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Katherine Bacon strives to provide her clients quality service, integrity, dedication and results! She gives good value, respects your privacy, knows your time is precious & promises not to waste it. With Katherine’s extensive business background, people feel confident with her right from the start and with her easy smile, down to earth approach and calming personality, they feel comfortable as well and never pressured.

As a Board of Trade award winner and winner of the industry’s most illustrious awards, including Double Legend, Katherine brings a highly respected business savvy to her real estate career as the industry leader & trendsetter in Atlantic Canada! Katherine has brought numerous firsts to the real estate industry in New Brunswick and Canada and holds more than 32 Sales Records in New Brunswick including top MLS sale and top Exclusive sale at over $5M! She is included among the top 1% of producers in North America! Call on Katherine for solid advice for all your real estate needs! “I love this business, it’s the perfect job for me, working with wonderful clients who appreciate quality and accept nothing less! I am happy to provide personal service to new and repeat clients striving to provide the best possible results for our buyers and sellers in an environment of trust and confidentiality.”

“I invite you to contact me today for a confidential conversation about the sale of your property or purchase of a new home.  Call today and let’s get started!”

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Born in Saint John and raised in the valley of Quispamsis, Brittany Bulmer is a welcome and important member to our team as Katherine’s executive assistant, helping any way she can with the needs of our buyers and sellers. Katherine affectionately calls her “my right arm and my left”. Brittany duties are as diverse as answering the phone and installing lockboxes to helping lay out the real estate guide and posting upcoming open houses. She’s super techy so besides making sure the listings on our web sites are up to date she’s in charge of our social media posting current happenings of our listings along with Katherine to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few. Brittany loves detail, she is very organized and a quick study making this the perfect job for her. Her easy going nature makes her a real joy to work with every day and our clients appreciate her calm demeanour.

Brittany’s main hobby is photography and she loves to travel having seen much of Eastern Europe with Ireland being her favourite place! She currently lives in Quispamsis with her husband. Our buyers and sellers need only phone, email or text Brittany with their needs and she’s right there, only too happy to help!

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At the age off 22 and fresh out of UNB, Kevin took the “road less travelled” and entered the real estate industry. One of the youngest agents at that time, he spent the next 20 years building a successful sales and management career. It’s no exageration to say that he has seen and experienced virtually all aspects of the real estate business- a business that he often says is like no other.

After working in management the past several years Kevin decided to return to his true passion and return to sales. With this move also came the decision to join with Michele Mcguire and open Coldwell Banker Select Realty. He brings with him volumes of real estate knowledge combined with a reputation for integrity, hard work and compassion.  Kevin’s welcome smile and open personality reveals much of his optimistic attitude always looking after the best interests of the Coldwell Banker clients.  As broker/manager he is proud of this impressive franchise and agency with a well-balanced team covering all aspects of real estate in New Brunswick!

Kevin and his wife Barb live in Quispamsis, along with their two daughters Emily and Abby.

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Michele’s consummate professionalism and industry knowledge guarantees a successful real estate company with happy clients!

Looking for a new direction, after ten years in corporate account managing, Michele joined forces with Kevin Butler to open Coldwell Banker Select Realty. When you need to trust the real estate process be assured that your transaction will be looked after professionally and with understanding at Coldwell Banker Select under the watchful eye of Michelle McGuire whose i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed!

Michele is a lifelong resident of the Kennebecasis Valley where she resides with her husband Peter, City Editor of the Telegraph-Journal, and their two daughters Mollie and Mary-Kate.

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Buddy Bacon is a Landseer (black and white) Newfoundland dog rescued from the SPCA in Gatineau, Quebec by Katherine and her husband Doug on December 18th, 2013.  As mascot Buddy has an important roll in the company.  He is the comic  author of his real estate blog “Blogging With Buddy” written from a dog’s point of view with a few laughs thrown in for good measure.  Besides bantering about current events in his active life he announces our upcoming open houses, market trends, mortgage rates, sales and new listings.  He advertises in every issue of the Telegraph Journal’s Real Estate Guide in his ad called “Buddy’s Best” which is paw approved detailing select properties detailing the features that are important to both pets and children alike.

Buddy was adopted to be a companion/brother to their other rescue dog, Nicholas. Nicholas is a Flat-coat Retriever from the SPCA in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  They are very important members of the Bacon household bringing love and laughter every day! Buddy was six months old when he arrived December 18th 2013 and Nicholas was six weeks old upon arrival on Nov 7th, 2012.  Nicholas was the alpha pup of thirteen puppies, he is extremely athletic and even though he’s not half the size as Buddy, he still runs the show!

Buddy arrived at 6pm from his long trip from Quebec.  He jumped out of the car, ran right over to Nicholas and they started playing together!  He came into the house, had his supper, made himself right at home and it was like he lived here his whole life!  Buddy is a very loyal and loving dog.  He just loves to be patted, can do several tricks and his very favorite pastime, bar-none is swimming, swimming, swimming!  At 1 1/2 years old he was 45 inches long (65 inches if you count his tail, 29 inches high, 44 inches around the girth and 145 pounds. Now at 5 years old he is currently 158 pounds.  Buddy’s neck and Nicholas’ waist line are the same size!  His first vet in New Brunswick was George Whittle at Saint John Animal Hospital who worked with all the Bacon pets through his long and caring career.  Once George retired Buddy moved to the valley to be closer to home in his excellent choice of vets with Dr. Kelley at Kennebecasis Valley Animal Hospital.  For the past 6 months Buddy has also been treated with Dr Kelley’s consent by renowned naturopathic, Bogdan Ciolanescu at Fairvale Animal Hospital owned and operated by Dr. Cathy Adams.  Dr Bogdan specializes in weight control, arthritis, joint injury, post surgery rehabilitation etc. with the use of water therapy (treadmill & swimming pool), acupuncture, laser treatments and Chinese herbs.  Buddy’s weight has gone from 179 to 158 pounds and his neck measurement from 27″ to 21″  in the past six months.  Being a Newfoundland dog and a good eater this is something we keep a close eye on.  At one point,  Katherine was considering to offer pony rides but the slimmer Buddy is more much more happy and active!  Watch for him hanging out the window of his bright red SUV when you are out and about in Southern New Brunswick, he’s always happy to say hello!

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Tired of shoveling snow and enduring the endless exasperation of bone chilling cold and one more storm after another?  Dreaming about a balmy winter in the sunny south with the sun’s rays beaming down on your face while you relax by the pool with a cool drink or listen to the soothing  sound of the surf gently collapsing against the shore as you sift fine beach sand through your toes?  Katherine Bacon & Team Platinum are pleased to offer their clients a professional Florida buyer’s agent with many years’ experience in helping Canadians just like you find the vacation home of your dreams matched to your budget and lifestyle-objectives.

As a former Maritimer, our connection is very familiar with our unique objectives and concerns as Canadians considering an investment in Florida real estate. “Our clients sing the praises of their buying experience with Our Florida Connection.  Find out why today!”


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