated 15 Years in Real Estate yesterday on July 4th!  She says if she were American there’d be fireworks.  Mama has worked with thousands of wonderful buyers and sellers in this time frame and takes great pride in helping sellers move on with new lifestyle plans as the buyers move into their dream homes!  She looks forward to many more years in a profession her father always wanted her in!  When she went into interior design in 1985 her father said, “Forget the decorating, you should be in real estate”!  She loved design and enjoyed it for many years not realizing until the first day she was licensed in real estate that it would have been his birthday and had his wish!  He passed away young at 61 years old in 1992 but she always thought he was looking down on her that day smiling on the fate that his wish had begun!

Hope you have a great weekend.  Don’t forget plenty of sun screen if you’re out and about and please do not take leave children or furry friends in the car in this  hot weather!!!  Have a great one!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy June 28th, 2019

Happy Canada Day!  Are you all set to celebrate our great nation this weekend?  Nicholas and I are looking forward to some R & R and a nice barbecue but we are not looking forward to any fireworks.  We hate fireworks and poor little Nicholas will try to hide under the bed even when there is thunder.  So Mama and Papa are very careful to keep us in and we usually have a noisy action flick on the TV just to be sure we don’t hear if any neighbours set off some private fireworks!  We highly recommend this precaution to all our four-legged furry friends!  We will be sporting our Canada red and white scarves all weekend (Mama says they look great against our black fur) and we have our Canadian flags  flying out front.  We love our country and are so very proud to be Canadian dogs!

Congratulations to our friend Oliver Mortimer on the sale of his gorgeous property at 232 Darlings Island Road, MLS#NB006806!  This was one of our personal all time favourites with over nine acres of land, waterfront on Darlings Lake for swimming and boating plus three acres of scenic fenced meadow around the house!  Not to mention the beautiful house with huge stone fireplace for cool nights!  What more could a big dog ask for?  Congratulations as well to the new buyers from Vancouver, BC.  You’re going to love this place and let us be the first to say “Welcome to New Brunswick”!

232 Darlings Isl Rd, is SOLD!

Congratulations as well to our friend Tom Simms on the sale of his handsome home at 41 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove.  Tom is always so very pleasant, such a gentleman and Mama has always enjoyed working with him.  Mama was always raving about the decorating and design of this stunning home.  Nicholas and I went with Mama to put up the sold sign.  Congratulation to the Ontario buyer.  Your gonna love our city and we bet you won’t miss the daily commute one bit!  So happy you’re coming to New Brunswick!

41 Fox Point Dr is SOLD!

Have a great Canada Day weekend and we hope to see you out and about!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon,


Blogging with Buddy, June 21st, 2019

What’s more beautiful than New Brunswick?  It may be the first day of summer and too wet to enjoy outdoor activities today but the lawns are getting super green and the trees are leafing out in all their glory.  Nicholas and I are really looking forward to summer this year and hoping for a few good days at the beach.  We had a wonderful drive yesterday with Mama who went to visit clients on Deer Island.  We were really good boys on the scenic ferry ride and the water was as smooth as glass.  Our listing at 101 Richardson Road, MLS#SJ175127 has been reduced to $499,000 CDN a super value for sure.  Complete with huge wrap around deck, private beach, awesome view and an elevator, what more could we ask for?

High tide, taken yesterday.                                                     Low tide, walk on the ocean floor!


View from the water.                                                             View from the house.

Mama and Charlie are hosting two open houses this Sunday from 2-4 pm.  Mama will be at 31 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove, MLS#NB025863, $495,000 another awesome deal for the right buyer in a wonderful natural environment close to all city amenities just reduced $105,000!  Charlie will be at 11 Alexscot Court, Chapel Hill, Rothesay MLS#NB025240 $425,000 an awesome bungalow with one level living plus the finished daylight basement and beautiful grounds.  Hope to see you at one or both of these special homes.

We’re so happy for the owner of 41 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove MLS# SJ180958 $625,000 on the sale of his handsome home to an out of province buyer!  Congratulations, now it’s time to start packing!!!  Nicholas and I will be down to put up the SOLD sign!  Our favourite job!!!

Stay high and dry this weekend, hope you get some well deserved R & R!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, June 16th, 2019

Happy Father’s Day!  Hope you’re having some quality time with your Papa today on this gorgeous sunny day with bright blue sky and not a cloud to be seen!!!  We have a card for our dear Papa who is so very good to us and some fresh cooked Bay of Fundy lobster with all the fixings that Mama will prepare for a special supper tonight.  We can’t say enough about our Papa who we love to death!  He is always gentle and kind with us, brushes our longs coats, helps with our baths (not an easy task with the Big Budster), prepares our meals when Mama is out and comes on our daily walks.  He tells us every day what good boys we are and let me tell you that means a lot to Nicholas and I!

If you happen to be out and about Mama and Charlie each have an open house today from 2-4 pm.  One is at 11 Alexscot Court in Chapel Hill, Rothesay, which is a beautiful three bedroom, three full bath bungalow with finished basement  has every bell and whistle you can imagine.  Features inviting sun room, walk-in tub, chair lift to basement, open concept and huge storage room at the end of a quiet cul de sac.  MLS# NB025240 offered at $425,000.

The other is at 31 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove which is a high quality two-story, 3 bedroom, two and a half bath with open concept, custom quartz cherry kitchen with butlers pantry, den, master with ensuite, walk-in and huge balcony, four storage rooms and huge balcony.  This one has been greatly reduced for quick sale meaning plenty of savings to you!  MLS# NB025863  offered at  $495,000.  Drop by our open houses if you are in the area or looking for a lovely new home.


Hope we see more sun this week!  The nights have been cool and I can live with that but it’s time now for some summer fun for the Budster and his side kick, Nicholas.   There is nothing I enjoy more than a visit to the beach and a refreshing swim in the Bay of Fundy.  Hoping to get rolling on that soon!!!  Have a great week and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy June 7th, 2019

Sunshine, glorious sunshine, how long I have awaited your smiling face!  Nicholas and I are so very happy to finally see the sunshine!!!  We were getting tired of listening to everyone bellyache from Mama and Charlie, Papa, Auntie, you name it, New Brunswickers have had enough rain to last them a long time!  Now’s the time for summer.  We plan on helping Mama this weekend put together her annual planters (she didn’t dare until now it’s been so cold).  We don’t do much to help, just lay close by in case she needs us for anything.  We have a big two-story roof over our front door so it allows us to all be in the shade while we’re working.

If you’re looking for a fabulous deal on an executive home, look no further it’s here!  31 Fox Point Drive in Drury Cove MLS#NB025863  just been listing with Mama and Charlie and the motivated owner has lowered the price by $105,000 (yes you are reading this correctly) from previously $599,000 to now with Mama at $495,000 and this price is negotiable.  The owner is a highly reputable builder who has moved on in his career from residential to commercial projects and is ready to let this one go!  It has a stunning stone facade with two-storey entrance opening into a two-storey foyer, open concept, gleaming hardwood and porcelain flooring, spacious great room with propane fireplace, a multitude of sunny windows and natural light as well as deck access.  The custom cherry kitchen has quartz counter tops and beautiful butlers pantry with breakfast room or main floor office with nearby powder room.  The second floor has three generous-sized bedrooms including the master with private deck access, walk-in closet and five-piece ensuite bath, second full bathroom and good-sized laundry room.  Two car attached garage, paved driveway, several storage rooms and efficient radiant heat complete the package.  Call Mama or Charlie today for your private viewing.  If you’re in the market for an executive home, don’t let this one slip through your fingers!  Best deal I’ve seen in a very long time!


We may take in the  ‘Artrageous Special Farmers Market’ held at Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews on Saturday.  Sounds like lots of fun with interesting art, produce and products!  Maybe we’ll see you there!  Don’t forget to come over and say “hello” if you see me in the parking lot in my red truck!  Kingsbrae has free admission tomorrow but Mama says they won’t let us boys in but she promises to stop somewhere special along the way to be sure we have a fun filled day!  We’re hoping it’s a beach!  Paws crossed and hoping!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy May 31st, 2019

New uptown listing on Historic Germain Street (MLS#025409) at 217 Germain is a rare find due to the impeccable condition!  Listed at $495,000.  Not often we see a home come on the market (this one circa 1888) that has been so lovingly restored inside and out, top to bottom.  With gracious rooms for entertaining and comfortable every day living this home has a fabulous location with a walk-score of 87!   Do you enjoy shopping at the City Market?  No problem, it’s just down the street!  When I stopped by with Mama to put up on the lock box I noticed lots of four-legged friends in the neighbourhood.  This home has a private fenced garden in the back of the property perfect for your pets!

We have three open houses planned for Sunday from 2-4 pm.  Mama is at 41 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove, MLS #013639  $625,000, Charlie is at 14 Garrison Drive, Hastings Cove, Rothesay MLS#018260   $569,000 and our friend David Nicholson is at 12 Morrison Lane, Quispamsis MLS #013634 $421,000.

41 Fox Point, Drury Cove

14 Garrison Drive, Hastings Cove

12 Morrison Lane, Quispamsis

Hope to see you out and about this weekend and really hoping to see some sunshine!!!  Mama says our flowers are going to mildew if we don’t see the sun soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon





Blogging with Buddy May 24th, 2019

Stunning new spacious listing at 11 Alexscot Court in Chapel Hill!  Arguably Chapel Hills finest bungalow loaded with extras inside and out!  Fabulous landscaping, spacious open concept layout, gleaming hardwood, 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms including the master ensuite bath and walk-in tub, finished daylight basement and three season sun room.  All appliances included such as double oven stove, Electolux upscale refrigerator, microwave, Meile extra quiet dishwasher, washer dryer and second fridge in the lower level.   Located at the end of a quiet cul de sac Going on MLS Monday.  Call Mama or Charlie today for your private viewing!  Up-kept with the greatest of care.  Receipts on hand for $458,000 invested, listed at $425,000.

Watch for open houses at this lovely property!

Finally I got to feel the warmth of the sun this afternoon!!!  Thought that Nicholas and I were going to mildew it’s been raining so much!  Gray day after day after day.  Nicholas has been driving the whole family crazy because he hasn’t been getting out as much  as usual so he tears through the house wide open, up and down the staircase like a wild man.

I turned seven years old today (Nicholas is 7 1/2) and celebrated with my favourite thing an A & W Buddy Burger with cheese!  Nicholas got one as well and it was yummy yummy in our tummies!  Mama got a Mama Burger and Papa had a Teen Burger with all the fixings.  We love the way they are made without the use of hormones or steroids, the way burgers should be!

I’ve been out touring around, staying in touch with our buyers and sellers.  I really enjoy driving in my red truck.  It’s one of my favourite things to do and I never know where I’m going to end up.  So if you see me out and about drop over and say hi!


Your pal

Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy May 17th, 2019

Absolutely amazing panoramic view of Passamaquoddy Bay near St. Andrews from this new waterfront listing in Bocabec coming soon to MLS with 1.3 acres acre on Digdequash River where it meets the Bay of Fundy.  This one-owner home or year round vacation cottage contains 4 bedrooms and three full bathrooms with finished daylight basement and glorious views out most windows!  Nicholas and I went for a drive Saturday with Mama and Papa to view the property and just couldn’t believe the view shown here with the tide out  !  Really cool with seals swimming in the cove!  Good place for a swim with the warmer water of the river meeting the bay.  Priced at $318,900.

Shown here in summer.

When we left there we stopped at New River Beach so that I could enjoy my first swim of the year in the Bay of Fundy.  We got out at Carrying Cove Beach, I jumped right out and just ran for the shore and jumped right in.  Wow, talk about refreshing!!!  It’s pretty cool this time of year so I didn’t stay in a long time, about fifteen minutes and then came out, had a good shake and Mama dried me with a towel.  Nicholas went in to his ankles and that was it!  He’ll be swimming in late June, July and August when the bay heats up a bit.  Sure was a fun day for us.

Mama says we’re going to have picnics there this summer and we can’t wait!!!  Maybe  I’ll have my cheese burger picnic there for my upcoming birthday!  I’m going to soon be seven years old!  Paws crossed and hoping!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging With Buddy, May 10th, 2019

We wish you a very happy Mother’s Day this weekend for all your hard work, sacrifice, devotion and love!  There is no one like our mothers who dish out unconditional love in abundance!  She’s always there for us and her love is our strength.  Hope you mothers enjoy a special day with your children and this includes four-legged furry friends of course.


We’re so happy excited about our beautiful waterfront listing in Morrisdale at 11 Morrisdale Beach Road MLS# NB019635.   With a panoramic view and private beach you can enjoy all that a New Brunswick lifestyle has to offer.  This six bedroom home with finished daylight walkout basement fills the bill perfectly for large families and the deep water mooring is an added essential if you’re boater!  Nicholas and I hope to be visiting this summer to enjoy that gorgeous beach to the fullest!    Hey, sounds like lots of fun to me!

Our lawns are certainly getting very green with all the rain we’ve been having.  We sure did appreciate those sunny warm days, staying out for hours letting the rays bounce off our shinny black coats.  Mother Nature is just getting the ground prepared for a warm balmy summer.  Have a great weekend and hope to see you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 



Blogging with Buddy May 3rd, 2019

Well the lawns are turning green now with all the rain we had I enjoyed the bright blue skies earlier this week.  Nicholas and I are really starting to feel like spring is here!  We had some nice walks this week to Spy Glass Hill and the trails behind RNS.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the trails dried up after 8 days of intense rain but Mama says the high winds dried them out!  Works for me.  My big paws can get really dirty, really quickly which Mama doesn’t like when I’m getting in my truck.  There is a small spring-fed brook on the trails just before our parking place so Nicholas and I always get a fresh drink and give our paws a wash as well.  We have a new mat at our front door that says “Wipe Your Paws”.  Just a little reminder and then Mama and Papa get the towels out to finish them off.  I got caught jumping in Papa’s pond twice this past week!!!  I was waiting for the ice to finally go and it went.  Let’s say they were not impressed with me, at all!

Two open houses this weekend!  Today from 1:30 – 3:30 pm we invite you to join David Nicholson, a Coldwell Banker colleague at 12 Morrison Lane in Quispamsis off Gondolas Point Road.  NB013634 $425,000.  Four bedroom home with large lot and the most amazing panoramic sunset water view in the valley!!!  From 2 – 4 pm tomorrow, another colleague, Michelle Hardy is hosting 142 Dunedin Road in Rothesay.  NB011019 $349,900. Fantastic location close to the golf course and Riverside Park this newly renovated home features a main floor bedroom, open concept and nice fenced yard.  Hope you can stop by.

 12 Morrison Lane, Quispamsis

  142 Dunedin Road, Rothesay

It’s Charlie’s turn to be busy as a bee this weekend with out of town buyers from Ontario.  There is nothing Charlie likes more then touring lovely properties with nice people and showing off all our beautiful area has to offer.  We don’t call it God’s Country for nothing!  Then when they choose ‘The One’ he’s a great negotiator and a perfectionist with contracts.  His i’s are dotted and his t’s are crossed!!!  The buyers are in good hands with Charlie.

I’m helping Mama plant a few pansies this weekend around a little yard flag I put up near our entrance.  I went with her to Cochran’s Market yesterday to pick them out.  We went with blue and white.   I’ll show you a pic when it’s all finished.  Nicholas will be in the yard playing ball while I stay close and help Mama, what else is new?  Have a great weekend.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging with Buddy April 26, 2019

Rain, rain, go away Buddy Bacon wants to play!  Enough already, I’m sick to death of this rain, day after day.  I don’t mind the odd rainy day, great for the trees and flowers but a solid week is way to much!  Mama’s been getting us out every day between showers and more than a few times we’ve been caught in another shower.  We were happy at first because we knew it would get rid of the last of the ice but our joy soon dissipated when grey day after grey day it just kept coming.  It didn’t stop Mama from selling a nice waterfront home though.  Last Saturday she was on what she calls a whirlwind tour with out of province buyers showing waterfront across Southern New Brunswick.  11 Morrisdale Beach Road, priced at $499,900 won out and will have a new owner upon closing in May.  It’s the perfect house for this young family with five children who can’t wait to moor their large boat right in front of their house on the St. John River.  Even in the fog and rain they could easily see the beauty of our province and just can’t wait to move here!


Two more couples from out of province  arrive this weekend looking for their dream homes in New Brunswick, one in the $350,000 to $450,000 price range and the other in the $800,000 to $950,000 range.  Mama sure is hoping that the sun is going to shine!  Nicholas and I have our paws crossed and hoping. If you are thinking of selling your home give Mama or Charlie a call today and they’ll not only help you determine the price but guide you through every step of the way providing marketing for your home second to none!  Remember they not only list homes they sell them and have sold thousands of homes in  Southern New Brunswick.

Nicholas and I are looking forward to getting out and about this weekend, hopefully with a blue sky and the sun shinning on our backs.  Have a great weekend and if you see us, stop over to say hi.  We love meeting new people and old friends.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy April 19, 2019

Happy Easter! Hope you’re enjoying quality time this weekend with family and friends.  Nicholas and I are laying low with Papa on Saturday while Mama and Charlie are touring Southern NB with lovely out of town clients from Ontario looking for waterfront.  There’s nothing they enjoy more than showing out-of-towner’s our beautiful province and the many pluses of living in New Brunswick!  Mama says sometimes she feels like she’s working for Tourism New Brunswick!  Her and Charlie have lived here all their lives and know well the perks of the NB lifestyle!  That’s why Mama calls it ‘Canada’s Best Kept Secret’!

Nicholas and I have our paws crossed hoping that the Easter Bunny finds our house this year.  So fare we’ve had good luck and he’s always found us!  Nicholas is looking for a new ball (of course) and I want some pigs ears (my very favourite thing!).  We’re hoping the Easter Bunny brings Charlie a new puppy!  Charlie would love that.  He loves dogs so much and is looking for just that one special one!


We’ll be enjoying our Easter dinner on Sunday with our dear Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.  All the stops are being pulled out with shrimp, baked ham, potato scallop and all the fixin’s.   Auntie Blue may be creating a well-loved old recipe of orange cake from our Nanny Wiggins recipe book for desert which Mama hasn’t tasted in 20 years!  Nicholas and I are really looking forward to leftovers!  Paws crossed and hoping!  Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!  Papa is looking forward to a chocolate bunny.

No open houses this weekend, it being Easter.  Mama and Charlie always respect this special holiday.  Hope you have a relaxing Easter filled with peace and love.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging With Buddy April 12th, 2019

Did you know that Coldwell Banker found homes for over 10,000 dogs across Canada and the USA  in the past two years!  Nicholas and I are so happy to work with a franchise that loves us four-legged friends so much!  Through our ‘Homes For Dogs Project’ these lucky rescue dogs found their forever home!  (Let me tell ya, I L O V E my forever home!)

  Experience the love of a rescue dog!

Check out our video ‘CB Homes For Dogs 2018’ which was awarded #1 real estate video of 2018.  Experience the love of a rescue dog!  At Coldwell Banker Mama and Charlie know that it’s more than a house that makes a home; it’s the family and that includes your pet!!!  Turn up your volume and click below to view our award winning Home For Dogs Video.  We just love Mr. Cooper!!!  If this guy and his happy story doesn’t put a smile on your face nothing will!

Everyone is excited to see the snow finally go!!!  The days have been so nice and warm with such vivid blue skies.  We saw our first crocus today!!!  Mama was so excited.

Brace yourselves because it’s supposed to pour on Saturday which should get rid of the last of the ice.   If it’s a rain day then Nicholas and I will have to play inside.  Mama has some good games for us like ‘Hide the Treat’.  It’s a great game; we go in her office and close the door while she hides these little tiny treats all over the first floor of the house.  Then we come out and go looking.  I do really well at it because I have the much larger nose and it seems better tracking skills but Nicholas is not to be outshone.  I’d say we’re about 60/40 for me.

I think we’re in for a quiet weekend.  Mama has buyers in on Sunday looking at waterfront homes so she’ll be a busy bee.  We’ll stay home with Papa and probably watch some sports on TV.  Have a good weekend and hope to see you around really soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy April 5th, 2019

Congratulations to my pal Charlie Turnbull who’s celebrating 35 years in the real estate business this year!!!  Started straight out of university and never looked back!  Charlie welcomes past and future clientele to give him a call, text, message or email when they are ready to sell or buy a house.  I can tell you, you’re in good hands with Charlie, Nicholas and I have never met a more friendly and conscientious guy!  His i’s are dotted and his t’s are crossed taking pride in ensuring you excellent service throughout your transaction!

I know, I know, the cold weather is back and it’s back in a big way.  Mama, Papa and Nicholas are freezing.  I’d lend them my big fur coat if I could but I can tell you with these temperatures hovering around freezing I’m very comfortable myself.  I just get tired of listening to them bellyaching about it.  Spring is just around the corner, I promise you.

Mama and Charlie are hosting two Global Luxury Open Houses this Sunday from 2-4 pm.  Mama is at 11 Heritage Way, off Pettingill Road, Quispamsis, a former Hospital Lottery Home that shows like a dream!  MLS# NB018710 Priced at $798,000.

And Charlie is at 14 Garrison Driving in Hastings Cove, off Partridge, Rothesay an attractive 4-bedroom family home with stone facade and southern exposure.  MLS# NB018260 New Price $599,000!

We look forward to seeing you.  Drop in if you get the chance and keep your eye out for the crocuses, they’ll be peeking their pretty little faces out really soon!  Nicholas and I are keeping an eye out for ours!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy March 30th, 2019

Spring is just around the corner!  Hard to keep my white paws from getting muddy this time of year but great to see the longer days and warmer temperatures but the March wind is still chilly.  The snow is going quickly now off the golf course, I can see it out my window.  The grass is brown and yellow but Mama says the green grass is coming and it’s better than the white stuff we’ve seen all winter.  I don’t know, I love the white snow myself.  I’ll find the very last patch on my lawn this spring to have my last snowy rolls of the winter before it goes.  Drives Mama and Nicholas nuts at night when she takes me out for my last walk and I get on that snow rolling and rolling, side to side, kicking my back legs and then stretching.  Some nights I think she’s just about had it and Nicholas saying “Oh come on Buddy, it’s cold out here”!  Then I jump up quickly and run for the house.


We spent some quality family time today as Nicholas and I went for a drive to the City Market while Mama and Papa picked up some seafood for a seafood feast tonight (hoping I get a few crumbs from that table but I’m not counting on it!)  The market was bustling as usual.  We hung our heads out the windows watching all the people coming and going.  This was our first trip to the market, what a busy place!  Then we took a drive to Mispec Beach with Mama and Papa reminiscing over their childhood visits, Mama with her mother and Papa with his grandparents.  Sounds like they had lots of fun.  The tide was way out and we got out of the truck and took a walk on the beach.  This was another first for Nicholas and I but we hope they take us back there again!

Mama and Charlie have been busy bees this past week with accepted offers on three of our listings; 4 Pugsley Lane, Rothesay MLS#016121-$450,000, across from the Common , 142 Dunedin Road, Rothesay MLS#011019-$349,900 near Riverside golf course and 100 Mount Pleasant Avenue MLS#013894 – $299,000 near Lily Lake in Rockwood Park.  Contracts are all signed and now they are working through the conditions.  These are three nice homes so I’m not anticipating any problems (paws crossed and hoping) but you know if any bumps come up in the road Mama and Charlie will be right there guiding our clients through any concerns.  With their vast experience they know exactly how to handle any situation that may arise and our clients really appreciate being able to rely on them.  As I keep telling people, even though Mama is specially trained to sell luxury homes and work with the affluent buyer, she doesn’t just sell big homes, she sells them all.  Between her and Charlie they have sold thousands of homes across southern New Brunswick and can sell yours too!

 142 Dunedin Road 

  4 Pugsley Lane 

  100 Mount Pleasant Ave

Congratulations to Susan and Chris O’Brien on the sale of their gorgeous waterfront home in Millidgeville at 35 Anchorage Avenue, MLS#008019 – $845,000 which I enjoyed featuring in my ‘Buddy’s Best’ ad in the Telegraph Journal.  Mama says Susan and Chris were such a joy to work with!!!  Their home always showed beautifully and they were always so obliging to work around the schedules of potential buyers.  Working with these two was a real treat!


Hope you have a great weekend.  Keep in mind warmer longer days are coming.  It’s what gets us Maritimers sooooo very excited in the spring putting a big smile on our faces and an extra spring in our step!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, March 22nd, 2019

Well things are looking up with the first day of spring here and gone and temperatures slowly on the rise.  Everyone I talk with is soooo ready for spring and summer this year with a winter that feels like it’s gone on forever starting right after Halloween!!!  It’s that time of year when muddy paws can’t be avoided.  Nicholas and I have a new mat at our door that says “Wipe Your Paws”.  It’s really cool and ensures that we never forget.  When we come in wet when it’s raining we stop right on our mat and Mama gets a big towel out to dry us off.  She always starts with our face, then our backs and our paws are last.  We love it, it’s just like getting a mini massage every time we come in the door! Nicholas puts his sweet little face right up to get it wiped off.  Okay, okay, we are a wee bit spoiled but just what you’d notice!

Mama was away from us for five days as she traveled for some special training with Coldwell Banker Global Luxury which represents the top 10% of homes in each area.  We hated to see her go but we knew it was important and she flew all night so that she would be away from us for as short a time as possible.  She was so very impressed with the program and says that they really rolled out the red carpet for their agents who came to the event from all over the world including Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Dubai and more!  She was happy to meet up with some old colleagues from Prudential Fine Homes International who have now moved over to Global Luxury as well.  The training was to unleash the latest in sales techniques and technology and Coldwell Banker Global Luxury is second to none!  Did you know that they are #1 in the world in luxury sales volume, closing on $161.8 million dollars in sales per day!  No other company even comes close!  This is only the luxury division, the Coldwell Banker Real Estate company closes on $246 billion in sales per day which includes residential, condos, land and commercial.  Mama knew they were big but this was a real eye opener.  Their state of the art technology gives them the #1 portal in the world and this is just the start!  Mama knew they were a great company when she made the choice to join Coldwell Banker here in New Brunswick but she had no idea it was going to be a match made in Heaven!  Nicholas and I are just happy to have her home!

I’ll be out and about this week in my red SUV so if you see me come on over and say hi.  Nicholas and I love meeting new people and bumping into old friends!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy March 15th, 2019

I’m loving this warmer weather this week!!!  So nice to be out and about as the sun shines and the temperature goes above freezing.  Our daily walking were so much more enjoyable and Mama was happy with the snow pack on top of the ice so it wasn’t so slippery.  Nicholas runs across the ice like a banshee but I’m super careful on it walking off to the side in any bit of snow i can find.  If I ever slipped and fell it’s not like Mama could pick me up and carry me home!!!!  So many friends and colleagues have fallen this winter including our dear Michele McGuire (Georgia’s mother) who broke her arm.  We felt soooo bad.  It’s on the mend now but it takes awhile.  “Glad you’re on the mend Michele, say hi to Georgia for us”!


Super excited about our new waterfront listing at 11 Morrisdale Beach Road on the beautiful St John River!  MLS#NB019635 offered at $499,900.  This one-owner family home not only is not only a spacious well-built home with panoramic sunrise view, heat pump, air conditioning, in-floor hot water heating and finished daylight walkout basement but what excites me the most is the fine sandy beach!!!  I can just imagine the fun Nicholas and I would have with our own private beach.  Imagine swimming whenever we want, Papa could put in a boat, we could have bonfires on the beach and wienie roasts too as the sun sets over the water.   I think I’d be in heaven!  I’m hoping Mama will let me assist this summer with open houses as I could show off my swimming skills and Nicholas will show his diving!  Paws crossed and hoping!

Hope you have a great weekend.  It’s supposed to be a wet one so try to stay dry and Mama says look on the bright side; it will get rid of the ice and snow.  Hope to see you out and about.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, March 8th, 2019

It will keep more than a cold winter to slow our team down!  Join us this Sunday from 2-4 pm as we host four open houses in Rothesay and the Valley.  Mama and Charlie are excited to host the 2017 Hospital Lottery Home at 11 Heritage Way, off Pettingill Road, Quispamsis.  With every imaginable bell and whistle this all inclusive luxury home comes complete with furnishings, pictures, dishes, accessories, in-ground pool and more!  Value packed the only thing missing is you at $798,000 MLS#NB018710.  Our colleague Michelle Hardy is happy to show you through 4 Pugsley Lane, right across from the skating rink at Rothesay Common.  This hidden gem with fantastic location has been beautifully maintained with spacious rooms, in-floor heating, cozy fireplace, large crisp white eat-in kitchen and huge deck overlooking the private fenced yard.  Offered at $450,000 MLS#NB0106121.    Our newest colleague, Stacey McLellen welcomes you to 142 Dunedin Road, Rothesay just steps from the Riverside Golf and Country Club.  This four bedroom family home has been newly renovated from top to bottom and features a lovely flat private back yard.  Asking price is $369,900 MLS#NB018710. Nicholas and I are personally looking forward to meeting Stacey. Mama and Charlie say she’s really nice!  We’ll be seeing her at the office soon I’m sure.  Hope you can stop by our homes, we’d love to see you!

 11 Heritage Way, off Pettingill Road

 4 Pugsley Lane, opposite Rothesay Common

142 Dunedin Rd, near Riverside Golf&Country

Nicholas and I enjoyed a nice walk yesterday to the top of Spy Glass Hill.  So much better walking with the snow padded down instead of all that ice we’ve had this winter.  I am super careful on the ice.  Mama is amazed how I go out of my way to go around it, finding a little patch of ground here or a bit of dirt there.  I’m a big boy and the last thing I need is a fall.  Mama has her hands full trying to keep Nicholas slowed down with the icy conditions.  He still goes tearing around like the wind.

Congratulation to Nick and Jane Rocca who moved into their new Rothesay home this week!  Two of the nicest people Mama has ever worked with and we all wish them every joy in their gorgeous new home, now so much closer to their grandchildren!  Their home at 105 Cedarwood is now closed and we wish the out of town buyer all the best at that handsome property.  Mama is presently busy negotiating another home in the neighbourhood for super nice clients.  Paws crossed and hoping that this one goes just as smoothly!  Millidgeville area has certainly been a hot commodity this fall and winter!

If you’re thinking of a move, call us first.  Our experience and dedication to our clients is second to none!  We can help with tips to ease the burden to a smooth transaction!

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you real soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging with Buddy Feb 18thth

Baby it’s cold outside!!!  What a winter!  Are me and my big dog friends the only ones enjoying these freezing temperatures?  Even Nicholas is complaining!  Personally unloving it. I lie on the ice, roll in the snow and when it storms I’m really ecstatic as the big white fluffy flakes pour down. The other day I layed out in the storm until I looked like a white dog, instead of black .

Difficult for the buyers to be out and about in this weather but the serious ones have no choice .  Some are relocating and some have just decided that they want to move and can’t wait to start looking .

I won’t be going too far from home in this weather and if you are out and about be sure to wear your icers!  Nicholas will be curled up in front of the fire while I’m in and out keeping a close eye on my neighborhood and those darn squirrels that have been hanging around our yard.

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy Feb 1st, 2019

The weather just gets crazier by the day with snow, rain, severe temperature drops and flash freezing!  Recently so many homes, that have never had a problem have flooded with torrential rains pouring down on top of solid ice.  The water has no where to go and can’t seep into the ground as it would in summer time.  I’m so thankful that our clients didn’t have any problems but we’ve heard of many homes that did.  Did you know that overland flood insurance is available to homeowners and will cover this type of issue?  I understand it’s very reasonably priced between $100 and $200 per year and well worth your peace of mind as our winter weather keeps gets more severe.

Even though the weather is cold buyers are still coming in for jobs and viewing properties as well as locals that have made the decision that they’d like to move.  Nicholas and I would like to congratulate Tyro Cairns on the sale of his beautiful home at 28 Mecklenburg Street MLS# SJ180529 which just sold to newcomers to our city from overseas.  Let me be the first to say “Welcome to Saint John!  Welcome Home.  You’re going to love it here!”  I personally moved here from SPCA in Gatineau Quebec in 2015 and have never looked back.

 Tyro shown on his deck.

Open house this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 100 Mount Pleasant Avenue at the corner of Burpee Avenue.  This large gracious has a fabulous interior and large private yard but my favourite things is it’s proximity to Rockwood Park!  With thousands of acres of nature just down the street this is one awesome location!!!  Trails for walking, lakes for swimming, what more can you ask for ?


If you’re out walking, please be careful!!!  Even with my big paws I’m finding it really slippery on the ice and I’m walking very carefully across it.  So many people that I know have fallen in the past few weeks.  It happens so quickly.  Mama has been trying to get Nicholas to slow down a little as he just flies across it, he is so agile and quick.  With all this cold weather, Nicholas really got his new coat just at the right time.  He’s loving it!  Have a good week.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 




Blogging With Buddy January 25th 2019

Can you believe this crazy weather?  All that ice and the terrible road conditions???  Last night took the cake with the high winds and our power going out at 11:30 pm.  I was watching TV with Papa and Nicholas and all of a sudden, pow, pitch black!!!  Nicholas and I have seen power outages twice before so we weren’t afraid.  We stayed quiet and calm as Mama and Papa jumped to finding flash lights and lighting candles.  Our rooms looked so very different under the flickering glow of candle light and we headed right to bed.  We have never heard the wind rage like it did.  We were okay but Mama was nervous, says it reminded her of the Ground Hog Gale of 1976 when she was a girl still living at home with her parents and the winds gusted to 120 mph.  The gale was being broadcast on the news around the world as far away as Australia!  Mama’s aunt was visiting Australia and couldn’t believe it when she turned on the news and they were showing the devastation in Saint John, NB.  Anyone living through it will not soon forget.  Mama says there are a few things Saint Johners will never forget 1/ where they were the moment they heard JFK had been assassinated and 2/ the details of their day and night during the Ground Hog Gale!  Sounds pretty bad, I’m so glad we didn’t see that storm!

I have not ventured too far from home this week but we did head over to the trails one day as well as Sobeys and I couldn’t believe the roads.  Mama says we could skate in our yard (if I knew how to skate) and when we headed down the driveway we slid right out into the road!!!  Nicholas said, “TG there were no cars coming!”  I said, “Hang on Nicholas, we’re in for a rough ride”.  Our street was well plowed and sanded and we promptly got our driveway sanded too.

Some of Mama showing and listing appointments cancelled due to the weather.  Our clients are very considerate and they said they didn’t want to jeopardize Mama’s safety bringing her out with the road conditions as they were.  She’ll be playing catch up this coming week.  She really appreciated it and spent the week catching up on computer work and negotiating an offer for days via phone, text and email.

Besides loosing our power last night, we lost our internet connection at supper time.  So happy to back up on line now!!!  Boy when you have no lights, no water, no stove and no heat, just even for one day, it really brings home quickly just how comfortable our lives are and all the creature comforts we take for granted!

Hope we get some decent weather over the weekend as we can all use the break!  Drive safely and be careful walking on that ice!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy January 18th, 2019

Big News!  RBC has cut it’s posted five-year fixed rate by 15 basis points!  This is really good news for all buyers and sellers as we continue on with a much hotter market than we have seen in many years!  RBC has lowered it’s rates from 3.89% to 3.74%.  Mortgage rate comparison website founder Robert McLister says RBC is the first of the Big Six banks to cut its advertised five-year fixed rate after a fall in five-year bond yields.  McLister adds that he expects other big banks to follow suit in the coming day!  Paws crossed and hoping!!!

We’re really excited about our new waterfront listing at 1588 Scenic Narrows Blvd in Cambridge Narrows with 2.4 acres on Washademoak Lake.  MLS # NB018216, asking price $498,000.  This year round cottage is in mint condition inside and out with main floor master with ensuite, stylish crisp white kitchen with quartz counter tops and heated floors, open concept, sunny eating area with water view, large deck, heat pump with A/C plus cozy wood stove!  There is also an over-sized heated garage with finished loft with two large bedrooms, full bath and convenient intercom connected to the main house.  “Dinner is ready!”  Great area for boating, fishing and swimming with deep water anchorage and the boat dock is included!  If we still have this one in the spring when the lake opens, I’ll be visiting to demonstrate my excellent swimming skills while Nicholas shows off his diving!  This scenic rolling property is perfect for families, children, grandchildren and let’s not forget our four-legged furry friends!  I highly recommend it for loads of year-round fun!


If you’re at the Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships this weekend say hello to Mama and Papa who follow this sport faithfully.  I usually watch it with them on TV but I’m not allowed in Harbour Station and Mama says there’s no chance I could sneak in!

 Gabrielle Daleman in the lead after the short program!

Have a great weekend, button down the hatches as we prepare for a big storm and drive carefully!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 






Blogging with Buddy, January 11, 2019

We’re excited to announce our new listing at 14 Garrison Drive!  This well-kept four plus one bedroom family home is located in one of the most desirable areas in southern New Brunswick, Hastings Cove!  In a community of well-kept properties, with a fine sandy beach including summertime lifeguard, beautifully renovated elementary school with heated floors, walking/biking trails and close to city and town amenities this location is ideal for families and furry friends alike with lots of children and pets in the neighbourhood!  The stone facade home has an inviting airtight wood-burning fireplace in the main floor family room, stunning custom kitchen with sunny solarium eating area, private treed back yard and large south facing deck.  The garage is over-sized so lots of space to store bicycles & scooters.  Lucky the family moving into this lovely home.

Nicholas has been enjoying his new Canadiana  True North red plaid lumberjack coat with fleecy lining.  He looks pretty sharp and it’s lovely and warm for the little fella who doesn’t have my natural big Newfie coat.  I’ve been wearing my red and white Algonquin scarf which Mama says shows off my shiny black coat.

Five open houses this weekend for Mama and Charlie and special thanks to David Nicholson who’s helping out too.


 4 Pugsley Court, NB016121 $450,000

 142 Dunedin Road, NB011029 $369,900


 41 Fox Point Drive, NB013639 $625,000

 100 Mount Pleasant, NB013894 $299,000

 285 Millidge Avenue, NB015923 $139,900

Wishing you have a great weekend and hope to see you out and about. Don’t forget to bundle up and stop by our open houses. We have something for every taste and budget!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging with Buddy January 4th, 2019

Happy New Year!  Wishing you good health, happiness and prosperity throughout 2019!  Nicholas and I shared a quiet New Year with Judi, who is like our English Nanny. She is from England with a sweet voice and English accent.  She’s very kind, pleasant and loving and we absolutely love her to pieces!!!  She comes and stays with us when Mama and Papa go out of town.  They were not too far away, just down to the Algonquin and Mama says they could be home in an hour if need be.  They were happy to see some of our friends and clients down there too.  Papa says we’re spoiled  rotten but Mama and Judi say we are always sweet boys and could never be rotten!  We are very good boys for Judi and always “try” to do what she says.  We are careful to walk behind her on the staircase and never rush past.  She is a fantastic cook and makes us some nice homemade goodies.  She plays in the yard with us, takes us for walks and throws the ball for Nicholas, his very favourite thing in the world.  Mama says, no wonder we love her.  When she arrived I gave her a sweet little butterfly kiss on the cheek, which I am very stingy with.  I’m not like Nicholas, giving these kisses out to just anyone but Judi always gets one or more from me each time she stays.  We miss her when she leaves and look forward to her next visit!

 Mama and Papa at the Algonquin New Year’s Eve.

Mama and Charlie look forward to starting up their open houses again now that the holidays are over.  The first will take place in Rothesay, Quispamsis and Millidgeville area.  Watch here and our web site for the upcoming schedule.

We are excited about a new listing coming up in Hastings Cove area of Kennebecasis Park.  It has four bedrooms up, one down, two and a half baths, finished basement, large great room and stunning sunny custom kitchen!  This is such a fantastic location close to the city and all Rothesay/Quispamsis amenities as well.  It’s no wonder it’s so desirable!

I’m glad to be back in the swing of things and look forward to seeing you out and about the town.  Be sure to come over to my bright red truck and say hello to Nicholas and I if you see us in a parking lot, waiting for Mama.  We love  to see you!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging With Buddy, December 24th, 2018

Nicholas and I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, good health, much fun and folic in 2019!

We, along with all our furry friends, are being very good as we wait patiently for Santa Paws to visit our homes in the wee hours of December 25th.  Mama says that his elves are watching us 24 hours a day and know every move we make so we’d better be good boys!  Nicholas and I have been searching the house high and low, behind furniture, drapes and doors looking for these elusive elves to no avail!!  They must be slippery little critters to outsmart us two.  Especially me with my big nose as I can usually sniff out anything!

 Merry Christmas!

As Christmas comes upon us this upcoming week  we reflect back on 2018 with gratitude to Mama and Charlie’s clients who are so loyal and such a pleasure to work with!  Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!


Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, December 14th, 2018

November has proven to be a hot market with local sales hitting a 13-year high!!!  It was the best month of November for sales since 2005 and the second-best ever!  The average price of homes sold in November 2018 was $197,463, jumping 21.9% from November 2017.  The number of new listings was down 35.5% making this the lowest number of new listings to hit the market in the month of November since 2004 proving that winter is an excellent time of year to be on the market as Mama always says.  Her and Charlie were out there selling away to mark a portion of these statistics with their sales of 105 Cedarwood Drive, 90 Second Street plus three others from MLS!  Quite a November!

Jane and Nick Rocco are ecstatic about the sale of their home at 105 Cedarwood Drive in Millidgeville listed at $675,000.  Their impeccable ranch home with panoramic water view will go to new buyers from Ontario.  Congratulation Jane and Nick and thank you for being such a pleasure for Mama and Charlie to work with.   Mama was also happy to help you with your purchase of a new home in the valley closer to your precious grandchildren!

 The sun is shining brightly, 105 Cedarwood!

Nicholas and I are busy getting ready for Christmas, putting up our tree and hopefully (paws crossed) a visit from Santa Paws!!!  I’ve been good all year for the most part but I worry about the little fella.  He so mischievous and for weeks has been snooping into every bag Mama brings into the house (even sneaked in the Christmas room a few times).  There he came across a couple of gifts for our new neighbours, Darcy & Bennett, and came flying out with such gifts in tow!  He says one for him and one for me.  Let me tell you I was tempted and just as I was about to get up and take a closer look Mama came flying around the corner freak’n out because he’d found the neighbour’s gifts.  Well I’m sure glad I was a bit slow on the draw that day!!!  Mama says the elves are hiding around the house and reporting what they see to Santa Paws.  If this is the case, then Nicholas is in trouble.  I can’t figure it out, we’ve been looking and looking for these nosy elves but haven’t come across hide nor hair of them yet!  All I know is when I’m a good boy Santa Paws leaves me some nice toys and treats Christmas Eve, my two favourite things!

  Every ornament is a dog, cat, raccoon, etc.


I’m sure you’re busy at home too, decking the halls making sure everything is shinny and bright!  Mama will start Christmas baking this week between showings and you can bet your bottom dollar that Big Buddy Bacon won’t be too far from the kitchen!!!  Papa won’t either!  Our Auntie Blue has been baking for weeks and she surprised Mama with a beautiful Christmas table cloth for our kitchen yesterday.  We just love it!  Happy shopping and we’ll see you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 







Blogging with Buddy Dec 1st, 2018

We have new neighbours!!!  And they are a couple of cuties, little Darcy & Bennett Evans are 3 month old standard poodles and we’re soooooo happy to have them living next door.  They come over to visit Nicholas and I several times a day.  We were shocked at first to hear barking right next door, let me tell you our heads snapped around and then two furry balls come flying through the hedge and it was Darcy and Bennett.  Darcy is more quiet but Bennett is very brave and came right up to me barking in my face!  I let one big bark out and he went and hid behind his Papa.  I love the little guys buy they need to know their manners and also that Big Buddy Bacon is Top Dog (don’t tell Nicholas, he thinks it’s him!).  Mama and Papa just love the puppies and I have to admit I get a bit jealous when they make too much fuss about them.  I think we’re going to have lots of fun as the puppies get bigger and can run and play with us!  Can’t wait!

 Bennett on the left, Darcy on the right.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house!  Nicholas and I have been helping Mama decorate the big wreath at our front door and we helped Papa place the Christmas lights on our vines.  It was a big job converting our wreath from summer to Christmas with Mama up and down the ladder many times but we’re happy with the results!  It was so cold the day we did it that Mama  had to keep running into the house to warm her hands to continue.  Each flower and decoration is wired in separately so that the wind can’t blow them off this winter so it must be done with bare hands, no gloves.  Poor Mama, doesn’t have the nice furry paws like me to keep her hands warm.  I just waited out side for her to come back out and continue while Nicholas ran around with his favourite ball.

  Our Christmas Wreath 2018

Congratulations to Charlie on the sale of his listing at 90 Second Street in Rothesay!  Didn’t take long to sell this large ranch-style home.  Get ready to welcome a new neighbour into your neighbourhood!

  SOLD 90 Second Street

Hope you have a great weekend. Nicholas and I may see you at Spy Glass or out and about the town parking lots as we wait in our red SUV for Mama while she does some Christmas shopping. See you soon.

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy, November 16th, 2018

Baby it’s cold outside!!!  Nicholas and I can’t believe how quickly the temperature has dropped and what high winds!  I’m not having a problem but it’s only mid November and the little guy is already wearing his sweater.  Even in the high winds and cold temperatures Wednesday Mama still took us for our daily walk but instead of heading for the hills of Spy Glass where it was gusting unbelievably we stayed sheltered on the trails surrounded by trees on the low land near Allison Drive.  I had to laugh to myself as I have never seen Mama walk so fast!!!  She was all bundled up like an Eskimo and we flew in and out of those trails.  Needless to say we didn’t bump into any friends they were probably snuggled up by a warm fire, which we did when we got home.

We snuggled by the fire again this morning after a wonderful morning in the fresh fallen snow!  Nobody but nobody enjoys the snow more than Nicholas and I.  We flew out the door early this morning with Mama, threw ourselves down on the snows and just started rolling in it!!!  When Mama said, “It’s snowing, it’s snowing”, we couldn’t get our collars on fast enough.  She threw the ball and we chased it (I actually got it a few times) and we had so much fun.  Now back inside for breakfast, a nap and then repeat!


The market is still cooking with offers in this week on three of our properties ranging from $200,000 to $675,000.  Mama and Charlie are busy negotiating, looking after our clients and making sure every i is dotted and t is crossed while I’ve got my paws crossed that they all come together successfully!

We have an interesting open house this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 100 Mount Pleasant Avenue (corner of Burpee Ave) MLS# 013894 within walking distance to Rockwood Park.  What a fantastic location!!!  Personally I’d love to live near the park, simply take a stroll down the street and the park opens up for miles!!!  In the summer time Nicholas and I would take a refreshing swim in Lily Lake.  How sweet would that be!  This house is lovely too with an abundance of updates, new kitchen with fancy appliances, several cozy fireplaces and a beautiful flat yard with huge trees and lawn for playing.  I highly recommend it! Great value at $299,000.  Could easily be made into a 2-family if you wished.  Special thanks to my colleague David Nicholson from Coldwell Banker for hosting this event.




Hope you have a good weekend.  I see the Christmas Craft Shows are starting so if you see me out and about come over to say hello.  I may be big but I’m friendly!  Be careful though, Nicholas will be with me and he’s known to sneak in a kiss any chance he gets!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy November 9th, 2018

Enjoy the sunshine today because they are calling for lots more rain on Saturday starting tonight and heavy tomorrow!  Nicholas and I are getting a bit fed up with it but we are looking forward to a nice long walk to Spy Glass Hill and beyond even thought the ground is pretty soggy later today.  Mama will get out her fancy poke a dot rain boots so she’ll be dry.  She’ll be busy too trying to keep us guys out of every pond and wet hole we encounter.  What’s more fun than jumping is a deep puddle and splashing around!!!  She says we had better be good boys!  Sunshine for Sunday and Monday!!!

We’re excited about a lovely new listing coming our way the first of the week just steps from the Rothesay Common priced at $450,000.  Totally private, professionally landscaped, gorgeous yard with landscape lighting and attractively fenced with wrought iron and chain link.  The house circa 1900 is 2600 square feet and has retained many upgrades; siding, windows, roofing, wiring, insulation, plumbing, etc.  Main floor bedroom and full bath!   Amazing location!!! What a great yard for children and pets, not only fenced but totally flat!  Watch for more details.

Hope you have a relaxing long weekend and get out to some of the Remembrance Day Memorials.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy November 2nd, 2018

Well we survived another Halloween with Mama dressing us up and all kinds of scary little creatures coming to our door with very spooky faces!  Nicholas loved it and was unexpectedly calm, didn’t say boo but I was terrified.  Papa was at the door giving out the treats and I thought one of the goblins was going to eat him up so I let my big voice be heard!  Mama was trying to calm me down and ensure me that all was well but I just couldn’t see how it could be.  We had everything in our foyer  from devils to dinosaurs, witches to vampires!  Nicholas was dressed as a Jester (he loved his costume, wore it until he fell asleep and Mama slipped it off him) and I was a business man with a neck tie and button down collar.  Not sure if anyone recognized me or not!!!  Nicholas says that’s ridiculous, that anyone would know it’s me!  I like to think I was incognito!


We went to a Halloween party at a friends house after we finished giving out our treats and wow, did they ever go all out for the night!  We have never seen a thing like it.  The house was decorated to the nines inside and out and the lady made this fabulous cake shaped like a spider with long legs.  Everyone was oohing an awing at the sight of it and then when they tasted it they took it up another notch!  Nicholas and I played with their little boy and we all had a great time.  It was late when we got home and Nicholas and I were pooped.  We went right to bed and were out like lights the minute our heads hit our pillows!  This was a Halloween to remember!


Halloween Spider Cake                                        Spider Taking Over The Building

We are very excited about two new listings.  The first is at 3218 Rothesay Road.  This stunning home offered at $850,000 is on 2.8 acres and offers complete privacy.  What a perfect big yard for children and pets alike to run and play!  Nicholas and I would have a ball here!  The heritage home has been totally restored marrying the old with the new by way of the tasteful addition which gives the open concept kitchen/family room, main floor laundry, mud room, media room/home theatre, home office and master with 5-piece ensuite bath.  All the things we treasure in fine homes today.If your dream lifestyle is to live within walking distance to the Rothesay Common and all this location has to offer, then I suggest you take a closer look!

Our second new listing is located at 8191 Route 102 at Public Landing on the St John River, offered at $625,000.  With 2.82 scenic acres and 315 feet of beach with dock and deep water mooring.  The original house was built in 1890, restored in 2005 and the stylish addition was added in 2016.  This home offers a massive deck, Avandale kitchen with 6-burner gas stove, great room with wood-burning fireplace, exterior access from most rooms and impressive main floor master complete with sitting area, propane fireplace, patio doors, walk-in closet and spa-like 5-piece ensuite with European-style separate flush.  If you like to boat, kayak, canoe, sail, Seadoo or enjoy bonfires on the beach,  I can attest that this is the place for you!


Button down the hatches this weekend as we are supposed to be getting 80 mm of rain!  Is this what they mean when they say it is raining cats and dogs???  I can tell you that Nicholas and Buddy Bacon will be curled up in front of the fireplace; cozy, warm and dry this weekend!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, October 26, 2018

There’s a chill in the air and I’m loving every moment of it!  While Mama and Charlie are getting ready for this Sunday’s Open House at 12 Morrison Lane in Quispamsis I’m hanging out in the long awaited cold, rolling on the cool frosty grass and thinking I’m in Heaven!  I thought this weather would never come after such a long hot drawn out summer.  I had a hard time this summer with my big Newfie coat as our weather was not only hotter than normal but the humidity was higher too.  We never, never never get high humidity in NB!  It’s one of the things I love so much here.  One Saturday on our morning walk I was go sooooo slow and just dragging my feet along that Mama thought I was getting sick.  Once I got back in the air conditioning I was okay, just can’t take the heat!  Now as the weather has cooled she can’t believe the difference in me.  I’m running around, hopping and bouncing like a little pony, trying to get the ball before Nicholas and everything!!!  You should have seen Nick’s face the first day this fall when I took off across the yard at a full gallop and grabbed that ball before him.  He just froze looking from me to Mama, back and forth as if to say, “what just happened?  Where did this guy come from?”  Mama says there is a guy named Mr. Frost who comes out at night this time of year and magically sprinkles the ground with it.  I don’t know who you are man, but I love you!  Nothing but nothing feels better to Big Buddy Bacon than a nice morning roll on cool frosty grass!

Hope you are able to stop by our open house this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 12 Morrison Lane in Quispamsis (the lane runs from Gondola Point Road to Chelsea Dr).  This four bedroom, three full bath home has possibly the most amazing river view in the valley overlooking Gondola Point, Mather’s and Long Islands.  Priced at $425,000, MLS#NB013634.


Hope to see you there if not beforehand out and about the town!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy October 20th, 2018

It’s a busy weekend with no less than 7 open houses!  Rothesay to Millidgeville, Kennebecasis Park to Drury Cove. Mama, Charlie and colleagues from Coldwell Banker are vamping up the schedule to be sure you get an opportunity to view these exciting homes!  Special shout out to Coldwell Banker Realtors; Aretha Chevarie, David Nicholson and Michelle Hardy for helping us host!  Looking forward to seeing you today!  These stunning homes are warm, inviting and toasty inside and many feature a cozy fireplace.  Looking forward to seeing you today!

Saturday, October 20th 2-4 pm

41 Fox Point Drive

$625,000  MLS#SJ180958, Drury Cove

70 Dunedin Road

$599,000   MLS#SJ180260, Rothesay

142 Dunedin Road

$369,000 MLS#NB011019, Rothesay

90 Second Street

$270,000  MLS#NB011897, Rothesay

35 Broadway Street

$244,500  MLS#NB011464, Kennebecasis Park

Sunday October 21st, 2- 4 pm

105 Cedarwood Drive

$675,000 MLS#NB008143, Millidgeville

35 Anchorage Avenue

$895,000 MLS#NB008019, Millidgeville

Yesterday I closed up the camp in New River Beach.  Whew, what a job!!!  I laid back on the couch urging Mama and Papa on as they cleaned and scrubbed, packed and hauled bags to my truck.  Nicholas slept through most of it!  It took way longer than we expected (never finished until 8 pm) so I missed out on my last swim in the bay for the year.   Mama said not to worry, she will take me down the next nice day we get before the snow flies!  No one wants to hear it but I love snow almost as much as I love swimming!  Matter of fact, I love swimming when it’s cold, doesn’t bother me any with my big thick Newfoundland coat!  My my side kick is another story!  Nicholas loves to swim in the middle of summer when it hot.  He’s a good strong swimmer, faster than me and he loves to dive leaping right from the beach!  Nobody but nobody is going to get to a stick thrown in the water before Nicholas!  He’s super athletic and Mama says if he was a human boy she’d put him in the Olympics!

Wishing you a great weekend, say warm and drop in to see us if you have the chance.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy October 12, 2018

We’re excited about our Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Waterfront Open Houses this Sunday 2-4 pm!          Mama and Charlie will have the fireplaces blazing and the apple cider hot.  As you tour the scenic autumn countryside (one of the best we’ve seen in many years) we invite you to stop by Darlings Island to view two stunning upscale waterfront properties.

Our handsome log home at 232 Darlings Island Road, MLS NB006806 is offered at $750,000 (far below investment cost).  It features 9.14 private acres, a huge 1248 square foot wrap around covered veranda, main floor master, 3-4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, built-in 4-car garage plus and an amazing detached 2-car heated workshop, that most men only dream of!

Our inviting cedar home at 60 Meadow Drive, MLS SJ181056 is offered at $560,000.  It features a huge deck with access from the kitchen, family room & dining room as well as a screened porch, 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, and a three-car attached garage and covered bridge garden shed on 9.3 private acres.

Both properties are exceptionally well-built, boast water frontage on Darlings Lake, soaring cathedral ceilings, impressive master suites with walk-in closets and ensuite baths, home offices, ductless heat pumps, wood-burning fireplaces and extraordinary landscaping!


232 Darlings Island Road, Darlings Island.


60 Meadow Drive, Darlings Island.

I’m on Mama’s s_ _ _ -list this morning!!!  I wouldn’t go out last night in the rain before going to bed so I got her up at 5 am this morning!  Once she’s up, she’s up so she went in her office to work.  Meanwhile I came in 20 minutes later and went back to bed!  Hahahaha.  Little Nicholas doesn’t get up until 8:30 and he did go out for a few minutes last night, so he’s the hero today!

More rain on the way tomorrow so try to stay dry but calling for sunshine on Sunday for our open houses!  Have a great weekend and stop by if you can.  Hope to see you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy October 5, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from Nicholas and I on this glorious blue-sky day!  It’s been a busy week with a lot accomplished so we’re looking forward to a relaxing weekend for the holiday.  Hoping Mama and Papa will share the turkey because you know us Bacon Boys love turkey!  Yum, yum, yum we can just smell it now.

We have a new listing with panoramic sunset water view over the Kennebecasis River at 12 Morrison Lane, Quispamsis, MLS#NB013634.  $425,000.  This inviting 4-bedroom home has a beautifully updated crisp white kitchen with new appliances.  The open concept great room features propane fireplace, there is a large wrap around deck, finished walkout basement, ducted heat pump and best of all is the breathtaking view (one of the best in Southern NB)!  Watch for our open house here in October.

Watch as well for several open houses at several of our beautiful homes in October.  We have something for every price range and every lifestyle!  Mama will have the fireplaces burning and serving hot cider and I may have a special surprise myself so stay posted!

Charlie is looking for a new dog!  Yup, you heard it right.  Doesn’t have to be a puppy but he does want a medium-sized dog, smaller than Nicholas and myself!!!  I don’t think he’d want to be feeding Big Buddy Bacon!!!  Mama says it’s like feeding a longshoreman!  Please!!!  So if you or someone you know has a nice dog that needs a good home you won’t find a better Papa than Charlie.  He is very kind and will love the dog to pieces!  Days will start with an early morning walk with his friend Ted and it will be a very pampered pet. Male or female doesn’t really matter but it will help if he or she likes football because Sunday evenings will be curled up on the couch cheering for his favourite team!  Lucky the furry friend who finds a home with our Charlie!  Call him directly at 636-0748.

Don’t forget that hunting season has started so get out your hunter’s orange if you are heading into the woods or even the trails of Spy Glass Hill.  We hear that the beautiful big buck with his huge rack that has been wondering East Riverside and the golf course for years was killed by a bow-hunter at the top of Spy-Glass Hill this week.  He was a real beauty and will be surely missed.  He seemed very kind as well as all last winter he had a little orphaned fawn tagging along that he looked after and got him through the cold winter.

Have a great holiday weekend.  This will probably be one of my last swims of the year!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging with Buddy September 30th, 2018

Loving this gorgeous weather!!!  Is our long hot sunny summer the reason sales have taken off this year and still continue into the fall?  Usually we have about eight true weeks of summer so buyers feel a time crunch for barbecues, boating, deck parties, camping, hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking, swimming and the beach; but not this year, it just keeps coming!  Everyone is asking; where are the buyers coming from?  Well several are coming for jobs with large corporations and new doctors for the hospital and many locals are either buying their dream homes, down-sizing to one level or families up-sizing to larger homes as well as first time home-buyers who are tired of renting.  Everyone is on the move!

Mama and Charlie are excited about their two closings coming up this Monday at 20 Antler Crescent, Quispamsis MLS#NB011319 at $374,900 and 18 Wild Fox Drive, West Saint John  MLS#NB011569 at $184,900.  Both properties were sold on their very first showing!!!  Whoot, Whoot!!!  Congratulations to our buyers and sellers and we wish the new owners every happiness in their new homes!  We especially wish our dear friend Alexei a smooth move.  Nicholas and I will pop over to your new place for a play date Alexei!  Ask your Mama to have a few treats ready and we’re bringing you something special!!!


October is the month that Mama and Charlie go into full swing with their fall open houses along with some help from their Coldwell Banker colleagues!  They be serving hot apple cider on cool autumn day and the fires will be roaring in the fireplaces to keep you warm and make you feel most welcome as you tour some of the most beautiful homes in New Brunswick.  I’m hoping Papa will let me come to a few and just hang around outside.  I like to greet everyone too and show off the exteriors!  I’m calling it ‘Meet & Greet’!  Papa says I will have to be on a leash because someone could be scared of a big black dog!!!  Scared of the Budster???  Not likely, I love everyone and I never jump up, not ever!  But I agreed with the leash, just in case anyone feels nervous.  Stay posted for the day, time and location!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 




Blogging with Buddy, September 21st, 2018

I’m very excited about our exciting new Global Luxury Listings in Saint Andrews By the Sea.  219 King St, MLS#NB013168 at $2,250,000 is a stunning historic property circa 1897 which has been meticulously restored to it’s former glory.  With stunning chandeliers, spacious rooms, numerous cozy fireplaces, intriguing architectural details, a true 5-star chefs-kitchen and 1.1 acres of total privacy in century-old garden, this property is dressed to impress!  All overlooking Kingsbrae Garden, a multi-award winning 27 acre horticultural masterpiece and the Bay of Fundy beyond.



The second Saint Andrews property is no less spectacular than the first located at 208 Prince of Wales Street, MLS#NB013165 priced at $1,750,000.  Located near the Algonquin Resort, it has an amazing custom kitchen with commercial quality S/S appliances, huge island, breakfast bar, walk-in pantry, soaring 14 foot ceiling with clerestory windows and patio access. There are two grand staircases, one circular and one turned and all bedrooms with full ensuite baths, some with balconies overlooking the garden, several with fireplaces.   There is also a convenient staff quarters, over-sized 2-car attached garage with heated floor and a private flower and herb garden.   The original 1870’s house is magnificently restored and the 2004 addition is tastefully in keeping with the era!



Congratulations to our dear friend Lexxi McMackin who is busy helping her mother and father pack boxes up at 20 Antler Crescent, Quispamsis MLS# NB011319.  Lexxi’s house is another one that sold on the first showing ($379,900) and she has a very quick closing.  Don’t overdo it Lexxi, slow and steady wins the race!  One box at a time!


Charlie is excited about his new  listing located at 91 Stockfarm Road, MLS NB011483.  Just listed last week and sold this week on the first showing with all conditions met today!  This is the fourth property Mama and Charlie have listed in the past few weeks that has sold on the first showing.  Way to go guys!!!  Another happy seller!

It’s been a heck of a week with Mama and Charlie negotiating hard on one of the large estate size heritage properties in Rothesay.   Their local buyer loves the turn of the century grandeur, the spaciness and interior detail of these properties.  I hope you two ate your Wheaties this morning because you’re going to need them.  Hang in there.

Calling for rain this weekend so needless to say Big Buddy Bacon won’t get any swimming in!  Boohoo. I live for a good refreshing swim.  I have been walking each night before dark at Allison with Mama and Nicholas.  We’ve bumped into some interest pooches, many of whom love to run and play with us.  We are very social!  Have a great weekend.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging With Buddy September 14th, 2018

What’s driving our brisk market this summer?  This seems to be the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately.  Is this the extraordinary weather, is it an influx of new jobs, or possibly New Brunswickers moving home from out west to retire?  Mama says it’s all the above coming together to bring around a strong market that has been quiet for far too long.  Typically July and August are the two quietest months of the year for sales in New Brunswick.  We usually have about 8 weeks of true summer and then it’s over so most of us are boating, camping, hiking, biking, barbequing, swimming or relaxing at the beach but we are not out shopping for anything in our short summer window!  We know we’ll blink our eyes and summer will be over!  But not so this year, from the moment summer started it’s been hotter than we can remember on record and it just seems to keep coming  (it was 37 C on our back deck yesterday!!!)  Way to hot for Big Buddy Bacon!  This is the busiest Mama and Charlie have seen it during the summer in many years with four recent sales on the very first showing appointment.  Hope it keeps up as we head into fall.  Nicholas and I are here as their cheering squad.

Congratulations to the new owner of 19 Upper Deck Lane, just closed today.  Paul, Cathy Leblanc and her little shiatsu, Chewy Leblanc are very excited about their new home and we wish them nothing but the best as they enjoy  their new waterfront lifestyle overlooking the water at Drury Cove!


Have a wonderful weekend, another hot one but I’m enjoying the cooler nights!  Our thoughts are with our American friends in the south as they battle Hurricane Florence!  Be safe !

Your Pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy September 7th, 2018

So very happy to have our waterfront listing at 355 Model Farm Road SOLD.  What a lovely large property with beach, deep water mooring for a boat and lovely family home!  so very important after this year’s flooding that it’s so nice and high from the river.   Lucky the new owner of this handsome property!  We wish them many years of happy memories here!

Exciting new listing at 20 Antler Crescent of my friend Lexxi McMackin.  Lexxi is selling her beautiful 4-5 bedroom family home overlooking the Kennebecasis River and going to new digs.  It has two cozy fireplaces, high ceilings and huge sunny windows.  There is 1911 square feet on the main level including the loft and a beautifully finished daylight basement bringing the total finished square footage to 3800!  Nice size for a big girl like Lexxi (pretty Bernese Mountain Dog) or a big boy like Buddy!  Check out the details on this site and call Mama for a closer look.


Tired of paying rent? Time to downsize or move from a dated home to a stylish new property?  This could be it!  we’ve just listed two brand new townhouses, a two bedroom with computer nook at 16 Wild Fox $175,000  and a three bedroom at 18 Wild Fox $184,00.  Both have open concept, modern kitchen, second floor laundry, full bath plus powder room, oversized master bedroom with huge walk-in closet and attached garage.  Perfect location for young professionals, first time home buyers, empty nester and young families!  Best of all, there are no monthly condo fees!!!  Now you can have it all!


Hot weather is still upon us. Mama had to trim back my coat again which we usually never do in September but I just can’t take the heat this year.  I’m still hoping to go for a swim this weekend.  The water is still warm and there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good refreshing swim!  Hope you have a good one.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, August 31, 2018

Little Joey Thompson moves into his new house in Drury Cove today.  He’s so excited, he’ll be running from room to room and just having a real ball.  Those are handsome digs your Mama bought you Joey, you’re one lucky little guy!  With so much space and two cozy fireplaces plus that gorgeous stone deck with gazebo, not to mention the walking trails, Nicholas and I just know you are going to have the time of your life!  Maybe Mama will let us come down for a play date!  All the little dogs love Big Buddy Bacon.  I’ll just lay on the floor and then we’re eyeball to eyeball.   Hahaha hahaha.   That’s what I always do with the little guys.  When I’m standing they try to climb up my front legs as if they were tree trunks.  Nicholas is gentle with the little dogs too.  I couldn’t leave my sidekick home.

  Joey Thompson

Our new listing at 45 Pascobac Lane has sold with the first showing!!!  Charlie is on a roll and just sold his 41 Keltie Drive in Hampton this week too!  Our lovely B&B in St Andrews at 364 Montague Street is also SOLD!  Watch for exciting news on new perks, services and offerings that will be available.  Way to go Mama and Charlie!  We have five exciting new listing coming up in the next week, so stay tuned and I’ll tell you more!

   364 Montague St, St Andrews is SOLD!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labour Day Weekend!  I’m hoping to get lots of swimming in.  We’re supposed to have great weather with a chance of a thunderstorm on Monday, but what does the weather man know?  You have to wonder some days!  You can be sure if it thunders Nicholas will be hiding under the blankets!  Sometimes they say 50% chance of rain, well that’s pretty safe isn’t it.  Rain or shine they were right on!!!  Personally I go look out the window and that tells me all I need to know!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, August 24, 2018

Wow!!! It’s been a heck of a summer, with warm sun day after day and warm nights too.  Is this the new trend for summer in New Brunswick?  I’m so fortunate the I get to swim in the Bay of Fundy on the weekends at New River Beach.  It’s so cool and refreshing but not as cool as it used to be.  The suns seems to warming it up especially  as it comes in over the hot sand to the point that even Nicholas is enjoying it.  I love New River Beach and so does Mama, she says she’d like to retire down there with the cool breeze off the ocean and the fine sand, it’s so peaceful!  Nicholas and I wouldn’t give her any argument there but we can’t see her retiring any time soon!!!  She loves what she does and business has been busier this year than she’s seen in a long time.   Plus things run so smoothly with Charlie on board!  He has so much experience, expertise and finesse with the clients, not to mention a massive network.  His paper work is impeccable which Mama says it’s like working with a lawyer, all i’s dotted and t’s crossed, perfection!

Together they’ve racked up more sales this week with 19 Upper Deck listed and sold by them at $439,900,  433 Pelton Road listed and sold by them too at $488,500 plus Charlie’s listing at 39 Perters Hill Road at $209,500.  August is typically the slowest month of the year but not this year and July is the second slowest but it was busy too.   They’re not complaining, just the opposite they’re happy to help their treasured clients buy and sell their dream homes!

Our garden is lovely this year.  Mama cut off a lot of her gladiolas and brought them in the house for arrangements.  Stunning shades of purple, mauve, raspberry, ivory and coral.  Mama says I’m pretty good at naming my colours but hey what can I say, I was taught by a professional!

We have a fabulous new four-season, fully furnished waterfront listing on Belleisle Bay at 45 Pascobac Lane with one full acre, sandy beach, deep water anchorage, 3-car garage, 1928 square foot ranch home, with full height stone fireplace, open concept and finished daylight walkout basement with guest apartment with full kitchen!  Listed at $475,000.  Bring on the summer fun!  I featured this favourite in ‘Buddy’s Best’ in last weeks Real Estate Guide.  Imagine waking up to this every morning!!!  I could never go to work, I’d have to retire, hahaha!


Well I’d been after Mama for a dogs-age (no pun intended) to get me my new Coldwell Banker business cards and low and behold they arrived last week.  I love them.  They’ve got my picture in the corner, my title (Company Mascot), my email address ( and my signature paw print!  I didn’t put my phone number as only my four-legged friends seem to speak Dawg!  Nicholas is pea-green but I explained as my side-kick he does not get his own cards yet but… if he keeps up the good work I’ll put in a good word for him with the boss.  He almost bit me with that remark.  I explained he needs to learn to type, use the computer and spell so he can help me with my blog.  But I must say that he does a fantastic job at public relations!!!  He’s so friendly with our clients and the general public that sometime I have to whisper to tone it down a bit…the ladies keep saying, “OMG, he kissed my ear!”.

Enjoy your weekend and hope to see you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  



Blogging with Buddy August 17, 2018

I’m so excited about our wonderful new waterfront listing on Belleisle Bay, year-round home or vacation cottage.  This is my kind of place!  One full acre to run and play, nice beach for a wiener roast, one level ranch style means no stairs for Buddy Bacon with the master bedroom on the main floor and cozy full height stone propane fireplace for cool winter nights.   With 1928 square feet on the main floor there is plenty of space for a big dog and his favourite side kick, Nicholas and the open concept means that I can easily see Mama and Papa at all times.  If you want to have friends and family for the weekend or longer there is a full finished daylight walkout basement with three more bedrooms, full bath and full guest kitchen.   New ductless heat pumps means refreshing A/C for the Budster on hot sunny days!  Three car garage for all your Papa’s toys (even the dreaded lawn mower).   I love it, life doesn’t get much better than this!


Let me tell you there is no dust settling under Charlie’s feet as he negotiates on two homes at this moment!  Good luck Charlie, we know you’ll work your magic and pull them both together.  He is all over southern NB listing, showing and selling homes from Charlotte County to Moncton!

It’s supposed to rain on the weekend and Nicholas and I really hope it does because people need water for their lawns and gardens and nature needs it for the lakes, streams and trees.  Mama says if we could get two full days of steady rain it would help immensely.   So we plan on buttoning down our hatches this weekend.  Hope we don’t lose our power.  Buddy Bacon without A/C is not a happy camper!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy August 10th, 2018

I’m getting through this unusually hot summer by doing as much swimming as possible in the Bay of Fundy!  I only get there on the weekends but let me tell you Nicholas and I make the most of it!  There’s nothing more refreshing!  Of course I don’t mind the cold at all but Nicholas prefers it when the tide is coming in over the hot sand which warms it up about 20 degrees F.  Mama prefers this too and actually got in with us for a swim twice last weekend!  You know it’s hot out when Mama is swimming in the Bay of Fundy!!!  Our broker Kevin Butler jumped in a few times last weekend in PEI as well.  Another Tough Canuck!  They say it’s good for what ails ya and I agree.  I feel like a million bucks when I get out.  I know Mama did too, she kept raving about it!  Papa came in unexpectedly on Saturday (he actually fell in, off a rocker, snicker, snicker, snicker)!  Mama was right there and pulled him out.  I was up sunning myself on the beach so I was no help and it was all over by the time I hustled down to the water.  He didn’t go right under but the cold water was a shock for sure.  Papa said he actually felt better for it but we can’t figure out why he wouldn’t come back in again???  Wish I had it on camera.



Business has been brisk for being the heart of summertime.  July and August are usually our two slowest months but Mama and Charlie had a great July and August is ahead of schedule.

In keeping with our “Drop in on your way home Open Houses”  we’ll be hosting two on Wednesday August 18th.  One at 19 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove, priced at $475,000 and the other at 70 Dunedin Road in Rothesay now reduced to $599,000.  Hope you can stop in and say hello!

Hope you had a great New Brunswick Day weekend and that we see you around the parks and beaches this summer!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy August 3, 2018

July was a very busy month!  Hats off to Charlie on his latest sale including his new listing at 149 Riverside Drive in Rothesay at $458,400 and also 433 Pelton Road at $488,500, sold as a combined effort with Charlie and Mama.    Our out of province buyers from BC are so excited about moving back home to retire and fell in love at first sight with the fabulous panoramic view at this property which came with beach rights on Sandy Point Beach.

Hope you’re all ready for the New Brunswick Day long weekend.  I sure am!  Hoping to get to the beach at New River a few times.  Weather man says it’s going to be hot and sunny so what better place for Big Buddy Bacon than floating around the refreshing Bay of Fundy!  Nicholas and I are hoping Mama will get in with us again this weekend!  What a time we had last weekend when Papa and Mama decided we were both going to have a bath.  I absolutely loved it getting all suds up with my oatmeal shampoo, conditioner and detangling rinse.    Mama nicknamed me Rosebud after that!  Now the little fella was another story!!!  First Mama had to catch him on the beach because he sat by closely watching what had gone on with me and he wasn’t having any part of it.  Then after she caught him and got half way through the bath Papa slackened the hold on his collar just a bit and he got away running down the beach again!  Papa wasn’t impressed but Mama calmly walked up to him, sweet talked him a bit and told him how handsome he was going to be and how nice he’d smell and he came back in for the big finality!  When they were done he jumped out of the water, started twirling around and acting the fool!  He was so funny to watch that I just rolled on the beach laughing.  I hope you have a wonderful New Brunswick Day, get out and enjoy whatever you love best and I hope to see you around.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy July 27th, 2018

Our broker Kevin Butler congratulated Mama today on setting the new MLS standard for Saint John and the Valley with her recent sale of 30 Fox Den Court in Drury Cove.  This stunning glass house that Mama refers to as Malibu chic is her seventh Million Dollar Plus sale in southern NB.  She utilizes specific training from Prudential Fine Homes International which she is continuing on with upscale marketing through Coldwell Banker Global Luxury to bring high-end buyers to our most illustrious homes in New Brunswick.  Global Luxury is a relatively new name here in NB but luxury buyers from around the world are very familiar with it as the fabulous homes included in the program are advertised in 49 countries in 32 languages.



I never thought I would be so happy to see the rain but we’ve been watering our lawn daily and still patches were turning brown!  It’s been so hot and so dry (I’ve been practically living on our biggest AC vent and Nicholas isn’t too far away) that our little brook is almost dried up and I don’t remember seeing the river so low.  Our vet says there can be a lot of bacteria in the river when it’s this low so I’m been doing my swimming in the Bay of Fundy at a private beach in New River.  It’s so warm that Nicholas has been jumping right in with me and last Sunday Mama came in and swam with us!  Papa just laughed and laughed, he couldn’t believe she got in that cold water.  She says it’s not so cold when it is coming in over the hot sand, making a big difference.  I love it when she swims with me.  We don’t go very far from the shore and I keep a close eye on her swimming circles around her making sure she’s okay and not in need of any rescuing.  She’s not a bad swimmer but doesn’t hold a candle to my long smooth strokes as I glide through the water.  The water is so lovely and clean at New River and we can easily see every pebble on the bottom.


Charlie has been as busy as a bee negotiating several offers this week on some of our fabulous homes and working through conditions.  He is one hard worker and a great negotiator always putting our clients needs first!  You rock Charlie!

We want to wish a Happy Birthday to our dear friend Murray Northrup, Samantha’s Papa, who turns 50 on Saturday with a huge bash put together by Bonny, Samantha’s Mama with a live band, feast, open bar and more!  Nicholas and I wish we could be there (think you could save me some cake?).  Wishing you many more Murray!  Party hardy and enjoy, you don’t look a day over 39!!!

The rain is supposed to stop tonight and hot and sunny tomorrow.  Then heavy fog all day Saturday and then sunny with chance of showers on Sunday.  I don’t care if it rains but Nicholas doesn’t like it.  We have a hard time to get him to go out in the rain even for five minutes.  Enjoy your last weekend in July, rain or shine make the most of it and we hope to see you soon.  Nicholas and I have our rain slickers ready!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, July 20th, 2018

Mark your calendar!  Mama’s cousin, renowned knife painter Rene Chase is hosting her first solo exhibition “She Wears a Red Dress” Thursday August 2nd 5-8pm at Handworks Gallery, 12 King Street, Saint John.  Rene’s work is popular both here and away with sales as far as Europe.  Taking to painting later in life her unique blend of colours and subject matter have made her an overnight success!  Mama welcomes you to join her at this important exhibition as Rene unfolds her latest creations!  I’ve asked if I dress up with a tie might I attend but so far no luck.  Mama says “It’s not like your a Chihuahua that I can hide in a purse!”

We’re all very exited that Mama listed and just sold 30 Fox Den Court in Drury Cove, listed at $1.49M. Her out of province buyer and his family  are very excited about moving to Saint John and look forward to our casual, down to earth, easy going lifestyle here and we welcome them to the community!  It’s a quick two week closing for this glorious Malibu-style glass house.  This sale sets a new standard for Saint John and the Kennebecasis Valley!  This is Mama’s 7th Million Dollar Plus sale in Southern NB since 2007!  Nicholas and I are very proud of you Mama!



We’ve changed our open house schedule for the summer months!

There’s nothing better than summer in New Brunswick with our fresh sea air, warm days and cool nights!  Rather your boating, biking, hiking, camping or spending the day at the cottage or beach, New Brunswickers have an extra spring in their step under the pure blue NB sky this time of year.  Because we know you’re busy on the weekends now please watch for our convenient open houses during summer months from 3:30 to 5:30 on week days so you can drop in on your way home from work.   We had a good turn out this past Wednesday at 19 Upper Deck Lane and the attendees really appreciated our schedule.  Just one more step to show our business is all about you!  Watch for upcoming dates.

I’m hoping to get swimming this weekend in the Bay of Fundy.  I jump right in every chance I get.  Now that summer is here and the water has warmed up a bit Nicholas jumps in too.  Mama’s been in over her knees so far and we’re hoping she’ll be swimming right beside us this weekend.  We’ll watch the tides and time it for the water coming in over the hot sand which makes quite a difference.  Paws crossed and hoping that she’s in.  Papa thinks we’re crazy getting in that cold water but they say it’s good for you.  We threaten to drag him in but so far no luck.  If any of you four-legged friends are interested I give free swimming lessens.  I had a great session with Cooper Baxter last Saturday who is 1 1/2 years old and used to just go in just to her knees but after a half hour with me she had two good swims out over her head!  She just needed to see how to relax in the water and enjoy it.  Have a great weekend.  Hope to see you out and about.  (Hope Papa fires up that barbeque too).  Yum, yum. he’s a good cook.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, July 13th, 2018

We invite you to join us for a rare glimpse of St Andrews ‘Seavista’ Estate this Sunday from 2-4pm.  This impressive oceanfront estate home was built with the very best! 4.74 scenic acres and 240 feet water frontage on Passamaquoddy Bay with panoramic sunset views overlooking Minister’s Island and Bay of Fundy.  Charming cedar-shingle Nantucket-style with huge wrap-around covered veranda, 11’ ceilings, Carrera marble bathrooms,  home chef’s dream antique reproduction kitchen with Thermador, JenAir and Electrolux appliances, mahogany staircase, three wood-burning fireplaces and the most outstanding feature  not to be missed is the roof top belvedere overlooking the water , scenic countryside and distant mountains with glass window walls on all four sides.   81 Harbour View Lane located 5 minutes from the seaside town of St. Andrews off Route 127 & 20 minutes from Calais Maine, USA.  Direction; Route 127 to St Andrews, onto Ross Road, right onto Harbour View Lane.  Watch for directional signs. 


We are excited to present 3584 Route 127 on Sunday, same time from 2-4pm.  This 5 acre waterfront one-level ranch-style open concept home comes with modern renovations, wood-burning fireplace, attractive Avondale kitchen, massive deck overlooking the St Croix River all the way up to Passamaquoddy Bay, oversized 2-car garage, a two-bedroom guest loft and beautiful fine sandy beach!  Moor your boat or kayak/canoe right from your own beach.  Located only 8 minutes from downtown St. Andrews-By-the-Sea.  More than a home, this is a lifestyle!  Hope to see you at both open houses!  I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was!  As you can see in the pictures Nicholas and I did both personally visit these two properties so with their huge yards, grassy lawns and water frontage for swimming both these properties are ‘Paw Approved” by Buddy Bacon!


I’ve been enjoying my weekends in Charlotte County at New River Beach and surrounding private beaches so I can attest for the gorgeous weather and cool nights which makes it good for sleeping.  Mama did shave a fair amount of fur off me for the warm summer months and it sure feels good.  I’ll be watching for you so be sure to say “hello” if you see me and Nicholas out and about!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy July 6th, 2018

Looking to beat the heat this weekend?  Come to our open house with a drive to beautiful Deer Island.  Enjoy a scenic ferry ride through coastal islands and refreshing ocean breeze!   Mama and Charlie welcome you Sunday 2-4pm at two stunning island homes both are within 5 minutes of the ferry.  Ferry runs every half hour (you could set your watch by them) on the hour and the half.  Mama will be at 101 Richardson Road, at awesome waterfront property with unique setting on the Bay of Fundy fully protected from ocean surge by surrounding islands since the late 1800’s.  This cedar shingled home has glass window walls allowing in natural lights from all directions w/ an unobstructed view of the Bay of Fundy as far as Campobello Isl. Features open concept great room/dining/kitchen, granite counter tops, soaring 13’-20’ceiling throughout the main level, hardwood & ceramic floors, main floor master with ensuite, convenient elevator and private sandy beach! Wonderful area for sea kayaking.  Truly a one of a kind, not to be missed!



Charlie will be at 3 Mountain Side Drive in Lamberts Cove.  This sweet 4 bedroom/3 1/2 bath home on one acre +/- overlooks Passamaquoddy Bay with main floor master, ensuite, family room with wood stove and the beach is just two doors down the lane.  Nicholas and I visited this property ourselves so we can attest for the wonderful big yard, house was super cool inside on a hot day and the beach is awesome.  Beautiful place for children and us four-legged friends think it’s absolutely wonderful!

And next weekend Sunday July 15th we have our Global Luxury Open House at a stunning St. Andrews estate!  Stay posted for details.

Hope you enjoy a beautiful July weekend with family and friends.  Don’t forget your sunscreen and stay cool!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy June 29th, 2018

What are you doing this Canada Day? All set to celebrate this great country of ours?  Nicholas and I are all set as we don our red and white Canadian flag scarves (look great against our black fur) and head to St. Andrews where we’ll watch the parade,  marching bands, street vendors and all the excitement with Mama, Papa and a few local friends.  One thing we’ll miss for sure is the big fireworks display over the water as I’m not sure who’s more afraid of the booming sounds and explosion of sparkling colour in the sky,  Nicholas or me!!!  It’s a toss-up.  So the two of us will be back to our cottage, tucked in for the night long before that excitement starts!

No open houses on Canada Day Weekend. We understand that everyone is out and about enjoying the first long weekend of the summer heading out on the boat, to the trailer or cottage, hiking our provincial trails, basking on the beaches, cruising on the motorcycle, side by side, vintage ride or in the convertible!  Whatever tickles your fancy, we hope you have a fantastic Canada Day Weekend!  Keep your eye out for Nicholas and I and be sure to come over and say hello!


Exciting new waterfront listing this week at 35 Anchorage Avenue. An upscale cedar-shingle ranch-style home built by GlenHar Builders known for the highest quality construction.  Features include 10 foot ceilings, two fireplaces, amazing open concept great room/dining room with huge Palladian windows, stunning sunset water view and small sandy beach.  Finished daylight walkout basement, gorgeous grounds and curb appeal galore!  Listed at $895,000.

Mark your calendars!!! Special Global Luxury Open House 81 Harbour View Lane, St. Andrews Saturday July 15th (rain date July 14th) 2pm-4pm at the spectacular ‘Seavista’ Estate overlooking Minister’s Island on the shores of Passamaquoddy Bay!  Offered at $1,890,000 furnished, this stunning custom 4.74-acre estate with wrap around veranda was built to resemble the essence of turn of the century life along the eastern seaboard.  From stained glass windows to custom raised panel wainscoting, Carrera marble bathrooms to four-season belvedere, a rare glimpse into this remarkable property is not one to miss!  Directions;  Highway 1 to Route 127 onto Ross Point Road, right onto Harbour View Lane.



Is a waterfront ranch -style with fine sandy beach more up your alley/?   We are hosting an open house the same day and time at 3584 Route 127 with 5 acres on the beautiful St. Croix River in Bayside, St. Andrews.  Offered at $495,000. This inviting ranch home enjoys stunning views of the river, private sandy beach, massive deck, wood burning fireplace, open concept, lovely gardens and oversized 2-car garage and guest apartment all overlooking the water!  Directions;  On Route 127 take Ghost Road to continue on to 3584 Route 127.  These two homes are only ten minutes apart both located close to St Andrews by the Sea!



Hope you enjoy the fine weather on this great Canada Day Weekend!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy June 22nd, 2018

Congratulations to Charlie on his nice sale of 21 Upper Deck Lane our waterfront condo listing in Drury Cove.  Way to go Charlie!  Purchased as a vacation home, the out of country buyers are excited about their purchase and look forward to enjoying the refreshing summer months here in Saint John!  We have the mirror image of this condo available but with an additional 100 sq. ft. per floor and attached 2-car garage.  Call, text or email for details.   For a dog I’m very techy you know but with my big paws Mama helps with the texting!

Drury Cove is on a roll with three homes with sold in the past month and Mama has an accepted offer on a fourth!  It is a gorgeous area, so naturally spread along the Kennebecasis River and Drury Cove with awesome sunset views and vistas up the river.  T

We invite you to two Rothesay open houses this weekend.  The first is at 149 Riverside Drive off Appleby Drive from 12:30 to 2pm.   This family home is a cedar and brick Viceroy design known for their quality construction and wonderful layouts.  I can attest to the solarium kitchen, cozy propane fireplace, large yard which is partially fenced, perfect for children and furry friends alike.

The second open house is at 85 Gondola Point Road from 2:30 to 4pm with it’s large private yard and exciting new renovations!  The kitchen now boasts fresh white cabinetry, glass backsplash and new stainless steel appliances.  Hope to see you there!

Summer is finally here!!! Nicholas and I thought it would never come.  He looks forward to running the NB beaches any chance he gets and I dream all winter about cruising along the fresh clean water of the Bay of Fundy at my usual relaxed swimming pace.  I’ve been in twice this year so far and Nicholas has been up over his knees.  Too cold for the little guy.  Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the sunshine and get out there and enjoy Southern NB!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy June 15th, 2018

One of Mama’s clients generously gave her and I the most beautiful antique print of a dog they feel looks very much like me as a thank you for selling their house this week!  When she brought it through the door with it’s elegant silver frame, Nicholas and I couldn’t believe the resemblance.  The dog in the picture is a big black and white Newf, just like me, laying beside the sweetest little blond haired Victorian girl.  We just can’t thank them enough!

Happy Father Day to all of you kind fathers out there!  Thank you for your loving ways, moral support and all round caring and kindness (and for slipping us the odd treat)!  Nicholas and I are taking Papa for a ferry ride to scenic Deer Island (we’re happy to ride in the back).  We’re taking him to the 45th Parallel Restaurant for some fresh seafood.  We’ve heard Mama and Charlie raving about how fabulous Deer Island is as they’ve listed a couple of nice homes on the island perfect for year round or vacation homes.  We’re taking Papa over to check it out!


3 Mountain Side Drive, Lambert’s Cove                     101 Richardson Road, Richardson

It’s been a wet week, especially today with vigorous downpours between steady showers!  Nicholas and I were in pretty well all day just scooting out for a few minutes and then pestering Mama and Papa for extra ear scratches and attention.  I’ve got it all figured out that if Mama can’t place her right hand on the mouse, she can’t work at the computer!!!  She works on that computer by the hour without letting up so I wander over once in awhile and place my head under her elbow and give her arm a quick flick away from the mouse!  I just keep doing it until I get a bit of attention and then I leave her alone and wonder off.  There’s no way to get away from the Budster when he needs a good ear scratch!

We invite you to our open houses next  Sunday June17th.  19 Upper Deck Lane Drury Cove will be open from 2:00-4:00.  This awesome condo  priced at $499,000 has it all with eat-in kitchen, family room with wet bar, 2 fireplaces, 2 master bedrooms with walk-in closet and ensuite bath and 2 double garages providing a 4-car garage!  It is 2414 square feet with awesome view of the cove.


21 Upper Deck will be on tour as well Sunday even though this particular large unit is SOLD it is currently the show home for #25 listed at $525,000 which will be a mirror image but with 2-car attached garage and 100 sq. ft. larger!


#25 Upper Deck will be similar to the above but with 2-car garage & 1550 sq. ft. main floor

433 Pelton Road will be on the tour priced at $488,500 (below accessed value).  This four-bedroom/ three full bath family home has spacious rooms, main floor master bedroom with huge walk-in closet and ensuite bath, open concept, propane fireplace, finished walkout basement, large family room and one of the most awesome views on the Kennebecasis River!  No only that but it’s located up the hill away from the water so no worries about flooding here and it comes with beach rights to Sandy Point Beach one of the best on the river!


The weatherman is calling for a gorgeous weekend with sunny blue skies starting today through Sunday.  I’m hoping to get in for a swim at New River Beach myself.  My side-kick will have a great frolic on the beach as the water is too cold for Nicholas’ fine coat yet.  He’ll rip up and down the beach at break-neck speed with the sand shooting out behind his strong legs, dipping and diving left and right then swing back around again leaning hard into the corners.  Then he’ll start vigorously digging holes in the sand trying to bury the drift wood that’s floated up on the beach.  He’s so focused when he gets going, it’s amazing!  Mama and Papa laugh to kill themselves when he starts his shenanigans and I can’t help but have a good chuckle myself!   We hope to see you out and about and enjoy the sunshine!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy June 8th, 2018

Mama and Charlie are as busy as bees this weekend showing homes to out of province and local buyers alike!  Those from out of town enjoy a city/valley tour as well as a close look at our local schools if they have school-age children. They both enjoy meeting new people and showing off our wonderful community were they have lived their entire lives, so who would know it better or love it more!  What’s not to love with our fresh seaside air, gentle mountains, picturesque valleys, meandering rivers, low crime rate, fantastic home prices and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet!  That’s why Mama calls it “Canada’s Best Kept Secret”!

We invite you to our open houses next  Sunday June17th.  433 Pelton Road will be on the tour priced at $488,500 (below accessed value).  This four-bedroom/ three full bath family home has spacious rooms, main floor master bedroom with huge walk-in closet and ensuite bath, open concept, propane fireplace, finished walkout basement, large family room and one of the most awesome views on the Kennebecasis River!  No only that but it’s located up the hill away from the water so no worries about flooding here and it comes with beach rights to Sandy Point Beach one of the best on the river!  Stay tuned as other open houses will be added.



Also, 19 Upper Deck Lane from 2:00-4:00.  This awesome condo  priced at $499,000 has it all with eat-in kitchen, family room with wet bar, 2 fireplaces, 2 master bedrooms with walk-in closet and ensuite bath and 2 double garages providing a 4-car garage!  It is 2414 square feet with awesome view of the cove.


21 Upper Deck will be on tour as well Sunday even though this particular large unit is sold it is currently the show home for #25 listed at $525,000 which will be a mirror image but with 2-car attached garage and 100 sq. ft. larger!

Hoping it warms up over the weekend.  Auntie Blue has her annuals in and we afraid the frost might nip them!  Weather man says mid to high teens and sunny for the most part.  Probably a good weekend to help Papa work in the garden while Mama shows houses.  Papa never worked in a garden before he met Mama but we can attest that he’s getting pretty good and he really enjoys it!  We like to keep him company as he putters around except for when he gets that noisy lawn tractor out!  We both head indoors until that part is finished, we don’t trust that thing!  Talk with you soon and have a good one.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy June 1st, 2018

Spring seemed to miss NB this year but summer is certainly here!  What awesome weather we’re having.  I’ve been going out in my yard early in the mornings as soon as Mama gets up and let’s me out.  I love to walk around my yard, check things out and then lay in front of the garage to watch my street as my neighbourhood comes to life.  I see the kids walking down the hill to catch the school bus and their parents dashing off to work.  Our magnolia trees and rhododendrons are finally in bloom.  Here’s a pic of Nicholas in front of our cup and saucer magnolia and cotton candy rhody.

Congratulations to little Joey Thompson on his new self-contained  home in Drury Cove.  You and your Mama are going to love it Joey with the beautiful yard, cosy fireplace and that awesome patio!  Mama loved working with your family through the purchase, it was a real pleasure.  I have to tell you Joey, you are one sharp dresser too!

21 Upper Deck Lane is SOLD! Congratulations to Charlie on his sale.  Congratulations as well to the new out of country buyers who have purchased it as a second home for spending time with their local family.  You are the proud owners of one awesome condo!

  21 Upper Deck is SOLD!

If you are out and about this Sunday Mama and Charlie are hosting four open houses.  From 12:30 – 2:15 they are in Drury Cove at 19 Upper Deck Lane with it’s awesome water view and 4-car garage and using 21 Upper Deck Lane as the show home for 25 Upper Deck Lane which is huge with 1550 sq. ft. on the main floor plus 2-car garage.  Then from 2:30-4:30 Mama is at 41 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove an impeccable stylish home with upscale finishes while Charlie is at 355 Model Farm Road, Quispamsis a 1.8 acre waterfront property with sandy beach, deep water mooring, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, home office and 4-car garage (this house is positioned far from the water, no problems here during the record freshet!).

19 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove, open Sunday 12:30 – 2:15.


21 Upper Deck (show home) for 25 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove, Open Sunday 12:30 – 2:15


41 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove, Open Sunday 2:30-4:30


355 Model Farm Road, Quispamsis, Open Sunday 2:30 – 4:30.


Hope you have a great weekend!  It’s supposed to rain a bit tonight but that means you won’t have to water the lawn or the flowers!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy May 25th, 2018

Big Buddy Bacon had lots of fun yesterday celebrating his 6th birthday.  He and Nicholas started with a cheeseburger picnic enjoying A&W Buddy burgers!  Then he had an extra long walk through the trails of Spyglass Hill and RNS where he met with the cutest Bernese Mountain Dog he’d ever seen!  She was the same size as him with the prettiest black, brown and white coat, slick and shinny, dreamy big brown eyes and a perfect smile showing gleaming white teeth.  “I think I’m in love”!  She was there with her parents and we just started to walk and talk together and then they headed down a different trail calling her and I didn’t even get her name.  Nicholas says, “Way to go, big guy!”  So I’m really hoping to bump into her again really soon!  Nicholas had a blast on the RNS soccer field where he met up with a year and a half old golden retriever who was quite happy to run like a banshee around the field with him!  I can tell you that the little fella slept well last night!


Mama and Charlie have been busy with local, out of province and out of country buyers purchasing upscale homes.  Mama sold a big one in Drury Cove and Charlie is close to completing all his conditions on another.  Together they closed one last week on Ricketts Lane!  Good work guys!

It’s been cold at night but the daytime has been really lovely.  Nicholas and I are hoping to get out and about so if you see us please come over to say hello!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, May 18, 2018

Markle Sparkles!!!  Mama is driving us crazy with excitement for the upcoming Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry!  Every female Mama knows is beyond themselves wondering; what will THE dress look like, will she wear Diana’s, Spencer tiara, who will perform at the ceremony, who will attend, what will they wear???  The questions go on and on.  She’ll be up at 4:30 to catch the very first glimpse on TV of every details which starts at 5am and the wedding airs at 8am AST.  Papa is ready to commit her and Nicholas and I don’t know what to think of it all.  I’ll get up with Mama as I never like her out of my sight but lazy little Nicholas will stay in bed until Papa gets up.  Congratulations Meghan & Harry on your wedding day!  We wish you every blessing in your lives together!  Be assured we’ll be plastered to our sets as you enter St. George’s Chapel!


Gorgeous weather for the Victoria Day Weekend!  What’s more beautiful than a New Brunswick summer?  Not too much, with a warm gentle breeze off the water and our super low humidity, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Time to open up the cottage, shine up the convertible, check out your camping gear, prep the boat to hit the water and fire up that BBQ for loads of great summer fun!  We’ll be checking our cottage this weekend and taking down our first few loads of seasonal items.  Mama has promised me my first swim of the year in the Bay of Fundy!!!  Yes, sir!!!  I can’t wait!  Nicholas will put his toes in and then take off down the beach like some wild banshee as it will be way to cold for him until later in June but you can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t be too cold for the Budster!   I’ll be doing everything but the back stroke, gliding silently through the cool fresh salt water with a big smile on my face!  I better remind Mama to pack my B-Air,  Bear Power, the hair dryer for big dogs.  4hp and in five minutes I’m not only dry but all the sand is blown off me as well.  Blows room temperature air and I love it, feels like a massage.  Mama keeps saying how easy it is to keep the cottage clean once we had the BearAir! shipped from Toronto.


Nice to see the forsythia in full bloom again!  Mama’s been waiting all spring for it and it’s been so cold that it couldn’t bloom.  It’s so beautiful with the abundance of bright yellow blossoms.  We’ve got them all around the property as they seem to be a favourite for Mama.

Mama and Charlie sold two prestigious homes in Drury Cove today!  Way to go you two, keep up the good work!

Hope you have a great Victoria Day Weekend, hope to see you around!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon




Blogging with Buddy May 11th, 2018

Hope to see you at the 30th Annual RNS Art Show this weekend!  Mama’s cousin, Rene Collins is showcasing her latest work and we can’t wait to see it!  Rene’s father, Ernie and Mama mother Alice, were siblings so her and Mama go way….. back!  Mama says Rene is an award winning, outstanding artist.  Self taught with a beautiful gift which she discovered later in life but let me tell you, she’s making up for lost time.  Check out her outstanding knife paintings at the show.  See you there!

Outstanding knife painting by Rene Collins!

We’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday with our Mama!  Nicholas and I will probably take her for a walk on a beach along the Bay of Fundy if it’s a nice day!  Paws crossed and hoping!!!  It’s the nicest thing we can think of to do with our Mama.  We love our Mama and she loves us to pieces so it’s great to have a chance to show our gratitude!  Sunday  morning  Mama will be taking our Auntie Blue to Shadow Lawn for the Mother’s Day Brunch!  She says the food there is soooooo good and the ambiance is second to none (whatever ambiance means!).  Guess Nicholas and I are not allowed to go to that fancy do but that’s okay we’ll be here when she gets home to spend a nice afternoon with her and Papa.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep your eye out for Nicholas and I out and about, love to say ‘hello’!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy May 4th, 2018

We are appalled along with our entire community at the extent of devastation this freshet with record breaking levels is doing to our beautiful waterfront communities as we drive along the streets bordering the St John and Kennebecasis Rivers!  We first noticed it a week ago when we went to go to our beloved little Riverside Park and the water was up to the new structure.  Now most of the park is underwater right up to the tracks and the levels are over the top of the handrail on the same structure.  Our hearts go out to all those struggling against the rising tides and we pray that the water will recede very quickly.

Big shout-out to my friend Apollo’s mother, Jennifer Roos, for the excellent job she does as editor of the Heads Letter for RNS!!!  With beautiful photos, layout, write ups and more highlighting exciting activities and upcoming events at the school, she puts it all together so beautifully and professionally.  Mama and Papa look forward to getting each issue.  Apollo, you must be very proud of your Mama!  Well done Jennifer!

Apollo with his mama, Jennifer.

Special thanks to my friend Tux Nelson for sending me his handsome photo this week!  You’re one sharp looking dude Tux.  Is your pretty coat a lot of work to upkeep.  Good thing you have such a loving mother who takes such good care of you.  Nicholas says the girls must be all falling all over you with that fancy hair do and all that bling around your neck, sparkle, sparkle!  We love it!   Within the next month I’m going to get my summer hair cut (if the weather ever warms up).  Mama will get the big clippers out and give me what we call my ‘puppy cut’.  I don’t like it too short (don’t want to look like a geek), just something easier to manage for the summer with all my swimming and especially important, a do that’s cool in the warm summer months!!!  Can’t take too much heat with my big Newfie coat.

Tux Nelson, one handsome dude!

Mama and Charlie have four open houses planned for the weekend, one Saturday at 12 Gorman Ave, North,  and three in Drury Cove Sunday.  All are 2-4pm.  Charlie is hosting Gorman Ave $119,900 which has 4 bedroom, 2 full baths, huge sun deck and storage shed, priced far below assessment value of $160, what a deal!

Sunday Mama is at 41 Fox Point Drive an absolutely stunning, mint condition home with a water view of the Kennebecasis River, main floor master suite & laundry facilities. Open concept, cream quartz kitchen, vaulted ceilings, open concept, custom millwork, wood burning airtight fireplace, stone patio, in-floor hot water heat plus heat pump and air-conditioning!

Charlie is right around the corner at 21 Upper Deck Lane a fabulous 1450 sq ft waterfront condo w/open concept, 9-11′ tray ceilings, propane FP, huge windows, 2 decks, heat pump and  Air Conditioning. Well- planned finished walkout basement with huge windows overlooking the water brings the total square footage to 2450 sq. ft. finished plus huge storage area! Deep water mooring, enjoy the waterfront lifestyle for boating, fishing, kayaking & more! 

Our colleague Kendell Thomas is right next door at 19 Upper Deck Lane another beautiful waterfront condo featuring 2414 sq. ft.of high end living space with panoramic view , impressive layout , 2 master bedroom suites both with ensuite bathrooms and walk-in closets, main floor laundry, 2 fireplaces, family room, impressive and rare 4 car garage! Deep water mooring for your boat, right out front!


41 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove.


21 Upper Deck, Drury Cove.


19 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove

Hope to see you over the weekend!  If the weather was warmer I could demonstrate my swimming skills at Drury Cove and Nicholas his diving abilities.  Mama says maybe later in the year.  Have a wonderful weekend and we’re all praying that the water doesn’t rise any higher in the river!  Please note that our waterfront condos on tour this Sunday are located high and dry above the freshet line, no concerns here with the rising tides!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy, April 27th, 2018

Spring is sprung!    Buyers are out in full force especially on the sunny days looking at homes with Mama and Charlie as well as others with their agents through the MLS.  This MLS is a wonderful system allowing all Realtors from all agencies to gather information for their perspective buyers and show them their favourite properties.  You can only choose one agent to list with but every agent can show your house and write an offer on it.  It’s important to choose your Realtor carefully; someone with plenty of experience in your price range, who has your best interest at heart, will do their upmost to sell your home for the best possible price in a timely manner, who will honour your privacy keeping your personal information to themselves and most importantly someone you trust!  After all this is the largest personal transaction of your life!  That’s why Mama and Charlie chose their new slogan, Experience-Integrity-Discretion.  Did you know in some countries such as England and Australia they do not have the MLS?  Only one agent can list a house there and that same agent is the only one who can show it and write an offer on it!  Very different from our system here.  Also, the home owners do not leave but are present during the showings.  Britts and Ausies are always shocked when they find out that they can see any house listed on our MLS with the same agent and have a private showing with the house all to themselves to freely discuss their likes and dislikes.

I got into a wee bit of trouble last week.  Mama had Nicholas and I down to Riverside Park for a walk.  We were strolling along and when we got near the new structure I saw my chance and made a run for the beach!!!  I took off all I could go with Mama running after me, calling, “Buddy, Buddy”  I couldn’t help myself I ran as fast as I could right down the beach and jumped right in the river!!!  It felt soooo good, my first swim of the year.  Mama stopped at the edge of the water and started laughing at me.  She couldn’t even scold me for running away as I was leisurely gliding through the water with a big smile on my face.  Nicholas went in to his ankles and jumped back out.  Mind you it was a bit nippy so I didn’t stay in long but let me tell you I felt like a million bucks when I got out.  I was soaking wet, walking back to my truck with water running off me.  Good think Mama keeps a towel in the back for just such circumstances!!!

If I can get back down there again, I’ll probably try the same trick!  Hope to see you around over the weekend.  I’ll be out in my yard helping Papa with the spring cleaning and Mama will be popping in and out as she shows houses.  Have a good one.

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, April 20, 2018

Spring is certainly here now, it’s time for RugbyFest!  The sun is shining, sky is blue, temps are rising and RugbyFest 2018 is underway at RNS all weekend with 40 teams competing from across the Atlantic provinces and beyond!  I know when the cars are lined up and down Rothesay Road and the local police are directing traffic up College Hill Road that the games have begun!  Great fun for the entire family!  There is nothing Nicholas and I enjoy more than a good ball game, it’s almost too exciting, more than the little guy can handle since he’s the total ball fanatic.  Now he’s asking for a new rugby ball for his birthday.  But his birthday isn’t until Christmas so he’s trying to get me to ask for one since my birthday is just around the corner in May.  I told him I’d think about cause as much as I love rugby there were a few other items at the top of my list so we’ll see.

This is one of our favourite balls, our Kick-Fetch with grab-hold so that we can grab it and run!  It’s super tough and even I can’t rip it apart!  Nicholas absolutely loves it!

Mama and Charlie are hitting the ground running!  Spring is always this way in the real estate business, when the weather starts to warm buyers get the bug and want to take a closer look.  Some are downsizing, some want one level, families with young children often want two-storey!  Some are upsizing and going for their dream on large private lots and waterfront where they can dock the boat right out front or enjoy a bonfire on their own beach.  One thing is for sure New Brunswickers are on the move!  We’ve had buyers in town in the past two weeks from California, two groups from Vancouver, Toronto and all the way from Dubai!  The locals aren’t letting any dust settle around their feet either as they’re out and about looking for the new place that they will call home!  I don’t know who’s having more fun Mama or Charlie but it’s easy to tell that they love what they do!

Watch for details of Charlie and Mama’s Global Luxury listing, an exquisite 5500 square foot cedar log home on over 35 private acres!!!  Talk about luxury digs!  In-floor hot water heating, 18 foot ceiling in the great room, granite and black cherry custom kitchen, awesome gym,  massive wrap around covered deck, four fireplaces…  the list goes on!  One bedroom on the main level and three additional on the second floor and three 1/2 bathrooms.  This is the avid car-collectors dream with two 30′ x 30′ 3-car log garages with heat, air conditioning and built-in storage and work benches plus a multi car 40 x 50′ heated garage with 10,000 pound hydraulic lift.  Or maybe you’d have other uses for these awesome garages!  This is just a teaser of the luxurious inclusions that come with this special property!  This is what the Budster calls living large!  Stay posted for more!

In a few months the golf courses will be opening with the snow pretty well gone and the grass just barley starting to turn green.  Nicholas and I have been enjoying our daily walks but it’s been so cold that we didn’t really feel like it’s spring!  Today is a bit different, the birds are singing and I’ve got a bit more spring in my step!

Four open houses this weekend!  Two on Saturday, 2-4pm at 6 Fairweather Lane in Rothesay bordering RNS and same time at 82 Nerepis Road in Westfield with panoramic view of Grand Bay.  Then on Sunday our waterfront condos in Drury Cove are open from 2-4pm at 19 and 21 Upper Deck Lane!  Stop by to say “hello”, we look forward to seeing you.  Have a great weekend and talk with you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, April 13, 2018

Although many are leery of Friday the 13th, it was my Grampy Wiggins’ lucky day! Every thing good happened to him on this day and he always looked forward to it in his business dealings.  It’s a lucky day for Mama and Charlie too with conditions being met on one of their recent sales today!

I haven’t seen as much of Mama lately as she’s been out and about at showings and listings but she loves what she does and doesn’t seem to mind the long hours that come with the job in springtime.  As she always says, “It beats the alternative!”

Talking about springtime, where is it really?  With below freezing temperatures at night and sometimes in the mornings too, no one in my family seems happy about it except me.  But then again if they had my big double coat they wouldn’t be doing so much bellyaching about it!  The crocuses are up in my garden!!!  My first real sign of spring.  They are on the south side of the property in a protected nook so flowers in this area always pops up first.  So much yard work to do in the spring.  Nicholas and I will continue to supervise Mama and (mostly) Papa as they get our yard shipshape for summer.  He already has the gravel swept off our grass near the street and has started working on the south side.  We bark encouragement every once in awhile to keep him going.

It’s been a rough week for us all especially out Auntie Blue, Uncle Clinton and cousin Myra as we lost our little cousin Lucas on Wednesday.  The little toy Pomeranian was 12 years old and had been struggling with health issues for the past 4 years.  Only the tender loving care of Auntie Blue and the excellent naturopathic care of Bogdan Ciolanescu working together gave Lucas the quality of life he enjoyed for the past four years.  We will all miss our dear little cousin who was always so upbeat and happy, such a feisty little trooper.


Two sweet little twins.                   This is Myra on the left & Lucas on the right.

Charlie has two open houses this weekend on Sunday back to back.  From 12:30 to 2:00 he is at 39 Peters Hill Road, Kingston at a lovely side split on 3.14 acres only 10 minutes from Kredl’s Market priced at $214,900.  Then from 2:15 until 4:00 he’s at 41 Kelti Avenue in Hampton at a lovely 5-bedroom, 3 1/2 bath family home with finished basement and inviting covered porch and pool (fun, fun, fun) priced at $324,000.  Stop by for a look and say hello to Charlie for me while you’re there!

39 Peter Hill, Kingston                                 41 Kelti Avenue, Hampton

Hope you have a great weekend, don’t work too hard in your yard.  Maybe it’s time to fire up the barbeque for the first time this spring although you’ll probably want to eat indoors.  I’m going to suggest it to Papa, paws crossed and hoping!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy April 6th, 2018

Another productive week as we sail into April and our busiest season of the year, Spring!  Mama and Charlie are eating their Wheaties and hitting the ground running as they enjoy working with local and out of province buyers as they pick them up at the airport and have what Mama likes to call the whirlwind tour of the city and the valley finding the home of their dreams and making their offer. Last weekends tour was with a new client coming in from Newfoundland and ended up with an accepted offer on a Rothesay home priced in the midrange and this morning their latest buyer flies in from BC for viewings and purchase of a high-end home.  Nicholas, Bella and I are the cheering squad, “Go Mama and Charlie, go!”

We’re all extremely excited about our latest Global Luxury listing which we consider to be our areas most luxurious condominium at 19 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove.  We say this not only for the high-end cherry floors, cabinetry and built ins, two fireplaces, two master suites both with walk-in closets and ensuite baths but a most important factor is the 4-car heated garage!!!  This is unheard of for a condo in our area and adds so much to the lifestyle here are not only can you accommodate 2 or more vehicles but also your motorcycles, kayak, bikes, dingy, snowmobile or simply additional storage space.  Showings start Sunday so call and book your private appointment to view quickly and avoid disappointment.

Three open houses this weekend for Mama and Charlie all between 2 and 4pm starting Saturday at 79 Cedar Grove Crescent priced at  $225,000.  A full brick ranch with very private city setting near Rockwood Park and Mount Pleasant Avenue.  Then Sunday, same time at 433 Pelton Road in Millidgeville, priced at $488,500.  This custom home features not only a panoramic view of the river but comes with beach rights on sandy point beach a wonderful fine sand beach!!!  Also on Sunday, we invite you to view 60 Meadow Drive on Darlings Island priced at $560,000.  This is a one of a kind custom cedar home on 2.3 beautifully manicured acres with 2 fireplaces, soaring ceilings and features galore!


79 Cedar Grove Crescent        433 Pelton Road, Millidgeville

60 Meadow Drive, Darlings Island

Looks sunny for the weekend but cool so drop in for a visit at our open houses, warm up by the fireplace and say hello.  We look forward to seeing you.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy March 29th, 2018

Are you all set for Easter?  Nicholas and I are looking forward to a visit from the Easter Bunny and a relaxing weekend, thoroughly enjoying the fabulous weather!!! Almost 20 C on our back deck today.  The snow is melting quickly now which makes Nicholas happy but I do enjoy a good roll on the snow and will keep my eye out for the last remnants in my yard and everywhere I go!  Mama put these stupid looking rabbits ears on us and took our pic!  How embarrassing is that???  We told her we look like idiots!  Of course Mama and Charlie are not hosting open houses on Easter weekend to observe the holiday but they will have several the next weekend and the one after.


The mortgage rates have gone up a bit again but are still considered great!  Banks are offering 3.04% on a 1-year or 3-year mortgage, 3.19% on a 5-year and 3.84% on a 10-year!  Mama always suggests that you lock in as long as you can when we know rates are going to keep on hiking up there to protect yourself so you know what your payments will be down the road.

She and Charlie are busy this weekend with an out of town buyer coming from Newfoundland.  What a gorgeous spring day to fly into Saint John!  They can be sure that we’ll do our best to find them that perfect place that they will call home!  Being a Newfoundland dog, I can’t wait to meet them!  They have two dogs too but not as big as the Budster!

Mama is off to the Coldwell Banker Awards Banquet this week!  My nose is out of joint because I’m not invited!!!  What the heck!  I work hard for the team too and you know I always enjoy a good meal!  Maybe Mama will bring me home a doggy bag (which I always share with the little guy).  Kevin is very kind, Nicholas and I really like him, I bet he’ll send the Budster home a little something.  Mama is getting a prestigious award tonight the ‘International Presidents Circle’!  Well deserved Mama, she’s only with Coldwell Banker 6 months and already getting an award.

Hope you have a relaxing long weekend and as I say to Nicholas, “Don’t eat too much chocolate”!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, March 23, 2018

Did you see me today in the KV Style? ‘Tidbits’ features Big Buddy Bacon as a ‘Dog with a Job’ asking questions about my likes, dislikes and my toughest challenge as the mascot for my Mama!

 Big Buddy Bacon, a Dog with a Job!

Busy weekend as we prepare for a Global Luxury Open House at 41 Fox Point Drive, a bespoke property in Drury Cove with Kennebecasis River view!  Mama and Charlie have only seen a handful of homes in New Brunswick that show like this stunning property featuring main floor master suite, open concept, 14′ ceilings, in-floor hot water heating, A/C  and cosy wood-burning fireplace (the Budster’s favourite feature here)!  We invite you to stop by Sunday between 2 and 4pm to say hello to Mama and see for yourself!


Just around the corner at 21 Upper Deck Lane Charlie is hosting an open Sunday 2-4pm with an upscale waterfront condo with deep water anchorage, open concept, propane fireplace, tray ceilings, accent lighting, heat pump, A/C and more.  Moor your boat right out front!  If you’re a swimmer like me, you’ll love this location with easy condo lifestyle plus waterfront living!  Nicholas and I never stay out of the water if we lived here!!!  Charlie invites you to stop by to say hello



Did you know that today is International Puppy Day!  Yes, really!  People and puppies around the world are celebrating this special day and Nicholas and I are no exception.  We’ll probably get a little something special in our supper, maybe an extra treat…  Do something special for the puppy in your life today, an extra hug, grooming, a kind word and a smile go a long way.  Show us you love us as much as we love you!!!  Bella Turnbull’s father, Charlie has something special planned for her but it’s a surprise!  She was so excited today she could hardly contain herself.  We can’t wait to hear what it was Bella!  Here are some of our favourite puppy pics!



We have a new listing coming up in the heart of Rothesay this coming week located within walking distance to Riverside Country Club and Riverside Park (one  of our favourite places).  A four-bedroom family home with sleek modern kitchen and main floor family room priced in the mid 3’s!

Mama and Charlie have been as busy as bees this week writing offers and negotiating their way through conditions on a few residential and a large multi-family property! Paws crossed that all goes well! I know our buyers and sellers are in capable hands with these two seasoned agents always making sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed!

Well we’ve weathered another storm and lived to tell the tale. It wasn’t near as bad as we feared it could be but very windy. We didn’t even have to have our driveway ploughed as the high winds blew the snow away and our driveway was crystal clear!!! Great for Buddy getting out and about in his shinny red truck! We hope to see you over the weekend!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging With Buddy March 16th, 2018

Happy St Paddy’s Day and the top o the morn’n to ya!  Are you all set with your green Irish duds for tomorrow? Mama has a bit of Irish roots on both sides with Delaney on her mothers and O’Regan on her father’s.  Her great uncle was very well known in Saint John for dressing the more dapper men of the city for decades from his shop, “Clint Regan’s Style Shop For Men”, located near King Square.  Her father Tom was always a very sharp dresser, a trait he inherited through the family.  When the Irish first landed in Saint John more than a century ago, similar to other cities, no one would hire the Irish so the family elected to drop the ‘O’ off their name.

Nicholas agreed that we’re not getting dressed up this year but here are two pics we just love.  This golden retriever pup is adorable and the Pomeranian looks much like our little cousins Myra and Lucas who will be all dolled up in their Paddy’s Day finest, no doubt!


Let the sun shine in!!!  After another week of snow, snow and more snow Nicholas and I are as happy as all New Brunswickers to see that sun shine and vivid blue sky!  You know Buddy Bacon loves the snow but during the storm it meant walks were limited to the street which means Nicholas and I had to be ‘on-leash’ and no Free-Dog runs for Big Buddy Bacon!  We’re hitting the trails of Spy Glass today and looking forward to seeing all our four-legged friends who we expect will be out in drones!  Hyper Nicholas who was suffering from more than a bit of cabin fever will be sure to put on a show ripping and tearing around the fields and the trails with his friends going flat out with his ears dancing in the wind!  I’ll do my usual casual stroll stopping to say a friendly hello and watch the shenanigans of my crazy brother.  Here I am below totally enjoying the snow in my yard this week.  Nicholas and I shown here with our new ball a gift from our friend Mike Smith who recently found a new home here in the city with the help of Mama and Charlie.  Big dogs need a big ball, thanks Mike, we absolutely love it!!!


Congratulations to the Saint John Real Estate Board who yesterday celebrated their 60th Anniversary.  Mama and Charlie were present for the celebration along with all their colleagues from Coldwell Banker Select and our own Michele McGuire was elected to the board as a Director.  Congratulations Michele from the Budster!

Mama and Charlie have two Global Luxury open houses coming up next weekend in Drury Cove on Sunday March 25th 2-4pm!  The first is an open concept  waterfront condo with finished walkout basement at 21 Upper Deck and the second is a stunning water view custom home with the latest in upscale finishes at 41 Fox Point Drive.  Mark your calendar and we hope to see you there!


41 Fox Point Drive, enhanced landscaping, enticing kitchen & upscale finishes!

21 Upper Deck Lane, open concept, modern finishes, waterfront living!


Get out there and enjoy the sunshine this weekend.  Nicholas and I hope to see you out and about!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging With Buddy, March 9th, 2018

Know of anyone looking for an executive rental in the heart of Rothesay?  Not just any rental but one with beach rights, sunset river view and private back yard within walking distance of Riverside Park and right next door to Riverside Golf and Country Club.  Golf enthusiasts can just step out the front door and you’re at the club house!  Power or sail boat enthusiasts can moor your boat right out front and if you enjoy swimming, canoeing or kayaking this is the place for you!  This charming character home comes completely furnished (very tasteful) with dishes, flatware, lawn care and housekeeping!  All set for you to move right in!  I can personally attest to the location as my house borders the golf course and the beaches of Riverside Park are favourite haunts of Nicholas and I in the summer.  We lay back on that fine sand after a refreshing swim with the gentle breeze blowing through our fur watching the boats glide by…  Oh, I just can’t wait for summer!



We’re very excited about our new Global Luxury Listing on Darlings Island at 60 Meadow Drive!  This spacious cedar home with water rights has been very well maintained and offers all the creature comforts with two cosy fireplaces and a woodstove plus family room with wet bar, granite kitchen, soaring ceilings, finished walkout basement, heat pump and air conditioning.  The huge 2.3 acre manicured property is a dream and Darlings Lake offers swimming, fishing and kayaking!



Mama and Charlie are both hosting open houses this Sunday in Rothesay from 2pm-4pm.  6 Fairweather Lane is on close to one acre located up College Hill Road and borders RNS.  It’s a spacious 4 bed/2.1 bath family home with a 1.2 acre bordering lot that is available if you prefer a huge  2.1 acre mature yard. 281 Hampton Road is zoned for residential or business and with this great location it’s the perfect place for you to open your home business!


Our Auntie Blue is getting all ready for St Paddy’s Day!  She loves to decorate and dress for the occasion.  She made a sweet St Paddy’s wreath for her door.  Then pulled out a green head band with a little Irish Hat and shamrock cocked to the side and told Mama it would be really cute on Buddy .  Let me tell ya, Buddy Bacon is putting the big paw down on that one, I flat out refuse to wear that silly hat no matter how cute they think it will look on me and Nicholas had better stop laughing!  Have a good weekend, hope to see you out and about really soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon,


Blogging with Buddy March 2nd, 2018

Two exciting new Global Luxury listings this week!  An impeccable home in Drury Cove at 41 Fox Point Drive with main floor living plus two bedrooms and a full bath on the second level for family or guests.  Main level living means the kitchen, living/dining rooms, master bedroom, ensuite and laundry are all on the main floor so there’s no need for the owners to go upstairs for anything!  You’ll go a long way to find a nicer home in our area in this size range of 2488 sq feet!  Personally I love the stone patio surrounded by nature with natural stone and cedar trees.  Offered at $625,000 with plenty of desirable inclusions!





41 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove


Our second exciting new listing is at 355 Model Farm Road in Quispamsis and it’s Buddy’s favourite thing, ‘Waterfront’.  Not too much I enjoy more than a nice beach and a refreshing swim in the summer and this property has it all!  1.8 Private acres, sand/gravel beach, mature trees and landscaping and a lovely 2856 square foot home with modern updates plus finished walk-out basement!  If we still have this listing by early summer you know I’ll be right out there swimming in the river.   Offered at $639,000 I don’t expect it to last long on the market!  Kuma Vanhoutte, pictured here, is lucky enough to live at this stunning property, he may not be a swimmer but he sure enjoys having this big yard to wonder about!  This four-legged family member is an Akita and the only dog I’ve ever seen bigger than I am… but he’s nice and friendly, just like me!






Nicholas and I sure have been enjoying this fine weather we’re having.  We’ve been out and about going on errands with Mama, putting on lock boxes, sold signs etc., staying on top of business!  Usually at the end of the day we get rewarded with a nice walk along the trails of Spyglass Hill with Mama and Papa.  Great way to unwind after a busy day!  Hope to see you out and about this weekend, watch for my red truck with me and my side kick, Nicholas, hanging out the windows, both smiling ear to ear!





Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging with Buddy, February 23rd, 2018

Where has the last two weeks gone?  The Olympics are over tomorrow and Nicholas and I have been cheering on our great Canadian athletes every night!  South Korea did a beautiful job of hosting this Olympics with it’s friendly people, perfectly organized and terrific venues for the athlete!  We especially like the figure skating, snow boarding, skiing and speed skating.  Nicholas thinks he could navigate a snow board on a gentle hill and his agile friend Max Black up the street is considering it as well.  What a pair!  It wouldn’t surprise me.    I can tell you now that Big Buddy Bacon is keeping all four-on-the-floor in the grass and in the snow!!!  Wow, what a games with our all time Canadian metal count of 29 Olympic metals, including 10 Gold!!!  Go Canada go!  Tough Cunucks!  The Moose is Loose!  We’re so very proud of all our Canadian Olympians!

Congratulations to all of Team Canada on a fabulous 2018 Olympic Games!





I hope you’re enjoying the mild weather as much as I am!  No snow, or very little means longer walks for Big Buddy Bacon and Mama is ecstatic that she doesn’t have to wear big winter boots.  It also means lots more showings on our listings and more buyers for Mama and Charlie to show around.  Not much fun for the buyers to be out in big snow storms but with weather like we’ve had lately it’s perfect winter conditions for viewing properties.

All conditions were just met at 26 Squire Drive in Quispamsis, a unique property on one full acre with 4-car garage.  So we say ‘Congratulations’ to our sellers Jamie & Lisa Guidry as they move on to a new home!  Charlie did some great negotiating on this one and this is Mama’s fourth home sale for the Guidry’s in her career, she really appreciates their loyalty and repeat business!

26 Squire is SOLD!  We were just out to put up the SOLD sign!







Join Mama this Sunday for open house in Drury Cove at 21 Upper Deck from 2-4pm.  This is a stunning home I can highly recommend with waterfront on the cove off the Kennebecasis River it’s perfect for boating, swimming and if your two-legged, skating!


Hope you have a great weekend, get out there and enjoy and you never know when a freak snow storm will hit in March!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging with Buddy February 9, 2018

Looking forward to Valentine’s Day coming up very soon!  Be sure to get out there and get your sweetheart a nice card and a little treat!  We always get Mama a card and Papa never forgets her, he’s very sentimental that way.  Nicholas and I wish we had girlfriends (I’ve been eyeballing a cute Golden Doodle on the Allison trails) but since we don’t we’re happy to just treat our Mama and let her know how much we love her.  She says we’re a couple of real Sweethearts and we don’t understand why that makes Papa moan!






Charlie and Mama has been busy as bees listing lovely new properties from Westfield to Rockwood Park area, Darlings Island to St. Martins.  Stay posted for descriptions to pics.  Some are water view and some are waterfront!  Either way if it’s near the water count the Budster in!!!

Here we are in the middle of another snow storm!  Oh joy, oh bliss!  Just what the Budster ordered!!!  Nicholas is just as happy to curl up by the fireplace with Mama and Papa.  I’m so glad they take us out each day for a big walk on the trails.  We meet so many nice four-legged friends and the crisp fresh air makes Buddy very happy!  Have a great week and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, February 2nd, 2018

I’m all excited about our new listing at 11 Fairholme Street in Quispamsis with not only it’s beautifully updated home but it’s the fantastic yard that’s really turning my crank!  Sure it has an inviting cosy propane fireplace in the family room and a spacious eat in kitchen which is always one of Buddy’s favourite rooms but the yard….  This yard is all fenced, (Mama likes this feature for us boys,  I say, “Who let the dog out???”, remember that song) with handsome wrought iron on the street side, the landscaping is over the moon with stone walls, walkways and patio but it’s the pool that makes me drool!  How much fun could Nicholas and I have here in this heated 20′ x 40′ pool?  Well, let me tell you, we could have a lot!!!  With built-in stairs I could leisurely glide in several times a day and crazy little Nicholas could practise his diving at the deep end.  When we’re at the beach he just runs wide open and dives right in and he could do the same here.  Mama says there’s only one problem, how do you get the dogs out of the pool when their names are Nicholas and Buddy Bacon?  I can see her point but then again, I can dream can’t I?  Have a closer look.  Can you picture me in this pool with a big smile on my face?








Charlie invites you to his open house this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 241 Hampton Road, Quispamsis $244,900.  This 1 1/2 story home is zoned for business and with it’s convenient corner location it would be the perfect place for that.  It has a large paved driveway and oversized 2-car detached garage.  Home or business the choice is yours!  Charlie will be rushing home for the big game Sunday at 6pm as I’m sure many of you will be as well.  Super Bowl Sunday is big at our house too!  Bella Turnbull will be waiting for him and while she is curled up with Charlie on the couch cheering on the game you can bet that Nicholas and I will be doing the same on our couch with Papa!!!

241 Hampton Road, Quispamsis






The weather has been nuts hasn’t it!!!!  Cold and warm, cold and warm.  Last Sunday we couldn’t believe how warm it was for Mama’s open houses.  Papa took us for a nice walk behind RNS through the trails which is one of our fav spots for such things.  Then it dropped cold and now today it’s raining.  Personally I love the cold.  When it was so cold with blowing snow and high winds on Tuesday I was in Heaven!  I sat out in our driveway for two hours with my head back and the wind blowing my ears.  Mama kept calling me to come in the house and I did eventually but not until I had what I like to call my ‘frigid fix’.  Mama stopped trimming my fur last September to let it grow in thick for the winter and let me tell you the Budster is sporting his winter finest at the moment!  Thick and heavy with it’s double undercoat I don’t feel a thing when it’s cold.  Then I came in and snuggled up with Nicholas who was waiting for me on the sofa.   But none of us are big on the rain.  Mama won’t take us walking in the rain so Nicholas and I are stuck in the house, just trying to entertain ourselves.  This is when we usually get into a wee bit of mischief, like stealing slippers or chewing on a pillow, just the usual.  Sometimes we play tug of war in the foyer, always lots of fun as long as the tug item is one of our toys and not Mama’s slipper!  If it’s Mama’s slipper all h_ _ _ breaks loose!!!

Have a great weekend.  I’ll be watching for you on the trails or at the Sobeys parking lot where we seem to end up at some point over the weekend.  If you see Nicholas or I hanging out the window of my red SUV be sure to come over and say ‘Hello’ but be careful as Nicholas gives very sloppy kisses!  They didn’t nickname him Romeo at the dog park for nothing.  Don’t let that cute face fool ya! Pic below.



Nicholas enjoys a ride in the Budmobile.





Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging with Buddy, January 26th, 2018

Busy, busy weekend showing homes to out of town buyers plus 6 open houses ranging from Saint John West to Rothesay, $147,500-$675,000.  Great chance to bundle up and come in out of the cold and view some of our interesting properties.  It may be cold but at least there is no snow so the walking and driving is easy for this time of year!  See below for dates, times and locations.

Mama and Charlie have a new slogan EXPERIENCE-INTEGRITY-DISCRETION!  I like it, these are the important things they have in common, trusted names they are known for, so vital to a successful real estate career.  EXPERIENCE; Mama has been in the business 13 year as of July 4th carrying out thousands of transactions and Charlie has been in it 34 years, straight out of university!!!  There’s not an area around here where he hasn’t represented either the buyer or the seller in residential, multi-family or commercial real estate.  INTEGRITY; Both Mama and Charlie are known for their high standards, both putting their clients needs first at all times!  DISCRETION;  We’ve all overheard things at parties, on the golf course or the hairdresser’s that we should not be hearing.  Sometimes people don’t understand the damage these slips of the tongue can do to the outcome of a potential purchase or sale of a home.  You can rest assured with Mama and Charlie as your Realtors that this will never happen as they are extremely conscientious of your privacy in all things, at all times!  And my lip are sealed too.  I told Nicholas we may hear things but we Never, ever repeat them!  If these qualities are high on your ‘must have’ list when searching for just the right Realtor, then look no further, Mama and Charlie are ready to go to work for you, negotiating the best possible scenario for your purchase or sale!

Nicholas and I are shocked at the absence of snow right now.  Mama is ecstatic as is Papa with nothing to shovel or snow blow but I have to admit I do personally enjoy it!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Open Houses This Weekend As Follows;


1-2:30 455 Demont St West                                              3-4:30  171 Gault Rd, West



1-2:30, 85 Gondola Point Rd, Rothesay                           1-2:30, 21 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove





3-4:30, 70 Dunedin Road, Rothesay                                   3-4:30, 10 Cedar Drive, Rothesay




Blogging with Buddy January 19th, 2018

Breaking news!  Bank of Canada rates are up!  BoC just raised its prime lending rate another .25% bring the rate to 1.25%, the third hike in six months.  What does this mean to you?  Mama says the increase will affect floating-rate loans, variable-rate mortgages and lines of credit immediately.  It should also be sending a message that if you’re thinking of buying a house and taking out a mortgage now is the time.  We all know the rates will continue to go up but they are still at historic lows compared to what home owners faced in the 80s at 20%!!!  So the longer you lock in your term at a guaranteed rate the better.  You can still get a 5-year term for 2.94% and a 10-year locked in at 3.74.  These long terms take away a lot of question marks and stress knowing your exact payment over the long term and Mama highly recommends it!

Well we finally got our little Christmas tree down last week with a lot of hoop-la out of Nicholas.  The little guy sure loved his tree and I think he’d keep it up all winter if he could.  Papa finally said enough is enough your tree is coming down today.  Nicholas got us to take his pic with it before we took it down.  By the way Christmas Day was Nicholas 6th Birthday!  Named after St. Nicholas but this little guy is no saint!

  Nicholas 6th Birthday on Christmas.

I want to introduce you to our little cousin Stella Marie, Mama’s brother Tom’s new cat that he rescued in from the cold almost a year ago last February.   Do you remember the terrible storms we had last February?  Stella was one year old and out in all that bad weather.  She was quite wild and he couldn’t catch her for two weeks but kept leaving food out which she would take.  Finally the temperatures dropped so low she could hardly move and he was able to rescue her.  First she was taken to the vet who verified she has about one year old.  Then she got all her shots and the next step was to post notices everywhere around the neighbourhood and social media to find out who lost a cat.  No one claimed her so our Uncle Tom now had his very first cat!  Then it was on to the pet store for food, treats, toys, bed, litter box and cat condo!  Stella loves her condo.   Tom had owned several dogs but never owned a cat in his life so there was several calls to Mama, “What do I do with this… that….?”  Stella Marie will soon be two and below is her Christmas photo with the Grinch.  Her first Christmas with our Uncle Tom.  What a beautiful girl she turned out to be!  Welcome to the family Stella!

  Stella Marie

Next weekend January 27th and 28th Mama and Charlie are hosting 6 open houses from the west side of Saint John to Rothesay.  Watch for details.

Hope you’ve been bundled up and making the best of a rough winter so far!  My heavy Newfie coat is sure coming in handy as I walk the trails of Allison and Spyglass.  Hope to see you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 



Blogging with Buddy January 15th, 2018

Here we are in 2018!  And this Buddy Bacon is one happy camper but probably one of the few who loves the cold weather!!!  Everyone around me has been bellyaching (especially Nicholas) who wears a sheepskin lined coat when he goes out and still his little feet get cold (Mama cups them with her bare hands if we’re out on the trails and he holds up a paw and the warm from her hands fixes him right up).  She says I’m just like a tank trudging through the snow totally in my glory.  I stopped getting my belly, neck and legs trimmed in September so I’m big and furry now and all set for the cold and white stuff.  Bring it on!

I’m personally super excited to welcome Charlie and Bella Turnbull to work with Mama and me!!!  Charlie is a real dog lover so he and I get along just fine and he and Mama have so much in common on the real estate front that all of their clients are ecstatic too!  I’m over the moon to have Bella on board.  Not only is she smart and cute but has a great personality too and she’s the only girl Nicholas and I have met who watches football with her Papa the way we do.  She says “Go Steelers go!  What a fan, has a Steelers outfit and everything.  We want an outfit too but Papa says they don’t make them big enough for the Budster!!!  Well if I can’t have one Nicholas isn’t getting one.  I’m putting my paw down on that!


Welcome Charlie!                                  Bella is all set for the big game!

Charlie and Mama are planning open houses on Saturday and Sunday January 27th and 28th.  I’ll keep you posted as to the locations and times.  Maybe Bella and I can help out!

A lot of damage to properties with the severe wind Friday night!!!  We couldn’t believe it.  Nicholas was scared of the sound of the wind and then the lights went out at 11pm and that did it!  Papa got out the LED flashlights and we all headed to bed.  Not too much bothers the Budster, I was going to bed anyway so what did I care if it’s dark or not?  Mama got Nicholas calmed down but I don’t she slept a wink!  Glad that over!

Looking for a nicer weekend coming up.  Stay warm.

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy December 29th, 2017

Happy New Year to you and yours from Nicholas and Buddy Bacon!  We wish you peace, good health and prosperity in 2018!

Well I don’t know about you but I sure did love my turkey dinner on Christmas Day!  Papa says he’s sick to death of turkey (we had leftovers Boxing Day) but Nicholas and I don’t understand, who could possibly ever get sick of turkey?  I’m sure we could eat it morning, noon and night!  I think Mama cooks the best turkey, a Butterball of course.  She does it the way her parents did, very slow at low temperature, going into the oven at midnight Christmas Eve and cooking all night long!  When we woke up Christmas morning you could smell the turkey all through the house.  It was so moist and tender the meat just fell off the bones!  Our naturopathic vet says turkey is the very best thing we can eat especially since I have a wee bit of arthritis in my back knees.  Says it will keep me healthy, my bones and joints strong.   He says that I can never have one speck of chicken, that chicken meat inflames the joints when you have arthritis and no pain killer in the world can over come it.  (Nicholas of course can have chicken or whatever he wants as he’s healthy as a horse!  No arthritis in the little buddy!)  I haven’t had a crumb of chicken in a year and a half and it must work as you’d never know I have any problems.  I don’t even get chicken in a dog treat.  Mama reads all the ingredients carefully so my treats are usually cheese, beef or bacon flavoured.  I love the ‘Buddy Biscuits’ brand, bacon flavoured of course!

In January we’ll be resuming our open house schedule with different stunning listings being open to the public each weekend.  We have some exciting new listings coming on the market in the New Year.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted on the latest and the greatest.

Haven an enjoyable New Years.  Nicholas and I are staying low key this year, going to watch them drop the ball in Time Square on TV.  Have a great time and drive carefully!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, December 22nd, 2017

Well the big day is almost upon us.  Nicholas and I are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves!  We think every parcels that comes into the house must be for us and quickly stick our noses in the bags checking things out until Mama catches us and shoos us away.   We’ve tried really hard to be good boys most of the time and are hoping that’s enough for Santa Paws to visit our house and leave some toys and treats.  Mama says he has elves hiding around the house who see all that we do so we’re a bit worried.  Our own small tree with the animal ornaments has been up for a few weeks and our big family tree in the foyer went up a week ago.   Our big tree is always a live tree that goes in the foyer.  Papa picked it out himself this year and we must say he did an excellent job.  Not easy to find a perfect 10 footer but we all approved whole heartedly!  Mama has some of her mother’s, Auntie Blue’s and her Nannie’s old antique ornaments which hold so much sentimental value.  She oohs and awes over each of them as she pulls them out of the carefully wrapped packages and gently places them on the tree.  Lisa is home from Ottawa for the holidays and we always wait for her before we put up the tree as it’s one of her favourite parts of the preparation.  Mama gets the Christmas tunes blasting through the houses and everyone is so jolly while they decorate.  Nicholas and I just lay back and watch the whole thing develop before our eyes.  Mama and Papa drag the big tree in and place it in the stand.  Then Papa ties it up and he’s the one who puts on the lights and the angel.  Mama adds water to the base and then they all start hanging ornaments while sipping hot chocolate, laughing and reminiscing about memories of Christmas past.   My favourite story is the one Mama tells of Christmas’ when she was a young girl and her father would get his grandfathers one-horse sleigh out pulled by his big mare, Galley, on Christmas Day.  Galley was pitch black with four white socks and a white blaze down her face.  He’d put bells on her harness, the family would get all bundled up and he’d take them for a sleigh ride across the fields.  Their little spaniel, Brownie, always love to ride in the back of the sleigh.  It was like something out of a Christmas card.  Beautiful memories, fondly told!

We’re loving the wee bit of snow we’ve had, lots of fun to play and roll in plus we hear that more is on the way.  As you know Big Buddy Bacon loves the snow, the more the better, so let it snow!  Mama says the big dogs and the snow mobile junkies  are the only ones who get really excited about it.  Oh well.  Then she comes up with a long list of negatives about snow.  I just put my paws over my ears.  “Don’t want to hear it!”

We’re into the last few days now of hustle and bustle.  Mama’s been busy at work with folks getting into their new homes this past week just in time for Christmas.  Somehow she always manages to get everything done by the big day, she says that’s just what women do.

Nicholas and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with good health and happiness!

Merry Christmas, your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging With Buddy December 15th, 2017

All conditions met at 2374 Rothesay Road, SOLD sign went up today!  Congratulations to the new out of town buyers on the purchase of a lovely Rothesay home with beach rights!  Welcome Home!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at 364 Montague Street, St. Andrews last weekend.  What a gracious home to decorate for the Christmas holidays!  The perfect home for your family in the New Year!

Congratulations to Michelle Casey White the winner of our stunning custom pearlized Christmas arrangement from Keirsteads Flower Shop.  Thank you for entering our contest Michelle and we wish you a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family!

Nicholas and I are getting very, very excited about the thought of Santa Paws heading our way soon!  It’s only 10 days until Christmas Day and we are trying oh so hard to be good boys!  Mama says that we are always good boys and Papa says that a real joke!!!  It seems there are treats for us hid in the storage room, we can smell them when we go by.  Nicholas got in a bit of trouble for crying at that door and he was told he has to wait until Christmas.  I said, “Cool it little fella, they say the elves are watching so be on top of your best game!”

Hope you have a good time getting all prepared for the big day!  We have our turkey, a Butterball of course, our favourite!  Our dear Lisa arrives home Sunday from Ottawa, we can hardly wait!!!  Ho, ho, ho, Santa Paws is coming soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy December 8th, 2017

Happy Holidays! Head over to our Facebook page where I’m giving away a beautiful holiday arrangement from Keirsteads Flower Shop for you, your family, and friends to enjoy! Spreading holiday spirit is my favourite activity this time of year and Nicholas and I want to share the joy.   With it’s pearlized glaze, vintage tree artwork and shimmering rhinestone accents, this elegant ornament jar adds Christmas glamour to a hand-arranged classic bouquet of red roses and holly!  To enter, simply follow us on Facebook @ ‘Katherine Bacon Real Estate, like the post and share!  Enter before December 15th and Nicholas and I will help pick a random winner!  … so share the post with friends to spread the spirit of giving!  Paws crossed!

Another busy week meeting conditions with two closings coming up before next Friday!  Sales are always brisk this time of year with buyers wanting to be into their new homes before Christmas!  Mama says you can always spot them as they tour the prospective home and say “the tree would look great right there in that corner.  I can just see it”!

Speaking of Christmas,  it’s just around the corner so Nicholas and I have been busy helping Mama decorate the outside of our house in preparation for the big day!  Christmas has always been a special time of year for my family as growing up my mother, aunts and grandmother always did extensive Christmas decorating inside and out!  First we travel around the yard while she gathers sprigs from our shrubs to arrange in a dozen big pots at the front entrance, the pond and in front of our garage plus the window box.  We gather scotch & white pine, hemlock, rhododendrons, junipers, Alberta & blue spruce, cedar and Mama’s favourites false cypress and holly.  Add to this some large pine cones, glittering red, gold and silver Christmas sprigs and there you have it! If you enjoy gardening and flower arranging, it’s a lot of fun, cost efficient and beautiful.   We enjoy running around the yard catching the odd ball and playing tug of war while she gathers the greens.  When this is finished it’s time to start the big wreath.  That’s a job and a half and also when Papa gets involved. This wreath is changed seasonally.  Its mounted on a steel frame that was made for the wall outside our front door to be in scale with the 18 foot ceiling over the entrance (Mama, ever the decorator, everything has to be in scale!).   Nicholas and I watch as the two of them go up and down, up and down the ladder adding ribbon, poinsettias, holly, pine cones, candy cane coloured ribbon and three large bells ! I’ll tell you it’s a lot of work and Nicholas and I were pooped when it was finished.  We went in the house and slept for hours!  I don’t know how Mama gets it all done working the hours she does and then popping out in the yard Saturday mornings and at night working under the lights to get these done too.  We can tell she really loves doing this, keeping her finger in the decorating as we hear her humming along while she works.  Here we are below posing with some of the finished product.  Note that we are sporting our new reversible Christmas scarves hand-made for us by our dear Auntie Blue!


Our last open houses of 2017 are coming up this Sunday!  From 1pm-2:30 Mama is at 21 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove, our spacious waterfront condominium overlooking Drury Cove on the Kennebecasis River.  Then from 3pm-4:30pm she’s at 26 Squire Drive off the Gondola Point arterial at a lovely ranch-style home with in-floor heating on 1 full acre with rare 4-car garage!  Within walking distance to the Q-Plex!


21 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove                           26 Squire Drive, Quispamsis

As you’re out and about doing your last minute shopping watch for me in my red SUV and be sure to come over and say hello, Merry Christmas, Joyous Noel, Happy Holidays!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy November 24th, 2017

November is always a busy month for real estate sales for Mama and this year is no exception!  She’s been busy showing homes at both ends of the pricing spectrum from well under $200,000 to well over $1Million.  Makes no difference what the price is, she knows your home is your castle and it’s the most important personal transaction of your life!  Let me tell you, Buddy Bacon understands this too!  Coming from a shelter in Gatineau Quebec to my furrever home in Rothesay is something I’ll never forget!  I remember a very long drive with some rest breaks but it seemed like we were driving forever!  Where was I going, what would my new family be like?  Would they be kind and loving, happy to have the Big Budster on board?  I have to admit I was nervous on the way down just crossing my paws that I was being adopted by nice people.  When I arrived in the yard of my new home, I could see out my window Mama, Papa and Nicholas all  waiting in the yard for me with big smiles on their faces and I knew instantly that things were going to be okay.  I jumped out of the back seat and ran right over to them, wagging my tail as hard as I could.  Nicholas was jumping around like a maniac, kissing me, Mama and Papa were rubbing my fur and it was just the greatest feeling in the world!  I was going to be okay, I’d be with this family forever who would love me to the end of the world and back.  I came in the house and felt instantly right at home.  It had spacious rooms, perfect for a big dog and lots of cozy corners and a fireplace for me to curl up in for a snooze.  I ate a nice supper and we all settled in to get to know each other better.  I remember every detail just like it was yesterday and I must say it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!


My Google ad, 6 months old!           Just arrived at the house!

Nicholas was so sweet to share the couch with me, here I’m 1 year old!

This is the reason Mama sponsors her ad in the Telegraph Journal every Saturday since September 2004, called “I Need A Home”.  It’s so nice dogs like me have a better chance of finding a furrever home.  We’re all so thankful that the local community supports this important project with every dog, cat and even a three-legged rabbit being adopted off our ads.  Thank you Southern NB for providing loving homes for my friends at the shelter.

As we draw closer to the Christmas season, just a month away, please keep the shelter in mind for donations!  This can be money, always appreciated, but they also need food and any old beds, toys or treats that you are not using.  One year, the week before Christmas, Mama called the shelter and asked how many dogs were in residence that day.  Then she went out and bought each of them a huge bone and we went down to the shelter, made the rounds and gave each one their new treat.  They absolutely loved it!!!  And it truly melted our hearts!  You can always consider adoption as well but keep in mind there is a cut off time prior to Christmas for adoptions.  They want people to be sure they want that new pet furrever and understand all the responsibility that goes with it.  There is still time now, so head on over and check out the line up!

So when Mama talks about the importance of a home, Big Buddy Bacon can tell you from his heart that he knows exactly what she’s talking about!

Another very important event coming up soon is the Empty Stocking Fund!  Nicholas and I always support this event and we look forward to doing so again this year!  We watch it on TV and listen for our names to be called.

Have a great weekend and we’ll talk soon,

Big Buddy Bacon 



Blogging with Buddy, November 17, 2017

Well hallelujah!!!  Big Buddy Bacon has lost 8 more pounds, down now to a handsome 150 lbs from my original 170!  Keep in mind that I’m a Newf, not a Bernese as some people mistake me for so I’m getting close to my goal weight!  That’s my nightly walks at Allison Drive with Mama, Papa and my favourite side kick, Nicholas!  Earlier now with the time change.  I’ve been walking further and further every week  and steadily picking up the pace to the point that Mama has to hustle now to keep up with me.  I’m trucking right along.  My vets are sooo proud of me as is my Auntie Blue who always keeps a close eye on our families health.  Everyone has been making a big tado about it, saying how good I look!  I just sit back, soaking it all in, love’n every minute!  Nicholas of course is the exact same weight as always, 75 pounds, which may fluctuate a pound or two at the most any given year.  The vet went on and on about how healthy he is, what perfect condition he’s in, how he has the strong, slow, steady heart beat of a super athlete, blah, blah, blah.  I get sick of hearing it.  So the little guy is Super Duck Live, get over it!  I’m all prepared to maintain my new weight this winter and if it’s too stormy to walk I’ll be heading over to the clinic to stroll on the underwater treadmill!  That thing is super!  Huge glass tank (you can imagine the size, as it comfortably fits the Budster) with a gentle ramp.  I just walk right in and it starts to fill with luke warm water, the vet hits the button and away I go!  20 minutes on it equals 64 minutes on dry land.  Takes the weight off my joints and the water makes more resistance while I’m walking.

We had great success at our five open houses on Sunday with the largest crowds we’ve seen in years!  Shows that more people are out shopping and thinking seriously about buying a house!  For the first time in years Mama ran out of sheets so many showed up at 10 Cedar Drive.  Good problem to have!  It was great to have our Coldwell Banker colleagues help out.  Very much appreciated!

Hope you enjoyed the milder weather this week as we know what’s coming and how fast it can change!  Have a great weekend, I’ll see you around!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, November 10th, 2017

A special salute to all veterans for this upcoming Remembrance Day, Saturday, November 11th.  It’s solely because of you that all Canadians enjoy freedom and we give you thanks on this special day!

Big day on Sunday with Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Open Houses!  Five homes will be open for your viewing pleasure;
229 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay 2-4pm, Stunning new luxury home with all the bells & whistles!
433 Pelton Road, Millidgeville 2-4pm, Executive home with beach rights on Sandy Point!
26 Squire Drive, Quispamsis 2-4pm, Inviting ranch with in-floor heating & 4-car garage!
21 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove 1-2:30pm, Upscale waterfront condo, finished basement!
10 Cedar Drive, Rothesay 3-4:30pm, Totally renovated inside & out & main floor master!


229 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay (off Highland)             10 Cedar Drive, Rothesay (off Renshaw)


433 Pelton Road, Millidgeville (off Sandy Pt)        21 Upper Deck Lane, (off Drury Cove Rd)


26 Squire Drive, Quispamsis (off Gondola Point Arterial).  Cherry kitchen & S/S appliances!

Special thanks to Jonathan Rasenberg, Erin Ellis, Kendell and Leanne for helping host open houses this weekend!  Buddy really appreciates the help!!!

Awesome new listing on Deer Island at 101 Richardson Road!  Truly unique setting and massive wrap around decks to appreciate the ocean views from all angles.  You can actually hear the whales blowing from the deck!  Not many homes can say that!  Fine sandy beach comes with the property!!!  Great place for Buddy Bacon to hang out!



Hope you have a relaxing long weekend.  If you are on the highways drive carefully and stop in to say hello if you get a chance on Sunday.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  



Blogging with Buddy Nov 3rd, 2017

I’m so proud to be mascot for Coldwell Banker!  They are such a high profile, innovative  company known for giving back to the community since they began in 1906!  Nicholas and I are happy that part of that giving includes homes for rescue dogs!

Recognized for their philanthropy, two of Coldwell Banker’s best known projects are “100 Homes for Humanity” and “Adopt-A- Pet”.  To mark their 100th Anniversary in 2006 they started an initiative to raise $5Million that year to support 100 Homes for Humanity.  They continue on  and this year along raising $6.1Million and committing to more than 130 homes.

For over 100 years Coldwell Banker has helped people find homes and now their mission includes man’s best friend!  Out of the rubble of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake Coldwell Banker’s founder, Colbert Coldwell, helped saved dogs along with people. They have now joined forces with Adopt-A-Pet, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption web site to help 20,000 dogs find a home this year!  Now that’s something Buddy & Nicholas Bacon can cheer about!!!  We know first hand what it’s like to live in a shelter and can’t image 20,000 dogs this year finding a furrever home!  Way to go Coldwell Banker!  You rock!

As a pioneer and industry leader for more than a century Coldwell Banker’s history is steeped with innovation  and boasts many industry firsts!  Coldwell Banker was the first full-service real estate brand to launch a national website, stream listing videos online, create an iPad application and listing video channel on YouTube, design mobile-friendly sites and be recognized for our best-in-class training.

Nicholas’ business attire suits the company well-known for their predominant  blue colour.  He looks quite dapper don’t you think sporting his blue neck tie?  I think Buddy Bacon needs one of these neck ties, after all, I’m the mascot, he’s just the side kick!  The company is so into blue that head office even has blue windows!  See below.


Don’t forget this Saturday night to turn your clocks back one hour and enjoy that extra hour Sunday morning!  The down side is it will get dark so early at supper time!!!  I hate it!  We usually get our walks about 6pm so that will be changing.

Quick market update; Prices are holding steady and October sales were up a solid 12% over the same month last year!  On October 25 this year, the Bank of Canada announced it was keeping interest rates on hold. The rate rose by 1/4% in July and again in September. Since then, the Bank has cautioned that future interest rate increases depend on whether economic data suggest that inflation is starting to drift.  This warning could be what’s driving our local market as buyers who have been considering a purchase jump on board to lock in good rates before more hikes!

Hope you have a great weekend, watch for Nicholas and I in our red truck out and about.  Don’t forget to come over and say hi!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, October 27th, 2017

Our Rothesay garden home at 26 Kaitlyn Street is SOLD with all conditions met today!  Congratulations to a wonderful seller, one of the nicest clients we’ve ever had and congratulations to the buyers as well.  This pristine unit with finished walk out basement is ideal for empty nesters and the numerous upgrades make it a real show place!

High-end stainless steel appliances included.     Open concept with upgraded light fixtures.

Nicholas and I have been busy all week helping the boys finish our exterior.  We had a few days off with the storm but today we completed the deck.  We’ve been pooped at the end of the day and settle right in for a snooze right after supper.  Sure will be glad when this job is done.  Roy and the guys from Eastern Maintenance and construction Ltd have done a great job!  Our house had Mabec wood siding and we had serious problems with it cupping on the southern and eastern sides especially.  So now we have Cape Cod wood siding, it looks great and should last longer.  All Mama’s clients with Cape Cod are happy with the results and we are too!

“Are you sporting any treats in your tool pouch?”

Two Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Open Houses this Sunday in Rothesay!  First from 1pm – 2:30 Mama is hosting 70 Dunedin Road off Rothesay Road.  Character galore with full stone exterior, huge living room, 2 fireplaces, impressive master with dressing room & great water view!


70 Dunedin Road, off Rothesay Road, Open House 1pm – 2:30.

Second from 3pm- 4:30pm is 229 Eriskay Drive off Highland Avenue, a new home with stone façade, modern interior and much sought after features!  Such as walk-in closets and ensuite bathrooms for each bedroom, open concept kitchen/family room with 2-story family room with full height stone fireplace, custom kitchen with quartz  counter tops, walk-in panty, induction stove, pot filler, porcelain flooring and large island.  Also fully finished daylight walkout basement with home theatre, 4th bedroom, sitting room, full bathroom, huge storage room and secret playhouse!  Air to air heat pump with refreshing A/C and oversized 3-car attached garage top up the bonuses!




229 Eriskay Drive, off Grove Ave and Highland Ave, Open House 3pm-4:30.

Very interesting new listing for Mama at 26 Squire Drive in Quispamsis on one full acre plus 4-car garage!!!  A 2-car heated attached  garage plus a 2-car detached garage is a rare find in this price range of $329,000.  Brick front façade, open concept, propane fireplace, cathedral ceilings, sun room, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths including 4-piece ensuite, custom cherry kitchen, 8 skylights, finished loft for storage and large windows.  Call to view today!

Hope you’ve survived this windy weather and have a great weekend.  This may be the warmest Halloween in history if these temperatures keep up!  Nicholas and I will be out trick-or-treating,   he’s going as an angel (gag, gag) and I’m going as a pirate!  Happy Howling!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy, October 20th, 2017

Another glorious week and another glorious sale!  The weather has been totally awesome.  Nicholas and I have been out most days hanging with the tradesmen who are revamping the exterior of our home with new siding under the supervision of our contractor, Roy Chase.  Roy came to us highly recommended and when we see the fantastic job he’s doing on our house we don’t need to question why!  It looks like new!  Roy and the boys say that Nicholas and I are the walking bosses on the job as we hang pretty close to them, enjoying the comradery and on lunch breaks they rub my ears and throw the ball for Nicholas (his very favourite thing in the world).  They’ve been here a month now and we’re so happy the weather is holding out!

This has been an exciting week as Mama has sold our heritage home listing located at 297 Douglas Avenue!  This isn’t just any heritage home but home of the renowned Saint John business owner lumber baron Fraser Gregory of Murray and Gregory fame.  Mr Gregory commissioned the crème de la crème to built this Queen Ann style masterpiece 117 years ago as a wedding gift to his new wife Helen, whose nickname was Beauty and her image has been encapsulated in one of the many preserved antique stained glass windows found throughout the home.  This is the only home Mama has seen in her life time with trim and mouldings HAND-CARVED, which has been verified by the NB Museum!   No wonder it took two years to build!  Congratulations to our British Columbia buyer who is so very excited about their purchase and their move to our Loyalist City.

Mama is pleased to present our new Rothesay listing at 70 Dunedin Road just steps from the golf course and the beach of Riverside Park.  This is a beach that Buddy knows well as Nicholas and I go here often in the summertime.  This stone home is elegant with spacious rooms and a lovely view of the Kennebecasis River.  Wonderful finished attic for a multitude of uses including studio, gym, bedrooms, or play space for children or teens on cool stormy days.  Showings have started, don’t miss this one!


Hope you have a great weekend.  Enjoy the sunshine and the warm days while they last!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, October 13th, 2017

The market stays brisk with September and October showing a nice increase in sales over previous years.  Mama’s been as busy as a bee dealing with out of town buyers mostly from Toronto and British Columbia.  She has extended her on-line marketing recently to target specifically New York, Boston, Portland, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver!  There’s a reason she calls New Brunswick “Canada’s Best Kept Secret” with her article being published in the DuPont Registry, letting those around the world know not only about our high quality of life here but also our fantastic prices compared to theirs!

I’m excited about our new listing in the valley at 70 Dunedin Road!  This inviting stone character home has a lovely view of the Kennebecasis River from most rooms.  The rooms are spacious making it the perfect home for entertaining!  Home-chefs will enjoy the Kitchen-Aid appliances and the propane stove in the kitchen (and Buddy Bacon would enjoy the results if you want to invite him over!).  This home has many details with attractive inlays in the hardwood floors, large foyer, raised panel wainscoting, main floor office, two fireplaces and one of the handsomest living rooms in the valley!  Mama says the master dressing room is something most women only dream of!  Great location, walk to the Riverside Golf and Country Club or Riverside Park (one of my very favourite places!!!

 70 Dunedin Road, Rothesay

Nicholas and I had a nice visit to 297 Douglas Avenue this week as Mama presented an offer on the house to the lovely owners who we got to meet.  They were rubbing our ears and telling us how beautiful we are (can never hear too much of that).  We walked the property and also checked out the park next door.  Nicholas ran and ran in the park while I checked out every tree and let me tell you the trees here are huge, must be what Mama calls century trees!

                                            297 Douglas Avenue with gorgeous neighbouring park!

The weather has been wonderful with warm days and crisp nights (more comfortable for sleeping) but we all know what’s just around the corner!!!  I can’t wait but Mama says I’m not allowed to talk about it as everyone is not as excited about that as I am, including Mama!

Have a great weekend and please come over to say ‘hello’ if you see me out and about.  Nicholas and I love to meet new friends both four-legged and two-legged!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging with Buddy, October 6, 2017

Wishing you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving from Nicholas and I!  We are really looking forward to Sunday when Mama will be at her cooking best making sure all is perfect for our Thanksgiving dinner.  We went with her up to Sobeys on Tuesday to pick up our Butterball.  I say, “Tis a butterball, no less” (our favourite) and the vet says turkey is the very best thing we can eat, so here’s hoping and paws crossed that we get some leftovers.  We’re looking forward to our family coming over, aunts, uncles, Mama’s brother and sister-in-law, all soooo much fun!!!  We’re sorry that Lisa (Mama and Papa’s daughter) can’t make it home for this occasion but she’ll be here for Christmas and will stay for two whole weeks this year!  We love it when Lisa comes home from Ottawa!  Mama will put the turkey in the oven about midnight on Saturday and let it cook slowly all night.  When we wake up Sunday morning, we’ll wake to the smell of roast turkey.  I’ll be just beside myself!  Then the family will come over and all will chip in with peeling vegetables, making gravy and stuffing, etc.  Our dear Auntie Blue will bring homemade cranberry sauce and homemade apple crisp, her speciality!!!

  Yummy good, says the Budster!

Mama’s been busy showing houses this week to locals as well as buyers from Montreal and Toronto.  She’s had offers in on two of the properties and another offer just arrived tonight.  There’s nothing she enjoys more in real estate than negotiating!  She’s really enjoying her first week with Coldwell Banker as their Global Luxury Specialist.  The entire team at Coldwell have made her feel soooo welcome!!!  She had a problem with the signs this week as they came in with the type too small and difficult to read so new larger ones are in the process with much larger type.  Will be ready in a week!

Mama listed a lovely 4 bedroom/5 bath water view home in Rothesay today with some gorgeous features.  It will be hitting our web sites, the MLS and social media the first of the week.  Our new social media team have been doing a great job boosting our ratings, hits, likes and shares on social media.  They are so creative and I appreciate all that they do.  They even mentioned my little friend Melik who was up for adoption and furrever found a home!

We don’t have open houses on special occasions as we don’t want to disturb our clients who appreciate special time with their families.  Nicholas and I have so much to be thankful for staring with a loving family, a warm, cosy bed, healthy food, fresh water, good health and all the love a four-legged pouch can handle.  So have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, September 29th, 2017

What a week!!!  Lots going on here as today is my first day as the official mascot for Coldwell Banker Global Luxury!  Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?  Our clients love the black and white logo and signs (and did I mention they match my lovely black and white coat) so classy!  Coldwell Banker is a very well established company started in 1906 by Colbert Coldwell and Arthur Banker.  It is now spread across the globe to 49 countries with 88,000 agents.  Known for their generous philanthropy, Coldwell Banker raised $5Million to celebrate their 100th Anniversary to support 100 Habitant Homes for Humanity and have continued on with this year alone supporting 130 homes so far and raising $6.1Million.  In 2015 they joined forces with to help find homes for  more than 20,000 (yes you are reading this correctly!) from shelters across Canada and United States!  Now that’s my kind of company!!!   Mama and Papa saved two dogs from the shelters, Nicholas and I, we can’t even imagine 20,000 dogs!  Go Coldwell go!!!


Mama is the first designated Global Luxury Specialist east of Toronto (a position very similar to her previous Fine Homes International Specialist designation) and the sole representative in New Brunswick.  She is very excited to continue on with her real estate career through the diverse and detailed marketing provided by this brand giving her own personalized service to each and every client.  She gives special thanks to Kevin Butler, broker/owner,  Michelle McGuire, owner and all the team at Coldwell Banker Select for making her, Brittany and I feel so very welcome!   Thanks, for the email Kevin, “Welcome to the team Buddy!”

My dear little (40 lbs at 6 weeks) friend Malik the St Bernard pup from SPCA in Gatineau (my old stopping grounds) was adopted this week!!!  Hurray for Malik who headed south of the border to Bloomington, Indiana.  Mama says you’re going to be the cutest Yankee in the USA, bar none!   Congratulations Malik on finding your fur-ever home!

  Congrats Malik!!!

We’re as busy as bees this weekend with four open houses on Sunday.  So nice to have the team support for open houses!  229 Eriskay, high-end Rothesay is 1:00-2:30, 433 Pelton Road family home with beach rights on Sandy Point is 3:00 to 4:30, 21 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove, waterfront condo and 26 Kaitlyn St Rothesay, mint condition condo are both  2:00-4:00.  Drop by for a look around and say “hello”!  We’re always happy to see you!

                   229 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay                             433 Pelton Road with beach rights

                        21 Upper Deck, Drury Cove                                         26 Kaitlyn St, Rothesay

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the great weekend and if you’re travelling on the road, drive safely!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy September 22nd, 2017

This warm weather is just too much for the Budster with his warm Newfie coat!!!  And the humidity is worse!  I’m just not use to it.  I had a nice walk last night with Nicholas and Mama and Papa through the back trails of RNS under the shade of the trees.  Lots and lots of fun four-legged friends there and some were super fast.  Nicholas ran and ran, he sure slept sound last night (I have to admit the Budster did too).  We’re looking forward to some fresh sea air at New River this weekend where I’ll be the first to jump right into the Bay of Fundy, can’t wait!

Congratulations to Jan, Chuck and Jazzy Lynch on the sale of their lovely home at 241 Eriskay Drive in Rothesay.  Such a quick closing (only 6 days) but no task was too big for the Lynch’s as they pack up and get ready to head to Ontario.  We wish them all the best in their new home and I hope Jazzy keeps in touch with me!

  Goodbye Jazzy Lynch

Yesterday was officially the last day of summer!  Where did it go???  I have to admit I had a great one and Nicholas agrees.  The meteorologists say we’re going to enjoy a long warm autumn that will last into December.  I can’t imagine it but it sure would make the winter short.  We’d just have to get through Jan, Feb and March and then clear sailing into May!  I’m going to enjoy every minute of it!  Have a great weekend and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy Sept 15th 2017

Another busy week with two new Rothesay listings and a Rothesay sale pending as we work through conditions!  Always hair raising until the last hurrah!  Just one more thing that makes this job so interesting, never a dull moment with potential sales just a phone call, text or email away!!!  Nicholas and I give Mama as much moral support as possible, helping to keep her calm and focused.  She says just having us near does this and we’re more than happy to oblige.  She’s always focused as this is the part of the job she enjoys most, making sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed for her buyers and sellers.

We met some very interesting new furry friends this week!  I met a gorgeous rough Collie (think Lassie) at the Riverside Park.  Is she a looker!!!  She seem to like me too as we rubbed noses and sat quietly watching the excitement around us.  Nicholas was busy running around wide open with the shelties and labs but I was happy sitting beside this new babe!  Hope to see her again soon.  Then the next night we were up to Allison for our walk and met a chocolate lab (good friend for Nicholas, same speed) and his sister, a five year old pure bred Newfoundland.  I have never seen one since I came to New Brunswick as a baby!  I’ve seen big dogs, mostly Bernese but not a Newfoundland.  She looks a lot like my mother.  All black with soft fluffy fur, so pretty and really laid back like me.  Mama and Papa were gaga over her.  I sat and talked while Nicholas did his tearing around.  Hope to see her again too, she will make a nice friend.

Hope you’ve been enjoying this warm weather.  Best September we’ve had and the meteorologists are saying we’re going to have an awesome fall staying warm possibly right into December!  Wouldn’t that be different?  Have a great weekend and hope to see you around.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy September 8th, 2017

What crazy weather we had this week, with torrential rains the likes of which I have never seen in all my five years!  Nicholas and I stayed cozy indoors with the odd trek outdoors between showers.  We were driving along with Mama and it was gently showering and then wham, it was like someone dumped a truckload of water on our windshield and it just kept coming!  Mama drove super slow (we’re not used to that, haha) as it was difficult to see where we were going.  We had the wipers on super fast but  it still wasn’t enough.  The only good thing I can say is my truck is super clean after that water beating, it was better than going through the car wash!  Did I mention that our red truck is known as ‘Buddy’s truck’ as I can’t fit in the car!  I love my SUV as I can stretch right out in the back, great on long drives to visit clients as we list and sell all over southern NB.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people in the Caribbean and Florida being pummeled by Hurricane Irma!!!  It’s difficult for us to imagine such force in nature.  We see the photos in horror.  We hear Mama talk about the Ground Hog Gale of 1976 here in Saint John and surrounding areas where gusts reached 120 mph and the devastation to our area was broadcast around the world.  Mama’s aunt was on holiday in Australia at the time and looked at her TV in shock as the Saint John devastation was announced.  Who can imagine wind of 150 mph and more?  We really can’t.  I’ll take the winter cold and snow any day over the extreme weather of the tropics!  We can always deal with the snow.

Good news for Ibiza, my friend the Irish Wolfhound up on 15 Clark Road as Mama and Amy sold her house on the first showing!!!  Ibiza is happy with the sale but is now out looking for a new home and I’m happy to help her.  She needs something with a nice yard especially coming from that gorgeous big yard on Clark Road.

  Ibiza’s house, sold on the first showing!

I’m really excited about our new listing on Pelton Road in Millidgeville!  I knew that this 4-bedroom, 3.5 bath family home with unique features came with beach rights but I didn’t realize the rights were on “THE BEACH” in Millidgeville!!!  I’m talking about Sandy Point!  We all know of Sandy Point Road, well, our beach rights for this home are on the actual point.  And what a point it is, with plenty of warm fine sand reaching out into the Kennebecasis River with views from Grand Bay to Gondola Point.  One of the best beaches in our area.  It’s the perfect place for lazy summer days, swimming in the warm water of the river and laying back on the sand watching all the action on the river as sailboats glide quietly past in the breeze and powerboats cruise by as their wake gently ripples along the shoreline.  Now this is a lifestyle that the Budster can associate with, the kind Nicholas and I dream about!

Beach rights on Sandy Point!

Rain, thunder and lightning predicted for this Saturday so stay dry and have a good weekend.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging With Buddy September 1st, 2017

Busy, busy week this week with 142 Centennial Drive SOLD and negotiations going on for days!!!  Mama was on the phone morning, noon and night on this one but she says time is of the essence when you’re working a deal.  This is what she enjoys most about real estate and it’s true, there is never a dull moment!  Just one call, email or text can change everything!  Congratulation to Carolyn Perrier & Andre Fortier on the sale of their home!

  142 Centennial Drive, Hampton SOLD!

We had a nice message from my dear friend Carole at the SPCA Gatineau.  She is the lady who lined me up with my forever home here with Mama, Papa and Nicholas.  She was so kind to me and helped me with my English before my trip down to New Brunswick (I’m bilingual you know).  She also took me on daily car rides for a week before I left Gatineau so that I’d be well use to the long car ride to NB.  That’s what I call a very well-run shelter.  She now has a gorgeous 3-month old St Bernard pup named Melik.  What a cutie!  Just looks like a baby Beethoven!!! She sent me this pic in an email.  Nicholas and I begged and begged to have a new brother but Papa said “No Way guys, we’ve got our hands full now!  If any of you know of a family looking for a large breed dog, Malik is looking for a forever home.  He is a pur bred St. Bernard but he has no papers.  He is kind, loves people, pets children and he’s just full of love to give!  You can reach Carole directly at SPCA of Western Quebec email address;  If you live near by and decide to adopt him, let me know as Nicholas and I would love to have a play date with this not so little fella!

  Melik, 3 month old St Bernard pup

The real estate market is still hotter than it’s been in many years.  We’re working with buyers from Toronto and Alberta helping them find their dream homes.

Hope you have a wonderful Labour Day Weekend!  Stay safe on the roads wherever you plan on going and let’s hope we see lots of sunshine for this last big hooray of summer!  Hope to see you out and about.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Blogging with Buddy August 25th, 2017

Great to see the sun shine as we wind down these last precious weeks of summer but our lawn is getting pretty dry as is our neighbours!!!  Hope to enjoy a sunny weekend especially as Mama has clients in from out of the country who will be seeing Southern NB at it’s best.  She’s been telling them about our beautiful summers with the fresh breeze off the Bay of Fundy which means low humidity for us which is such a treasure in the summer!  Makes us feel really spoiled!

Nicholas has a nice visit to our 15.8 acres on the Meenans Cove Road yesterday with the guys from Design Art Signs who do our large display signs.  Gorgeous big property with majestic virgin woods and huge trees along Mathews Cove on the Kennebecasis River.  Endless possibilities with this size of property as a few waterfront lots, some waterfront and some water access lots or keep the entire thing for an estate size property.

  Nicholas enjoys a fresh breeze off the water.

Awesome new listing in Rothesay at 15 Clark Road with huge very private yard, well-kept house with inviting covered verandah and best of all it’s all fenced!  This is a double whammy as 1/it keeps the deer out of your garden and 2/ it’s perfect for small children and pets who would enjoy to freely roam the yard with no fear of wondering off.

   Impressive entrance to the property.    Lovely large flat yard and lots of privacy!

I have a lucky friend living at this address named Ibiza, a beautiful Irish Wolfhound.  See my photo and video attached and you’ll see why Ibiza needs a big yard!  She so tall she makes Big Bud feel like a midget!                                                                                                                                                          Ibiza resting at home.

Click on link below to view the video.


Oliver Ouellet enjoyed a visit with him Mama Amy to 546 Seeley’s Cove Road today.  Loving the beautiful weather and the awesome ocean view!                                                                                                            

Wishing you an awesome weekend.  If you see me out and about in  my red truck be sure to say hello!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy August 18th, 2017

Excited about our new Millidgeville listings!  466 Pelton Road is a spacious executive home with interesting features, a lovely flat yard, awesome river view all the way to Gondola Point and best of all it comes with beach rights!!!  You know how much Buddy Bacon loves the beach.  Nicholas and I could swim here every day, Mama could light up bon fires at night, Papa could do some fishing, the list goes on…  Great value, well-priced!

View from 466 Pelton Road

66 Anchorage Avenue is the last building lot available on the right hand side of the road with water view.  The view is awesome of Grand Bay, South Bay, St. John River and the town of Westfield on distant shore!  Perfect place to build your dream home with highly recommended schools in the area.

  66 Anchorage Ave.


Another bidding war this week, that makes two so far this month!  Lots of excitement with our 118 Duck Pond Road going $16,000 over the asking price, all closed now!  Who knew this would happen in Gardner’s Creek?  Had to be the view and the beautiful sandy beach that came with the cottage.  More soon on our latest bidding war which Mama has been aggressively negotiating for the past two days and well into the nights!  Accepted offer today, now to get the conditions met!  Will keep you posted.

118 Duck Pond Road

Busy weekend with open houses this Sunday including three in Rothesay with a high-end executive home at 229 Eriskay Drive, 1pm – 2:30, exceptional value at 241 Eriskay Drive 1pm – 2:30 and nicely finished garden home at 26 Kaitlyn Street 3 pm- 4:30.  As well we’ll have our waterfront condominium at 21 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove from 3pm – 4:30.  Supposed to be a wet weekend so drop in if you get a chance, all gorgeous homes!

Enjoy your weekend and try to stay dry!  Our gardens, ponds, rivers and wells really need this rain!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy, August 11th, 2017

We had a rare treat last weekend when a 6 month old black lab pup named Puck was walking the trail with his family and came down to the beach to say hello and get his feet wet in the water. Puck loved the water and he would splash, play and wade up to his belly but he questioned if he could float and was just too nervous to take that first plunge. He couldn’t swim and needed some lessons! Yes, you’re reading this correctly. Nicholas and I took on the project with Nicholas diving in repeatedly after a stick and I just went out over my head gently cruising up and down the serf riding up and down on the small waves, showing how much fun we have and how relaxing it is. I think Nicholas was the one that got Puck over the hump as he had him sooo excited about jumping in and getting the stick that finally Puck just took a leap of faith and went for it. Whoa, right in, no problem he was swimming! Now that first swim was short but it was a good start. We kept calling out encouragement, “You can do it Puck. You were built for this with your webbed feet! Go puck go! Yay, that’s it boy, woof, woof, woof, you’re swimming!” We all had so much fun and were exhausted that night from all the excitement. We went right to bed after supper and got rested up for another great adventure of whatever would lie ahead tomorrow.

  Last one in is a rotten egg!  Bet you can’t catch me!

Mama and Amy are happy to have an accepted offer on their listing on 71 Queen Street in St. Andrews. Beautiful home although very deceiving in size from the street but with a huge interior and view of the water from the deck and the hot tub. Way to go girls!

71 Queen Street, St Andrews

Mama is very excited about her fabulous new high-end waterfront listing on the Kennebecasis River with the crème de la crème of Wolf kitchen appliances and a kitchen that’s a chef’s dream! Happy the puppy being served anything from this grand kitchen and if your mama is a home chef then all the better. I like the stone fireplace, master on the main level, heated floors and air conditioning but I LOVE the fact that it’s right on the river and Big Bud could just jump right in whenever his heart desired! I could see Nicholas diving off the end of the EZ dock too. Bring on the summer fun in the sun!

  Just as attractive from the back as the front.

That’s what I call a home chef’s kitchen!

  Sit back and watch the boats cruise by.

Have a great weekend and watch for Nicholas and I out and about in my shiny red SUV. Notice I say my SUV but Nicholas is always welcome along for the drive!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, August 4th, 2017

Happy New Brunswick Day long weekend from Buddy Bacon and his trusty sidekick, Nicholas! Hopefully we get some nice weather! If you work as hard as I do you will appreciate a few days off over the long weekend! But, being in real estate doesn’t necessarily mean a few days off as I was told when I came into the business, its 24/7 (just like Jeff). So when that phone rings, that email arrives or that text beeps I’m just like Mama, I hop to, off and running, ready to help another client sell or buy their next house! We’ll be heading to the cottage for the weekend but I’m always ready to roll (in my shiny black and white suit) and Mama keeps an outfit handy, as we’re never more than 20 minutes from the Harbour Bridge! Many a day I’ve seen her jump into a business suit and into the car to happily head out for a showing. Some of her biggest sales have taken place this way. She loves showing excited buyers the stunning homes we have listed here in Southern New Brunswick. It’s always a treat!

    All packed up and ready to roll!

Must be sure to leave some room for Nicholas!

Hope to see you around.

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy July 28th, 2017

I met some new furry friends last weekend at Tommy’s Beach while Nicholas and I were out for my daily swim (doctors orders but who’s complaining!).  While I was out cruising around in the cool deep of the Bay of Fundy enjoying myself,  Nicholas (Super Dog Live), was challenging the other big dogs to a game of fetch out over the water.  The owners would throw the stick far out into the water and out the dogs would jump, as far as possible and then swim for it like their lives depended on it!  There was a Germain Shepherd, Golden Doodle and a  Lab/Rottweiler cross.  All big dogs, all loving the water.  The first two throws were caught by the Germain Shepherd, who’s papa had a strong arm and a good throw.  Poor Nicholas didn’t know what to think when he wasn’t the one getting the stick.  He looked all confused.  What just happened?  Someone threw a stick and I didn’t catch it.  “Oh, I get it, now I see, this isn’t the laid-back Budster I’m racing against!  This guy is a serious swimmer!!!  Okay, bring it on!”  The Shepherd’s Papa says, “my dog is very competitive”, Mama says, “That’s okay, mine is too”.  Well that was the last time anyone but Nicholas got the stick.  The little guy took it to a new level, leaping into the water and racing with strong strokes towards the stick.  He wasn’t as big as the other fellas but he’s lean, all muscle and like greased lightning.  He had a ball and it was a lot of fun for the Budster to watch.  Now if they want to try an endurance test, good luck to any of them including Nicholas to see who can stay in the frigid waters of the Bay of Fundy as long as the Bud.  Doesn’t bother me in the least with my big Newfie coat.

    Our Little Nicholas

We’re really excited about our new Exclusive waterfront listing with EZ dock and deep water anchorage on the Kennebecasis River!  The home is spectacular to say the least and as pristine as pristine can be inside and out.  Upscale features include 9- 16 foot ceilings, Palladian windows, main floor master bedroom, heated floors and the list goes on!  The chef’s gourmet kitchen is the crème de la crème with 6-burner Wolfe stove with grille, Wolf double overs, Wolfe drawer-style microwave, side by side full fridge and full freezer, stunning walk-in pantry and huge granite island with triple sinks!  Watch for our extensive detailed write-up and plenty of pics.  Brace yourself and be prepared to be “Wowed”!


Wishing you a good week, as we come truly into our summer now!  Hope to see you out and about.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy July 21st, 2017

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, the sunshine, low humidity, longer days and cool nights which are all part of our gorgeous weather in NB!  I’ve been enjoying my summer so far but I did get in a bit of trouble this week.  A few days I came up to the door looking rather wet and rather dirty (We’re on the Invisible Fence so Nicholas and I go where we please on the property).  Mama was freak’n, didn’t know what I was into, she thought I was into the brook but the water is low this time of year and it didn’t make sense to be as wet as I was.  Nicholas was arriving wet too but at different times.  We have a decorative pond at the front door but that hadn’t been disturbed!  What’s going on?  Nicholas and I just chuckled to ourselves and slipped into the house to get dried off while she ranted and raved.  Then yesterday she walked down across the lawn to let Papa know she was on her way out.  He was in the far corner of the property in an area shaded with trees that you can’t see from the house, it has a deck, waterfall and small pond.  I followed her down and while she was saying goodbye I couldn’t help myself I just jumped right in, kersplash!!!  Then they were both freak’n and our secret was out!!! Nicholas was sour that I let the cat out of the bag too.  They couldn’t see us from the house so they had no idea we were sneaking down for a refreshing dip and then to top things off having a roll in some dirt we found behind the garden shed.  We weren’t pretty and neither was the ragging out we got.  Haven’t been down there since.  We argued that we need a pool.  I wrecked my kiddy’s pool last year and Mama couldn’t find another one this spring.  I told her to look online and then we’ll get free shipping!  Nicholas watched some dogs in completive diving last week on TV and he thinks he could do it.  I think he could to.  We don’t call him Super Dog for nothing.  Now he want’s a real pool.  Can you see Big Bud Bacon diving into a pool.  Nicholas says it would be a belly flop!  The little stinker.

Busy weekend with three open houses this Saturday!  We’ve switched to our summer schedule as we know people are busy on Sunday with their cottages, boats, swimming, beaches and barbeques so we’re making our homes available on Saturday.  From 1pm -2:30 we’re at 241 and 229 Eriskay Drive in Rothesay.  Both gorgeous new homes still under warranty!  241 Eriskay, a ranch-style, is perfect for empty nesters and young professionals with exceptional value at a new price of $509,000 and 229 Eriskay, a two storey, is lovely for a family with all bedrooms featuring ensuite baths and an enticing price of $899,000.  Then from 3pm to 4:30 we at 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove highlighting our inviting waterfront condominium with beautiful views of the cove, deep water anchorage and completely finished basement at $498,000.


241 Eriskay Drive                          229 Eriskay Drive                          21 Upper Deck Lane

Wishing you plenty of fun and sunshine this weekend and if you get a chance drop by and say hello on Saturday!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging With Buddy July 7th, 2017

Well, we just had another bidding war!  Mama and Amy have been as busy as bees this week finishing off with an exciting bidding war on our new waterfront listing on Duck Pond Lane today! You just never know what will end up being a “Hot Property”! The bidding was fast and furious this morning running into the afternoon with Mama at the helm keeping the vendors calm throughout a very exciting process! Nicholas and I just kept our noses to the grind-stone and stayed out of everyone’s way! Little Oliver Ouellet was here today too being as quiet as a mouse, he knew something big was in the works!

Mama’s new personal assistant Brittany Bulmer is nothing short of a wiz!  Mama says, “you show Brittany something once and that’s it, bam it’s done!”  Brittany has been busy getting to know our clients, helping them in any way she can and uploading our high-end listings to our new site at Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate where we are New Brunswick’s only representative!

I had lots of excitement this week with a very refreshing bath with a gentle sweet smelling aloe vera shampoo! My black coat is just shinning and everyone is saying that I look very handsome!  Mama says I smell like a rose, so she’s nick named me Rosebud! I don’t like it, sounds like a girl’s name to me so paws crossed she’ll drop that one quickly! Nicholas can’t stop laughing!

Have a good weekend, hope we see the sun!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  

Blogging with Buddy, June 30th 2017

Happy Canada Day Weekend!!! 150 Years Proud! Paw crossed and hoping that the weather man is totally out to lunch with his prediction of rain and that we get for plenty of sunshine!!! Nicholas and I have lots of plans for running the beach, swimming, family barbeque, trail walks etc. so we won’t be happy campers if it’s raining. All we can do if it’s raining is stay in the cottage and drive our poor Papa crazy! He says we’re very good at that (chuckle, chuckle).  Nicholas and I are sporting our Canada Day scarves and special thanks to our Auntie Blue who took two and sewed them together so the Budster could have one that fits too!

Let’s Celebrate Canada 150!

Hot Dogs Aren’t Cool! Mama picked up a flyer at the vets yesterday with details of the repercussions of leaving your dog in a car in summer time. Nicholas and I really love to drive in the SUV, it’s one of our favourite things to do but when it’s warm we have to stay home in the air conditioning where it’s cool. Some of our friends do travel a bit in summer but there Mamas have two sets of keys and leave the air conditioning on for them to remain comfortable. Here are some tips to keep in mind; do you know that dogs can only cool themselves by painting and by sweating through their paw pads? Therefore they need cool air to regulate their body temperature so cracking the windows or parking in the shade isn’t enough. Car temperatures can be deadly within a matter of minutes and if the dogs body temperature rises only 5 degrees above normal it’s in serious trouble resulting in comatose, permanent impairment and even death! Rule of thumb is that dogs shouldn’t be left in the car when the heat is above 21 degrees or 70F. If you see a dog left in a vehicle first check to see if the vehicle is running, if the dog looks happy, the air conditioning has been left on. If it’s not running call the local police immediately at 1-877-722-1522. Remember if it’s 24C/ 75F it only takes 10 min to reach 38C /100.4F in your car and in 30 min its 49C /120F. So Buddy asks that you keep your furry friends safe and comfortable at home this summer!

Hope you have lots of fun with family, friends and furies this weekend as we celebrate the 150th birthday of our great nation of Canada!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy, June 23rd, 2017

Special thanks to Kathy and John Ilku for their gracious donation the SPCA Saint John upon the sale of their home at 7 Ambassador Drive!  Nicholas and I picked up the cheque ourselves on behalf of all my furry friends at the shelter who are oh so very grateful to the Ilku’s.  Your generosity is so appreciated!

With all the talk of possible mortgage hikes I’m still seeing today reasonable advertised rates of 2.14% for a 2-year term, 2.44% for 5-years and 3.69 locked in for 10 years!  I’m suggesting it’s a good time to lock in those rates so that you’ll be protected down the road, worse case scenario!  One thing we can all safely bet on is that they won’t be going down any time soon!  I feel that this could be one of the main reasons that homes sales in our area has been on the rise lately with buyers jumping in before the rate hike!

Open house weekend! Saturday in Seeley’s Cove from 2-4pm at 76 Holland Road and 546 Seeley’s Cove Road featuring two lovely oceanfront properties with beaches and Sunday in the city from 2-4pm at 40 Waterview Place in Millidgeville and 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove.  Hope you can stop by for a look.  We’d love to see you!

Our sincere condolences go out to Tux and Daisy Scovil and their mom in Sussex on their lost of my good friend Rave, the beautiful standard poodle, who will be missed by all including Nicholas and the Budster.  After a long illness we know that Rave is now enjoying the good life in Doggy Heaven, running through the tall grass with his friends, ears flapping in the wind, smiling from ear to ear.  You will be missed my friend, until we meet again.

Rave Scovil

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon

Bloggin with Buddy, June 16th 2017

Happy Father’s Day!  Thank you to all you Papa’s out there, four legged and two legged for all the things you do every day for us kids and for your families!  We may not always show our appreciation but this weekend we just want to say “You’re The Best!”  Relax, enjoy a nice barbeque, sit back with the newspaper and a cool drink, let the family pamper you, you deserve it!  We’re going to be spoiling our Papa that’s for sure!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Papa’s out there!  We love you!

Is the rain ever going to stop???  Nicholas and I have had about as much of this lousy weather as we can stand!  We’ve got plans to hit the beach and do some serious swimming but Mama and Papa won’t take us if the weather isn’t good and it seems to shower almost every day.  I can tell you when that sun hits we are going to be ready to hit the beach!

Mama and Amy have some exciting open houses planned and they are hoping for sunshine next weekend Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th, 2 -4pm both days.  Saturday June 24th is our special Fine Homes International Seeley’s Cove waterfront open houses at 76 Holland Lane and 546 Seeleys Cove Road and then June 25th Sunday is our waterfront condo at  21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove is on display as well as a Fine Homes International open house at 40 Waterview Place in Millidgeville on ten acres.  Stay tuned as I’ll be posting more details on this as the week progresses.

View of the cove from 21 Upper Deck Lane.
Forsythia in full bloom at 40 Waterview Place with a 180 degree view!

Mama and Amy have been busy this week negotiating offers on several properties.  It’s so nice to see the market on the move!  Mama says there is talk of a rate hike on the mortgages so paws crossed Nicholas and I are hoping it’s not too severe!!!  The rates have been at an all time low for a long time now (lowest since the 1930’s!) so a rate hike was certainly predictable.   Lucky the buyers that locked into 5 and 10 year terms at fantastic rates but it’s certainly not too late to get fab rates on that new home.  Call your mortgage broker and get on it, the quicker you act, the more you save!

Hope you have a great weekend and with any luck at all we’ll see some sun!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy June 9th 2017

I’m a busy boy!  Nicholas and I went to visit one of our oceanfront listing in Charlotte County this week just to check things out with 2.57 Acres.  I was especially interested in the beach as I heard it was big and sandy, two very important points with the Budster and his side kick!  Low and behold it’s true, it’s a great beach.  Now mind you the water is as cold just like New River (which doesn’t bother me but Nicholas won’t venture in until at least July!  (little wimp).  The house looked to be in great condition , 2716 sq ft. with not one but two separate garages, (easily park 4 cars or more inside and I like to keep my red truck inside) and the stamped concrete patio will be a great place for a lobster boil or barbeque.  Did someone mention cheese burgers?  Oh, no, I must have been day dream’n!  My big concern is beach inspection and let me tell you that this one passed the test in flying colours!!!


House looks great with plenty of parking.                           This is what I call a beach!

We’re excited to be heading to Tommy’s Beach (near New River) this weekend.  I’ll probably be out sunning myself on the beach so if you see me stop by to say hello to the Budster!  You may see Nicholas as well.  I may show off my swimming skills!

See you soon,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy June 1st, 2017

Well we are really vamping up our Social Media here at Platinum Properties now that we have Brittany on board!  That girl is a wiz with social media, doing everything Mama always hoped for and more with our Facebook (Katherine Bacon), Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In and Pinterest accounts!  Yeah Brittany!  Nicholas and I are putting our heads together to see what interesting things we can come up with to add to the fun and our dear little friend Jazzy Lynch is really getting right in there!  He is so smart and he’s right on board with our on-line social scene.  Keep up the good work Jazzy!  Here’s an example;

Easy walk to the Rothesay Post Office from 241 Eriskay Drive for Jazzy Lynch!

Sales have been brisk and Mama and Amy have been as busy as bees!  We now have accepted offers on 1364 Route 845, Clifton Royal, 7 Ambassador Drive, Quispamsis and 200 Inglewood Drive, Grand Bay/Westfield.  Just working our way through the conditions to be sure all our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed for our clients!  So nice to see sales brisk as we leave spring and head into summer.  Our sellers are busy packing!  We’re on a roll!

Hoping I see some sun this weekend as I’ve been very active and want to keep up my swimming.  Mama won’t let me go to the beach if it’s cold or cloudy so come on sunshine!  There’s a good chance we’re going to walk the nature trail at New River if it can just stay nice out!  Paw crossed and hoping!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy May 25th, 2017

Well, well, well!  Who’s the Birthday Boy?  Could it be the Budster?  Yes it is, the big guy is 5 years old today.  He’s much more fit than last year and looking fine thanks to the water treadmill all winter and now swimming season has begun!  See pic below taken last weekend just after a refreshing swim at his favourite spot, Tommy’s Beach at New River.  He’s having his favourite supper tonight for the birthday bash, an A & W Buddy Burger (the only Canadian chain serving 100% Beef raised made without hormones or steroids).  Of course Nicholas will get one too.  A special treat on a special day!  Papa likes the Teen Burger (with all the fixn’s) and Mama will enjoy a Mama Burger.  Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Let’s not forget our little cousins, Myra and Lucas, the twins who have a birthday today too turning 11!  Happy Birthday little ones!  Hope you have a great day and are spoiled rotten by Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.

Sales have been racking up at Platinum Properties as Mama works through the conditions of sale at 7 Ambassador Drive in Quispamsis and all conditions are now met at 17 Waterview Place.  Three is the hat trick as this is the third time Mama has sold this exceptionally well-built house in Millidgeville!

17 Waterview Place is Sold!

Two open houses this weekend with  Amy hosting 21 Upper Deck Lane our huge new waterfront condo in Drury Cove on Saturday from 2-4pm and  Mama hosting 241 Eriskay Drive in Rothesay (Jazzy’s place) on Sunday from 2-4 pm.  The perfect home for empty nesters, small families or young professionals. Pretty nice spot for dogs too!

       21 Upper Deck Lane, Highlands of Drury Cove.  Off Ashburn Lake Road.  Saturday 2-4

                                 241 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay.  Off Highland Avenue.  Sunday 2-4

Hope you have a great weekend getting out there hiking, biking, walking, camping, canoeing, kayaking and more!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy May 19th, 2017

Well here it is already, Victoria Day Weekend!  Where has the time gone.  It seems we missed spring with the rain almost every day.  Nicholas and I were afraid we were going to mildew! But the sun has come out and the weather man is calling for a glorious long weekend.  We are planning on a visit to our cottage at New River Beach and I can hardly wait to jump into the frigid waters of the Bay of Fundy.  Little Nicholas will probably go in to his ankles or maybe his knees but most of the time he’ll be tearing up and down the beach saying hello to all who come our way.  I’m going to jump right in and swim up and down the beach, just floating like a boat!  It will be so nice to see all our neighbors again like Bill and Catherine, Andra & Will and Lil Andra, Don and Cameron.  We can just imagine how much Cameron has grown over the winter!  Wander if he’ll be tearing up and down the road on his fancy electric car this year?  We sure hope so cause that car is the coolest thing we’ve seen in a long time!

I’ll be bringing the BearAir™ with me, my super strong 4hp dryer especially for Newfoundland dogs.  That thing dries Nicholas in 3 minutes and the Big Budster easily in 15 – 20 minutes.  Mama just gave me a new summer hair cut last week (which she calls it a puppy cut, don’t laugh) and I’ve had quite a few compliments on it.  Nicholas said I look like a dork but I think he’s just jealous.  There’s something wrong with that dude, Mama and Papa can’t brush him or bath him without him whimpering like a little girl.  Makes it really tough to clean the little guy up.  Where the Budster on the other hand just loves being brushed, combed, bathed, massaged and pampered in general!  Bring on the ear rubs (my favorite thing)!

So happy I can put my rain coat away for a while and enjoy the sun!

Little Oliver Ouellet, the Maltese, is as cozy as a clam shacked up in St. Andrews overlooking the water.  He’s lucky, he and Connor (his Border Collie brother) are living right on the beach.  How spoiled are those two!!!  Oliver is a feisty little fella, wants to run the whole show, (small dog syndrome Nicholas says).  We really like Connor too!  He a kind old gentleman.  In his younger days he would have made a great playmate for our Nicholas.

Oliver Ouellet is part of our active team looking after Charlotte Country clients.

Well Herby Paxton is all moved out of his place at 10 Luminous Lane and all excited about his new construction going up in Millidgeville.  Good luck with your building project Herby, it will be all done and you’ll be in before you know it!  The new owners will be enjoying the beach this upcoming weekend and the girls will be having a ball!  That’s one fine sandy beach you girls have in Morrisdale!  Enjoy!

The team won’t be having open houses this long weekend but will be right back at it next weekend both Sat and Sunday so stay posted.  I just featured a nice new listing on my blog last Friday that Mama listed at 7 Ambassador Lane in Quispamsis with one full acre and voilà It’s Sold with the first showing!!!  I knew that one wouldn’t take too long, it is in such great shape and all that privacy plus the hot tub.  What more could you ask for at $348,000!

Going, going, gone!  With the first showing at 7 Ambassador!

Well I wish you all a very nice Victoria Day Weekend and don’t forget if you see the Budster out and about to come over to say hi , I’m always happy to see you.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon   

Blogging With Buddy May 12, 2017

A Very Happy Mother’s Day to all you human and four-legged furry mother’s out there!  Nicholas and I are trying to think of something special we can do for our Mama and TG Papa says he will help us.   We can’t make her breakfast in bed (we love toast so much it would never make it to the bedroom), we can’t buy flowers as we haven’t been saving our allowance so we’re putting our heads together to think of what we can do!  We could get Papa to help us cut a bouquet of forsythia from our own garden, that would be pretty!  We could also get Papa to help us cook a special supper or maybe just pick up some lobster!  Now that sounds pretty good to the Budster!

The team are busy on Saturday with Mama and Amy hosting open houses from 2-4pm  (we don’t host them on Mother’s Day as we know all you Mamas are spending time with your families).  Mama is at 2374 Rothesay Road with a tastefully updated home overlooking the Kennebecasis River with beach rights.  This desirable home has a staircase that leads to the beach across the street where you’ll find a picnic table under some lovely shade trees and a gravel beach.  The perfect place for swimming, kayaking or moor your boat right out front with deep water anchorage.  Enjoy all the privileges of waterfront ownership without the big price tag!  Amy is at 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove (same time) at our new waterfront condo with all the bells and whistles.  This large condo is the latest in style and features 3 bedrooms, home office and 3 full bathrooms.  Canoe, kayak or moor your boat right out back!  Hope you can drop in to say hello!

23 74 Rothesay Road                                                   21 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove

Have a great weekend and hope you get out with this bit of sunshine, it’s been a long while coming, enjoy!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy May 5th, 2017

Congratulations to Dr George Whittle on his retirement from veterinary  practice.  Thank you so much for your compassionate  care and kindness over the past 40 years of our beloved William, Sarah, Buffy, Freckles, Theodore and Laddie as well as thousands of other furry friends!  William (the favourite cat) who Mama rescued at 6 weeks old, lived 21 years and was never sick a day.  He was George’s first patience out of veterinary college!   George we wish you many happy years of retirement!

Absolutely love this gorgeous sunny weather we’ve had lately as we brace ourselves for hard rain this weekend!  We’ve had so much rain lately and lots more on the way so Nicholas and I spent most of Thursday in our yard soaking up the rays!  It hit 26C on our deck yesterday.

Mama has a big week coming up with a birthday.  It’s not like we can bring her breakfast in bed or anything so we’ve decided that we will just be exceptionally loving boys on the big day, well behaved and as sweet as pie!  (Nicholas says, “That’s a joke”!  “We may last 15 minutes if we’re lucky, but a whole day, I don’t think so!  It’s just in the blood!”  We do enjoy tearing around and causing a bit of ruckus.  We got in a bit of trouble the other day for barking.  Mama and Papa both don’t like it when we get out in the front yard barking just to hear ourselves and they say they’re sure the neighbours don’t appreciate it.  We got the message, we don’t like it when Mama and Papa are not entirely happy with us!

Mama listed a gorgeous new house today at 7 Ambassador Drive in Quispamsis, $348,000.  It has been tastefully updated and it is in mint condition inside and out on a huge one acre private lot!  I personally love these big lots with lots of room to run and play.  It comes complete with a hot tub but I doubt if any of our furry friends will find their way into that.  I’ve already been told that I may visit the property to inspect the new listing but stay away from that hot tub!

So, button down the hatches and brace yourselves for some heavy rain on Saturday.  May be a good day to spring clean, watch a favourite movie (Nicholas and I love “Lassie Come Home!”) or catch up on your reading.  We’re hoping that Mama will make our favourite homemade stew, her grandmother’s old recipe!  Yum, yum, yum!  Have a good weekend, hope to see you around and special thanks to all of you who come over to say hello to Nicholas and I when we’re waiting in the parking lots in our bright red SUV with our big black heads hanging out the window at Sobeys, Cochrane’s, Pet Value, Staples, etc..  Always nice to see you and get our ears rubbed!  We were happy to read this week in the news that the SPCA is pushing for no dogs to be left in cars with windows up this summer!!! Never, never, never leave the windows up in your car with your children or pets inside as the temperature rises so very quickly and it can be deadly.  We only get to ride in the car in the winter, spring and fall and then our both windows are down about two feet, far enough for our big heads to hang out so that we have lots of fresh air and can watch everything going on in the parking lots.  Nicholas says that I hog the entire back all to myself and as you can see in the picture, I do!  Just as soon as it starts to get warm we will have to wait comfortably at home in the A/C.   Nicholas says that I hog the largest air conditioning vent all to myself and I must admit that  it’s true!  The little guy is an awful whiner!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy April 28th, 2017

We’re as busy as bees this weekend with four outstanding Fine Homes International open houses!  Starting Saturday night with a rare offering of an exclusive Twilight Open House from 6 – 8 pm at 53 Meenans Cove Road off the Arterial to the Gondola Point Ferry.  This eight year old, one of a kind, architecturally designed, waterfront home overflows with character married with building excellence and rare imported granite, wood finishes, lighting and plumbing fixtures.  Features include solid cherry trim, 10-11.5 foot ceilings, in-floor hot water heating, upscale appliances, R-values from 27-60 and cosy oversized wood burning fireplace. My favourite feature by far is the slate tiled covered deck overlooking the water, the perfect place for Nicholas and I to relax after a refreshing swim in the river!  Oh joy, oh bliss!  Lucky the dog who lives here!


Then Sunday is a big day with three open houses from 2-4pm with Mama at 21 Upper Deck Lane $478,000, the waterfront condo in Drury Cove, Candace at 241 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay the stylish ranch-style with a new price of $549,800 and Amy right next door at 229 Eriskay Drive, the stunning stone façade executive family home with a new price of $958,000.  We hope you can join us at one or all three!

        21 Upper Deck, Drury Cove, Waterfront Condo.  Open House Sunday 2-4pm

241 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay.  Jass Lynch’s easy living ranch.  Sunday 2-4pm


229 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay.  2-Storey executive home.  Sunday 2-4pm.

Hoping to get out Saturday for my second swim on the year, weather permitting, if Mama has time before her open house.  My friends Special and Spirit Adams have been swimming since the ice went out!  They are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers with a double coat like me so the cold water doesn’t bother them.  I’d be right in there with you girls if I could, you’re lucky you live right on the waterfront and can jump right in whenever you want.   Spirit has her first birthday coming up soon.  I can remember when she was this sweet little wheat coloured puppy that her mother could carry in her arms.  Mama came home going on about the wonderful puppy smell!  Well we can’t be puppies forever!  Now Spirit, at 80 pounds, is bigger than Nicholas!  The Budster has his fifth birthday coming up next month.  I’m hoping to have friends over for a cheese burger picnic.  Maybe this year we can have A&W Buddy Burgers!  No additives, no steroids!  My own personal favourite!  Gus Dixon warned us, “Dont’ tell our vets or it will all be nixed before we even get started!”  Wise man, Gus Dixon, Mums the word!  Nicholas and I love little Gus, he’s a little dog (Westie) with a big attitude!  We love the way he struts around like a big dog!

At least all this rain is greening things up!  Pretty soon Nicholas and I will wake up early in the morning to the sound of whack, whack, whack as golfers start drilling balls across the golf course.  The first few days the real enthusiasts are out there in the pitch black!  Nicholas said, “What the heck are they doing out there in the dark?”  I said, “Look closely my little friend, they have balls that glow in the dark!!!”  They’re getting in a few rounds before they hit the office.  Nicholas says, “I’m a ball fanatic but I’ve seen it all now.”

Have a good weekend and stay dry unless you’re like me and plan on jumping in the bay!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy April 21st, 2017

Is this truly spring?  I can’t be sure when I wake up two mornings this week to the ground covered with the white stuff and more of it gently falling!  Mama says the first day of spring was March 20th, a month ago, but it doesn’t look much like spring to Big Buddy Bacon.  Nicholas says it doesn’t feel much like spring either as he’s still sometimes wearing his winter coat out in the mornings and for the last trip out at night!  Mama keeps watching her garden watching for those first crocuses to poke their pretty white, yellow and purple heads out of the ground!  She gets so excited about her garden.  Us boys can’t even step one foot in it and we hear “Out of the garden boys!”  And we know that she means now!  How is Big Buddy supposed to stop and smell the roses if he can’t step into the garden?

Team Platinum is all excited about the recent sale of a gorgeous home at 6 Evergreen Park Drive in Quispamsis.  This stunner listed at $848,000 is located on 1.5 acres overlooking the Kennebecasis River and will close the end of June.   Homes in Southern NB don’t get much nicer than this one!  Congratulation to the buyers and the sellers.

Team Platinum has a special request!  We are looking for a couple of special properties for serious buyers.  The first is a piece of land required in Saint John with a minimum of 3 acres or more.  It must be zoned commercial or can be zoned commercial, on the public transit bus route and centrally located.  Preferably close to walking trails or a park.  The second is a bungalow, one level ranch style home in the valley.  Minimum 1700 square feet, 5 years old or less, 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a walkout basement and 2-car garage.  If you have something like this or you know of someone who does, give us a call!

We have several open houses planed for next weekend April 29th and 30th.  Stay posted for details.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and don’t worry, spring is truly just around the corner, this is just a little cold snap we’re going through!  Better days are coming!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy April 16th, 2017

A very Happy Easter to you and yours from Nicholas and I!    We hope you and your family have a relaxing weekend, I know my family is looking forward to it.  Like most families we’ll be starting to clean up our yard and garden now that the warmer weather is here.  If we could just get one really heavy rain the grass would pop to it’s vibrant green again.  I’ll be supervising Mama and Papa as they rejuvenate the big 6 foot diameter wreath at our front door, filling it with spring flowers.  It’s always a chore and Papa hauls out a huge aluminum ladder as I watch them go up and down, up and down adjusting flowers here and there until they get it just right.  We’re really excited that our Auntie Blue, Uncle Clinton and the twins just got home Wednesday from the sunny south, just in time to celebrate Easter with us.  We’ll all be together for a big turkey dinner on Sunday along with our  Uncle Tom and Aunt Shelley.  Nicholas and I sure love turkey and our vet says it’s very good for us,  so we’re happy puppies! Yummy, yummy.

I’ve been faithfully doing my underwater treadmill at the vet all winter keeping my muscle mass built up and my fat level down (he says) but if the weather stays nice this weekend Mama has promised me a trip to New River so that I might swim in the bay!  Oh joy, oh bliss!  What could be more exciting for a Newfoundland dog?  Not too much, the Budster will attest!!!  Nicholas will run around the beach, acting the fool and chasing a ball  but the water will be too cold for him.  Not too cold for the Budster, I’ll jump right in!  I find it sooo refreshing.  Seems like forever since I had my last swim, last fall.

Team Platinum has been as busy as bees  this spring with Mama and Candace racking up the sales!  It’s so nice after several years of a soft market to see things on the move again.  This is easily the busiest we’ve been in 5 years!  So good for buyers to find their dream homes in the middle of an inviting economy with mortgage rates at an all time low.  So good for the sellers to know that families are relocating to our area again and local families are ready for a change.  Some are upsizing, looking for an extra bedroom , a larger yard or a pool, some empty nesters are down sizing, looking to simplify their lives with an easy care home with low maintenance.  Boaters, sailors, canoers and kayakers are looking for waterfront property to enjoy their summer fun.   Young professionals are excited about their first home or condominium.  Retirees want to head south for spell in the winter, lock the door of a condo and forget about the snow for awhile.  It’s all about lifestyle and no matter what your dreams are we can help make it happen!  So we say leap into spring in the home of your dreams!


Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter, hope the bunny finds your house and mine!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy April 7th, 2017

April showers bring May flowers!  Big Buddy Bacon is all ready for the showers and so is his little side kick, Nicholas.  We’ve got our snappy yellow rain coats all set out for the wet weather with New Brunswick tartan collars, pocket and lining.  We had to have them custom made as no stores here sell coats for a dog built like Buddy Bacon.  I think they are pretty cool, waterproof and little Nicolas is strutting proud in his holding his tail high!


Candace sold another house today in Woodleigh Park on Colchester Dr!  Yeah Candace, way to go!  We’re so proud of you!  Gus Dixon was in this week for his professional cut and shampoo, getting all dolled up and looking fine!  That’s all Mama had to hear and she’s right on our case to get a long overdo bath.  For heaven sake’s Gus, don’t say anything just hit the groomer and keep it to yourself.  Now we’re gonna be nagged day and night until we jump in that tub!!!  I did get my nails trimmed when I was at the vet today for my water treadmill session with Bogdan.  I gotta stay in shape because I’ve been working at it all winter and beach weather is right around the corner and will be here before I know it!

Nice article in the TJ this past week on our dear friend Sandy Robertson’s fantastic private island with drive-on causeway, Robertson’s Point.  Buddy Bacon can tell you that he’s been out on this island and it is truly awesome with groomed trails, beaches, great swimming, boating, deep water anchorage and some of the best sunset views you’ll see this side of Hawaii, all that a big loveable Newfoundland boy could ever ask for in a property and more.  Check it out below and call Mama for a tour.  The perfect spot for your dream home!


The Team will not be hosting open houses on Easter weekend in respect for the season and also in respect for our sellers who want to enjoy quality time with their families from near and far.  We will resume on the 29th and 30th with some special events.  Keep posted for more details!

Jazzy Burns (Standard Poodle) at 17 Waterview Place dropped the price of his home today to $325,000.  This is great value for a very high quality, architecturally designed home with a huge acre plus fenced yard, 9-16 foot ceilings, hardwood floors and cosy wood-burning fireplace.  Be careful jazzy not to snuggle up too close to that cosy flame just in case the sparks fly!  Jazzy is a wild and crazy guy just like our Nicholas and I’m thinking these guys would have a ball together!  I’m going to mention it to Mama that she should set up a play date for the two of them.  I’m not sure who’ll run faster or jump higher but Buddy Bacon is ready to watch all the action from the side-lines!


Our little cousins Myra and Lucas (the Pomeranian twins) will be heading home from the sunny south this Sunday, leaving early at 6am!  Not a day too soon with temperatures there hitting 98F recently they can’t wait to get back to the air conditioned city and to their home here in the valley.  They will take their time with Uncle Clinton at the wheel and Aunt Blue navigating the highways and byways.  They’ve been doing this for 20 years so they know these roads like the back of their hand.  We expect them to arrive sometime Wednesday and we just can hardly wait!  Its going to be a shocker when they arrive here and it’s still below freezing at night.  We sent Uncle Clinton a text and warned him to get out his Stansfield’s and to brace himself!  We don’t worry about the cousins as they have gorgeous big red coats like foxes but what about our dear Auntie Blue!  She’d better get out her flannels, wool sweater, warmest jacket and even her gloves because it’s going to be a shocker long before she gets anywhere near our border.

Have a great weekend and we’ll talk with you soon.

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy March 31st, 2017

Congratulations to Herbie Paxton on the sale of his beautiful waterfront home in Morrisdale.  If I had any say I’d have been moving right into this one myself Herbie!  With the big yard, fine sandy beach and deep waterfront for swimming, it’s all the Budster really wants in life.  Oh, and I almost forgot, there was an awesome house thrown into the package too!  Nice pic of Herbie below on his patio in Morrisdale.  Good luck to you and your family in your new home Herbie!

We thought we were getting off easy but winter is back!  And don’t I know it!  I was on my way home from the clinic with Mama on Monday from my water treadmill session with Dr. Bogdan and we stepped out of the clinic into a winter wonderland!  A lot of wet fresh fallen snow had come down while I was in my appointment.  Good thing we’re driving an all-wheel drive SUV and it’s not too far from the clinc at the Fairvale Animal Hospital to our house on Renshaw Road because we barely make it home!  The road was covered with a coating of ice and then six inches of snow on top of it.  Even though Mama drove super slow, we were sliding all around as were the other drivers.  When we tuned from the Rothesay Road into the Renshaw Road we made in onto Renshaw and then slam right into the snow bank!  I couldn’t believe it, I looked all around and said, “What to heck Mama, keep’r between the poles please!”  Good thing mama had the Budster in back for extra weight over the wheels for added traction.  And good thing she has lots of experience with driving in icy conditions as we needed this combo to get out of that snow bank.  When she was around 20 she used to ice race motorcycles, something like flat track.  As she says, that wasn’t yesterday!  I say, that’s okay, just use what you know and get us to heck out of here.  So we gently rocked back and forth a few times and out we came.  Then the challenge was to get up that big long hill.  This is where I think it was very important that I added this extra weight to the back.  We kept gaining momentum as we went  and flew right into our garage.  Nicholas had stayed home with papa and I told him all about it.  “You missed all the action little fella”.  Mama says spring is going to hit any day now and let me tell you we’re all ready!

Candace is busy with another out of town buyer this weekend and the Team has several open houses planned for Saturday and Sunday, all between 2pm and 4pm.  On Saturday we are featuring 467 Clearview Row, West at $249,000 and 241 Eriskay Drive Rothesay at $578,000.  Then Sunday we feature 2374 Rothesay Road at $650,000 and 3105 Rothesay Road at $989,000.  We invite you to drop by to view this exceptional properties.  Hope to see you soon,

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy, March 22nd, 2017

Heads Up!  A furry friend, Marley, a light blonde, 1 1/2 years old golden doodle is MISSING from the Stanley, Maclaggan Bridge area since March 17th!!!  Anyone seeing Marley please call her owner Jessica Worrall immediately at 506-461-290 or email at!  Thank you to all the people searching for Marley and please Tweet, Facebook, Instagram and share in everyway you can this important message!  Marley, Nicholas and I are sooo hoping that you are found soon!

The weather has been insane!  Warm and cold, sunshine, rain and some days, short periods of the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen.  Many of our clients have been away to the south for holidays missing some of this crazy winter.  Mama and Candace have sold some of their homes while they are away, busily tracking them down at their southern resorts email and faxing through the paperwork.  Mama likes to joke about saying “If you really want to sell your house, head out of town!”  It seems to be something she calls “Murphy’s Law” whatever that means.  All I know is that sales are up and that’s always a good think in Southern New Brunswick!

Mama had a fantastic open house weekend at 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove.  It ran both Saturday and Sunday giving viewers a choice of days to view these beautifully finished waterfront condominiums.  The weather cooperated beautifully with deep blue skies, sunshine and not a cloud in the sky!  The open house was in the staged show home but they also had their features sheets ready highlighting the new larger units to be built with 2-car attached garage and your choice of finishes including in the price.  For example; if you prefer blonde maple or dark oak flooring, crisp white cabinetry or rich sold cherry, granite count tops or quartz, the choice is yours, no difference in the price!  You can have whatever finishes you prefer, all included showing great value for your hard-earned dollar with no surprise overruns on cost allowances!

Mama at 21 Upper Deck Lane Open House.

Nicholas and I have been doing a lot of walking with this warmer weather as spring approaches.  We hae a sign hanging at our back door which reads “Wipe your paws” and this time of year wiping your paws is a must!  Hope to see you on the trails!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, February. 25th, 2017

Well as happy as I was two weeks ago with all the snow storms, Nicholas is just over the moon this week with the beautiful mild weather. It’s just like spring and he’s been enjoying playing in the yard with me for hours on end. It was difficult to get him out in the stormy weather for even fifteen minutes(some days even five minutes). You just never know what you are going to get these days yet many still argue that there is no such thing as climate change even though we are more prone to get a green Christmas now in Atlantic Canada then we are a white one! Then a month later we can’t see out our windows for all the snow. I don’t know but it seems to Buddy Bacon that something funky is going on with the weather. Nicholas and our dear friend Gus Dixon agree!

Nicholas and I have enjoyed watching the skaters on the Rothesay Common Rink. Crazy Nicholas wanted to give it a try on double runners but I told him he’s nuts! He said Isaac Dixon could give us a few pointers, Gus says he’s a fab skater and a hockey player too! I tell you now there is absolutely no way Big Buddy Bacon is going out on that ice. It’s okay for Gus to head out with his family across the river but let’s face it; the little guy is being carried!!! Joe Atlas himself couldn’t carry the Budster around on a pair of skates. I told Nick and Gus to just forget this whole skating thing and be happy that our office is right there on the Common and we get to watch them along with Oliver, Connor and the team right out the office windows. We can tell you first hand that they take great care of the rink and many in our community are enjoying it.

On another topic, our Uncle Tom has adopted a stray cat that came to his door in the big snow storm! Tom and or aunt have never been cat people but they both love animals and are very kind by nature. So when this big grey fluffy kitty came to the door hungry in the middle of a storm they took it in and fed it, tried to find out where it came from to no avail and gave it a home! Now all they have to do is name it. I’m suggesting the name ‘Lucky’ cause this dude just won the lotto! A pet couldn’t get a better home than with our aunt and uncle.

For all you winter enthusiasts out there enjoying the skating, skiing, sledding, etc. have a great weekend and keep an eye out for Buddy Bacon on your travels.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy February 17th 2017

Wow! Be careful what you wish for!!! I was kind of sour we had no snow this winter but now it’s to my eyeballs and everyone else is sour but me! Nicholas has gone completely nuts jumping in the snow drifts. He actually went right out of sight in one, then came flying out like a Tasmanian devil!

We’ve had a great time in the yard with our Uncle Tom who’s been snow blowing our walkways with his fancy Honda snow blower, it’s really powerful in this deep snow. The snow on our front walk is half way up the windows, way over my head. Good thing I go to Dr Bogdan for the under water treadmill as the trails are totally out of commission now.

This Sundays Candace is hosting an open house planned for 21 Upper Deck in Drury Cove from 2-4pm. This waterfront condo is huge with 9 foot plus tray ceilings, easy-care gleaming hardwood floors, propane fireplace, open concept, main floor laundry and master bedroom with large closet and 5-piece ensure bath. A finished daylight walkout basement with huge windows, paved drive way, attached garage and air to air heat pump completes the picture. This home is all about lifestyle with boating, kayaking, fishing, cross country skiing and skating right at your door step! Perfect for empty jesters and young professionals. Heading south this winter? Just turn the key in the lock and head for the airport, no worries when you enjoy condo living. Oh and let’s not forget, the perfect place for puppies big and small with walking trails and waterfront for swimming! Sound good to Buddy Bacon! Nicholas agrees!

Enjoy your week and hopefully you’ll get a break from shoveling!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy February 10, 2017

The walking has been great in this mild weather especially now that it’s not so icy or slippery out! This new wee bit of snow is much better than the ice we had two weeks ago. Nicholas and I have been enjoying the trails at the top of Allison Drive. We’ve met a few more nice friends there including Golden Doodles, Golden Retrievers, Spaniels and more. All nice friendly dogs. Nicholas had a ball with the Golden Doodles and the Retriever as they love to run and are fast like him. I’m hoping one of these days I bump into a friend my size like a Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland, St Bernard or something like that. A guy that’s really friendly, calm, loving and more laid back like me, who enjoys meandering along the trails not looking to race around wide open like a banshee, it’s just not my style. I don’t think I’ve ever bumped into a big dog on the Allison/Spy Glass trails. Hey big guys and gals, if you’re in the neighbourhood come on out!

My little cousins Myra and Lucas, the toy Pomeranians, are doing well in Florida. The weather is lovely this week but they went through a gale last week with high winds, hard rains and a lot of thunder and lightning! Glad Nicholas and I weren’t there, we don’t like thunder and lightning, not one little bit. Our Auntie Blue says that we’ve never seen thunder and lightning like they get in central Florida! She doesn’t like it much either. When it happens here Nicholas gets under the bed. Big Buddy won’t fit under the bed, hahahaha! But I sure can jump in the bed and Mama puts the covers over my head!

Did you see my pic featured on the National Weather Network earlier this week? We were out on the golf course with not a spec of snow to be seen and Mama snapped my picture. It’s had lots of hits. So unusual to see such mild weather this time of year! Here is the pic that was featured.

If you are out and about this weekend please drop by and say hello to Candace at her open house at 140 Chelsea Drive, Quispamsis. This is the perfect family home with open concept, finished basement, three bedrooms up, main floor laundry, family room, nice flat yard and two car attached garage. Best of all the price was just dropped to $299,900 and it has an awesome view of the Kennebecasis River! Hope to see you there.

Have a great weekend, drive safely and stay warm!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy February 3rd, 2017

Well you should see the big boy that came to our area this week from Halifax with his family looking for a home in our area!  See the pic attached.  Mama said he would make a great playmate for our Big Buddy Bacon!  Then she showed me his picture and I said, “He sure would!”.  He’s a Bernese Mountain Dog, about the same size as me, similar temperament with the only difference being that he is not a swimmer like the Budster.  They are friendly, well behaved and really laid back, just like me.  I don’t get to see or spend time with guys my size so I hope his family chose a house really close to mine so that I can show him the ropes with all the trails, beaches, fields, etc.  I think Nicholas and Gus Dixon would like him too!  Who doesn’t like a Berner???  I can see it all now, best friends,Ben and Buddy!

Buyers are steadily coming in from out of province.  Mama and Candace are on the whirlwind tour this weekend with a couple from Toronto!  All those from away love our area, proximity to the city, easy commute and best of all our New Brunswick prices!!!  They must think they died and gone to Heaven!


The team is featuring not only one but two open houses this weekend from 2-4pm both on Eriskay Drive in Rothesay off Grove Avenue and Highland Avenue.  Both are newer construction with every imaginable bell and whistle and both have had a recent price drop!  Candace will be at 241 Eriskay Drive $578,000 (home of my friend Jazzy and featured in Buddy’s Best this week) which is a stunning three bedroom ranch-style home so tastefully decorated inside and out.  Candace says it’s like something straight out of a magazine and we’re sure you’ll agree!  Amy will be at 299 Eriskay Drive $958,000, right next door which is a two storey home with stone façade, three bedrooms up and one in the finished basement.  If you enjoy the latest in finishes and style, we invite you to drop in to say hello and enjoy these two design treasures!

My friend Jazzy at 241 Eriskay Drive.

Hope you have a great weekend,

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy January 27th, 2017

Wow, what a winter!!!  Everyone is just over the moon with this beautiful mild winter with temperatures above freezing many days and no snow most of the time!  Mama and Papa are ecstatic.  Nicholas and I not so much.  It does make for easier walking so we do get out and about more but no one enjoys the snow more than Big Buddy Bacon.  I just love to roll in it,  run it in, lay in it, I even eat a bit the snow too.  What’s more fun than laying in a snow drift while the white stuff falls all around you?  With my big Newf coat I’m cozy and warm for sure.  Little Nicholas not so much.  That’s why Mama puts the cute little fur lined coats on him if it drops below freezing.  He looks pretty cute and he seems to enjoy wearing them.

The market is still very busy not just for this time of year but for any time of year with professionals relocating from Toronto, Halifax, BC, England and beyond for local projects.  Candace and Mama have been on the whirlwind tour showcasing our finest properties  to these people in a wide price range from $250,000 to over $1 Million.  We also notice that showings are up across the board with agents from all companies showing plenty of our listings to potential buyers.  So refreshing to have the market on the upswing after years of a soft economy.

We invite you to join us at our Fine Homes International(TM) Open House this Sunday featuring select properties on the “Golden Mile” of Rothesay Road.  Mama will be at 3105 Rothesay Road, $989,000, a stunning, very well-kept estate with a gourmet kitchen, butler’s pantry, spacious rooms, mature landscaping and character galore with not only a grand stair case but a back staircase as well.  Candace will be hosting 2374 Rothesay Road $650,000, which is beautifully updated with modern granite kitchen, hardwood flooring, sun room, modern bathrooms including the 5-piece ensuite master bath. This inviting home not only comes with a panoramic sunset water view of the Kennebecasis River but also beach rights!  Moor your boat right out front, go for a swim or enjoy a bon fire on the shore for tons of fun in the summer sun!  These are two of my favourite properties as Nicholas and I could have plenty of fun romping on the acreage of 3105 Rothesay Road and swimming in the river at 2374 Rothesay Road.

It was so nice to bump into Linda who came over to say hello to me yesterday at the Rothesay Post Office.  She said she recognized me from my picture in the Real Estate Guide!  I was hanging out the window of my SUV enjoying a bit of fresh air with Nicholas on the other side when I heard a voice say, “That’s Buddy Bacon” and over she comes right over to say hello and to give our ears a nice rub.  Nice seeing you Linda, hope to bump into you again soon!

Hope you all have a good week and we’ll talk soon,

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon




Blogging with Buddy

Although Friday the 13th is considered unlucky by many people it was our Grampy’s lucky day ! Everything good happened to Mama’s father Tom on  Friday the 13th and he rejoiced at It’s arrival. Nicholas and I think that it’s rubbed off on Mama as she has great luck on these days as well and picked up another day . Her, Candace and Amy have been busy bees all through the holidays and beyond with influx of out-of-town buyers and locals alike choosing homes in our area. Mama says this is this is the busiest she’s seen the market in at least five years.

I just don ‘t know what to make of the weather! I was enjoying the snow and then it dropped so cold that Nicholas couldn’t stay out to play with me for too long. Then it went mild and melted the snow which left a lot of ice. That really messed up everything especially our daily walks as where do you walk that isn’t super slippery. I’m very sure and steady on my feet and not the fastest guy around, just kind of plugging along  but Nicholas is like greased  lighting and we worry about him flying around on the ice. Then we get all that rain which got rid of most of the ice so I’m thinking this is great for walking but now it drops really cold again which means Nicholas is wearing his warm winter coat and Mama is bundled up like crazy. She says this is winter in New Brunswick and you just never know what you’ll get.

If you are out and about on Sunday drop into our open house at 21 Upper Deck in the Highlands of Drury Cove from 2pm-4pm

This extraordinary waterfront condominium with all the latest bells and whistles. It is so spacious with huge windows,fireplace, heat pump and A/C, one of the best finished walk-out  , daylight  basements you’ll ever see and a beautiful view of the water. I invite you to stop by to say hello and take a little tour. See you around.

Your Pal

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy January 6, 2017

Happy New Year!  Nicholas and I had a pretty quiet New Year’s Eve watching the apple drop on TV at Times Square.  So many people!  Mama and Papa got all dolled up and went out to a gala and we two dudes were at home.  It was good for us to have a quiet night after all the Christmas hoop la and company coming and going.  Papa went overboard this year and brought home a 12 foot tree (live of course) which was placed in the foyer.  It was the perfect shape and Mama said we’re going to let him pick them all from now on!  What fun it was to watch the family decorate it.  Papa carried in a big aluminum ladder and started first with the angel at the top, then many strings of multi-coloured lights and then lots of glass ornaments.  Some of our ornaments are very old belonging to Mama’s mother and also her grandmother (these ones are 100 years old, very delicate and handled with the upmost of care).  We were good boys just laying back admiring the beautiful tree and enjoying the fresh scent of balsam fir.  Mama kept adding water to be sure it didn’t dry out.  We all love our live tree.  We’ve been tempted to go artificial so we could leave it up longer but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it.  Our Uncle Tom has a gorgeous artificial tree that he leaves up for the month of December and each unique glass bulb is stunning.

Mama and Team Platinum were as busy as bees over the holidays with Candace, Mama and Amy showing houses to out of town clients here from Toronto.  This is the busiest winter we’ve seen in five years.  So nice to see relocators accepting jobs here in Saint John again and needing a new home ASAP!  It’s so important to our team to find them just the perfect house in the perfect location and show them the local sites, shops and conveniences.  The team was in their glory doing what they do best selling the city, the valley, and our inviting properties.  We’ll be taking a few weeks off from open houses over early January but will start up again later in the month.

Nicholas and I wish you good health, peace, joy and abundance throughout 2017!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and a ho, ho, ho to you and yours!  Nicholas and I are sooo ready for Santa Paws tonight!  The little guy is wound up like a top and can hardly contain himself, running around sticking not just his nose but his entire head in every bag he finds!!!  I’m trying to stay more laid back and cool about it all but I’ve got the Christmas spirit make no mistake about it.  I was out early this morning rolling in the snow (one of my very favourite things to do) and throwing a ball in the air and catching it.  Nicholas hid his ball in the snow thinking he was hiding it on me but I saw where it went out of the corner of my eye, ha, ha, ha!  I’ll wonder out alone a bit later and check that out!  Hee, hee, hee.  Mama says I’d better be a good boy, especially today of all days.  We had family members arrive from Ottawa last Sunday to stay with us for the holidays and we have more family arriving tonight.  Tonight we have our annual seafood feast and then tomorrow we’ll wake up to the delicious aroma of roasting turkey which mama puts in the oven before we go to bed tonight!  Everyone in our family are all good cooks and each one will have their speciality to prepare!  Nicholas and I just sit back and wait for some leftovers with baited breath and paws crossed!  We’ll be home alone tonight for just a bit while our family go to church.  Mama reminds us that the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of the Christ Child and that’s what we are actually celebrating at Christmas time.  While they are gone Nicholas and I will lay back quietly on the sofa just admiring the twinkling lights on our little tree in the family room but when our family burst through the back door we’ll be ready to celebrate in a big way.

Nicholas and I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas filled with love surrounded by family.  We wish you good health, happiness and lots of turkey and doggy treats!

Merry Christmas

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy, December 9, 2016

Tis the Season!  Nicholas and I are getting sooo very excited with Christmas just around the corner.  This wisp of snow really helps get us in the Spirit too!  Mama has been decorating like crazy inside and out.  Finally she is all done and the place looks very festive to say the least (Papa even helped a bit this year).  She seems to really enjoy it (brings back memories from her decorating days), the Christmas tunes are blasting and the eggnog is flowing.

We put our own wee tree up on the weekend (4 footer).  Started with the lights, then the garland (which is artificial candies) then the ornaments and a few bows.  We’ve got some awesome ornaments handed down to us from Theodore and Laddie the dogs and the original owner, William the cat!  The ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and everything is an animal!!!  Mostly they are dogs but also cats, horses, raccoons, mice, squirrels, rabbits, bears etc.  I love the tree but Nicholas is just gaga over it!  He just stares at it from the couch then walks over and checks it all out from top to bottom.  He keeps looking underneath like he can’t wait for Christmas morning to happen.  That’s when he really goes nuts!  A little more than two weeks away but who’s counting?

One of our favourite ornaments!

Special Christmas Open House with Steven hosting this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 28 Mecklenburg Street in uptown Saint John.  Come enjoy a Victorian Christmas and a cup of Christmas cheer at this stunning home within walking distance to all uptown amenities!

Mama will be at 21 Upper Deck in Drury Cove on Sunday from 2-4pm showcasing this modern condominium on the waterfront with huge finished daylight walkout basement and heat pump!

Hope you’re enjoying this festive season and all it entails!  Don’t overdo it and I hope to see you around over the holidays!  “Oh boy Nicholas, look out the window, it’s snowing again!!!”

Your Pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, Dec. 1st, 2016

Wow, what happened? I woke up Wednesday morning to a winter wonderland and now it’s gone! Nicholas and I were over the moon we were both so excited. Mama had us out walking early that morning while it was still snowing. Nicholas went racing around and we both made snow angels rolling in the frosty flakes. I hate it when it rains like it has been the rest of the week as we have to stay indoors (boring) but Mama says rain is important this time of year to give the trees enough water to get them through the winter. We are all so hoping for a white Christmas. Just like the song, ” I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas”, Big Buddy Bacon is dreaming big! Dreaming that Santa is going to find our house too! I’ve tried to be a good boy all year. Mama, Papa, Auntie Blue, Dr Kelly and Bogdin all say I’m a very good boy so I say I should get something very special. Now Nicholas, I’m not so sure of. He has his moments but he does get himself into quite a bit of mischief! (not that I’m a tattletale).

We’ve been busy with our outdoor decorating and it’s all done! Nicholas and I were out with Mama for days getting it just so (she’s so fussy). Papa did the LED lights and helped with the big wreath at the front door while Mama did 12 big planters at the front entrance and the window box on the garden shed with boughs and different shrubs off our own property. We think it looks nice and it was a lot of fun too!wreath-2017

This weekend Steven is hosting another open house at Chapel Hill Estates at 16 Mapledawn Court $239,900, in a lovely easy care, affordable living, garden home in a very popular Rothesay area near all amenities!  His recent one was so popular that he’s hosting another! This home is perfect for young professionals, empty nester and retirees alike! Drop by and say hello, Steven is happy to give  you the grand tour!

I’m heading out out this weekend to get my Christmas tree, oh boy, oh joy! We always get a live tree! We love the fresh scent of the live greens in the house, makes it really smell like Christmas. Papa said we can go to 9 feet but that’s the limit. We had a 12 footer once but Papa said never again, he put his foot down, said it was too much work and took too long to trim. We tried to argue the point but it was no use. When Papa puts his foot down, it’s down! Hope you have a great weekend and get out there and enjoy this festive time of year. Hope to see you out and about!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Baconbuddy-paw-print

Blogging with Buddy November 18, 2016

Busy, busy weekend for Team Platinum with showings of residential homes and multi-family buildings as well as four open houses on Sunday from 2-4pm.  Mama is at 229 Eriskay Drive in Rothesay, $975,000, a stunning two-story stone home with exceptional sleek modern interior, Candace is right next door at 241 Eriskay Drive, $599,000, a stylish ranch-style with the latest in design, colour and layout, Jody is at 28 Branch, $529,000, a two story with stunning modern interior, oversized master with  huge Palladian window, impressive ensuite and finished loft and Steven is at popular Chapel Hill Estates at 16 Mapledawn Court $239,000,  in a lovely easy care, affordable living, garden home with open concept, skylight, huge master bedroom, four-piece ensuite bath and gleaming hardwood flooring within walking distance to SuperStore and close to all valley, shops, markets and restaurants (including Vito’s which I personally enjoy)!

You know I was thinking this week that I am so fortunate to have such a sweet brother as Nicholas.  The little guy is always up for some fun any time of the day.  He likes to cuddle with me on the sofa and is protective of me as well.  Heaven help any dog who acts aggressive towards me when I’m out on the trails as my brother is right there to look after me.  He just stands between me and them with that stance that he has; ears up, body rigid and they know to back off.  If they play nice and are fast runners then he runs like crazy taking turns playing tag with them, both having a great time but they’d better play nice with the Budster!


I’ve been walking the trails of Spy Glass Hill and Allison daily without fail as well as enjoying the underwater treadmill with Dr. Bogdin at Fairvale Animal Hospital once a week.   Much to my both my doctor’s glee, Bogdin and Kelly, I’m now down a whopping 21 pounds!  Yes suree!  Feeling good and looking fine!!!  Nicholas is scared I’ll get all the attention now from the girls and I have to tell ya it’s working.  The Budster turns on the charm and they just melt, ha ha ha!  “Oh, look at the beautiful big black and white dog, isn’t he handsome!  What’s your name?”  “My friends call me Budster”!  Nicholas just rolls his eyes and groans!!!  I love it!

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy this mild weather (you know what’s coming)!  Hope to see you on the trails to say hello.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Baconbuddy-paw-print





Blogging with Buddy November 11, 2016

We’ve had a very quiet day today, Remembrance Day, reflecting with Mama and Papa on all the veterans and all they’ve given up for us to live in a free country.  We give our heartfelt thanks!  Papa was in the army in Kingston, Ontario when he was only sixteen years old and had never been away from his family or his home.  A dramatic experience but he has fond memories of his time there and often talks with Mama about it.  His father, Everett, is a World War II veteran of the Canadian Army.  He fought overseas in Europe and has many medals of honour which Papa has proudly mounted in a shadow box on a wall in our home.


We’re a bit sad that our cousins Myra and Lucas will be leaving tomorrow for the sunny south for the winter as we’ll miss them, our dear Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.  Myra and Lucas are not sad; they are so excited and can hardly wait!  Being so tiny (about 3 ½ pounds each) they do not like the snow and the cold like us big boys do and look forward to the warm balmy breezes blowing through the palm trees out in front of their house.  We wish them safe travels; a fantastic winter and look forward to welcoming them back home in the late spring.  (It seems so far away).  Auntie Blue loves the shopping in the south (she’s the best shopper we know) and Uncle Clinton absolutely hates the cold so he’ll be right in his glory!

Candace is enjoying her work with a first time home buyer this weekend looking at waterfront, Steven is helping a family find a nice waterview home while Jody concentrates on investment properties.  We have open houses lined up for Saturday 2-4pm at 90 Javin Hill with a large one acre lot, inviting home with huge windows galore and a 3-car garage with loft.  On Sunday 2-4pm we hope you’ll drop by 125 Mount Pleasant Ave within walking distance to 2200 acre Rockwood Park.  This property is “Buddy’s Best” pick in the Real Estate Guide on Saturday describing the loads of fun that can be had right within the city with trails for hiking and biking, lakes for swimming and hills for sledding providing year-round fun for the whole family including your four-legged friends!  Mama’s parents use to take her here every weekend as a little girl along with aunts, uncles and cousins so she has oodles of memories and stories to share, knowing Rockwood Park first hand!  We’re hoping to get up there to walk the trails, so if you see us be sure to say “hello”.

Your pal,


Big Buddy Bacon buddy-paw-print





Blogging with Buddy November 4, 2016

It’s certainly getting brisk out there! Put’s a little spring in your step doesn’t it? I’ve been doing a lot (let me repeat, a lot) of walking. Every single day, Nicholas and I are out there investiging every nook and cranny, every squirrel and chipmonk on the trails of Rothesay. Our favouite haunt lately has been from the end of Allison Drive and the top of Spy Glass Hill. We enjoy swooshing through the fallen autumn leaves (that little speed freak Nicholas runs wide open up and down the trails), the cool wind whistling through our fur and I’m happy as can be trailing along beside Mama. We usually go just before and during dusk, it’s our favourite time of the day when Mama says “Okay, who wants to go for a walk?” With tails wagging we say in unison, “I do, I do!” We’re so fortunate to live within walking distance of such beautiful natural surroundings and the view from Spy Glass Hill is enough to take your breath away! Mama says that she is going to bring our new friend and manager Amy with her little dog Oliver to see it. We haven’t met Oliver yet but Mama has and she says he’s absolutely adorable (Nicholas had his nose out of joint and was a bit pea green with that statement!). We’re going to ask if Candace can bring Gus and Jody can bring Jack then we’ll have the entire Platinum four-legged clan there!!! Sounds like lots of fun to us!

We enjoyed, what we expect to be our last swim of the season, last night at Riverside Park at dusk. I must admit it was a bit chilly but no more so than the Bay of Fundy which I enjoy so very much. Now Nicholas, that’s another story! He didn’t enjoy it as much as the Big Bud did, wading around just over his skinny little knees, he preferred to run up and down the beach. We can’t go to the golf course any more now as it’s been totally taken over by the Canada Geese in great numbers. And you know what Canada Geese do, and they do it everywhere! We still see the odd golfer out there swinging away but we expect they must be wearing hip-wadders (if you know what I mean)! Hahahaha.

Candace has been busy with a new high-end buyer who she’s taking great care of and Jody is excitedly planning a very special upcoming Friday Night Twilight Open House at a custom luxury property. Stay posted for more details and watch the business section of the Telegraph Journal for our ad as well as social media coverage orchestrated by Candace! The market has been strong all summer and continues to be so into the autumn for Team Platinum.

Steven is back from his well-deserved holiday and he hit the ground running! Off the plane and right back at it. You can’t keep a good man down! He’s as brown as a berry and totally relaxed after some fun in the sun and R & R in the sunny south. He’s hosting two open houses this weekend. On Saturday he invites you to join him from 2-4pm at 140 Chelsea Drive in Quispamsis near Vincent Road. This family home has a nice-sized flat lot, finished daylight basement and a stunning sunset river view all for $325,000. On Sunday he’s featuring a spacious waterfront executive home at 59 Anchorage Avenue with panoramic view of Grand Bay and the St. John River plus it’s own private beach! This modern, open concept home features finished daylight walkout basement and a very rare feature as all four large bedrooms on the upper floor have ensuite bathrooms!

Hope to see you on the trails this weekend,

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon, buddy-paw-print

Blogging with Buddy, October 28, 2016

Are you all ready for Halloween?  Nicholas and I are all set, costumes ready and looking for treats!  We know a few good tricks if we don’t get any haha (but don’t tell Mama)!  Share with me a pic of your costume to, love to see it.

If you’re out and about walking the trails of Rothesay or Quispamsis don’t forget that the bow hunters are out with permission from the town and some of the property owners to shot the local doe.  We are always very careful to wear our hunter orange scarves and we met a boy and girl this morning (German Short Haired Pointer and Springer Spaniel) who were also wearing loud bells that sounded like cow bells.  We could hear them coming for a mile away!  Mama asked their parents where they got them and they said an Outdoor Outfitters.  Seems like a good idea.  You can never be too careful when in the woods during hunting season.

It’s the season for hunter’s orange!

Steven is taking it easy on a very well deserved holiday to the sunny south.  We hope he gets a nice dark tan and some R & R!  I heard he’d be swimming in a pool and I was pea green with envy!  I’d have carried his luggage to tag along but Mama says it’s too hot for a big Newf like me down there.  Candace and Jody have been busy with showings to potential buyers and Mama’s been negotiating offers like crazy.  Busiest we’ve been in five years!  Meanwhile I got the lock box removed off 3189 Rothesay Road now that is sold.  Happy to be doing my part for team!
So happy to have the lockbox off 3189 Rothesay Road.

I continue on my program with Dr. Bogdin and this week started the underwater treadmill!!!  Boy oh boy, it’s unbelievable!  I walk right into this huge glass tank and surprise, surprise, Dr Bogdin comes right in with me. He’s is so very nice and kind.  You can tell he really loves animals, calls me Big Boy!  We get in and he turns on the water which starts seeping in around the floor.  It’s rising higher and higher right up to my belly and then he hits a button and the big tread mill starts slowly moving.  At first I didn’t know what to think with the floor under me started moving but he was right there to reassure me that all was well and I started walking along through the water.  You know I love the water so this was a real treat.  We started out very easy at a slow walk for four minutes then I had a good rest and then we did this two more times.  I can tell you that it’s a work out but I felt great!  I highly recommend it!  Then he shut it off, the water drained out and I came back down the gradual ramp.  I’m going to be getting this once a week all winter and it will be especially good once the snow starts and the walking is not so good.
I hope you have a nice weekend.  Not supposed to be great weather but I can tell you that I’m certainly enjoying the cool refreshing temperatures.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  buddy-paw-print

Blogging with Buddy, October 21, 2016

Had another Bidding War last week!!!  What’s more fun than a bidding war in real estate?  Not too much, I can tell you.  Our listing at 36 Yacht Haven Lane was on the market for some time and then “Bam” it’s gone at a bidding war!  That’s how it goes with real estate, just when you think nothing is happening the fun begins.  Rare to have a bidding war in this market and this is our third this year so far!  We were sooo… excited that we went out to have our pics taken with Mama and the Sold sign, ha, ha, ha.  Congratulations to the owners!

36 Yacht Haven Lane, SOLD
3189 Rothesay Road, SOLD

Another exciting event for us is the sale of 3189 Rothesay Road, a stunning heritage home listed by Mama and sold by Steven on our Team Platinum.  Way to go Team!!!  This is our second sale of a large heritage home in the heart of Rothesay this year as earlier we sold 18 Hampton Road as well.  Team Platinum is on a roll!!!

I started a new diet this week with Dr Bogdin who specializes in Chinese medicine.  Dr Kelley is still my vet but I’m going to work on my weight loss with the natural herbs and ancient techniques that Dr Bogdin is so knowledgeable in.  He’s a super nice guy, calls me “Big Boy”.  Always talking with me and rubbing my fur while I’m there for my sessions.  With Dr Kelley and Dr Bogdin I’m in good hands!  This means extra work for Mama as all my meals are home cooked now with certain ingredients, no more dog food for Buddy Bacon!  I can tell you I’m loving it and feeling very spoiled.  Nicholas has his meals home cooked as well so he’s quick happy I’m on it.  I like to share with the little fella.  Mama will make up all our meals for the week on Sunday and then we’ll be ready to roll all week long.  I can tell you I’ve only been on this one week and no one can believe the difference in me!  I’m much more active, playing, walking and swimming further, faster and even doing a bit of running.  You can tell on my face that I’m a happier boy these days with my big smile!

Steven is hosting an open house this Saturday at 33 Deveber Terrace, Millidgeville, from 1:30pm – 4:30pm.  He invites you to drop in to view this lovely, well-kept bungalow in mint condition with tasteful updates.

Supposed to get some rain this weekend but I hope you have a great one.

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconPaw Print

Blogging with Buddy, October 14, 2016

Had an awesome Thanksgiving, hope you did too!  Lots of R & R for Nicholas and I.  Mama cooked a plump juicy turkey and we got to taste a wee bit.  She cooked it slowly all night and when we woke up the yummy aroma throughout the house was awesome!  Wish we’d had more as I don’t think we could ever get too much turkey!!!  Papa got tired of it pretty quickly as we heard him say, “Not more turkey!”.  What’s wrong with the guy?

The weather has been nuts, really warm days and some cool nights.  Nicholas isn’t too impressed with the cool nights but I absolutely love them!!!  Mama lets me out in the yard (I’m on the Invisible Fence) and I just roam around keeping an eye on my neighbourhood enjoying the cool weather.

I had another visit to my favourite vet, Dr Kelly.  She and her office are over the moon with me as I lost another five pounds which brings me to fifteen in total now!

This Saturday Steven is hosting two open houses in the city.  He’s at a great 4-bedroom starter home with plenty of potential at 233 Montreal Ave priced at $109,900 from 11 – 1pm.  Then from 2-4pm he’s at 467 Clearview Row.  Offered at $249,900, this well-kept home with Bay of Fundy sunset view features hardwood floors, great working kitchen, propane fireplace, large deck and more.

Sunday is a big day for Team Platinum with our Fine Homes International™ Rothesay Open House showcasing five of the finest homes in the area!  All will be open from 2pm -4pm and they are all close to each other in the heart of Rothesay so we invite you to visit all five.  These homes include 241 Eriskay Drive at $599,000, 2374 Rothesay Road at $650,000, 229 Eriskay Drive at $975,000, 3105 Rothesay Road at $989,000 and 6 Grove Ave at $1,175,000.  Each home is unique with select much desired features.  Hope to see you there!

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy September 30th, 2016

Fall is in the air and it makes me sooo happy!  I love the crisp cool mornings and refreshing sunny afternoons.  Perfect!  Thursday last week was the first official day of autumn.  Nicholas likes it too but not as much as the Budster.

I won’t be getting to New River Beach too much now with the cooler weather setting in, too cold for Mama.  If we get the odd nice day on the weekends I may get down for a refreshing swim in the Bay of Fundy.  Nicholas thinks I’m nuts paddling around, so happy in the cool water.  This time of year he puts his toe in and runs for the beach!  (If I was as skinny as him I wouldn’t swim in it either.)  You need meat on your bones to comfortably swim in the bay and if there is one thing Big Bud has its lots of meat on my bones! Okay don’t you laugh too hard Mr. Nicholas!

Mama says the real estate market is still going strong after an awesome summer and the offers are still coming in.  Buyers are on the move expecting good value for their dollar but ready to step up to the plate and write that offer.  She expects it’s all the good news of corporate expansion in our area and the recent influx of executives to assist with this growth of local development.

Steven is busy with open houses this weekend and will host 90 Javin Hill , East off Loch Lomond Road on Saturday from 2-4pm.  This four bedroom family home on 1.29 acres has inviting features including open concept, vaulted ceilings, H/W & ceramic floors, custom kitchen, huge sunny windows and a finished walkout basement with a woodstove.  All this is so attractive and to top it off there is a 3-car garage for the car enthusiasts in your family also perfect for storing your big toys such as motorcycles, canoe, kayaks or snowmobiles!  Sunday he’s at 35 Elizabeth Parkway in Hastings Cove, Rothesay Sunday from 2-4pm.  This fine waterfront home comes complete with mature landscaping and gravel beach on the Kennebecasis River with panoramic sunset water views.  This 3806 square foot home features a large living room with water view, dining room with covered patio access, family room with wood-burning fireplace, main floor guest bedroom with full bath and sitting room, modern kitchen with gas stove and stunning eating area surrounded by windows.  The second floor is just as impressive with a sitting area or exercise room with balcony, three additional large bedrooms including the master with huge walk-in closet and four-piece ensuite with oversized glass shower plus the main three-piece bath with tub/shower.  All this is topped off with an oversized two-car garage and storage room.

Don’t forget to get out this weekend and start shopping for that turkey and all the trimmings!  After all, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  We boys can hardly wait!  Have a great weekend.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, September 23, 2016

I’m sooo excited; I just listed a wonderful new ranch-style home (along with Mama and Candace’s help of course) at 241 Eriskay Drive in Rothesay for my new friend Jazzy Lynch.  See the pic attached.  Jazzy’ s place is only two years old, still under warranty and is in pristine condition (thanks to his Mama) with all the bells, whistles and latest in stylish modern finishes.  Jazzy says it’s a very inviting place to live with a nice flat yard with stone patio, lawn and woods in the back.  Nicholas and I love exploring in the woods as do most of our four-legged friends.  It has a fabulous kitchen so your Mama can bake or cook up a storm with all your favourite dishes and homemade treats.  Jazzy’ s mother likes to spoil him a little this way and I told him to keep that one on the down low but ours spoils us a bit too!

Jazzy Lynch is ready to Welcome You Home!

Nicholas and I were off to our vet Dr. Kelly on Wednesday.  We absolutely love Dr Kelly!!! Nicholas got his annual vaccines and snuck more than a few kisses.  I stopped in for my weigh in and low and behold I’m down close to another 3 pounds!!!  Dr Kelly was over the moon she is so happy with me (gave me a nice treat and one for Nicholas too).  That brings me down 10 pounds to 168 pounds, pretty good for a Newfoundland dog.  She says I have to keep at it.  My next goal is 160.  This week for the first time in a year I sat pretty all by myself!!!  Dr. Kelley says that’s good to keep my back muscles strong but for a long time I just wasn’t strong enough.  But I’m strong enough now and every time Mama turns around I’m sitting pretty!  Watch for that pic next week.  Ha ha Nicholas can’t do it, never could, his butt is too skinny, he can’t hold himself in position (don’t tell him I said that).

Buddy with his favourite vet, Dr Kelly!

Steven and Jody are hosting two open houses this Sunday from 2-4pm in Quispamsis.  Steven is at 140 Chelsea Drive, offered at $325,000.  A wonderful family home with huge windows, 3 full bathrooms, open concept, finished basement, and great view of the Kennebecasis River!  Jody is at 28 Branch Crescent, offered at $525,000 which although it’s only 8 years old, it has been totally refinished with spectacular modern finishes.  Porcelain floors gleam while chrome and crystal chandeliers just glisten.  If you’re into style, you’ll like this house which looks like something straight out of Houzz!

Although this has been a rainy day (we really need the rain) Nicholas and I are hoping to see some sunshine over the next few days, paws crossed.  Have a great weekend and we hope to see you soon.

Your pal

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Blogging with Buddy September 16, 2016

Well the little guy got in big trouble this week (actually grounded for a few hours for the first time ever).  I have to say that it wasn’t his entire fault but he’s the one that lost his cool.  It all started six months ago when he hid a favourite ball in Mama’s garden (hid it on the Budster).  Then the other day low and behold I’m walking down the walkway by the rock garden and my big nose smells something interesting.  I check it out and take a closer look and do a little digging of my own and what do I find but this nice orange ball.  A bit dirty but still in good shape, ha ha ha.  I’m one happy camper at this point!  I take the ball and head out to the front of the house.  Well Nicholas just about had a bird when he sees me trotting around the corner of the house with his ball in my mouth.  This is where I come out not so lily white because I squeaked that ball and rolled it around having a real good time with it.  I rolled on it, hid it under my belly then tossed it in the air and caught it.  Things weren’t going too bad until I shoved it in his face and then pulled it back away from him.  It was more than he could handle.  He jumped on me and threw me on the ground (he’s one strong fellow as he threw this 170 pound Newf puppy to the ground like greased lighting).  Then he jumped on top of me growling and showing his teeth with his face right up against mine.  I showed my big teeth and growled back (not that it did much good me being pinned to the ground).  Papa was right there beside us when all this happened and he was not very impressed to say the least.  Nicholas and I never fight but boys will be boys and Papa reached over and pulled him off me.  Whew!  So glad Papa was handy!  Nicholas was put in the house and I got to stay out in the garden enjoying the sunshine.  Both of us got a scolding, him for losing it and me because I never should have teased him.  Nicholas and I were both feeling bad about the whole thing so when I went in the house I went right to him and we rubbed noses and told each other how sorry we were, curled up together near the air conditioning vents and had a nice siesta.

Mama says the market is getting hotter by the minute!  I know her and the whole team has been as busy as bees and offers have been flying.  Mama says this is the busiest we’ve been in five years and it looks like the market is turning an important corner.  I know Nicholas and I are ready to roll doing whatever we can to help sell the properties.  Buddy Best is getting lots of attention in the TJ!  She just listed a wonderful property (she calls it Nantucket-style, I guess that means popular Cape Cod beach house) at 2374 Rothesay Road that we’re all very excited about!  The Team loves the updated house but Big Bud is super excited because it comes with deeded beach rights, yahoo!!!  What does that mean to you and to the Bud?  It means the full use of the nice beach right in front of the house!  Enjoying a refreshing swim whenever you want (you know the Budster is a great swimmer), bon fires, wiener roasts, relaxing with the breeze blowing gently off the water and mooring your boat right out front (I was born to be a boater, if you fall overboard I can save you, after all I’m a Newfoundland, it’s what I’m bred for).  The owners are very sweet and told Mama that as team members, it’s okay if Nicholas and I go to their beach for a swim so that we enjoy a first-hand experience of the lifestyle there to share with our buyers!  Yahoo, we’re ready!  Nicholas, grab a beach towel!  I’ll get some snaps while I’m there to share with you.  Steps lead right down to the beach and a lovely shaded area with a picnic table.  What does Buddy Bacon enjoy more than a cheeseburger picnic?  Not too much but don’t tell Dr Kelley, it would blow my diet right out of the park!

Here I am enjoying Riverside Park within easy walking distance to 2374 Rothesay Rd.

Speaking of Dr. Kelley (my favourite vet) I go to see her this coming Wednesday for a check-up and a weigh-in and Mama says she’s going to be very proud of me.  We took a new measurement of my neck and since May it has gone from 27” to 23”!  Mama says that’s impressive!  Pretty good for a Newfoundland dog.  She was so happy.  All my swimming (every evening, twice a day on weekends) and walking is paying off and I’ve stuck to my diet like glue.  There’s nothing nicer than seeing that sweet smile on Dr Kelley’s face when I step off her scales at my weigh-ins after a good week.  She bends down and rubs my ears, tells me how handsome I am and I just melt!

Saturday Steven is hosting a waterfront open house at 1279 Route 845 in Clifton Royal from 2-4 pm, just 2 minutes (left) from the Gondola Point Ferry.  This waterfront ranch has an amazing view, finished basement, 1.8 acres, 275 feet +/- shoreline, heated pool, beach and deep water anchorage!  Fantastic value at $265,000.

The entire Team Platinum is very busy this weekend with open houses!  Sunday we are having a Fine Homes International™ Waterfront Open House from 2-4pm at four of our stunning upscale properties, all are unique and all are waterfront located along the St John or Kennebecasis Rivers.  This list includes 35 Elizabeth Parkway in Hastings Cove, Rothesay at $1,298,000, 36 Yacht Haven Lane in the Moorings of Millidgeville at $798,000, 10 Luminous Lane, Morrisdale at $648,000 and 200 Inglewood Drive in Grand Bay at $589,000.  We invite you to join us, breathe deeply the fresh air off the water and take in the wonderful homes and natural surroundings.  We don’t call our upscale homes “A Buyer’s Gallery of Fine Homes” for nothing! Hope to see you there.

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, August 26, 2016

Today is National Dog Day which encourages pet adoptions! I can tell you that Buddy and Nicholas are certainly celebrating, as we are both from SPCA, Gatineau and Dartmouth respectively.  I highly encourage you to consider pet adoption, after all look how good I turned out and my little brother Nicholas is no slouch either.  We are kind, loving, and loyal (Nicholas wants to add handsome too) and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t fully appreciate our forever home with kind family who love us.  We think we have the best mama and papa but all of our ‘four legged friends’ say the same thing.  Little Jack McCairns puts up a good argument so do our cousins Myra and Lucas as well as Tux, Rave, and Daisy in Sussex!  I say we are all lucky, lucky puppies!!!  If you are considering a new pet, check out your local shelter, you have the opportunity to change a pets life and they’ll worship you forever for it!

Here is an update on our cousin Lucas; the little guy (2.4 kg) just received a clean bill of health from his vet yesterday and all his treatments are stopped.  His vet, Dr Bogdan, was so impressed with him, with his improvement and his gorgeous new coat, he’s grown!!  All the credit goes to our dear Aunty Blue who works so closely with Lucas through this long, one year recovery. Nicholas and I say lucky the dog who gets to call Aunty Blue mama!  She is our heroine and Lucas agrees.

Steven is hosting an open house at 21 Upper Deck Lane this Sunday from 2-4 pm.  This is a large waterfront condominium with 9 ft ceilings, modern finishes, and a sunny walk out basement.  Drop by to say hello and enjoy the view.

Have another great NB weekend!  No matter if you’re boating, camping, swimming, biking, checking out the beach, or just being lazy, there is nothing better than summer in New Brunswick! Nicholas and I plan some serious swimming at Carrying Cove, New River Beach.  If you see us, come over and say hello! We are super friendly and love meeting new people!


Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, August 17th, 2016

I’ve seen it all now!  Last Sunday I was with Nicholas, Mama and Papa at the Gull & Herring at New River Beach and low and behold this little Shiatsu came rolling up on the front of a bicycle!  Not a word of a lie.  He had a special seat attached to the front of the bike and he was rolling along in front of his Papa.  His family pulled up next to us at our picnic table and I’m sure all our jaws dropped!  There in bold writing on the side of his special seat was the name of the manufacturer and what do you think it’s called?  The “Buddyrider”.  Really, it really is, the Buddyrider.  I laughed to kill myself, was practically rolling around on the grass and you know Mama, she talks with everyone (they didn’t nickname her in school Chatty Cathy (after the first talking doll) for nothing so she started asking them all about this Buddyrider.  Apparently it’s Canadian made in BC and was featured on “Dragon’s Den”.  It’s now sold across Canada and the United States plus several other countries.  Coolest thing I’ve seen for my little four-legged friends in a long time.  Way to go!  We just stood and stared as they pull out on their way with the little fellow looking back at us, his ears blowing in the wind and I swear there was a smile on his face!  See the pic below.  It’s both fun and safe.  Check it out at


So I turn and say to Papa, “Good luck finding a Buddyrider big enough for the Budster!”  Then Mama stated teasing him saying maybe we could buy a two-wheeled cart big enough for the Bud that Papa could haul behind a bike but Papa said no way, he isn’t strong enough to drag a 170 pounds dog in a cart behind a bicycle.  Of course Nicholas wouldn’t need any cart as I don’t think you could drive a bike far enough or fast enough to tire that guy out as he’d run alongside wide open, having a ball!

I want to know what the heck is going on when Jack McCairns (pic below) gets to attend an agent’s open house this past Tuesday at 90 Javin Hill with his Papa Jody McCairns and I’ve never been allowed near an agents open house???  What makes him so special?  Just because he’s cute, personable and small I don’t except double standards in the company.  If Nicholas and I hear Mama say one more time how sweet and precious Jack McCairns is I think we’ll both be sick!!!  I was pea green when I found out he attended and they were serving Mexican chicken taquitos to the agents too!  I didn’t even get a whiff (not that I’d be allowed to have one on Dr Kelley’s strict orders but still, it’s just not fair, not fair at all and my nose is definitely out of joint, as Nicholas would say!  I better not hear that Jack McCairns was wolfing down taquitos; I think it would be more than I could take!  I must say that Jack has a very good Papa in Jody who absolutely loves all four legged friends every bit as much as Mama does.  Mama is trying to figure out who is more spoiled us boys or Jack.  We say Jack takes the cake now as he’s the one that got to attend the open house, not us!  Ha ha.

Jack McCairns
Jack McCairns
Jack with his Papa, Jody
Jack with his Papa, Jody

Steven’s at it again with open houses for the public this coming weekend.  You just can’t keep a good man down!  Saturday he’s at a hot property at 233 Montreal Avenue on the West Side from 11am – 1pm which is a fantastic value, beautifully staged and getting lots of attention.  Then from 2pm – 4pm the same day his at 467 Clearview Road West which has water views of the harbour.  Drop by and say hello and have a great weekend!

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy August 5, 2016

I got some great news this week from Dr. Kelly!  I’m not only down 7 pounds but I’ve gained muscle and lost inches!  Yahoo!  That’s all that swimming I’m doing daily and twice a day on the weekends!  Dr. Kelly was sooooo excited she gave me a high-five and did some air pumps.  The whole office joined in and Dr. Kelly said that because I’ve been such a good boy and sticking to my regime so well she gifted me a large bag of Royal Canin® Low Calorie Treats.  They are super good.  I let Nicholas try one (he’s so very fussy) and even he likes them.  I don’t know who was more excited me or Dr. Kelly.  She’s knows how hard it is for big dogs to lose weight and she said she’s very proud of me!  She was telling me how great I’m doing, rubbing my ears and I was lapping it right up!  Mama wasn’t sure why she was so excited about a 7 pounds loss but Dr Kelly explained that a 7 pound weight loss in a dog is equal to a 70 pound weight loss in a human with that much pressure off the joints!  Wow, now we understand what all the excitement is about.  I haven’t once touched Nicholas’ food and I’m staying focused on my healthy meals.  I’ve been much more active, playing with Nicholas and started running again yesterday.  Onwards and upwards!

The real estate market is still heating up and Mama listed another gorgeous waterfront property yesterday.  One that’s right up Buddy’s alley!  I’ll tell you more about it next week and include some pics as well.

Steven and Jody are hosting an open house together from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday at 90 Javin Hill off Loch Lomond Road.  This is a lovely large 1-acre property with huge 3-car garage with loft for the car enthusiasts.  The house has plenty of windows letting in tons of natural sunlight.  I love the big flat property, perfect for Nicholas and I to play some ball!  On Sunday from 2-4pm Steven is at 1217 Route 865, Cassidy Lake.  I had no idea how large this gorgeous lake is and oh so picturesque.  It’s large enough for boating and waterskiing too.  Perfect for the Budster to have a refreshing swim on a warm summer day.  The house is one-level ranch style, very stylish interior and the yard is lovely and flat with nice landscaping a large deck overlooking the water!  Drop by to say hello and don’t forget your swimming trunks!  I have mine with me at all times, ha ha!

Hope you have a great weekend in sunny New Brunswick!


Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, July 29, 2016

Wow, I just experience my first bidding war!  What a rush!  Mama has had a few dozen in her career but it was a whole new experience for the Budster.  Nicholas and I went with Mama last Thursday to put the lockbox on our new listing at 48 Aunt Sades Lane off Route 845 on Long Reach.  We don’t usually get to do that but Mama had been working some crazy hours and knew we’d enjoy the drive in the country and the ride across the Gondola Point Ferry.

It was a gorgeous sunny evening about 6pm and we both had our heads out the window with our tongues hanging out as we headed down the driveway between the majestic soaring trees.  We knew we were in for something special.  As we turned the corner the cottage and the river came into view and it was oh so nice, really nice.  We bound out of the back seat and started checking everything out.  Nicholas headed for the wrap around deck while I surveyed the little bridge over the brook.  After Mama installed the lock box, Nicholas and I posed for some pictures with the cottage, the grounds, the river and the beach.  There was a nice breeze gently blowing through our fur and the air was so fresh and clean, it was like heaven.  I thought to myself, “Wow, hot property!”

I had no idea how hot it was going to be but I wasn’t long finding out.  The next day I featured it along with my new pics on my blog and on Saturday it was my choice for “Buddy’s Best” advertisement in the Real Estate Guide.  Then away it went, the calls started coming in and the buyers were all over it!  Mama was busy booking the showings and spacing them far enough apart that the buyers wouldn’t be bumping into each other.  Mama, Steven and Jody all had interested parties as well as three other agents.  Sunday night the first call came in that an offer would be written and Monday morning everything went into high gear and the offers started flying in!!!  I’ve known the owner of the property since I was a just a puppy so when she arrived at our place at one o’clock on Monday I don’t know who was more excited her or I!  Of course Nicholas was his foolish self, giving her kisses and spinning around the foyer which made her laugh and took a bit of the tension out.  I have to say these bidding wars are a bit nerve racking when you’re not use to them.  It was a first for me and a first for her.  Good thing Mama is experienced and got us all calmed down.  The lady sat at the table and reviewed each offer with Mama carefully weighing the pros and cons of each one.  I sat right with her letting her know that she had my support.  She kept gently rubbing my head and I could tell it was keeping her calm and focused.  Two of the bids were over asking price which was so nice to see in the middle of a recession.  Of course she took the best one with the highest price and the least amount of conditions.  She was extremely happy and so were we!  It couldn’t have happened for a nicer person.  The closing is quick and the process was painless!

On our way to 48 Aunt Sades Lane

Tuesday evening, once again we jumped in the SUV and headed for 48 Aunt Sades Lane on another warm sunny evening.  This time Papa came along for the drive and Mama posted the SOLD sign and removed the lock box.  Then Nicholas and I were in for a big surprise.  Mama told us that she had permission from the owner for the two of us to go for a “Celebration Swim” in honour of all our hard work on the bidding war!  Off we flew, down to the beach and right into the river!  Nicholas of course did a big dive; he’s such a show off, while I cruised up and down the shoreline just out over my head.  When Mama says that I float like a boat it’s no joke, I do!  Then low and behold who jumps in with us but Mama!  She doesn’t get in with us much at New River Beach (just to her knees) as she says the waters too cold but the water is warm in the St. John River, just like a bath tub.  She headed right for me with long sure strokes and the three of us totally enjoyed a refreshing swim.  Me being a Newfoundland dog I kept a really close eye on her.  If she showed any sign of needing help I was ready to pull her to shore.  Nicholas and I had a real ball swimming with Mama.  Papa was a chicken; he didn’t come in but just laughed and watched us from the shore.  I have to say that my first bidding war was one of my best and most memorable experiences in real estate to date but as Mama says in this business you never know what’s just around the corner!

We just can’t hold Steven down!  He’s having a special open house this New Brunswick Day Weekend on Saturday from 11am  to 2pm at 868 Route 845 in Kingston, just around the corner from the Kingston Farmers Market.

This quality Queen built home is nestled in the picturesque Kingston in a park-like setting on 28 acres with a pond, babbling brook & meandering walking trails.  It is in mint condition and has a huge wrap-around covered veranda.  This is country living at its best!  How much fun could Nicholas and the Budster have on 28 acres???   I love this farmers market and this house is so close by, drop in to say hello to Steven while you’re there, he’s always happy to see you.

Have a fun and relaxing New Brunswick Day weekend!  Nicholas and I plan on being a pair of beach bums.  If you see us come over to say hello but don’t be surprised if you get a kiss from Nicholas.

Your pal,


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Blogging with Buddy July 22, 2016

Loving this warm sunny weather and the real estate market is getting hotter by the moment!  The entire team has been busier than bees and that includes me and Nicholas as well.  Mama listed a wonderful place on Long Reach with a nice Sandy Beach and a heated pool!  It has a one-owner cedar house as well but it’s the waterfront that really gets Buddy Bacon’s engine revving!  We drove over with Mama while she installed the lockbox and checked it out first hand for ourselves.  Whoa Bessy, the fun we could have here.  I tried to sneak down to the water but Mama caught me and said no swimming on the job!  (Nice try though, ha, ha.)  Features huge deck, heat pump with A/C, finished walkout basement and it comes totally furnished with dishes, pots, pans, new towels & sheets, etc.!  Just grab your overnight bag and you’re in!  Here are a few pics we took while we there.

Buddy's mainpool

beachview from the great room

Both Steven and Jody have listed several properties this week and have been negotiating numerous offers with several coming cleanly together.  So exciting for the team, our sellers and our buyers!  Now for the inspections and the due diligence; a lot of hard work.  Really glad Nicholas and I aren’t involved in that aspect of the sales because it’s way over our heads!  Good thing we have the experts to be sure all i’s are dotted and all T are crossed.  The entire team has had more showings on properties this past two weeks than we’ve seen in a while, helping buyers find just the right property.  If there are two words we love to say in our company it’s “Welcome Home”!

Mama was out late yesterday listing a stunning upscale home that she is very excited about.  It’s on 1 ¼ acres and has a stunning panoramic sunset view of the Kennebecasis River.  She says the lady has impeccable taste and could have easily worked as a designer if she had chosen.  The interior looks like something right out of a magazine!  Looks like a fabulous big flat yard for Nicholas and I to play in!!!

6 Evergreen Park main copy

Steven is hosting two open houses this weekend.  The one on Saturday is from 2-4pm at 21 Upper Deck Lane.  We’ve sold #23 Upper Deck Lane which is being custom finished so if you have a chance check out these large waterfront condos.  On Sunday from 2-4pm he is hosting a stunning home and very private property at 924 Main Street in Hampton.  This lady is certainly no slouch when it comes to decorating either and this may very well be the prettiest home in Hampton.  It has a huge fenced yard to keep out the deer and a large deck with glass rails so the beautiful view is not obscured.  This is a home that I featured as one of my picks in my “Buddy’s Best” ad in the Real Estate Guide.  Drop by for a look and you’ll see why!

This coming Wednesday evening July 27th  from 6 to 8pm Team Platinum is hosting a Fine Homes International™ Twilight Open House in the heart of Rothesay at three phenomenal properties!  These will include 6 Grove Avenue on 1.17 acres priced at $1,175,000, 3105 Rothesay Road on 1.5 acres priced at $989,000 and 3189 Rothesay Road on 2 Acres priced at $875,000.  View the details and pictures of these properties on our web site under Listings and Open Houses.  Mama, Steven and Jody are hosting.  Come for a rare view behind the hedges of these striking estates showcasing the splendour of yester-year with all the creature comforts of today including estate-size lots large enough for Big Buddy Bacon and any four-legged friends, children or grandchildren to romp and play!

Have a great weekend!  Watch for Nicholas and I out and about Southern New Brunswick and be sure to say hello if you see us!  We love meeting new people.

Your pal,


Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy July 15, 2016

More and more I become an integral part of the Team as clients request inclusion in my ‘Buddy’s Best’ advertising in the Real Estate Guide and in my blog.  Makes me so happy when they say, “Please include us in Buddy’s marketing”.  I work hard at it and it’s good to know that I’m appreciated.

Mama was busy with a bidding war earlier this week, two nice new listings  and offers on two of our high end waterfront properties which she is still negotiating on.  Steven and Jody are always busy and part of that includes three new listings for them as well which I’ll be giving you more details on.  Mama listed a spectacular heritage home at 297 Douglas Avenue with the most ornate detail and custom mill work she has ever seen!  Beautiful view of the St. John River and a wonderful park right next door which separates this home from the old museum.  The fun Nicholas and I could have in that park!!!  She also listed a lovely 4-bedroom, cedar, year-round cottage on Long Reach at 48 Aunt Sades Lane off route 845 with a nice sandy beach, great boating and swimming.  Our brothers Theodore and Laddie use to swim here with Mama and her friend so she can vouch for the good swimming.  Nicholas and I are going to check it out for ourselves so we’ll keep you posted on that.

Steven is hosting an open house at a great waterfront year-round cottage on the Washademoak Lake at Belyea’s Cove at 30 Centennial Drive.  The cottage is on 1.2 acres, comes completely furnished with modern appliances and a heat pump for refreshing air conditioning (very important to the Budster).  Beautiful big sandy beach my favourite thing in the whole world!  Good for boating, bon fires and best of all swimming, swimming and more swimming.  God gave me these big webbed feet for a reason and I certainly like to use them!

Enjoy the sunshine all weekend and I’ll be talking with you soon.

Your pal,


Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, July 8, 2016

Wow what a week!  Mama was busy as a bee and out of the house a lot with showings, listings and business meetings so Nicholas and I were with Papa more than usual.  That’s okay; we just love spending time with Papa.  He is sooo much fun and likes playing games with us.  We like to hang out with him while he works around the yard, he says we are a big help!

I’m looking forward to a few good swims at New River Beach this weekend.  It’s not supposed to be sunny but that’s okay with me.  As long as it’s not raining Mama will take us down for some swim time.  Saturday is supposed to be overcast with the sun peeking out a bit mid-afternoon and that’s good enough for Big Buddy Bacon to hit the sand!  Nicholas will be tearing around the beach, chasing the ball and finding the biggest tree branch he can find and dragging it to the sea shore.  We’ve seen him drag branches that are six inches in diameter and twelve feet long.  He’s one strong boy.  I’ll try to get some pics of it to show you in future blogs.  We won’t be down there Sunday as it’s supposed to rain really hard, no fun for the Big Bud and Nicholas just hates to get wet!

The Team has several open houses this weekend.  Saturday between 2-4 pm Steven is at 33 Deveber Terrace in Millidgeville which just had a recent price drop!  This house is mint with modern features and a lovely back yard.  Sunday from 1 -3 pm he is at 1217 Route 865, Cassidy Lake off Route 111.  This waterfront one-level ranch-style home has 100 feet of sandy beach on Cassidy Lake!  Sounds like Buddy’s kind of property!  Also Sunday from 2-4 pm Jody is hosting an open house at 16 Antler Crescent, Quispamsis off Vincent Road.  This one-level home is in beautiful condition, very modern with open concept and water view from the covered deck!  Hope to see you there.

Your pal

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy June 30, 2016

Happy Canada Day!  Nicholas and I are so proud to be Canadian and feel so blessed to live in this great nation!  Mama has always told us that the luckiest people in the world live in Canada and we agree as four-legged friends.  We have our Canada flags flying high!  As a family we will be celebrating at New River Beach, our favourite weekend haunt.  It’s supposed to be hot and sunny so we’ll have a picnic at the beach and Nicholas and I will have a big swim. If it does get hot than Mama may venture into the cold water with us.  She usually does a few times a summer but we just can’t get Papa into the Bay of Fundy no matter how hard we try.  He says “You’re crazy, it’s just too cold.”  “Come on Papa, if Mama can do it you can!  Don’t wimp out on us now!”  We go to a little quiet gravel beach around the corner from the public park we call Tommy’s Beach as we like to roam free, run, dig holes and swim without bothering any strangers.  Even though we are super friendly sometimes a stranger could be intimidated by two big black dogs running towards them so we stay where it’s quiet.

Nicholas and I had baths this week, quiet a big deal when you’re our size.  Mama got out the oatmeal shampoo and detangling conditioner.  Rub a dub dub, Big Bud’s in the tub!  Nicholas hates getting a bath and Mama has to physically drag him in.  Once he’s there, he stands very still, looking very sour just hoping it will get over soon.  It doesn’t take long to bath the little guy.  Now me, I love getting my bath, I just step right in and thoroughly enjoy!  Mama suds me all up and I come out smelling like a rose.  Then we got the big comb out, I like that too but Nicholas hates it.  He glares at us through the whole thing.  Mama says his skin is extra sensitive so she goes slowly and carefully and uses a soft brush.  I think he’s a big baby but I won’t be saying it to his face as he’d probably beat the heck out of me!

We received something really special this week from the mailman.  Mama’s friend Diane told her about a huge pet store in Ontario that sells absolutely everything for pets, Ren’s Pet Depot .  It’s the largest pet store in Canada.  Mama contacted them to purchase a special dryer for drying Newfoundland-type dogs with very thick coats.  Now that I’m swimming every day and my coat is sooo… thick it never really dries!  Nicholas dries easily in less than an hour but not the Budster.  Low and behold my new dryer arrived in two days and it works fantastic.   Made by Bear Power, it’s called B-Air, lime green colour with a picture of a bear on it.  The bear’s coat actually looks a lot like mine!  The dryer is light weight, easy to use with several attachments and super powerful, 4 hp!  I am dry easily now in 5 minutes and Mama is only using it at ¼ to ½ throttle.  I love it, kind of feels like a massage and I lean right into it.  The air is just the right temperature too; not warm but not cool either.  I love my B-Air.  We’re taking it to the cottage this weekend as I plan to do a lot of swimming Canada Day!

For those of you who have been following the recovery of our dear little cousin Lucas, he is doing really super with a capital S!  Last winter he couldn’t even move and now he is up and about, running all around the house with his twin sister Myra, even getting up on his trampoline himself now.   A real miracle thanks to the excellent, diligent care of our Auntie Blue who’s dedication is to be commended in a big way!  Between weekly visits to the vet over many, many months, long nights of stressful worry, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, ultra sounds, massages and a whole lot of TLC: she has brought the little boy back to a high quality of life.  Many would have given up on him but not our Auntie Blue, just one of the many reasons we love her sooo… much!

Lucus & Myra, 7th birthday cropped_edited-1
Our dear little cousins Myra and Lucas on the right

Heading to the Kingston Country Market this Saturday?  Be sure to drop in and say hello to Steven who is hosting an open house Saturday just around the corner at 868 Route 845 from 2-4 pm.  This is my kind of property with 28 scenic acres and a pond for Nicholas and I to swim in!  Mama says the house is lovely with a very high pitched roof, quality-built by Queen Construction, a modern take on a farm house-style with plenty of amenities and huge covered porch overlooking the view.  It has apple and plum tree orchards plus plenty of blueberry bushes.  Buddy Bacon loves blueberries too!  Just my kind of property.  Drop in if you can!

On Sunday from 1-4 pm Steven will be hosting at 30 Centennial Drive on the beautiful Washademoak Lake at Belyea’ s Cove (route 705 to Crafts Cove Rd to Centennial).  This is the end of this 20-mile lake that is most special to boaters as they are just around the corner from the St. John River connecting them to Gagetown, Grand Lake, Belleisle Bay and more!  This year-round cottage on 1.2 acres is your perfect weekend get-away all year long with a cozy stone fireplace, open concept, large covered deck and glorious beach!  What does Buddy Bacon love more than a beach?  Not too much!  Think of all the good times you can have here with family, friends and dogs like Nicholas and I with swimming, boating, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, bon fires, wiener roasts & more!  I wish Steven would let me co-host this one, I’m getting all worked up just thinking about the fun I could have here!  Maybe Mama will take me up for a surprise visit, wouldn’t be the first time I’ve dropped in and surprised Steven!  Maybe I’ll see you there!  Paws crossed and hoping!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  Sand Paw Print

PS- Some people have asked and yes this is my actual paw print, taken in the sand at New River Beach.

Blogging with Buddy June 24th, 2016

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!  Oh I’m lov’n the sunshine these first official days of summer!  Means better trips to the beach for Nicholas and I and Papa won’t be all grumpy about the rain and cold.  Really lov’n these long twilight evenings and the full moon.  We can come home from our walks at 9:30 – 9:45 pm at night with no problem to see where we are going.  Mama always said there is nothing better than summer in New Brunswick and we agree.  Our friends in Ontario have been calling to say it’s 42C with the humidex while we enjoy life here in the air-conditioned city hovering between 18C and 24C.  Big Buddy Bacon would have a serious problem if it hit 42C down here.  I’d just stay indoors and hang around the air-conditioning.  Chuckle, chuckle.

Speaking of Twilight evenings Mama is having a special Twilight Open House this Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm at 4 Crosswind Crescent off Highland Ave and Grove Ave in Rothesay.  It’s a beautifully stylish home with two fireplaces, an awesome master ensuite bath and a hot tub!  If you ever got the Budster into that hot tub I can tell you right now you wouldn’t be getting him out!  Can’t you see Nicholas and I just laying back, one elbow up on the side, the water swooshing all around us, a pair of dark shades on….  Okay, the shades may be a bit too much!  Lucky the buyer who gets this stunning home, great value too as it’s newly reduced!

I am feeling so much better that Mama can hardly believe it!  As you know I’ve been swimming every evening, going further and further, getting stronger.  I’m walking so fast now that Mama can’t keep up with me.  Yesterday I started dancing around the yard when a friend stopped by I was so excited to see them.  Everyone is telling me I’m looking good too.  I’m so thankful to Dr. Kelly for getting me back on track!

Papa has been away this week so we’re finding it very quiet at home, not to say that he’s noisy or anything but you can certainly hear him if he’s got something to say!   We miss him terribly.  When he headed for the door with that dreaded suitcase (we hate Papa’s suitcase) I started crying my eyes out, I just couldn’t seem to help myself!  Then poor Nicholas laid out in the yard looking sadly down the street for him from 5:30 pm until 8:30 that night until finally Mama had to go out and actually take him by the collar to bring him in.    We’re going to be so excited when he gets home Sunday night.  Mama will cook one of his favourite dinners and we’ll all greet him at the door.  Nicholas will probably jump up all over him.  I can see it all now; he’ll be right out of control.  I’m just hoping I can keep it together as Mama is always telling me what a good boy I am and I wouldn’t want to disappoint her.  If I ever jumped up on Papa I’m sure I’d flatten him so I’ll just brush up against his legs looking to get my ears scratched.  Oh joy, oh bliss!

Sales have certainly picked up this year as prices have adjusted to the current market.  The team have sold six houses just this past week!  Two from MLS and four of our own listings; 30 Grove Avenue, Rothesay $579,500 (modern ranch still under warranty), 22 Cedar Ridge Road, Blackville-Miramichi $350,000 (stunning log home with great fishing), 615 Gondola Point Road, Quispamsis $579,000 (mint, waterfront ranch sold in 3 days!) and 23 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove $489,000 (upscale condo to be custom finished).

Sunday afternoon the team has something special planned in Rothesay; a Fine Homes International™ Open house at two historic estates 3105 and 3189 Rothesay Road just across from Shadow Lawn.  Both have acres of manicured grounds which I would just love and rambling character houses with huge rooms and amenities galore; plenty of space big enough for Buddy Bacon inside and out!  Mama and Steven will be hosting so drop by if you have the chance as an open house at these estate-type properties is a rare occurrence.

Have a great weekend, sun every day, enjoy!

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Addresses in order of photos: 3105 Rothesay Road, 3189 Rothesay Road, 4 Crosswinds

COPY 3105 Rothesay Road Main 3

3189 Rothesay Road

USE 4 Crosswinds Cres - Main A






Blogging with Buddy June 17, 2016

Wowsy, wowsy, wow, wow!  The sun is shining!  Nicholas and I were afraid that we were going to start mildewing!!!  Poor Nicholas was getting cabin fever and chasing his tail like crazy.  I’m like “Whoa Nicky my boy, chill a wee bit.”  Round and round and round he goes in our foyer, like a banshee!   We did get out each evening for our nightly swim and walk and boy did it pay off!  I went to see Dr. Kelly today and I’m down 3 pounds!  She is so proud of me and Mama is too.  Even through the rain, fog and cold Mama made sure I got my swim in.  She gets out her funny polka dot rain boots and umbrella and away we go.  Daddy came too even though he didn’t look too happy some days in the rain, grumbling under his breath!  He’d say, “Do we have to go tonight, let’s wait until tomorrow.”  But Mama insisted, she says my health comes first and rain or shine Big Buddy Bacon is going for his daily swim!  I’m so glad she did as I’m feeling so much better, more active, happier and slimmer!  Dr. Kelly says I look more like I lost 5 pounds but that’s just because I’m building muscle and tightening up.  Charles Atlas step aside cause Big Buddy Bacon is on a program!!!

Mama is all excited about the Fine Homes International Open House she is hosting at 36 Yacht Haven in the Moorings of Millidgeville Saturday from 1pm – 3pm.   Lovely waterfront, open concept ranch home with walkout basement and windows galore overlooking the river.  Our open house is all centered on the RKYC Regatta with the sailboat race starting at 1pm.  Join Mama on the huge deck overlooking the yacht club, Kennebecasis River and most importantly this Saturday; the big race!  You won’t find a better advantage point and it’s supposed to be a fabulous warm sunny day!  I’m trying to talk her into letting me and Nicholas go too but she’s afraid we’ll jump in and go out after the sail boats!  Come to think of it that sounds like a lot of fun to us!   Paws crossed, hope to see you there.  Don’t forget your binoculars!

Your Pal,


Big Buddy Bacon  Sand Paw Print

57 COPY 36 Yacht Haven Ext. deck & view c
Join us to view the house & watch the race!

Blogging with Buddy, June 10th, 2016

I’m feeling so much better with my daily swims in the river (or the bay) and I’m looking fine too!  Off to see Dr Kelly for my weight in.  I think I did really super well this week as I’m sticking right to my diet and I’ve been swimming further and further, getting stronger!

Mama listed the most beautiful English-style house this week on the river at 53 Meenans Cove Road.  Nicholas and I have listened to her talk about the beautiful cabinetry, high ceilings and covered outdoor terrace but what we’re really excited about is the two boys who live there, Keeper and River!  Keeper is five years old and River is only six months (still wild at that age, will make a good friend for our Nicholas).  They are both beautiful golden retrievers but what makes them special to Mama is she says that they have long flowing coats in a gorgeous dark red colour, similar to an Irish Setter.  This is the original colour of this breed and she says it’s stunning.  What makes them special to Nicholas and I is the fact that they are great swimmers just like us! They have the perfect place in their own back yard to just jump in any time and enjoy a refreshing swim.  That would be heaven!  We’re really looking forward to getting together with them and jumping right into that river with them!  Of course Nicholas thinks he’s going to be the fastest swimmer (the little guy has an ego) but I hear that Keeper is no slough so we’ll have to see.  Mama says I have to be careful around River as he’s still only a baby still so we I can’t play rough.  She says that sometimes I forget my own size!  I don’t plan on doing much playing but I just can’t wait to jump in the river and swim up and down the shoreline showing off my smooth, strong, even stokes.  I may not be as fast as Nicholas but when it comes to endurance I’m the winner.  We’re like the tortoise and the hare.  Nicholas is the hare going full speed ahead and I’m like the tortoise just quietly going along, not in a rush but steady as she goes!  See the pic below, you can tell that River is a fun little guy and Keeper is the one with all the patience.  Ha, ha, I can just imagine all the fun we’ll have!

Keeper & River

Mama also listed a waterfront property at 200 Inglewood Drive in Grand Bay/Westfield with five acres that we want to visit.  It’s right on the St. John River and Grand Bay with its own private beach.  It sounds like a great place with a very nice ranch-style house with huge deck.  Not only is it on the waterfront but they also have an oversized pool!  We could enjoy a pool too but Mama says no way, that we cannot be jumping into our clients pools!  I say it shows the buyers how much fun a guy can have and Nicholas says he’d enjoy the heated water but that didn’t fly with Mama either.  So no-go for us two in the pool but we can still enjoy the beautiful water of Grand Bay!

200 Inglewood pool

Next week on Saturday June 18th Mama is having a very special Fine Homes International™ Waterfront Open House at 36 Yacht Haven Lane at the Moorings of Millidgeville!  This will be held during the RKYC Regatta sail boat race.  Mama invites you to come and join her on the deck for the very best view point of the race!  Time to be announced, see you there!


Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, June 3rd, 2016

Oh Happy Day!  I’ve been swimming every night this week in the Kennebecasis River plus a little walk (Nicholas too) and today I went to the vet for my weigh in!  Everyone said they could see a difference in me already but I didn’t know if it was true or were they just saying that trying to make me feel good!  Low and behold I’m down 2 pounds!  Whoa Bessy!  Looking   G o o d!  My vet, Dr. Kelley called Mama twice this week to make sure I was having my daily swims and sticking with the diet she’s put me on.  I just love Dr. Kelley, she is so sweet (and pretty too, I always sneak her a kiss when she gets close enough to check my ears) but I gotta tell you this diet is for the birds!  Big Buddy Bacon is NOT a happy camper with absolutely no treats, none at all!  None when I get up in the morning, none when I’m a really good boy and none before I go to bed.  I feel like calling the SPCA and reporting cruelty to an animal, ME!  After all I’ve got connections there.  Poor Nicholas is suffering right along with me as Mama won’t give him treats and not both of us.  The two of us are just shaking out heads in amazement, “Whaz up?”  Mama says the good side is that I am being more active, losing weight and getting healthier.  And I have to admit I am feeling much better all ready.  I get to have a drive in Daddy’s truck every evening as we head to the beach and there is nothing Nicholas and I enjoy more than a drive in the truck, zooming through Rothesay, checking out all the dogs in our neighbourhood as we go by.  And let me tell you, there are a lot of dogs in Rothesay, tons!  Every size, colour, shape and breed!  We’re always scouting the area for a cute girl.  Nicholas’ head snaps right around when we spot one.  Ha, ha.  I think I’m the biggest boy in Rothesay but if they keep swimming me and holding back the good stuff that may change but Nicholas doesn’t think so!  That big mouth says that I have nothing to worry about!  The smarty pants.

Lots of open houses on for the Team this weekend!  On Saturday from 11am to 1pm Steven is at 868 Route 845 in Kingston.  This is the stunning property I wrote about in ‘Buddy’s Best’ in the real estate guide.  It has 28 acres, a pond and a brook (and a lovely home by Queen Construction).  Stop by and have a look after visiting the Kingston Market!  Then when he’s finished here Steven rushes off to 171 Belmont Street, off Mount Pleasant Ave East in the city from 2pm-4pm.  You just can’t keep a good man down!  This is the perfect starter home with a nice location, large eat-in kitchen and plenty of good features.  Then on Sunday, from 2pm -4pm Steven is at 142 Centennial Road in Hampton.  This is one AMAZING property and one that I am featuring in my next ‘Buddy’s Best’ ad.  It is a second Empire Italianate Country Estate circa 1871 on 8.27 scenic acres.  This is the same style of historic home that Mama grew up in, (she says it brings back lots of great memories).  I just love the huge rooms and sprawling grounds.  Lots of room for Big Buddy Bacon to romp and play here!  At the same time 2pm -4pm Jody is hosting 924 Main Street, also in Hampton.  This is a charming home with character galore, that’s catching lots of attention.  It has inviting sunny room and stunning grounds.  Hope you can drop by both of these wonderful properties and say hello!  You never know, you may even see Nicholas and I there!

Your pal

Big Buddy BaconPaw

Blogging with Buddy May 27th, 2016

“Happy Birthday to Bud, Happy Birthday to Bud,   H a p p y   B i r t h d a y   dear  B u d d y, Happy Birthday to me, and many more…!  Tomorrow May 28th I turn four years old, just like Nicholas.  I am so excited I will hardly be able to sleep tonight!  I have big plans for my birthday.  First Mama has promised me and Nicholas a Buddy Burger™ from the A & W!  Yum, yum, yum, my favourite!  They have the juiciest, tastiest, healthiest burgers, guaranteed to be made with no hormones, no steroids, no additives, no fillers and no preservatives!  Great combination of tasty good and good for me too.  Even Nicholas likes them and he’s the fussiest eater you’ll ever meet.  The Big Bud is not so fussy, ha ha!

Second we are visiting the new Doggy Beach at Gondola Point especially for us four legged friends.  It will be a first visit for Nicholas and I.  Oh joy, oh bliss!  We’ll get to show off our aquatic abilities at their finest.  Supposed to be a fine sunny day and we’re really looking forward to a good swim!

Last Wednesday May 25th our little cousins Lucas and Myra had their tenth birthday.  Happy Birthday to the cousins!  Hope you had a really nice day and some special treats from our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.

I just got back from the vet and she gave me a fine tuning!  All for my own good of course.  Says I have to get some weight off, like now.  No more treats or table scrapes and half my regular portion of Weight Control Iams® dog food.  I do love my Iams®!  My Buddy Burger™ for my birthday will be the last hurrah for a while.  I am to swim every day and visit the vet to get weighed each Friday!  Mama is all over the new plan.  What can I say, the party is over but I will be healthier and live a lot longer even though it will be rough at first.

Steven is hosting two open houses this weekend.  Saturday he’s at 33 Deveber Terrace in Millidgeville from 2 – 4 pm.  This is a lovely ranch-style home with a lot of upgrades in mint condition!  On Sunday he’s at 924 Main Street in Hampton also from 2-4 pm.  This is a wonderful character home with stone chimney, hardwood floors, propane fireplace and a large deck overlooking a full acre of manicured grounds!  Hope you can drop by for a visit and to say hello.  Have a great weekend,

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconPaw

Buddys Bday
Buddy’s version of a Birthday Cake!

Blogging with Buddy May 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Rave Scovil in Sussex who turned eleven this past Wednesday.  I know Rave would share his birthday treats with his brother Tux and his sweet little sister Daisy.  Hope you had a fun day Rave!

Nicholas and I have been getting right in the swing of things this last week by not only our daily walks but I’ve been swimming too!  My vet wants me swimming as much as possible to keep my weight down (easy now) and there is nothing that this Big Buddy Bacon enjoys more than a good swim!  When I get anywhere near water I need no persuasion that’s for sure.  This past week alone I’ve been swimming in a brook, large pond and the river.  Nicholas jumped into the brook too as well as the river but one evening before dusk it was a bit windy with waves and he isn’t comfortable in the waves.   The waves don’t bother me any, Mama says I’m up over them just like a boat.  It feels so refreshing and the vet says it’s the best exercise strongly working my muscles while floating with no weight on my joints.  Summer is just around the corner and I have to say that swimming is the best part of it for me.  We always take the Fetch It™ and ball for Nicholas as he needs to run and Mama can really whip that ball a long way with this gismo.  Nicholas runs flat out and sometimes after it bounces off the ground once he jumps and catches it right in the air!  There is no way in H___ that Big Buddy Bacon is chasing a ball!  If you want to throw it you’d better be prepared to go get it because this big guy isn’t interested!!!

Steven is hosting a special two-day open house this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday in Kingston at 868 Route 845 from 1pm – 3pm both days.  This is my kind of property with 28 scenic acres and a pond for Buddy to swim in!  Mama says the house is lovely, quality built by Queen Construction, a modern take on a farm house style with plenty of amenities and a covered porch overlooking the view.  It has apple and plum tree orchards plus plenty of blueberry bushes.  Buddy Bacon loves blueberries too!  Just my kind of property.  Hope to see you there!

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconPaw

Blogging with Buddy May 6, 2016

Let me be the first to say “Happy Mother’s Day”!  Nicholas and I hope all you furry friends are on your best behaviour this Sunday and do something nice with your Mama.  Daddy is taking our Mama to the Mother’s Day Brunch at the Union Club (we’re hoping for a doggy bag, ha ha), always a treat with their classic ambiance, great food and good chef!   When it’s nice out on Saturday afternoon, we are all going for a nice long walk, just spending quality family time.  Mama is showing high-end homes in Millidgeville, Quispamsis and Rothesay to a qualified buyer Friday night but she has Saturday off.

Daddy fertilized our lawn earlier this week and now with the rain our grass is as green as Ireland (or so I’m told, I’ve only seen it in pictures).  He was sure to use a pet friendly variety, so important so that our paws don’t get a chemical burn.   Our trees and shrubs are starting to bud out, our Star Magnolias have huge buds (Cup & Saucer Magnolia are way behind) and our Forsythia is in full bloom.  Check out our pic below.

We got new balls this week.  It’s all I can do to keep mine away from Nicholas as he wants them all!  The guy just goes nuts, sneaking around me just hoping I’ll lose focus and take my eye off the ball for one second!  If he can get it, then he stock piles them, hordes them all to himself.  He buries them in the yard, the garden, in the house, under the sofa and in our toy box.  Makes it really hard for Buddy Bacon to have a nice ball to play with.  You have to see it to believe it.  We had to stop going to the Quispamsis Dog Park because he is so fast he can easily steal the others dogs’ balls and then he won’t give them back.  Of course everyone gets all upset, you can’t blame them.  We’ve counted as many as four in his mouth at the same time.  Mama was nervous that he’d swallow one by mistake, so we stopped going!  You really ruined that fun Nicholas!

Since it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday the team won’t be having open houses that day but Steven our Host with the Most is still having one on Saturday 2pm – 4pm at 171 Belmont Street in East Saint John off Mt Pleasant Avenue priced at $149,000.  This two-story home is filled with character and charm and features a covered porch, 3 bedroom 1 ½ baths, eat-in kitchen with butler’s pantry, main floor laundry, gleaming hardwood flooring, solid wood trim and tasteful paint colours throughout.  The large lot is fully landscaped, fenced (good for us puppies and toddlers) and boasts majestic mature trees and shrubs plus a private patio, and meandering stone walkways.  If gardening is your passion then you’ll appreciate this gardener’s paradise with beautiful perennials.  Drop by to have a look and say hello to Steven while you’re there.

Have a great weekend.  Supposed to hit 16C and sunny on Saturday so get out there and enjoy!

Your pal,

Buddy BaconPaw

Buddy Forsthia May 4, 2016
Our pretty Forsythia is in bloom!
Buddy's new ball 2 May 4, 2016
With my new ball in the driveway.

Blogging with Buddy, April 29th, 2016

Oh joy, oh bliss, this week Mama bought Nicholas and I new toys designed by Cesar Millan!  We watch him on the TV all the time and try to pick up training tips to help us be better behaved boys.  We just love the guy!  We each got the new Comfy Critters™ raccoons (mine is orange and Nicholas’ is blue) which are made of a durable canvas and to our delight they squeak!  The Canadian Tire Store has the entire line up.  The toys have an activity scale listed on the package with 1 being low for quiet time, carry and cuddle, 2 is medium for playing fetch or tug of war and 3 is the high activity level for out of doors where there is sufficient space to accommodate the dog’s maximum energy.  Easy to find in the pet department as they have Cesar Millan’s picture on the packaging with his own beautiful shepherd dog.

We also got our weekly treat from Sobeys, the Pedigree Dentalbone® long lasting oral care chew.  It sure is long lasting for Nicholas but I can tell you it doesn’t last too long in the powerful jaws on Big Buddy Bacon!  We’ve been getting these since we were puppies.  Mama buys them because they reduce plaque and tartar build-up, contain calcium to help promote strong and healthy teeth and they freshen our breath!  We enjoy them because they are yum, yum good!  We know a Sobeys bag when we see it and when she comes home with those bags we run straight to the kitchen, sit up very straight, looking as sweet as possible until she pulls out those tasty Dentalbones!  Our brothers Theodore and Laddie, long pasted, got Dentalbones every week too.

Mama says their teeth were as perfect in old age as they were as puppies so we highly recommend them.

Open houses this weekend with Steven are at 16 Antler Crescent in Quispamsis this Saturday from 2-4 pm.  This one-owner, one-level ranch style home features open concept, gleaming hardwood flooring, high-end appliances and sunset river views.  On Sunday join Steven at 10 Thompson Place in Saint John.  This two-level townhouse features hardwood floors, a valley view and it’s located near the Irving Nature Park, one of our favourite places, just perfect for outdoor enthusiasts both two and four legged!

We have a special Fine Homes International™ Open House hosted by Jody this Sunday at 59 Anchorage Avenue in Millidgeville.  This beautiful waterfront family home has its own private beach (wouldn’t I love that!), panoramic sunset views, air conditioning for warm summer days and 5 huge bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms!  Hope to see you there.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Paw



Blogging with Buddy, April 22nd, 2016

I don’t ever remember April being so warm but then again I’m only 3 years old!  Mama tells me she can’t remember it being warm this early either and she goes way back (don’t tell her I said that).  With my big Newf coat I’m a bit apprehensive as to what I might run into this summer if it’s already hitting the 20’s C on our back deck.  I’ll either have to stay close to the air conditioning or spend lots of time in the refreshing Bay of Fundy!  Now that’s something to look forward to!  Although it’s warm the trees don’t seem to be budding out but Mama says that will happen when we get some much needed rain to get them started.  I really don’t like the rain much, it means that I track dirty footprints into the house and have to have my paws wiped before entering.  It’s perfect when it rains in the night time and then clear in the next day!  That’s probably just too much to wish for.

We’re all so excited to have our Auntie Blue, Uncle Clinton, Myra and little Lucas back from the south for the summer.  They live not too far from us so we can have frequent visits.  Our Auntie Blue is a real wiz, she can cook, bake, knit and sew with the best of them.  She even makes homemade jams and pickles.  Every year she makes Mama a batch of homemade strawberry jam, um, um good.  Nicholas and I have had a wee taste on a cracker but Mama’s not too liberal with sharing Auntie Blue’s jam (just ask Daddy)!  We just love our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.  Myra and Lucas had a good winter in the south.  Lucas’ health has improved in the last few months and he is still making progress but is not yet 100%.  He’s so happy to be home to his own vet here in Rothesay at Fairvale Animal Hospital where they take such good care of him.

The Team is busy with open houses this weekend starting Saturday from 2 to 4pm at 545 Lewin Avenue, West Saint John.  The spacious family homes has large rooms, inviting fireplace, plenty of bedrooms and a stunning private patio on a mature lot.  On Sunday drop by 28 John Street in Nauwigewauk from 2 to 4pm to view this lovely home with panoramic water and mountain view, large rooms, gracious Palladian windows, plus many upgrades including every man’s dream, the perfect oversized attached heated garage with epoxy flooring!

Nicholas and I are hoping to get a nice walk on Spy Glass Hill this sunny weekend.  Hope to see you there.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Paw

Blogging with Buddy, April 15th, 2016

Well you just never know what my brother Nicholas is going to get into each week and this week was no exception.  Mama and Papa kept finding his favourite balls down the knoll at the foot of our driveway near the road.  The one main thing Nicholas is just crazy about is playing fetch and the higher the ball will bounce the more insane he goes over it.  I think he would play this all day if he could find someone to just keep throwing!  I can tell you that Mama’s throwing arm is a lot stronger since she got Nicholas.  I’m not at all interested!!!  If you want to throw a ball, you can go get it yourself because you’d have a heck of a long wait for Big Buddy Bacon to bring it back to you.  The few times I have gone for the ball it’s because I want to keep it and chew on it for a while, not to give it back (this annoys Nicholas to no end, if looks could kill).  Every day Mama was going down the driveway to retrieve these balls after Nicholas was in the house.  Why was he letting his favourite balls roll down the hill out of reach (we are on the Invisible Fence so we can’t get that close to the road)?  Then our friend Judi figured out the answer.  She noticed that he would let them roll towards the road when he heard or saw people walking along our street.  Low and behold many of them would pick them up and throw them back to him!  Hence the game of fetch continued with new players.  The ones left at the street were from people who had had enough of the game and continued along on their walk.  I could have told them what was going on after everyone went in the house but no one asked me!

The crocuses are out this week in Mama’s garden!  Check out my new pic below.  So nice to see the first blooms of the year, she gets so excited about it.  Many of the perennials have pushed up through the ground as it looks like an exceptionally early spring.  I had two more big swims in the pond behind out house this week.  Whoa, it was so refreshing, I just jumped right in, doing my favourite stroke, the dog paddle, what else?  Low and behold the Canada Geese that were floating around the far end saw me and headed right up to take a closer look.  Honk, honk, honk.  They must remember me from last year and wanted to check out my swimming abilities.  I proved I was too fat to fly when I took a nose dive into that snow drift last winter but I can swim with the best of them.  You take a closer look goose at the speed that I smoothly torpedo through the water, nothing but power and grace in motion!  If I had to, I’m quite capable of saving someone too, it’s what we Newfs are bred for and it’s instinctive but hopefully it’s a talent I won’t ever have to use.  Let me tell you that in the summer when Mama is in swimming I stay very close and never take my eyes off her.  Little Nicholas got in to the pond this week to his ankles but it was too cold for the little guy yet.  Wait until it’s warmer in the summer and he’ll be practicing his diving and swimming abilities.  He’s as super-fast in the water as he is on land, a really strong swimmer but I don’t think he has the endurance I have for long distances.  Last year at New River Beach a large Germain Shepherd ran down the beach and dove into the bay, swimming strongly after a stick her Papa had thrown.  Nicholas just stopped dead in his tracks on the beach as he’s never seen another dog, dive and swim with this speed except him.  (I just leisurely stroll in, no big commotion.)  Well he took one look at the competition and he was all in.  When the Shepherd’s Papa threw that stick the second time, Nicholas was gung hoe and gone before you could blink your eyes.  I’d never seen him rally his abilities like this before and let me tell you it was something to see.  He went swimming past that Shepherd, no problem at all.  He was giving it everything he had (who’d know the little guy is oh so competitive).  Every time that stick was thrown it was Nicholas who got it.  Didn’t take very long for the Shepherd and her Papa to give up and go home, the game was over for them.  I said, “Nicholas give her a change, you’re hogging the whole thing!”  But no, he just couldn’t help himself.  The only dog I’ve seen out swim Nicholas is his mentor, Thunder, the six year old Border Collie that Nicholas just worships.  He’s known Thunder since he was six weeks old and Thunder taught him everything he knows.  There are still lots to learn from the beautiful Thunder, that’s why we’re looking forward to play dates as the weather warms.

Sales just keep piling up this spring for Team Platinum!  So very nice after a long slow economy to see things picking up for our sellers.  Mama always tells them, “Be patient as when the right buyer walks through your front door and falls in love with the house, I’ll be asking how quickly can you move!”  This is just the way it’s been happening too.  This last month we’ve had sales at $179,900, $184,900, $274,900, $275,000, $299,900 $315,000, $588,000, $599,000 and $717,800.  Whoa!  Way to go Team Platinum.  I’m so proud to be affiliated this winning crew.

My “Buddy’s Best -Paw Approved” ads in the Telegraph Journal have been well received with buyers and sellers alike who are enjoying reading them off to their children with all kinds of kid- friendly/furry friends, important facts!  This week I’m featuring 3189 Rothesay Road.  Perfect For Pampered Pets and the entire f