Blogging With Buddy, March 22nd, 2017

Heads Up!  A furry friend, Marley, a light blonde, 1 1/2 years old golden doodle is MISSING from the Stanley, Maclaggan Bridge area since March 17th!!!  Anyone seeing Marley please call her owner Jessica Worrall immediately at 506-461-290 or email at!  Thank you to all the people searching for Marley and please Tweet, Facebook, Instagram and share in everyway you can this important message!  Marley, Nicholas and I are sooo hoping that you are found soon!

The weather has been insane!  Warm and cold, sunshine, rain and some days, short periods of the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen.  Many of our clients have been away to the south for holidays missing some of this crazy winter.  Mama and Candace have sold some of their homes while they are away, busily tracking them down at their southern resorts email and faxing through the paperwork.  Mama likes to joke about saying “If you really want to sell your house, head out of town!”  It seems to be something she calls “Murphy’s Law” whatever that means.  All I know is that sales are up and that’s always a good think in Southern New Brunswick!

Mama and Candace had a fantastic open house weekend at 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove.  It ran both Saturday and Sunday giving viewers a choice of days to view these beautifully finished waterfront condominiums.  The weather cooperated beautifully with deep blue skies, sunshine and not a cloud in the sky!  The open house was in the staged show home but they also had their features sheets ready highlighting the new larger units to be built with 2-car attached garage and your choice of finishes including in the price.  For example; if you prefer blonde maple or dark oak flooring, crisp white cabinetry or rich sold cherry, granite count tops or quartz, the choice is yours, no difference in the price!  You can have whatever finishes you prefer, all included showing great value for your hard-earned dollar with no surprise overruns on cost allowances!  My colleague Gus Dixon was hard at work for the event putting the open house signs up for the girls (see his pic below).  Nice work gus!  Gus and I think we should be on “Dogs with Jobs”!

Gus Putting Up Open House Signs

Nicholas and I have been doing a lot of walking with this warmer weather as spring approaches.  We hae a sign hanging at our back door which reads “Wipe your paws” and this time of year wiping your paws is a must!  Hope to see you on the trails!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, February. 25th, 2017

Well as happy as I was two weeks ago with all the snow storms, Nicholas is just over the moon this week with the beautiful mild weather. It’s just like spring and he’s been enjoying playing in the yard with me for hours on end. It was difficult to get him out in the stormy weather for even fifteen minutes(some days even five minutes). You just never know what you are going to get these days yet many still argue that there is no such thing as climate change even though we are more prone to get a green Christmas now in Atlantic Canada then we are a white one! Then a month later we can’t see out our windows for all the snow. I don’t know but it seems to Buddy Bacon that something funky is going on with the weather. Nicholas and our dear friend Gus Dixon agree!

Nicholas and I have enjoyed watching the skaters on the Rothesay Common Rink. Crazy Nicholas wanted to give it a try on double runners but I told him he’s nuts! He said Isaac Dixon could give us a few pointers, Gus says he’s a fab skater and a hockey player too! I tell you now there is absolutely no way Big Buddy Bacon is going out on that ice. It’s okay for Gus to head out with his family across the river but let’s face it; the little guy is being carried!!! Joe Atlas himself couldn’t carry the Budster around on a pair of skates. I told Nick and Gus to just forget this whole skating thing and be happy that our office is right there on the Common and we get to watch them along with Oliver, Connor and the team right out the office windows. We can tell you first hand that they take great care of the rink and many in our community are enjoying it.

On another topic, our Uncle Tom has adopted a stray cat that came to his door in the big snow storm! Tom and or aunt have never been cat people but they both love animals and are very kind by nature. So when this big grey fluffy kitty came to the door hungry in the middle of a storm they took it in and fed it, tried to find out where it came from to no avail and gave it a home! Now all they have to do is name it. I’m suggesting the name ‘Lucky’ cause this dude just won the lotto! A pet couldn’t get a better home than with our aunt and uncle.

For all you winter enthusiasts out there enjoying the skating, skiing, sledding, etc. have a great weekend and keep an eye out for Buddy Bacon on your travels.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy February 17th 2017

Wow! Be careful what you wish for!!! I was kind of sour we had no snow this winter but now it’s to my eyeballs and everyone else is sour but me! Nicholas has gone completely nuts jumping in the snow drifts. He actually went right out of sight in one, then came flying out like a Tasmanian devil!

We’ve had a great time in the yard with our Uncle Tom who’s been snow blowing our walkways with his fancy Honda snow blower, it’s really powerful in this deep snow. The snow on our front walk is half way up the windows, way over my head. Good thing I go to Dr Bogdan for the under water treadmill as the trails are totally out of commission now.

This Sundays Candace is hosting an open house planned for 21 Upper Deck in Drury Cove from 2-4pm. This waterfront condo is huge with 9 foot plus tray ceilings, easy-care gleaming hardwood floors, propane fireplace, open concept, main floor laundry and master bedroom with large closet and 5-piece ensure bath. A finished daylight walkout basement with huge windows, paved drive way, attached garage and air to air heat pump completes the picture. This home is all about lifestyle with boating, kayaking, fishing, cross country skiing and skating right at your door step! Perfect for empty jesters and young professionals. Heading south this winter? Just turn the key in the lock and head for the airport, no worries when you enjoy condo living. Oh and let’s not forget, the perfect place for puppies big and small with walking trails and waterfront for swimming! Sound good to Buddy Bacon! Nicholas agrees!

Enjoy your week and hopefully you’ll get a break from shoveling!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy February 10, 2017

The walking has been great in this mild weather especially now that it’s not so icy or slippery out! This new wee bit of snow is much better than the ice we had two weeks ago. Nicholas and I have been enjoying the trails at the top of Allison Drive. We’ve met a few more nice friends there including Golden Doodles, Golden Retrievers, Spaniels and more. All nice friendly dogs. Nicholas had a ball with the Golden Doodles and the Retriever as they love to run and are fast like him. I’m hoping one of these days I bump into a friend my size like a Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland, St Bernard or something like that. A guy that’s really friendly, calm, loving and more laid back like me, who enjoys meandering along the trails not looking to race around wide open like a banshee, it’s just not my style. I don’t think I’ve ever bumped into a big dog on the Allison/Spy Glass trails. Hey big guys and gals, if you’re in the neighbourhood come on out!

My little cousins Myra and Lucas, the toy Pomeranians, are doing well in Florida. The weather is lovely this week but they went through a gale last week with high winds, hard rains and a lot of thunder and lightning! Glad Nicholas and I weren’t there, we don’t like thunder and lightning, not one little bit. Our Auntie Blue says that we’ve never seen thunder and lightning like they get in central Florida! She doesn’t like it much either. When it happens here Nicholas gets under the bed. Big Buddy won’t fit under the bed, hahahaha! But I sure can jump in the bed and Mama puts the covers over my head!

Did you see my pic featured on the National Weather Network earlier this week? We were out on the golf course with not a spec of snow to be seen and Mama snapped my picture. It’s had lots of hits. So unusual to see such mild weather this time of year! Here is the pic that was featured.

If you are out and about this weekend please drop by and say hello to Candace at her open house at 140 Chelsea Drive, Quispamsis. This is the perfect family home with open concept, finished basement, three bedrooms up, main floor laundry, family room, nice flat yard and two car attached garage. Best of all the price was just dropped to $299,900 and it has an awesome view of the Kennebecasis River! Hope to see you there.

Have a great weekend, drive safely and stay warm!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy February 3rd, 2017

Well you should see the big boy that came to our area this week from Halifax with his family looking for a home in our area!  See the pic attached.  Mama said he would make a great playmate for our Big Buddy Bacon!  Then she showed me his picture and I said, “He sure would!”.  He’s a Bernese Mountain Dog, about the same size as me, similar temperament with the only difference being that he is not a swimmer like the Budster.  They are friendly, well behaved and really laid back, just like me.  I don’t get to see or spend time with guys my size so I hope his family chose a house really close to mine so that I can show him the ropes with all the trails, beaches, fields, etc.  I think Nicholas and Gus Dixon would like him too!  Who doesn’t like a Berner???  I can see it all now, best friends,Ben and Buddy!

Did you see all the people out on the Kennebecasis River this past week skating?  Candace,Gus and her family were out there.  See the pic attached.


Buyers are steadily coming in from out of province.  Mama and Candace are on the whirlwind tour this weekend with a couple from Toronto!  All those from away love our area, proximity to the city, easy commute and best of all our New Brunswick prices!!!  They must think they died and gone to Heaven!

The team is featuring not only one but two open houses this weekend from 2-4pm both on Eriskay Drive in Rothesay off Grove Avenue and Highland Avenue.  Both are newer construction with every imaginable bell and whistle and both have had a recent price drop!  Candace will be at 241 Eriskay Drive $578,000 (home of my friend Jazzy and featured in Buddy’s Best this week) which is a stunning three bedroom ranch-style home so tastefully decorated inside and out.  Candace says it’s like something straight out of a magazine and we’re sure you’ll agree!  Amy will be at 299 Eriskay Drive $958,000, right next door which is a two storey home with stone façade, three bedrooms up and one in the finished basement.  If you enjoy the latest in finishes and style, we invite you to drop in to say hello and enjoy these two design treasures!

My friend Jazzy at 241 Eriskay Drive.

Hope you have a great weekend,

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy January 27th, 2017

Wow, what a winter!!!  Everyone is just over the moon with this beautiful mild winter with temperatures above freezing many days and no snow most of the time!  Mama and Papa are ecstatic.  Nicholas and I not so much.  It does make for easier walking so we do get out and about more but no one enjoys the snow more than Big Buddy Bacon.  I just love to roll in it,  run it in, lay in it, I even eat a bit the snow too.  What’s more fun than laying in a snow drift while the white stuff falls all around you?  With my big Newf coat I’m cozy and warm for sure.  Little Nicholas not so much.  That’s why Mama puts the cute little fur lined coats on him if it drops below freezing.  He looks pretty cute and he seems to enjoy wearing them.

The market is still very busy not just for this time of year but for any time of year with professionals relocating from Toronto, Halifax, BC, England and beyond for local projects.  Candace and Mama have been on the whirlwind tour showcasing our finest properties  to these people in a wide price range from $250,000 to over $1 Million.  We also notice that showings are up across the board with agents from all companies showing plenty of our listings to potential buyers.  So refreshing to have the market on the upswing after years of a soft economy.

We invite you to join us at our Fine Homes International(TM) Open House this Sunday featuring select properties on the “Golden Mile” of Rothesay Road.  Mama will be at 3105 Rothesay Road, $989,000, a stunning, very well-kept estate with a gourmet kitchen, butler’s pantry, spacious rooms, mature landscaping and character galore with not only a grand stair case but a back staircase as well.  Candace will be hosting 2374 Rothesay Road $650,000, which is beautifully updated with modern granite kitchen, hardwood flooring, sun room, modern bathrooms including the 5-piece ensuite master bath. This inviting home not only comes with a panoramic sunset water view of the Kennebecasis River but also beach rights!  Moor your boat right out front, go for a swim or enjoy a bon fire on the shore for tons of fun in the summer sun!  These are two of my favourite properties as Nicholas and I could have plenty of fun romping on the acreage of 3105 Rothesay Road and swimming in the river at 2374 Rothesay Road.

It was so nice to bump into Linda who came over to say hello to me yesterday at the Rothesay Post Office.  She said she recognized me from my picture in the Real Estate Guide!  I was hanging out the window of my SUV enjoying a bit of fresh air with Nicholas on the other side when I heard a voice say, “That’s Buddy Bacon” and over she comes right over to say hello and to give our ears a nice rub.  Nice seeing you Linda, hope to bump into you again soon!

Hope you all have a good week and we’ll talk soon,

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon




Blogging with Buddy

Although Friday the 13th is considered unlucky by many people it was our Grampy’s lucky day ! Everything good happened to Mama’s father Tom on  Friday the 13th and he rejoiced at It’s arrival. Nicholas and I think that it’s rubbed off on Mama as she has great luck on these days as well and picked up another day . Her, Candace and Amy have been busy bees all through the holidays and beyond with influx of out-of-town buyers and locals alike choosing homes in our area. Mama says this is this is the busiest she’s seen the market in at least five years.

I just don ‘t know what to make of the weather! I was enjoying the snow and then it dropped so cold that Nicholas couldn’t stay out to play with me for too long. Then it went mild and melted the snow which left a lot of ice. That really messed up everything especially our daily walks as where do you walk that isn’t super slippery. I’m very sure and steady on my feet and not the fastest guy around, just kind of plugging along  but Nicholas is like greased  lighting and we worry about him flying around on the ice. Then we get all that rain which got rid of most of the ice so I’m thinking this is great for walking but now it drops really cold again which means Nicholas is wearing his warm winter coat and Mama is bundled up like crazy. She says this is winter in New Brunswick and you just never know what you’ll get.

If you are out and about on Sunday drop into our open house at 21 Upper Deck in the Highlands of Drury Cove from 2pm-4pm

This extraordinary waterfront condominium with all the latest bells and whistles. It is so spacious with huge windows,fireplace, heat pump and A/C, one of the best finished walk-out  , daylight  basements you’ll ever see and a beautiful view of the water. I invite you to stop by to say hello and take a little tour. See you around.

Your Pal

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy January 6, 2017

Happy New Year!  Nicholas and I had a pretty quiet New Year’s Eve watching the apple drop on TV at Times Square.  So many people!  Mama and Papa got all dolled up and went out to a gala and we two dudes were at home.  It was good for us to have a quiet night after all the Christmas hoop la and company coming and going.  Papa went overboard this year and brought home a 12 foot tree (live of course) which was placed in the foyer.  It was the perfect shape and Mama said we’re going to let him pick them all from now on!  What fun it was to watch the family decorate it.  Papa carried in a big aluminum ladder and started first with the angel at the top, then many strings of multi-coloured lights and then lots of glass ornaments.  Some of our ornaments are very old belonging to Mama’s mother and also her grandmother (these ones are 100 years old, very delicate and handled with the upmost of care).  We were good boys just laying back admiring the beautiful tree and enjoying the fresh scent of balsam fir.  Mama kept adding water to be sure it didn’t dry out.  We all love our live tree.  We’ve been tempted to go artificial so we could leave it up longer but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it.  Our Uncle Tom has a gorgeous artificial tree that he leaves up for the month of December and each unique glass bulb is stunning.

Mama and Team Platinum were as busy as bees over the holidays with Candace, Mama and Amy showing houses to out of town clients here from Toronto.  This is the busiest winter we’ve seen in five years.  So nice to see relocators accepting jobs here in Saint John again and needing a new home ASAP!  It’s so important to our team to find them just the perfect house in the perfect location and show them the local sites, shops and conveniences.  The team was in their glory doing what they do best selling the city, the valley, and our inviting properties.  We’ll be taking a few weeks off from open houses over early January but will start up again later in the month.

Nicholas and I wish you good health, peace, joy and abundance throughout 2017!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and a ho, ho, ho to you and yours!  Nicholas and I are sooo ready for Santa Paws tonight!  The little guy is wound up like a top and can hardly contain himself, running around sticking not just his nose but his entire head in every bag he finds!!!  I’m trying to stay more laid back and cool about it all but I’ve got the Christmas spirit make no mistake about it.  I was out early this morning rolling in the snow (one of my very favourite things to do) and throwing a ball in the air and catching it.  Nicholas hid his ball in the snow thinking he was hiding it on me but I saw where it went out of the corner of my eye, ha, ha, ha!  I’ll wonder out alone a bit later and check that out!  Hee, hee, hee.  Mama says I’d better be a good boy, especially today of all days.  We had family members arrive from Ottawa last Sunday to stay with us for the holidays and we have more family arriving tonight.  Tonight we have our annual seafood feast and then tomorrow we’ll wake up to the delicious aroma of roasting turkey which mama puts in the oven before we go to bed tonight!  Everyone in our family are all good cooks and each one will have their speciality to prepare!  Nicholas and I just sit back and wait for some leftovers with baited breath and paws crossed!  We’ll be home alone tonight for just a bit while our family go to church.  Mama reminds us that the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of the Christ Child and that’s what we are actually celebrating at Christmas time.  While they are gone Nicholas and I will lay back quietly on the sofa just admiring the twinkling lights on our little tree in the family room but when our family burst through the back door we’ll be ready to celebrate in a big way.

Nicholas and I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas filled with love surrounded by family.  We wish you good health, happiness and lots of turkey and doggy treats!

Merry Christmas

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy, December 9, 2016

Tis the Season!  Nicholas and I are getting sooo very excited with Christmas just around the corner.  This wisp of snow really helps get us in the Spirit too!  Mama has been decorating like crazy inside and out.  Finally she is all done and the place looks very festive to say the least (Papa even helped a bit this year).  She seems to really enjoy it (brings back memories from her decorating days), the Christmas tunes are blasting and the eggnog is flowing.

We put our own wee tree up on the weekend (4 footer).  Started with the lights, then the garland (which is artificial candies) then the ornaments and a few bows.  We’ve got some awesome ornaments handed down to us from Theodore and Laddie the dogs and the original owner, William the cat!  The ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and everything is an animal!!!  Mostly they are dogs but also cats, horses, raccoons, mice, squirrels, rabbits, bears etc.  I love the tree but Nicholas is just gaga over it!  He just stares at it from the couch then walks over and checks it all out from top to bottom.  He keeps looking underneath like he can’t wait for Christmas morning to happen.  That’s when he really goes nuts!  A little more than two weeks away but who’s counting?

One of our favourite ornaments!

Special Christmas Open House with Steven hosting this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 28 Mecklenburg Street in uptown Saint John.  Come enjoy a Victorian Christmas and a cup of Christmas cheer at this stunning home within walking distance to all uptown amenities!

Mama will be at 21 Upper Deck in Drury Cove on Sunday from 2-4pm showcasing this modern condominium on the waterfront with huge finished daylight walkout basement and heat pump!

Hope you’re enjoying this festive season and all it entails!  Don’t overdo it and I hope to see you around over the holidays!  “Oh boy Nicholas, look out the window, it’s snowing again!!!”

Your Pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, Dec. 1st, 2016

Wow, what happened? I woke up Wednesday morning to a winter wonderland and now it’s gone! Nicholas and I were over the moon we were both so excited. Mama had us out walking early that morning while it was still snowing. Nicholas went racing around and we both made snow angels rolling in the frosty flakes. I hate it when it rains like it has been the rest of the week as we have to stay indoors (boring) but Mama says rain is important this time of year to give the trees enough water to get them through the winter. We are all so hoping for a white Christmas. Just like the song, ” I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas”, Big Buddy Bacon is dreaming big! Dreaming that Santa is going to find our house too! I’ve tried to be a good boy all year. Mama, Papa, Auntie Blue, Dr Kelly and Bogdin all say I’m a very good boy so I say I should get something very special. Now Nicholas, I’m not so sure of. He has his moments but he does get himself into quite a bit of mischief! (not that I’m a tattletale).

We’ve been busy with our outdoor decorating and it’s all done! Nicholas and I were out with Mama for days getting it just so (she’s so fussy). Papa did the LED lights and helped with the big wreath at the front door while Mama did 12 big planters at the front entrance and the window box on the garden shed with boughs and different shrubs off our own property. We think it looks nice and it was a lot of fun too!wreath-2017

This weekend Steven is hosting another open house at Chapel Hill Estates at 16 Mapledawn Court $239,900, in a lovely easy care, affordable living, garden home in a very popular Rothesay area near all amenities!  His recent one was so popular that he’s hosting another! This home is perfect for young professionals, empty nester and retirees alike! Drop by and say hello, Steven is happy to give  you the grand tour!

I’m heading out out this weekend to get my Christmas tree, oh boy, oh joy! We always get a live tree! We love the fresh scent of the live greens in the house, makes it really smell like Christmas. Papa said we can go to 9 feet but that’s the limit. We had a 12 footer once but Papa said never again, he put his foot down, said it was too much work and took too long to trim. We tried to argue the point but it was no use. When Papa puts his foot down, it’s down! Hope you have a great weekend and get out there and enjoy this festive time of year. Hope to see you out and about!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Baconbuddy-paw-print

Blogging with Buddy November 18, 2016

Busy, busy weekend for Team Platinum with showings of residential homes and multi-family buildings as well as four open houses on Sunday from 2-4pm.  Mama is at 229 Eriskay Drive in Rothesay, $975,000, a stunning two-story stone home with exceptional sleek modern interior, Candace is right next door at 241 Eriskay Drive, $599,000, a stylish ranch-style with the latest in design, colour and layout, Jody is at 28 Branch, $529,000, a two story with stunning modern interior, oversized master with  huge Palladian window, impressive ensuite and finished loft and Steven is at popular Chapel Hill Estates at 16 Mapledawn Court $239,000,  in a lovely easy care, affordable living, garden home with open concept, skylight, huge master bedroom, four-piece ensuite bath and gleaming hardwood flooring within walking distance to SuperStore and close to all valley, shops, markets and restaurants (including Vito’s which I personally enjoy)!

You know I was thinking this week that I am so fortunate to have such a sweet brother as Nicholas.  The little guy is always up for some fun any time of the day.  He likes to cuddle with me on the sofa and is protective of me as well.  Heaven help any dog who acts aggressive towards me when I’m out on the trails as my brother is right there to look after me.  He just stands between me and them with that stance that he has; ears up, body rigid and they know to back off.  If they play nice and are fast runners then he runs like crazy taking turns playing tag with them, both having a great time but they’d better play nice with the Budster!


I’ve been walking the trails of Spy Glass Hill and Allison daily without fail as well as enjoying the underwater treadmill with Dr. Bogdin at Fairvale Animal Hospital once a week.   Much to my both my doctor’s glee, Bogdin and Kelly, I’m now down a whopping 21 pounds!  Yes suree!  Feeling good and looking fine!!!  Nicholas is scared I’ll get all the attention now from the girls and I have to tell ya it’s working.  The Budster turns on the charm and they just melt, ha ha ha!  “Oh, look at the beautiful big black and white dog, isn’t he handsome!  What’s your name?”  “My friends call me Budster”!  Nicholas just rolls his eyes and groans!!!  I love it!

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy this mild weather (you know what’s coming)!  Hope to see you on the trails to say hello.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Baconbuddy-paw-print





Blogging with Buddy November 11, 2016

Wow, what a week!  Nicholas and I were plastered to CNN with Papa watching the US Presidential Election while Mama was as busy as a bee this week.  We feel emotionally drained from it all, what a rollercoaster!  Like the rest of the world we didn’t even see it coming and then bam, we get up Wednesday morning and they announce Trump is the President-Elect.  I wonder if he likes puppies.  We’ve never seen pictures of him with a dog.  We need to discuss with our fellow colleagues Jack McCairns, Guss Dixon and Oliver Ouellet, maybe they have but we doubt it!  We do see the Obama family on TV with their Portuguese Water Spaniel, Bo and his sister Sunny but we can’t imagine Trump with a dog!  What a life Bo has had living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and even flying on Air Force one!  He seems to have a very nice Papa.  Bo is seven years old, his title is First Dog of the United States and it’s his job to be friendly to foreign dognitaries.  He’s met everyone from Ellen Degeneres to the Pope!  Sunny his sister, is the same age as me, four years old.  Also like Nicholas and I, they both like to swim and love snow!

A drive in the limo is always fun.                 Heading out on Air Force One

bo-in-the-limo               bo-on-air-force-one-2

Commander in leash!


We’ve had a very quiet day today, Remembrance Day, reflecting with Mama and Papa on all the veterans and all they’ve given up for us to live in a free country.  We give our heartfelt thanks!  Papa was in the army in Kingston, Ontario when he was only sixteen years old and had never been away from his family or his home.  A dramatic experience but he has fond memories of his time there and often talks with Mama about it.


We’re a bit sad that our cousins Myra and Lucas will be leaving tomorrow for the sunny south for the winter as we’ll miss them, our dear Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.  Myra and Lucas are not sad; they are so excited and can hardly wait!  Being so tiny (about 3 ½ pounds each) they do not like the snow and the cold like us big boys do and look forward to the warm balmy breezes blowing through the palm trees out in front of their house.  We wish them safe travels; a fantastic winter and look forward to welcoming them back home in the late spring.  (It seems so far away).  Auntie Blue loves the shopping in the south (she’s the best shopper we know) and Uncle Clinton absolutely hates the cold so he’ll be right in his glory!

Candace is enjoying her work with a first time home buyer this weekend looking at waterfront, Steven is helping a family find a nice waterview home while Jody concentrates on investment properties.  We have open houses lined up for Saturday 2-4pm at 90 Javin Hill with a large one acre lot, inviting home with huge windows galore and a 3-car garage with loft.  On Sunday 2-4pm we hope you’ll drop by 125 Mount Pleasant Ave within walking distance to 2200 acre Rockwood Park.  This property is “Buddy’s Best” pick in the Real Estate Guide on Saturday describing the loads of fun that can be had right within the city with trails for hiking and biking, lakes for swimming and hills for sledding providing year-round fun for the whole family including your four-legged friends!  Mama’s parents use to take her here every weekend as a little girl along with aunts, uncles and cousins so she has oodles of memories and stories to share, knowing Rockwood Park first hand!  We’re hoping to get up there to walk the trails, so if you see us be sure to say “hello”.

Your pal,


Big Buddy Bacon buddy-paw-print





Blogging with Buddy November 4, 2016

It’s certainly getting brisk out there! Put’s a little spring in your step doesn’t it? I’ve been doing a lot (let me repeat, a lot) of walking. Every single day, Nicholas and I are out there investiging every nook and cranny, every squirrel and chipmonk on the trails of Rothesay. Our favouite haunt lately has been from the end of Allison Drive and the top of Spy Glass Hill. We enjoy swooshing through the fallen autumn leaves (that little speed freak Nicholas runs wide open up and down the trails), the cool wind whistling through our fur and I’m happy as can be trailing along beside Mama. We usually go just before and during dusk, it’s our favourite time of the day when Mama says “Okay, who wants to go for a walk?” With tails wagging we say in unison, “I do, I do!” We’re so fortunate to live within walking distance of such beautiful natural surroundings and the view from Spy Glass Hill is enough to take your breath away! Mama says that she is going to bring our new friend and manager Amy with her little dog Oliver to see it. We haven’t met Oliver yet but Mama has and she says he’s absolutely adorable (Nicholas had his nose out of joint and was a bit pea green with that statement!). We’re going to ask if Candace can bring Gus and Jody can bring Jack then we’ll have the entire Platinum four-legged clan there!!! Sounds like lots of fun to us!

We enjoyed, what we expect to be our last swim of the season, last night at Riverside Park at dusk. I must admit it was a bit chilly but no more so than the Bay of Fundy which I enjoy so very much. Now Nicholas, that’s another story! He didn’t enjoy it as much as the Big Bud did, wading around just over his skinny little knees, he preferred to run up and down the beach. We can’t go to the golf course any more now as it’s been totally taken over by the Canada Geese in great numbers. And you know what Canada Geese do, and they do it everywhere! We still see the odd golfer out there swinging away but we expect they must be wearing hip-wadders (if you know what I mean)! Hahahaha.

Candace has been busy with a new high-end buyer who she’s taking great care of and Jody is excitedly planning a very special upcoming Friday Night Twilight Open House at a custom luxury property. Stay posted for more details and watch the business section of the Telegraph Journal for our ad as well as social media coverage orchestrated by Candace! The market has been strong all summer and continues to be so into the autumn for Team Platinum.

Steven is back from his well-deserved holiday and he hit the ground running! Off the plane and right back at it. You can’t keep a good man down! He’s as brown as a berry and totally relaxed after some fun in the sun and R & R in the sunny south. He’s hosting two open houses this weekend. On Saturday he invites you to join him from 2-4pm at 140 Chelsea Drive in Quispamsis near Vincent Road. This family home has a nice-sized flat lot, finished daylight basement and a stunning sunset river view all for $325,000. On Sunday he’s featuring a spacious waterfront executive home at 59 Anchorage Avenue with panoramic view of Grand Bay and the St. John River plus it’s own private beach! This modern, open concept home features finished daylight walkout basement and a very rare feature as all four large bedrooms on the upper floor have ensuite bathrooms!

Hope to see you on the trails this weekend,

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon, buddy-paw-print

Blogging with Buddy, October 28, 2016

Are you all ready for Halloween?  Nicholas and I are all set, costumes ready and looking for treats!  We know a few good tricks if we don’t get any haha (but don’t tell Mama)!  Share with me a pic of your costume to, love to see it.

If you’re out and about walking the trails of Rothesay or Quispamsis don’t forget that the bow hunters are out with permission from the town and some of the property owners to shot the local doe.  We are always very careful to wear our hunter orange scarves and we met a boy and girl this morning (German Short Haired Pointer and Springer Spaniel) who were also wearing loud bells that sounded like cow bells.  We could hear them coming for a mile away!  Mama asked their parents where they got them and they said an Outdoor Outfitters.  Seems like a good idea.  You can never be too careful when in the woods during hunting season.

It’s the season for hunter’s orange!

Steven is taking it easy on a very well deserved holiday to the sunny south.  We hope he gets a nice dark tan and some R & R!  I heard he’d be swimming in a pool and I was pea green with envy!  I’d have carried his luggage to tag along but Mama says it’s too hot for a big Newf like me down there.  Candace and Jody have been busy with showings to potential buyers and Mama’s been negotiating offers like crazy.  Busiest we’ve been in five years!  Meanwhile I got the lock box removed off 3189 Rothesay Road now that is sold.  Happy to be doing my part for team!
So happy to have the lockbox off 3189 Rothesay Road.

I continue on my program with Dr. Bogdin and this week started the underwater treadmill!!!  Boy oh boy, it’s unbelievable!  I walk right into this huge glass tank and surprise, surprise, Dr Bogdin comes right in with me. He’s is so very nice and kind.  You can tell he really loves animals, calls me Big Boy!  We get in and he turns on the water which starts seeping in around the floor.  It’s rising higher and higher right up to my belly and then he hits a button and the big tread mill starts slowly moving.  At first I didn’t know what to think with the floor under me started moving but he was right there to reassure me that all was well and I started walking along through the water.  You know I love the water so this was a real treat.  We started out very easy at a slow walk for four minutes then I had a good rest and then we did this two more times.  I can tell you that it’s a work out but I felt great!  I highly recommend it!  Then he shut it off, the water drained out and I came back down the gradual ramp.  I’m going to be getting this once a week all winter and it will be especially good once the snow starts and the walking is not so good.
I hope you have a nice weekend.  Not supposed to be great weather but I can tell you that I’m certainly enjoying the cool refreshing temperatures.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  buddy-paw-print

Blogging with Buddy, October 21, 2016

Had another Bidding War last week!!!  What’s more fun than a bidding war in real estate?  Not too much, I can tell you.  Our listing at 36 Yacht Haven Lane was on the market for some time and then “Bam” it’s gone at a bidding war!  That’s how it goes with real estate, just when you think nothing is happening the fun begins.  Rare to have a bidding war in this market and this is our third this year so far!  We were sooo… excited that we went out to have our pics taken with Mama and the Sold sign, ha, ha, ha.  Congratulations to the owners!

36 Yacht Haven Lane, SOLD
3189 Rothesay Road, SOLD

Another exciting event for us is the sale of 3189 Rothesay Road, a stunning heritage home listed by Mama and sold by Steven on our Team Platinum.  Way to go Team!!!  This is our second sale of a large heritage home in the heart of Rothesay this year as earlier we sold 18 Hampton Road as well.  Team Platinum is on a roll!!!

I started a new diet this week with Dr Bogdin who specializes in Chinese medicine.  Dr Kelley is still my vet but I’m going to work on my weight loss with the natural herbs and ancient techniques that Dr Bogdin is so knowledgeable in.  He’s a super nice guy, calls me “Big Boy”.  Always talking with me and rubbing my fur while I’m there for my sessions.  With Dr Kelley and Dr Bogdin I’m in good hands!  This means extra work for Mama as all my meals are home cooked now with certain ingredients, no more dog food for Buddy Bacon!  I can tell you I’m loving it and feeling very spoiled.  Nicholas has his meals home cooked as well so he’s quick happy I’m on it.  I like to share with the little fella.  Mama will make up all our meals for the week on Sunday and then we’ll be ready to roll all week long.  I can tell you I’ve only been on this one week and no one can believe the difference in me!  I’m much more active, playing, walking and swimming further, faster and even doing a bit of running.  You can tell on my face that I’m a happier boy these days with my big smile!

Steven is hosting an open house this Saturday at 33 Deveber Terrace, Millidgeville, from 1:30pm – 4:30pm.  He invites you to drop in to view this lovely, well-kept bungalow in mint condition with tasteful updates.

Supposed to get some rain this weekend but I hope you have a great one.

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconPaw Print

Blogging with Buddy, October 14, 2016

Had an awesome Thanksgiving, hope you did too!  Lots of R & R for Nicholas and I.  Mama cooked a plump juicy turkey and we got to taste a wee bit.  She cooked it slowly all night and when we woke up the yummy aroma throughout the house was awesome!  Wish we’d had more as I don’t think we could ever get too much turkey!!!  Papa got tired of it pretty quickly as we heard him say, “Not more turkey!”.  What’s wrong with the guy?

The weather has been nuts, really warm days and some cool nights.  Nicholas isn’t too impressed with the cool nights but I absolutely love them!!!  Mama lets me out in the yard (I’m on the Invisible Fence) and I just roam around keeping an eye on my neighbourhood enjoying the cool weather.

I had another visit to my favourite vet, Dr Kelly.  She and her office are over the moon with me as I lost another five pounds which brings me to fifteen in total now!

This Saturday Steven is hosting two open houses in the city.  He’s at a great 4-bedroom starter home with plenty of potential at 233 Montreal Ave priced at $109,900 from 11 – 1pm.  Then from 2-4pm he’s at 467 Clearview Row.  Offered at $249,900, this well-kept home with Bay of Fundy sunset view features hardwood floors, great working kitchen, propane fireplace, large deck and more.

Sunday is a big day for Team Platinum with our Fine Homes International™ Rothesay Open House showcasing five of the finest homes in the area!  All will be open from 2pm -4pm and they are all close to each other in the heart of Rothesay so we invite you to visit all five.  These homes include 241 Eriskay Drive at $599,000, 2374 Rothesay Road at $650,000, 229 Eriskay Drive at $975,000, 3105 Rothesay Road at $989,000 and 6 Grove Ave at $1,175,000.  Each home is unique with select much desired features.  Hope to see you there!

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy September 30th, 2016

Fall is in the air and it makes me sooo happy!  I love the crisp cool mornings and refreshing sunny afternoons.  Perfect!  Thursday last week was the first official day of autumn.  Nicholas likes it too but not as much as the Budster.

I won’t be getting to New River Beach too much now with the cooler weather setting in, too cold for Mama.  If we get the odd nice day on the weekends I may get down for a refreshing swim in the Bay of Fundy.  Nicholas thinks I’m nuts paddling around, so happy in the cool water.  This time of year he puts his toe in and runs for the beach!  (If I was as skinny as him I wouldn’t swim in it either.)  You need meat on your bones to comfortably swim in the bay and if there is one thing Big Bud has its lots of meat on my bones! Okay don’t you laugh too hard Mr. Nicholas!

Mama says the real estate market is still going strong after an awesome summer and the offers are still coming in.  Buyers are on the move expecting good value for their dollar but ready to step up to the plate and write that offer.  She expects it’s all the good news of corporate expansion in our area and the recent influx of executives to assist with this growth of local development.

Steven is busy with open houses this weekend and will host 90 Javin Hill , East off Loch Lomond Road on Saturday from 2-4pm.  This four bedroom family home on 1.29 acres has inviting features including open concept, vaulted ceilings, H/W & ceramic floors, custom kitchen, huge sunny windows and a finished walkout basement with a woodstove.  All this is so attractive and to top it off there is a 3-car garage for the car enthusiasts in your family also perfect for storing your big toys such as motorcycles, canoe, kayaks or snowmobiles!  Sunday he’s at 35 Elizabeth Parkway in Hastings Cove, Rothesay Sunday from 2-4pm.  This fine waterfront home comes complete with mature landscaping and gravel beach on the Kennebecasis River with panoramic sunset water views.  This 3806 square foot home features a large living room with water view, dining room with covered patio access, family room with wood-burning fireplace, main floor guest bedroom with full bath and sitting room, modern kitchen with gas stove and stunning eating area surrounded by windows.  The second floor is just as impressive with a sitting area or exercise room with balcony, three additional large bedrooms including the master with huge walk-in closet and four-piece ensuite with oversized glass shower plus the main three-piece bath with tub/shower.  All this is topped off with an oversized two-car garage and storage room.

Don’t forget to get out this weekend and start shopping for that turkey and all the trimmings!  After all, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  We boys can hardly wait!  Have a great weekend.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, September 23, 2016

I’m sooo excited; I just listed a wonderful new ranch-style home (along with Mama and Candace’s help of course) at 241 Eriskay Drive in Rothesay for my new friend Jazzy Lynch.  See the pic attached.  Jazzy’ s place is only two years old, still under warranty and is in pristine condition (thanks to his Mama) with all the bells, whistles and latest in stylish modern finishes.  Jazzy says it’s a very inviting place to live with a nice flat yard with stone patio, lawn and woods in the back.  Nicholas and I love exploring in the woods as do most of our four-legged friends.  It has a fabulous kitchen so your Mama can bake or cook up a storm with all your favourite dishes and homemade treats.  Jazzy’ s mother likes to spoil him a little this way and I told him to keep that one on the down low but ours spoils us a bit too!

Jazzy Lynch is ready to Welcome You Home!

Nicholas and I are more than excited to welcome back our dear friend and colleague Candace Dixon and her boy Gus.  We’ve always loved Candace and our clients love her too, she takes exceptionally good care of them rather they are buying or selling.  We missed her while she had a break and now she’s ready to buckle down welcoming all her friends, past clients and new clients! If you cherish exceptional service than you’ll appreciate Candace!

Candace and us happy boys!

Nicholas and I were off to our vet Dr. Kelly on Wednesday.  We absolutely love Dr Kelly!!! Nicholas got his annual vaccines and snuck more than a few kisses.  I stopped in for my weigh in and low and behold I’m down close to another 3 pounds!!!  Dr Kelly was over the moon she is so happy with me (gave me a nice treat and one for Nicholas too).  That brings me down 10 pounds to 168 pounds, pretty good for a Newfoundland dog.  She says I have to keep at it.  My next goal is 160.  This week for the first time in a year I sat pretty all by myself!!!  Dr. Kelley says that’s good to keep my back muscles strong but for a long time I just wasn’t strong enough.  But I’m strong enough now and every time Mama turns around I’m sitting pretty!  Watch for that pic next week.  Ha ha Nicholas can’t do it, never could, his butt is too skinny, he can’t hold himself in position (don’t tell him I said that).

Buddy with his favourite vet, Dr Kelly!

Steven and Jody are hosting two open houses this Sunday from 2-4pm in Quispamsis.  Steven is at 140 Chelsea Drive, offered at $325,000.  A wonderful family home with huge windows, 3 full bathrooms, open concept, finished basement, and great view of the Kennebecasis River!  Jody is at 28 Branch Crescent, offered at $525,000 which although it’s only 8 years old, it has been totally refinished with spectacular modern finishes.  Porcelain floors gleam while chrome and crystal chandeliers just glisten.  If you’re into style, you’ll like this house which looks like something straight out of Houzz!

Although this has been a rainy day (we really need the rain) Nicholas and I are hoping to see some sunshine over the next few days, paws crossed.  Have a great weekend and we hope to see you soon.

Your pal

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy September 16, 2016

Well the little guy got in big trouble this week (actually grounded for a few hours for the first time ever).  I have to say that it wasn’t his entire fault but he’s the one that lost his cool.  It all started six months ago when he hid a favourite ball in Mama’s garden (hid it on the Budster).  Then the other day low and behold I’m walking down the walkway by the rock garden and my big nose smells something interesting.  I check it out and take a closer look and do a little digging of my own and what do I find but this nice orange ball.  A bit dirty but still in good shape, ha ha ha.  I’m one happy camper at this point!  I take the ball and head out to the front of the house.  Well Nicholas just about had a bird when he sees me trotting around the corner of the house with his ball in my mouth.  This is where I come out not so lily white because I squeaked that ball and rolled it around having a real good time with it.  I rolled on it, hid it under my belly then tossed it in the air and caught it.  Things weren’t going too bad until I shoved it in his face and then pulled it back away from him.  It was more than he could handle.  He jumped on me and threw me on the ground (he’s one strong fellow as he threw this 170 pound Newf puppy to the ground like greased lighting).  Then he jumped on top of me growling and showing his teeth with his face right up against mine.  I showed my big teeth and growled back (not that it did much good me being pinned to the ground).  Papa was right there beside us when all this happened and he was not very impressed to say the least.  Nicholas and I never fight but boys will be boys and Papa reached over and pulled him off me.  Whew!  So glad Papa was handy!  Nicholas was put in the house and I got to stay out in the garden enjoying the sunshine.  Both of us got a scolding, him for losing it and me because I never should have teased him.  Nicholas and I were both feeling bad about the whole thing so when I went in the house I went right to him and we rubbed noses and told each other how sorry we were, curled up together near the air conditioning vents and had a nice siesta.

Mama says the market is getting hotter by the minute!  I know her and the whole team has been as busy as bees and offers have been flying.  Mama says this is the busiest we’ve been in five years and it looks like the market is turning an important corner.  I know Nicholas and I are ready to roll doing whatever we can to help sell the properties.  Buddy Best is getting lots of attention in the TJ!  She just listed a wonderful property (she calls it Nantucket-style, I guess that means popular Cape Cod beach house) at 2374 Rothesay Road that we’re all very excited about!  The Team loves the updated house but Big Bud is super excited because it comes with deeded beach rights, yahoo!!!  What does that mean to you and to the Bud?  It means the full use of the nice beach right in front of the house!  Enjoying a refreshing swim whenever you want (you know the Budster is a great swimmer), bon fires, wiener roasts, relaxing with the breeze blowing gently off the water and mooring your boat right out front (I was born to be a boater, if you fall overboard I can save you, after all I’m a Newfoundland, it’s what I’m bred for).  The owners are very sweet and told Mama that as team members, it’s okay if Nicholas and I go to their beach for a swim so that we enjoy a first-hand experience of the lifestyle there to share with our buyers!  Yahoo, we’re ready!  Nicholas, grab a beach towel!  I’ll get some snaps while I’m there to share with you.  Steps lead right down to the beach and a lovely shaded area with a picnic table.  What does Buddy Bacon enjoy more than a cheeseburger picnic?  Not too much but don’t tell Dr Kelley, it would blow my diet right out of the park!

Here I am enjoying Riverside Park within easy walking distance to 2374 Rothesay Rd.

Speaking of Dr. Kelley (my favourite vet) I go to see her this coming Wednesday for a check-up and a weigh-in and Mama says she’s going to be very proud of me.  We took a new measurement of my neck and since May it has gone from 27” to 23”!  Mama says that’s impressive!  Pretty good for a Newfoundland dog.  She was so happy.  All my swimming (every evening, twice a day on weekends) and walking is paying off and I’ve stuck to my diet like glue.  There’s nothing nicer than seeing that sweet smile on Dr Kelley’s face when I step off her scales at my weigh-ins after a good week.  She bends down and rubs my ears, tells me how handsome I am and I just melt!

Saturday Steven is hosting a waterfront open house at 1279 Route 845 in Clifton Royal from 2-4 pm, just 2 minutes (left) from the Gondola Point Ferry.  This waterfront ranch has an amazing view, finished basement, 1.8 acres, 275 feet +/- shoreline, heated pool, beach and deep water anchorage!  Fantastic value at $265,000.

The entire Team Platinum is very busy this weekend with open houses!  Sunday we are having a Fine Homes International™ Waterfront Open House from 2-4pm at four of our stunning upscale properties, all are unique and all are waterfront located along the St John or Kennebecasis Rivers.  This list includes 35 Elizabeth Parkway in Hastings Cove, Rothesay at $1,298,000, 36 Yacht Haven Lane in the Moorings of Millidgeville at $798,000, 10 Luminous Lane, Morrisdale at $648,000 and 200 Inglewood Drive in Grand Bay at $589,000.  We invite you to join us, breathe deeply the fresh air off the water and take in the wonderful homes and natural surroundings.  We don’t call our upscale homes “A Buyer’s Gallery of Fine Homes” for nothing! Hope to see you there.

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, August 26, 2016

Today is National Dog Day which encourages pet adoptions! I can tell you that Buddy and Nicholas are certainly celebrating, as we are both from SPCA, Gatineau and Dartmouth respectively.  I highly encourage you to consider pet adoption, after all look how good I turned out and my little brother Nicholas is no slouch either.  We are kind, loving, and loyal (Nicholas wants to add handsome too) and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t fully appreciate our forever home with kind family who love us.  We think we have the best mama and papa but all of our ‘four legged friends’ say the same thing.  Little Jack McCairns puts up a good argument so do our cousins Myra and Lucas as well as Tux, Rave, and Daisy in Sussex!  I say we are all lucky, lucky puppies!!!  If you are considering a new pet, check out your local shelter, you have the opportunity to change a pets life and they’ll worship you forever for it!

Here is an update on our cousin Lucas; the little guy (2.4 kg) just received a clean bill of health from his vet yesterday and all his treatments are stopped.  His vet, Dr Bogdan, was so impressed with him, with his improvement and his gorgeous new coat, he’s grown!!  All the credit goes to our dear Aunty Blue who works so closely with Lucas through this long, one year recovery. Nicholas and I say lucky the dog who gets to call Aunty Blue mama!  She is our heroine and Lucas agrees.

Steven is hosting an open house at 21 Upper Deck Lane this Sunday from 2-4 pm.  This is a large waterfront condominium with 9 ft ceilings, modern finishes, and a sunny walk out basement.  Drop by to say hello and enjoy the view.

Have another great NB weekend!  No matter if you’re boating, camping, swimming, biking, checking out the beach, or just being lazy, there is nothing better than summer in New Brunswick! Nicholas and I plan some serious swimming at Carrying Cove, New River Beach.  If you see us, come over and say hello! We are super friendly and love meeting new people!


Your pal,

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Blogging with Buddy, August 17th, 2016

I’ve seen it all now!  Last Sunday I was with Nicholas, Mama and Papa at the Gull & Herring at New River Beach and low and behold this little Shiatsu came rolling up on the front of a bicycle!  Not a word of a lie.  He had a special seat attached to the front of the bike and he was rolling along in front of his Papa.  His family pulled up next to us at our picnic table and I’m sure all our jaws dropped!  There in bold writing on the side of his special seat was the name of the manufacturer and what do you think it’s called?  The “Buddyrider”.  Really, it really is, the Buddyrider.  I laughed to kill myself, was practically rolling around on the grass and you know Mama, she talks with everyone (they didn’t nickname her in school Chatty Cathy (after the first talking doll) for nothing so she started asking them all about this Buddyrider.  Apparently it’s Canadian made in BC and was featured on “Dragon’s Den”.  It’s now sold across Canada and the United States plus several other countries.  Coolest thing I’ve seen for my little four-legged friends in a long time.  Way to go!  We just stood and stared as they pull out on their way with the little fellow looking back at us, his ears blowing in the wind and I swear there was a smile on his face!  See the pic below.  It’s both fun and safe.  Check it out at


So I turn and say to Papa, “Good luck finding a Buddyrider big enough for the Budster!”  Then Mama stated teasing him saying maybe we could buy a two-wheeled cart big enough for the Bud that Papa could haul behind a bike but Papa said no way, he isn’t strong enough to drag a 170 pounds dog in a cart behind a bicycle.  Of course Nicholas wouldn’t need any cart as I don’t think you could drive a bike far enough or fast enough to tire that guy out as he’d run alongside wide open, having a ball!

I want to know what the heck is going on when Jack McCairns (pic below) gets to attend an agent’s open house this past Tuesday at 90 Javin Hill with his Papa Jody McCairns and I’ve never been allowed near an agents open house???  What makes him so special?  Just because he’s cute, personable and small I don’t except double standards in the company.  If Nicholas and I hear Mama say one more time how sweet and precious Jack McCairns is I think we’ll both be sick!!!  I was pea green when I found out he attended and they were serving Mexican chicken taquitos to the agents too!  I didn’t even get a whiff (not that I’d be allowed to have one on Dr Kelley’s strict orders but still, it’s just not fair, not fair at all and my nose is definitely out of joint, as Nicholas would say!  I better not hear that Jack McCairns was wolfing down taquitos; I think it would be more than I could take!  I must say that Jack has a very good Papa in Jody who absolutely loves all four legged friends every bit as much as Mama does.  Mama is trying to figure out who is more spoiled us boys or Jack.  We say Jack takes the cake now as he’s the one that got to attend the open house, not us!  Ha ha.

Jack McCairns
Jack McCairns
Jack with his Papa, Jody
Jack with his Papa, Jody

Steven’s at it again with open houses for the public this coming weekend.  You just can’t keep a good man down!  Saturday he’s at a hot property at 233 Montreal Avenue on the West Side from 11am – 1pm which is a fantastic value, beautifully staged and getting lots of attention.  Then from 2pm – 4pm the same day his at 467 Clearview Road West which has water views of the harbour.  Drop by and say hello and have a great weekend!

Your pal,

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Blogging with Buddy August 5, 2016

I got some great news this week from Dr. Kelly!  I’m not only down 7 pounds but I’ve gained muscle and lost inches!  Yahoo!  That’s all that swimming I’m doing daily and twice a day on the weekends!  Dr. Kelly was sooooo excited she gave me a high-five and did some air pumps.  The whole office joined in and Dr. Kelly said that because I’ve been such a good boy and sticking to my regime so well she gifted me a large bag of Royal Canin® Low Calorie Treats.  They are super good.  I let Nicholas try one (he’s so very fussy) and even he likes them.  I don’t know who was more excited me or Dr. Kelly.  She’s knows how hard it is for big dogs to lose weight and she said she’s very proud of me!  She was telling me how great I’m doing, rubbing my ears and I was lapping it right up!  Mama wasn’t sure why she was so excited about a 7 pounds loss but Dr Kelly explained that a 7 pound weight loss in a dog is equal to a 70 pound weight loss in a human with that much pressure off the joints!  Wow, now we understand what all the excitement is about.  I haven’t once touched Nicholas’ food and I’m staying focused on my healthy meals.  I’ve been much more active, playing with Nicholas and started running again yesterday.  Onwards and upwards!

The real estate market is still heating up and Mama listed another gorgeous waterfront property yesterday.  One that’s right up Buddy’s alley!  I’ll tell you more about it next week and include some pics as well.

Steven and Jody are hosting an open house together from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday at 90 Javin Hill off Loch Lomond Road.  This is a lovely large 1-acre property with huge 3-car garage with loft for the car enthusiasts.  The house has plenty of windows letting in tons of natural sunlight.  I love the big flat property, perfect for Nicholas and I to play some ball!  On Sunday from 2-4pm Steven is at 1217 Route 865, Cassidy Lake.  I had no idea how large this gorgeous lake is and oh so picturesque.  It’s large enough for boating and waterskiing too.  Perfect for the Budster to have a refreshing swim on a warm summer day.  The house is one-level ranch style, very stylish interior and the yard is lovely and flat with nice landscaping a large deck overlooking the water!  Drop by to say hello and don’t forget your swimming trunks!  I have mine with me at all times, ha ha!

Hope you have a great weekend in sunny New Brunswick!


Your pal,

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Blogging with Buddy, July 29, 2016

Wow, I just experience my first bidding war!  What a rush!  Mama has had a few dozen in her career but it was a whole new experience for the Budster.  Nicholas and I went with Mama last Thursday to put the lockbox on our new listing at 48 Aunt Sades Lane off Route 845 on Long Reach.  We don’t usually get to do that but Mama had been working some crazy hours and knew we’d enjoy the drive in the country and the ride across the Gondola Point Ferry.

It was a gorgeous sunny evening about 6pm and we both had our heads out the window with our tongues hanging out as we headed down the driveway between the majestic soaring trees.  We knew we were in for something special.  As we turned the corner the cottage and the river came into view and it was oh so nice, really nice.  We bound out of the back seat and started checking everything out.  Nicholas headed for the wrap around deck while I surveyed the little bridge over the brook.  After Mama installed the lock box, Nicholas and I posed for some pictures with the cottage, the grounds, the river and the beach.  There was a nice breeze gently blowing through our fur and the air was so fresh and clean, it was like heaven.  I thought to myself, “Wow, hot property!”

I had no idea how hot it was going to be but I wasn’t long finding out.  The next day I featured it along with my new pics on my blog and on Saturday it was my choice for “Buddy’s Best” advertisement in the Real Estate Guide.  Then away it went, the calls started coming in and the buyers were all over it!  Mama was busy booking the showings and spacing them far enough apart that the buyers wouldn’t be bumping into each other.  Mama, Steven and Jody all had interested parties as well as three other agents.  Sunday night the first call came in that an offer would be written and Monday morning everything went into high gear and the offers started flying in!!!  I’ve known the owner of the property since I was a just a puppy so when she arrived at our place at one o’clock on Monday I don’t know who was more excited her or I!  Of course Nicholas was his foolish self, giving her kisses and spinning around the foyer which made her laugh and took a bit of the tension out.  I have to say these bidding wars are a bit nerve racking when you’re not use to them.  It was a first for me and a first for her.  Good thing Mama is experienced and got us all calmed down.  The lady sat at the table and reviewed each offer with Mama carefully weighing the pros and cons of each one.  I sat right with her letting her know that she had my support.  She kept gently rubbing my head and I could tell it was keeping her calm and focused.  Two of the bids were over asking price which was so nice to see in the middle of a recession.  Of course she took the best one with the highest price and the least amount of conditions.  She was extremely happy and so were we!  It couldn’t have happened for a nicer person.  The closing is quick and the process was painless!

On our way to 48 Aunt Sades Lane

Tuesday evening, once again we jumped in the SUV and headed for 48 Aunt Sades Lane on another warm sunny evening.  This time Papa came along for the drive and Mama posted the SOLD sign and removed the lock box.  Then Nicholas and I were in for a big surprise.  Mama told us that she had permission from the owner for the two of us to go for a “Celebration Swim” in honour of all our hard work on the bidding war!  Off we flew, down to the beach and right into the river!  Nicholas of course did a big dive; he’s such a show off, while I cruised up and down the shoreline just out over my head.  When Mama says that I float like a boat it’s no joke, I do!  Then low and behold who jumps in with us but Mama!  She doesn’t get in with us much at New River Beach (just to her knees) as she says the waters too cold but the water is warm in the St. John River, just like a bath tub.  She headed right for me with long sure strokes and the three of us totally enjoyed a refreshing swim.  Me being a Newfoundland dog I kept a really close eye on her.  If she showed any sign of needing help I was ready to pull her to shore.  Nicholas and I had a real ball swimming with Mama.  Papa was a chicken; he didn’t come in but just laughed and watched us from the shore.  I have to say that my first bidding war was one of my best and most memorable experiences in real estate to date but as Mama says in this business you never know what’s just around the corner!

We just can’t hold Steven down!  He’s having a special open house this New Brunswick Day Weekend on Saturday from 11am  to 2pm at 868 Route 845 in Kingston, just around the corner from the Kingston Farmers Market.

This quality Queen built home is nestled in the picturesque Kingston in a park-like setting on 28 acres with a pond, babbling brook & meandering walking trails.  It is in mint condition and has a huge wrap-around covered veranda.  This is country living at its best!  How much fun could Nicholas and the Budster have on 28 acres???   I love this farmers market and this house is so close by, drop in to say hello to Steven while you’re there, he’s always happy to see you.

Have a fun and relaxing New Brunswick Day weekend!  Nicholas and I plan on being a pair of beach bums.  If you see us come over to say hello but don’t be surprised if you get a kiss from Nicholas.

Your pal,


Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy July 22, 2016

Loving this warm sunny weather and the real estate market is getting hotter by the moment!  The entire team has been busier than bees and that includes me and Nicholas as well.  Mama listed a wonderful place on Long Reach with a nice Sandy Beach and a heated pool!  It has a one-owner cedar house as well but it’s the waterfront that really gets Buddy Bacon’s engine revving!  We drove over with Mama while she installed the lockbox and checked it out first hand for ourselves.  Whoa Bessy, the fun we could have here.  I tried to sneak down to the water but Mama caught me and said no swimming on the job!  (Nice try though, ha, ha.)  Features huge deck, heat pump with A/C, finished walkout basement and it comes totally furnished with dishes, pots, pans, new towels & sheets, etc.!  Just grab your overnight bag and you’re in!  Here are a few pics we took while we there.

Buddy's mainpool

beachview from the great room

Both Steven and Jody have listed several properties this week and have been negotiating numerous offers with several coming cleanly together.  So exciting for the team, our sellers and our buyers!  Now for the inspections and the due diligence; a lot of hard work.  Really glad Nicholas and I aren’t involved in that aspect of the sales because it’s way over our heads!  Good thing we have the experts to be sure all i’s are dotted and all T are crossed.  The entire team has had more showings on properties this past two weeks than we’ve seen in a while, helping buyers find just the right property.  If there are two words we love to say in our company it’s “Welcome Home”!

Mama was out late yesterday listing a stunning upscale home that she is very excited about.  It’s on 1 ¼ acres and has a stunning panoramic sunset view of the Kennebecasis River.  She says the lady has impeccable taste and could have easily worked as a designer if she had chosen.  The interior looks like something right out of a magazine!  Looks like a fabulous big flat yard for Nicholas and I to play in!!!

6 Evergreen Park main copy

Steven is hosting two open houses this weekend.  The one on Saturday is from 2-4pm at 21 Upper Deck Lane.  We’ve sold #23 Upper Deck Lane which is being custom finished so if you have a chance check out these large waterfront condos.  On Sunday from 2-4pm he is hosting a stunning home and very private property at 924 Main Street in Hampton.  This lady is certainly no slouch when it comes to decorating either and this may very well be the prettiest home in Hampton.  It has a huge fenced yard to keep out the deer and a large deck with glass rails so the beautiful view is not obscured.  This is a home that I featured as one of my picks in my “Buddy’s Best” ad in the Real Estate Guide.  Drop by for a look and you’ll see why!

This coming Wednesday evening July 27th  from 6 to 8pm Team Platinum is hosting a Fine Homes International™ Twilight Open House in the heart of Rothesay at three phenomenal properties!  These will include 6 Grove Avenue on 1.17 acres priced at $1,175,000, 3105 Rothesay Road on 1.5 acres priced at $989,000 and 3189 Rothesay Road on 2 Acres priced at $875,000.  View the details and pictures of these properties on our web site under Listings and Open Houses.  Mama, Steven and Jody are hosting.  Come for a rare view behind the hedges of these striking estates showcasing the splendour of yester-year with all the creature comforts of today including estate-size lots large enough for Big Buddy Bacon and any four-legged friends, children or grandchildren to romp and play!

Have a great weekend!  Watch for Nicholas and I out and about Southern New Brunswick and be sure to say hello if you see us!  We love meeting new people.

Your pal,


Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy July 15, 2016

More and more I become an integral part of the Team as clients request inclusion in my ‘Buddy’s Best’ advertising in the Real Estate Guide and in my blog.  Makes me so happy when they say, “Please include us in Buddy’s marketing”.  I work hard at it and it’s good to know that I’m appreciated.

Mama was busy with a bidding war earlier this week, two nice new listings  and offers on two of our high end waterfront properties which she is still negotiating on.  Steven and Jody are always busy and part of that includes three new listings for them as well which I’ll be giving you more details on.  Mama listed a spectacular heritage home at 297 Douglas Avenue with the most ornate detail and custom mill work she has ever seen!  Beautiful view of the St. John River and a wonderful park right next door which separates this home from the old museum.  The fun Nicholas and I could have in that park!!!  She also listed a lovely 4-bedroom, cedar, year-round cottage on Long Reach at 48 Aunt Sades Lane off route 845 with a nice sandy beach, great boating and swimming.  Our brothers Theodore and Laddie use to swim here with Mama and her friend so she can vouch for the good swimming.  Nicholas and I are going to check it out for ourselves so we’ll keep you posted on that.

Steven is hosting an open house at a great waterfront year-round cottage on the Washademoak Lake at Belyea’s Cove at 30 Centennial Drive.  The cottage is on 1.2 acres, comes completely furnished with modern appliances and a heat pump for refreshing air conditioning (very important to the Budster).  Beautiful big sandy beach my favourite thing in the whole world!  Good for boating, bon fires and best of all swimming, swimming and more swimming.  God gave me these big webbed feet for a reason and I certainly like to use them!

Enjoy the sunshine all weekend and I’ll be talking with you soon.

Your pal,


Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, July 8, 2016

Wow what a week!  Mama was busy as a bee and out of the house a lot with showings, listings and business meetings so Nicholas and I were with Papa more than usual.  That’s okay; we just love spending time with Papa.  He is sooo much fun and likes playing games with us.  We like to hang out with him while he works around the yard, he says we are a big help!

I’m looking forward to a few good swims at New River Beach this weekend.  It’s not supposed to be sunny but that’s okay with me.  As long as it’s not raining Mama will take us down for some swim time.  Saturday is supposed to be overcast with the sun peeking out a bit mid-afternoon and that’s good enough for Big Buddy Bacon to hit the sand!  Nicholas will be tearing around the beach, chasing the ball and finding the biggest tree branch he can find and dragging it to the sea shore.  We’ve seen him drag branches that are six inches in diameter and twelve feet long.  He’s one strong boy.  I’ll try to get some pics of it to show you in future blogs.  We won’t be down there Sunday as it’s supposed to rain really hard, no fun for the Big Bud and Nicholas just hates to get wet!

The Team has several open houses this weekend.  Saturday between 2-4 pm Steven is at 33 Deveber Terrace in Millidgeville which just had a recent price drop!  This house is mint with modern features and a lovely back yard.  Sunday from 1 -3 pm he is at 1217 Route 865, Cassidy Lake off Route 111.  This waterfront one-level ranch-style home has 100 feet of sandy beach on Cassidy Lake!  Sounds like Buddy’s kind of property!  Also Sunday from 2-4 pm Jody is hosting an open house at 16 Antler Crescent, Quispamsis off Vincent Road.  This one-level home is in beautiful condition, very modern with open concept and water view from the covered deck!  Hope to see you there.

Your pal

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy June 30, 2016

Happy Canada Day!  Nicholas and I are so proud to be Canadian and feel so blessed to live in this great nation!  Mama has always told us that the luckiest people in the world live in Canada and we agree as four-legged friends.  We have our Canada flags flying high!  As a family we will be celebrating at New River Beach, our favourite weekend haunt.  It’s supposed to be hot and sunny so we’ll have a picnic at the beach and Nicholas and I will have a big swim. If it does get hot than Mama may venture into the cold water with us.  She usually does a few times a summer but we just can’t get Papa into the Bay of Fundy no matter how hard we try.  He says “You’re crazy, it’s just too cold.”  “Come on Papa, if Mama can do it you can!  Don’t wimp out on us now!”  We go to a little quiet gravel beach around the corner from the public park we call Tommy’s Beach as we like to roam free, run, dig holes and swim without bothering any strangers.  Even though we are super friendly sometimes a stranger could be intimidated by two big black dogs running towards them so we stay where it’s quiet.

Nicholas and I had baths this week, quiet a big deal when you’re our size.  Mama got out the oatmeal shampoo and detangling conditioner.  Rub a dub dub, Big Bud’s in the tub!  Nicholas hates getting a bath and Mama has to physically drag him in.  Once he’s there, he stands very still, looking very sour just hoping it will get over soon.  It doesn’t take long to bath the little guy.  Now me, I love getting my bath, I just step right in and thoroughly enjoy!  Mama suds me all up and I come out smelling like a rose.  Then we got the big comb out, I like that too but Nicholas hates it.  He glares at us through the whole thing.  Mama says his skin is extra sensitive so she goes slowly and carefully and uses a soft brush.  I think he’s a big baby but I won’t be saying it to his face as he’d probably beat the heck out of me!

We received something really special this week from the mailman.  Mama’s friend Diane told her about a huge pet store in Ontario that sells absolutely everything for pets, Ren’s Pet Depot .  It’s the largest pet store in Canada.  Mama contacted them to purchase a special dryer for drying Newfoundland-type dogs with very thick coats.  Now that I’m swimming every day and my coat is sooo… thick it never really dries!  Nicholas dries easily in less than an hour but not the Budster.  Low and behold my new dryer arrived in two days and it works fantastic.   Made by Bear Power, it’s called B-Air, lime green colour with a picture of a bear on it.  The bear’s coat actually looks a lot like mine!  The dryer is light weight, easy to use with several attachments and super powerful, 4 hp!  I am dry easily now in 5 minutes and Mama is only using it at ¼ to ½ throttle.  I love it, kind of feels like a massage and I lean right into it.  The air is just the right temperature too; not warm but not cool either.  I love my B-Air.  We’re taking it to the cottage this weekend as I plan to do a lot of swimming Canada Day!

For those of you who have been following the recovery of our dear little cousin Lucas, he is doing really super with a capital S!  Last winter he couldn’t even move and now he is up and about, running all around the house with his twin sister Myra, even getting up on his trampoline himself now.   A real miracle thanks to the excellent, diligent care of our Auntie Blue who’s dedication is to be commended in a big way!  Between weekly visits to the vet over many, many months, long nights of stressful worry, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, ultra sounds, massages and a whole lot of TLC: she has brought the little boy back to a high quality of life.  Many would have given up on him but not our Auntie Blue, just one of the many reasons we love her sooo… much!

Lucus & Myra, 7th birthday cropped_edited-1
Our dear little cousins Myra and Lucas on the right

Heading to the Kingston Country Market this Saturday?  Be sure to drop in and say hello to Steven who is hosting an open house Saturday just around the corner at 868 Route 845 from 2-4 pm.  This is my kind of property with 28 scenic acres and a pond for Nicholas and I to swim in!  Mama says the house is lovely with a very high pitched roof, quality-built by Queen Construction, a modern take on a farm house-style with plenty of amenities and huge covered porch overlooking the view.  It has apple and plum tree orchards plus plenty of blueberry bushes.  Buddy Bacon loves blueberries too!  Just my kind of property.  Drop in if you can!

On Sunday from 1-4 pm Steven will be hosting at 30 Centennial Drive on the beautiful Washademoak Lake at Belyea’ s Cove (route 705 to Crafts Cove Rd to Centennial).  This is the end of this 20-mile lake that is most special to boaters as they are just around the corner from the St. John River connecting them to Gagetown, Grand Lake, Belleisle Bay and more!  This year-round cottage on 1.2 acres is your perfect weekend get-away all year long with a cozy stone fireplace, open concept, large covered deck and glorious beach!  What does Buddy Bacon love more than a beach?  Not too much!  Think of all the good times you can have here with family, friends and dogs like Nicholas and I with swimming, boating, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, bon fires, wiener roasts & more!  I wish Steven would let me co-host this one, I’m getting all worked up just thinking about the fun I could have here!  Maybe Mama will take me up for a surprise visit, wouldn’t be the first time I’ve dropped in and surprised Steven!  Maybe I’ll see you there!  Paws crossed and hoping!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  Sand Paw Print

PS- Some people have asked and yes this is my actual paw print, taken in the sand at New River Beach.

Blogging with Buddy June 24th, 2016

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!  Oh I’m lov’n the sunshine these first official days of summer!  Means better trips to the beach for Nicholas and I and Papa won’t be all grumpy about the rain and cold.  Really lov’n these long twilight evenings and the full moon.  We can come home from our walks at 9:30 – 9:45 pm at night with no problem to see where we are going.  Mama always said there is nothing better than summer in New Brunswick and we agree.  Our friends in Ontario have been calling to say it’s 42C with the humidex while we enjoy life here in the air-conditioned city hovering between 18C and 24C.  Big Buddy Bacon would have a serious problem if it hit 42C down here.  I’d just stay indoors and hang around the air-conditioning.  Chuckle, chuckle.

Speaking of Twilight evenings Mama is having a special Twilight Open House this Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm at 4 Crosswind Crescent off Highland Ave and Grove Ave in Rothesay.  It’s a beautifully stylish home with two fireplaces, an awesome master ensuite bath and a hot tub!  If you ever got the Budster into that hot tub I can tell you right now you wouldn’t be getting him out!  Can’t you see Nicholas and I just laying back, one elbow up on the side, the water swooshing all around us, a pair of dark shades on….  Okay, the shades may be a bit too much!  Lucky the buyer who gets this stunning home, great value too as it’s newly reduced!

I am feeling so much better that Mama can hardly believe it!  As you know I’ve been swimming every evening, going further and further, getting stronger.  I’m walking so fast now that Mama can’t keep up with me.  Yesterday I started dancing around the yard when a friend stopped by I was so excited to see them.  Everyone is telling me I’m looking good too.  I’m so thankful to Dr. Kelly for getting me back on track!

Papa has been away this week so we’re finding it very quiet at home, not to say that he’s noisy or anything but you can certainly hear him if he’s got something to say!   We miss him terribly.  When he headed for the door with that dreaded suitcase (we hate Papa’s suitcase) I started crying my eyes out, I just couldn’t seem to help myself!  Then poor Nicholas laid out in the yard looking sadly down the street for him from 5:30 pm until 8:30 that night until finally Mama had to go out and actually take him by the collar to bring him in.    We’re going to be so excited when he gets home Sunday night.  Mama will cook one of his favourite dinners and we’ll all greet him at the door.  Nicholas will probably jump up all over him.  I can see it all now; he’ll be right out of control.  I’m just hoping I can keep it together as Mama is always telling me what a good boy I am and I wouldn’t want to disappoint her.  If I ever jumped up on Papa I’m sure I’d flatten him so I’ll just brush up against his legs looking to get my ears scratched.  Oh joy, oh bliss!

Sales have certainly picked up this year as prices have adjusted to the current market.  The team have sold six houses just this past week!  Two from MLS and four of our own listings; 30 Grove Avenue, Rothesay $579,500 (modern ranch still under warranty), 22 Cedar Ridge Road, Blackville-Miramichi $350,000 (stunning log home with great fishing), 615 Gondola Point Road, Quispamsis $579,000 (mint, waterfront ranch sold in 3 days!) and 23 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove $489,000 (upscale condo to be custom finished).

Sunday afternoon the team has something special planned in Rothesay; a Fine Homes International™ Open house at two historic estates 3105 and 3189 Rothesay Road just across from Shadow Lawn.  Both have acres of manicured grounds which I would just love and rambling character houses with huge rooms and amenities galore; plenty of space big enough for Buddy Bacon inside and out!  Mama and Steven will be hosting so drop by if you have the chance as an open house at these estate-type properties is a rare occurrence.

Have a great weekend, sun every day, enjoy!

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Addresses in order of photos: 3105 Rothesay Road, 3189 Rothesay Road, 4 Crosswinds

COPY 3105 Rothesay Road Main 3

3189 Rothesay Road

USE 4 Crosswinds Cres - Main A






Blogging with Buddy June 17, 2016

Wowsy, wowsy, wow, wow!  The sun is shining!  Nicholas and I were afraid that we were going to start mildewing!!!  Poor Nicholas was getting cabin fever and chasing his tail like crazy.  I’m like “Whoa Nicky my boy, chill a wee bit.”  Round and round and round he goes in our foyer, like a banshee!   We did get out each evening for our nightly swim and walk and boy did it pay off!  I went to see Dr. Kelly today and I’m down 3 pounds!  She is so proud of me and Mama is too.  Even through the rain, fog and cold Mama made sure I got my swim in.  She gets out her funny polka dot rain boots and umbrella and away we go.  Daddy came too even though he didn’t look too happy some days in the rain, grumbling under his breath!  He’d say, “Do we have to go tonight, let’s wait until tomorrow.”  But Mama insisted, she says my health comes first and rain or shine Big Buddy Bacon is going for his daily swim!  I’m so glad she did as I’m feeling so much better, more active, happier and slimmer!  Dr. Kelly says I look more like I lost 5 pounds but that’s just because I’m building muscle and tightening up.  Charles Atlas step aside cause Big Buddy Bacon is on a program!!!

Mama is all excited about the Fine Homes International Open House she is hosting at 36 Yacht Haven in the Moorings of Millidgeville Saturday from 1pm – 3pm.   Lovely waterfront, open concept ranch home with walkout basement and windows galore overlooking the river.  Our open house is all centered on the RKYC Regatta with the sailboat race starting at 1pm.  Join Mama on the huge deck overlooking the yacht club, Kennebecasis River and most importantly this Saturday; the big race!  You won’t find a better advantage point and it’s supposed to be a fabulous warm sunny day!  I’m trying to talk her into letting me and Nicholas go too but she’s afraid we’ll jump in and go out after the sail boats!  Come to think of it that sounds like a lot of fun to us!   Paws crossed, hope to see you there.  Don’t forget your binoculars!

Your Pal,


Big Buddy Bacon  Sand Paw Print

57 COPY 36 Yacht Haven Ext. deck & view c
Join us to view the house & watch the race!

Blogging with Buddy, June 10th, 2016

I’m feeling so much better with my daily swims in the river (or the bay) and I’m looking fine too!  Off to see Dr Kelly for my weight in.  I think I did really super well this week as I’m sticking right to my diet and I’ve been swimming further and further, getting stronger!

Mama listed the most beautiful English-style house this week on the river at 53 Meenans Cove Road.  Nicholas and I have listened to her talk about the beautiful cabinetry, high ceilings and covered outdoor terrace but what we’re really excited about is the two boys who live there, Keeper and River!  Keeper is five years old and River is only six months (still wild at that age, will make a good friend for our Nicholas).  They are both beautiful golden retrievers but what makes them special to Mama is she says that they have long flowing coats in a gorgeous dark red colour, similar to an Irish Setter.  This is the original colour of this breed and she says it’s stunning.  What makes them special to Nicholas and I is the fact that they are great swimmers just like us! They have the perfect place in their own back yard to just jump in any time and enjoy a refreshing swim.  That would be heaven!  We’re really looking forward to getting together with them and jumping right into that river with them!  Of course Nicholas thinks he’s going to be the fastest swimmer (the little guy has an ego) but I hear that Keeper is no slough so we’ll have to see.  Mama says I have to be careful around River as he’s still only a baby still so we I can’t play rough.  She says that sometimes I forget my own size!  I don’t plan on doing much playing but I just can’t wait to jump in the river and swim up and down the shoreline showing off my smooth, strong, even stokes.  I may not be as fast as Nicholas but when it comes to endurance I’m the winner.  We’re like the tortoise and the hare.  Nicholas is the hare going full speed ahead and I’m like the tortoise just quietly going along, not in a rush but steady as she goes!  See the pic below, you can tell that River is a fun little guy and Keeper is the one with all the patience.  Ha, ha, I can just imagine all the fun we’ll have!

Keeper & River

Mama also listed a waterfront property at 200 Inglewood Drive in Grand Bay/Westfield with five acres that we want to visit.  It’s right on the St. John River and Grand Bay with its own private beach.  It sounds like a great place with a very nice ranch-style house with huge deck.  Not only is it on the waterfront but they also have an oversized pool!  We could enjoy a pool too but Mama says no way, that we cannot be jumping into our clients pools!  I say it shows the buyers how much fun a guy can have and Nicholas says he’d enjoy the heated water but that didn’t fly with Mama either.  So no-go for us two in the pool but we can still enjoy the beautiful water of Grand Bay!

200 Inglewood pool

Next week on Saturday June 18th Mama is having a very special Fine Homes International™ Waterfront Open House at 36 Yacht Haven Lane at the Moorings of Millidgeville!  This will be held during the RKYC Regatta sail boat race.  Mama invites you to come and join her on the deck for the very best view point of the race!  Time to be announced, see you there!


Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconSand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, June 3rd, 2016

Oh Happy Day!  I’ve been swimming every night this week in the Kennebecasis River plus a little walk (Nicholas too) and today I went to the vet for my weigh in!  Everyone said they could see a difference in me already but I didn’t know if it was true or were they just saying that trying to make me feel good!  Low and behold I’m down 2 pounds!  Whoa Bessy!  Looking   G o o d!  My vet, Dr. Kelley called Mama twice this week to make sure I was having my daily swims and sticking with the diet she’s put me on.  I just love Dr. Kelley, she is so sweet (and pretty too, I always sneak her a kiss when she gets close enough to check my ears) but I gotta tell you this diet is for the birds!  Big Buddy Bacon is NOT a happy camper with absolutely no treats, none at all!  None when I get up in the morning, none when I’m a really good boy and none before I go to bed.  I feel like calling the SPCA and reporting cruelty to an animal, ME!  After all I’ve got connections there.  Poor Nicholas is suffering right along with me as Mama won’t give him treats and not both of us.  The two of us are just shaking out heads in amazement, “Whaz up?”  Mama says the good side is that I am being more active, losing weight and getting healthier.  And I have to admit I am feeling much better all ready.  I get to have a drive in Daddy’s truck every evening as we head to the beach and there is nothing Nicholas and I enjoy more than a drive in the truck, zooming through Rothesay, checking out all the dogs in our neighbourhood as we go by.  And let me tell you, there are a lot of dogs in Rothesay, tons!  Every size, colour, shape and breed!  We’re always scouting the area for a cute girl.  Nicholas’ head snaps right around when we spot one.  Ha, ha.  I think I’m the biggest boy in Rothesay but if they keep swimming me and holding back the good stuff that may change but Nicholas doesn’t think so!  That big mouth says that I have nothing to worry about!  The smarty pants.

Lots of open houses on for the Team this weekend!  On Saturday from 11am to 1pm Steven is at 868 Route 845 in Kingston.  This is the stunning property I wrote about in ‘Buddy’s Best’ in the real estate guide.  It has 28 acres, a pond and a brook (and a lovely home by Queen Construction).  Stop by and have a look after visiting the Kingston Market!  Then when he’s finished here Steven rushes off to 171 Belmont Street, off Mount Pleasant Ave East in the city from 2pm-4pm.  You just can’t keep a good man down!  This is the perfect starter home with a nice location, large eat-in kitchen and plenty of good features.  Then on Sunday, from 2pm -4pm Steven is at 142 Centennial Road in Hampton.  This is one AMAZING property and one that I am featuring in my next ‘Buddy’s Best’ ad.  It is a second Empire Italianate Country Estate circa 1871 on 8.27 scenic acres.  This is the same style of historic home that Mama grew up in, (she says it brings back lots of great memories).  I just love the huge rooms and sprawling grounds.  Lots of room for Big Buddy Bacon to romp and play here!  At the same time 2pm -4pm Jody is hosting 924 Main Street, also in Hampton.  This is a charming home with character galore, that’s catching lots of attention.  It has inviting sunny room and stunning grounds.  Hope you can drop by both of these wonderful properties and say hello!  You never know, you may even see Nicholas and I there!

Your pal

Big Buddy BaconPaw

Blogging with Buddy May 27th, 2016

“Happy Birthday to Bud, Happy Birthday to Bud,   H a p p y   B i r t h d a y   dear  B u d d y, Happy Birthday to me, and many more…!  Tomorrow May 28th I turn four years old, just like Nicholas.  I am so excited I will hardly be able to sleep tonight!  I have big plans for my birthday.  First Mama has promised me and Nicholas a Buddy Burger™ from the A & W!  Yum, yum, yum, my favourite!  They have the juiciest, tastiest, healthiest burgers, guaranteed to be made with no hormones, no steroids, no additives, no fillers and no preservatives!  Great combination of tasty good and good for me too.  Even Nicholas likes them and he’s the fussiest eater you’ll ever meet.  The Big Bud is not so fussy, ha ha!

Second we are visiting the new Doggy Beach at Gondola Point especially for us four legged friends.  It will be a first visit for Nicholas and I.  Oh joy, oh bliss!  We’ll get to show off our aquatic abilities at their finest.  Supposed to be a fine sunny day and we’re really looking forward to a good swim!

Last Wednesday May 25th our little cousins Lucas and Myra had their tenth birthday.  Happy Birthday to the cousins!  Hope you had a really nice day and some special treats from our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.

I just got back from the vet and she gave me a fine tuning!  All for my own good of course.  Says I have to get some weight off, like now.  No more treats or table scrapes and half my regular portion of Weight Control Iams® dog food.  I do love my Iams®!  My Buddy Burger™ for my birthday will be the last hurrah for a while.  I am to swim every day and visit the vet to get weighed each Friday!  Mama is all over the new plan.  What can I say, the party is over but I will be healthier and live a lot longer even though it will be rough at first.

Steven is hosting two open houses this weekend.  Saturday he’s at 33 Deveber Terrace in Millidgeville from 2 – 4 pm.  This is a lovely ranch-style home with a lot of upgrades in mint condition!  On Sunday he’s at 924 Main Street in Hampton also from 2-4 pm.  This is a wonderful character home with stone chimney, hardwood floors, propane fireplace and a large deck overlooking a full acre of manicured grounds!  Hope you can drop by for a visit and to say hello.  Have a great weekend,

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconPaw

Buddys Bday
Buddy’s version of a Birthday Cake!

Blogging with Buddy May 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Rave Scovil in Sussex who turned eleven this past Wednesday.  I know Rave would share his birthday treats with his brother Tux and his sweet little sister Daisy.  Hope you had a fun day Rave!

Nicholas and I have been getting right in the swing of things this last week by not only our daily walks but I’ve been swimming too!  My vet wants me swimming as much as possible to keep my weight down (easy now) and there is nothing that this Big Buddy Bacon enjoys more than a good swim!  When I get anywhere near water I need no persuasion that’s for sure.  This past week alone I’ve been swimming in a brook, large pond and the river.  Nicholas jumped into the brook too as well as the river but one evening before dusk it was a bit windy with waves and he isn’t comfortable in the waves.   The waves don’t bother me any, Mama says I’m up over them just like a boat.  It feels so refreshing and the vet says it’s the best exercise strongly working my muscles while floating with no weight on my joints.  Summer is just around the corner and I have to say that swimming is the best part of it for me.  We always take the Fetch It™ and ball for Nicholas as he needs to run and Mama can really whip that ball a long way with this gismo.  Nicholas runs flat out and sometimes after it bounces off the ground once he jumps and catches it right in the air!  There is no way in H___ that Big Buddy Bacon is chasing a ball!  If you want to throw it you’d better be prepared to go get it because this big guy isn’t interested!!!

Steven is hosting a special two-day open house this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday in Kingston at 868 Route 845 from 1pm – 3pm both days.  This is my kind of property with 28 scenic acres and a pond for Buddy to swim in!  Mama says the house is lovely, quality built by Queen Construction, a modern take on a farm house style with plenty of amenities and a covered porch overlooking the view.  It has apple and plum tree orchards plus plenty of blueberry bushes.  Buddy Bacon loves blueberries too!  Just my kind of property.  Hope to see you there!

Your pal,

Big Buddy BaconPaw

Blogging with Buddy May 6, 2016

Let me be the first to say “Happy Mother’s Day”!  Nicholas and I hope all you furry friends are on your best behaviour this Sunday and do something nice with your Mama.  Daddy is taking our Mama to the Mother’s Day Brunch at the Union Club (we’re hoping for a doggy bag, ha ha), always a treat with their classic ambiance, great food and good chef!   When it’s nice out on Saturday afternoon, we are all going for a nice long walk, just spending quality family time.  Mama is showing high-end homes in Millidgeville, Quispamsis and Rothesay to a qualified buyer Friday night but she has Saturday off.

Daddy fertilized our lawn earlier this week and now with the rain our grass is as green as Ireland (or so I’m told, I’ve only seen it in pictures).  He was sure to use a pet friendly variety, so important so that our paws don’t get a chemical burn.   Our trees and shrubs are starting to bud out, our Star Magnolias have huge buds (Cup & Saucer Magnolia are way behind) and our Forsythia is in full bloom.  Check out our pic below.

We got new balls this week.  It’s all I can do to keep mine away from Nicholas as he wants them all!  The guy just goes nuts, sneaking around me just hoping I’ll lose focus and take my eye off the ball for one second!  If he can get it, then he stock piles them, hordes them all to himself.  He buries them in the yard, the garden, in the house, under the sofa and in our toy box.  Makes it really hard for Buddy Bacon to have a nice ball to play with.  You have to see it to believe it.  We had to stop going to the Quispamsis Dog Park because he is so fast he can easily steal the others dogs’ balls and then he won’t give them back.  Of course everyone gets all upset, you can’t blame them.  We’ve counted as many as four in his mouth at the same time.  Mama was nervous that he’d swallow one by mistake, so we stopped going!  You really ruined that fun Nicholas!

Since it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday the team won’t be having open houses that day but Steven our Host with the Most is still having one on Saturday 2pm – 4pm at 171 Belmont Street in East Saint John off Mt Pleasant Avenue priced at $149,000.  This two-story home is filled with character and charm and features a covered porch, 3 bedroom 1 ½ baths, eat-in kitchen with butler’s pantry, main floor laundry, gleaming hardwood flooring, solid wood trim and tasteful paint colours throughout.  The large lot is fully landscaped, fenced (good for us puppies and toddlers) and boasts majestic mature trees and shrubs plus a private patio, and meandering stone walkways.  If gardening is your passion then you’ll appreciate this gardener’s paradise with beautiful perennials.  Drop by to have a look and say hello to Steven while you’re there.

Have a great weekend.  Supposed to hit 16C and sunny on Saturday so get out there and enjoy!

Your pal,

Buddy BaconPaw

Buddy Forsthia May 4, 2016
Our pretty Forsythia is in bloom!
Buddy's new ball 2 May 4, 2016
With my new ball in the driveway.

Blogging with Buddy, April 29th, 2016

Oh joy, oh bliss, this week Mama bought Nicholas and I new toys designed by Cesar Millan!  We watch him on the TV all the time and try to pick up training tips to help us be better behaved boys.  We just love the guy!  We each got the new Comfy Critters™ raccoons (mine is orange and Nicholas’ is blue) which are made of a durable canvas and to our delight they squeak!  The Canadian Tire Store has the entire line up.  The toys have an activity scale listed on the package with 1 being low for quiet time, carry and cuddle, 2 is medium for playing fetch or tug of war and 3 is the high activity level for out of doors where there is sufficient space to accommodate the dog’s maximum energy.  Easy to find in the pet department as they have Cesar Millan’s picture on the packaging with his own beautiful shepherd dog.

We also got our weekly treat from Sobeys, the Pedigree Dentalbone® long lasting oral care chew.  It sure is long lasting for Nicholas but I can tell you it doesn’t last too long in the powerful jaws on Big Buddy Bacon!  We’ve been getting these since we were puppies.  Mama buys them because they reduce plaque and tartar build-up, contain calcium to help promote strong and healthy teeth and they freshen our breath!  We enjoy them because they are yum, yum good!  We know a Sobeys bag when we see it and when she comes home with those bags we run straight to the kitchen, sit up very straight, looking as sweet as possible until she pulls out those tasty Dentalbones!  Our brothers Theodore and Laddie, long pasted, got Dentalbones every week too.

Mama says their teeth were as perfect in old age as they were as puppies so we highly recommend them.

Open houses this weekend with Steven are at 16 Antler Crescent in Quispamsis this Saturday from 2-4 pm.  This one-owner, one-level ranch style home features open concept, gleaming hardwood flooring, high-end appliances and sunset river views.  On Sunday join Steven at 10 Thompson Place in Saint John.  This two-level townhouse features hardwood floors, a valley view and it’s located near the Irving Nature Park, one of our favourite places, just perfect for outdoor enthusiasts both two and four legged!

We have a special Fine Homes International™ Open House hosted by Jody this Sunday at 59 Anchorage Avenue in Millidgeville.  This beautiful waterfront family home has its own private beach (wouldn’t I love that!), panoramic sunset views, air conditioning for warm summer days and 5 huge bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms!  Hope to see you there.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Paw



Blogging with Buddy, April 22nd, 2016

I don’t ever remember April being so warm but then again I’m only 3 years old!  Mama tells me she can’t remember it being warm this early either and she goes way back (don’t tell her I said that).  With my big Newf coat I’m a bit apprehensive as to what I might run into this summer if it’s already hitting the 20’s C on our back deck.  I’ll either have to stay close to the air conditioning or spend lots of time in the refreshing Bay of Fundy!  Now that’s something to look forward to!  Although it’s warm the trees don’t seem to be budding out but Mama says that will happen when we get some much needed rain to get them started.  I really don’t like the rain much, it means that I track dirty footprints into the house and have to have my paws wiped before entering.  It’s perfect when it rains in the night time and then clear in the next day!  That’s probably just too much to wish for.

We’re all so excited to have our Auntie Blue, Uncle Clinton, Myra and little Lucas back from the south for the summer.  They live not too far from us so we can have frequent visits.  Our Auntie Blue is a real wiz, she can cook, bake, knit and sew with the best of them.  She even makes homemade jams and pickles.  Every year she makes Mama a batch of homemade strawberry jam, um, um good.  Nicholas and I have had a wee taste on a cracker but Mama’s not too liberal with sharing Auntie Blue’s jam (just ask Daddy)!  We just love our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.  Myra and Lucas had a good winter in the south.  Lucas’ health has improved in the last few months and he is still making progress but is not yet 100%.  He’s so happy to be home to his own vet here in Rothesay at Fairvale Animal Hospital where they take such good care of him.

The Team is busy with open houses this weekend starting Saturday from 2 to 4pm at 545 Lewin Avenue, West Saint John.  The spacious family homes has large rooms, inviting fireplace, plenty of bedrooms and a stunning private patio on a mature lot.  On Sunday drop by 28 John Street in Nauwigewauk from 2 to 4pm to view this lovely home with panoramic water and mountain view, large rooms, gracious Palladian windows, plus many upgrades including every man’s dream, the perfect oversized attached heated garage with epoxy flooring!

Nicholas and I are hoping to get a nice walk on Spy Glass Hill this sunny weekend.  Hope to see you there.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Paw

Blogging with Buddy, April 15th, 2016

Well you just never know what my brother Nicholas is going to get into each week and this week was no exception.  Mama and Papa kept finding his favourite balls down the knoll at the foot of our driveway near the road.  The one main thing Nicholas is just crazy about is playing fetch and the higher the ball will bounce the more insane he goes over it.  I think he would play this all day if he could find someone to just keep throwing!  I can tell you that Mama’s throwing arm is a lot stronger since she got Nicholas.  I’m not at all interested!!!  If you want to throw a ball, you can go get it yourself because you’d have a heck of a long wait for Big Buddy Bacon to bring it back to you.  The few times I have gone for the ball it’s because I want to keep it and chew on it for a while, not to give it back (this annoys Nicholas to no end, if looks could kill).  Every day Mama was going down the driveway to retrieve these balls after Nicholas was in the house.  Why was he letting his favourite balls roll down the hill out of reach (we are on the Invisible Fence so we can’t get that close to the road)?  Then our friend Judi figured out the answer.  She noticed that he would let them roll towards the road when he heard or saw people walking along our street.  Low and behold many of them would pick them up and throw them back to him!  Hence the game of fetch continued with new players.  The ones left at the street were from people who had had enough of the game and continued along on their walk.  I could have told them what was going on after everyone went in the house but no one asked me!

The crocuses are out this week in Mama’s garden!  Check out my new pic below.  So nice to see the first blooms of the year, she gets so excited about it.  Many of the perennials have pushed up through the ground as it looks like an exceptionally early spring.  I had two more big swims in the pond behind out house this week.  Whoa, it was so refreshing, I just jumped right in, doing my favourite stroke, the dog paddle, what else?  Low and behold the Canada Geese that were floating around the far end saw me and headed right up to take a closer look.  Honk, honk, honk.  They must remember me from last year and wanted to check out my swimming abilities.  I proved I was too fat to fly when I took a nose dive into that snow drift last winter but I can swim with the best of them.  You take a closer look goose at the speed that I smoothly torpedo through the water, nothing but power and grace in motion!  If I had to, I’m quite capable of saving someone too, it’s what we Newfs are bred for and it’s instinctive but hopefully it’s a talent I won’t ever have to use.  Let me tell you that in the summer when Mama is in swimming I stay very close and never take my eyes off her.  Little Nicholas got in to the pond this week to his ankles but it was too cold for the little guy yet.  Wait until it’s warmer in the summer and he’ll be practicing his diving and swimming abilities.  He’s as super-fast in the water as he is on land, a really strong swimmer but I don’t think he has the endurance I have for long distances.  Last year at New River Beach a large Germain Shepherd ran down the beach and dove into the bay, swimming strongly after a stick her Papa had thrown.  Nicholas just stopped dead in his tracks on the beach as he’s never seen another dog, dive and swim with this speed except him.  (I just leisurely stroll in, no big commotion.)  Well he took one look at the competition and he was all in.  When the Shepherd’s Papa threw that stick the second time, Nicholas was gung hoe and gone before you could blink your eyes.  I’d never seen him rally his abilities like this before and let me tell you it was something to see.  He went swimming past that Shepherd, no problem at all.  He was giving it everything he had (who’d know the little guy is oh so competitive).  Every time that stick was thrown it was Nicholas who got it.  Didn’t take very long for the Shepherd and her Papa to give up and go home, the game was over for them.  I said, “Nicholas give her a change, you’re hogging the whole thing!”  But no, he just couldn’t help himself.  The only dog I’ve seen out swim Nicholas is his mentor, Thunder, the six year old Border Collie that Nicholas just worships.  He’s known Thunder since he was six weeks old and Thunder taught him everything he knows.  There are still lots to learn from the beautiful Thunder, that’s why we’re looking forward to play dates as the weather warms.

Sales just keep piling up this spring for Team Platinum!  So very nice after a long slow economy to see things picking up for our sellers.  Mama always tells them, “Be patient as when the right buyer walks through your front door and falls in love with the house, I’ll be asking how quickly can you move!”  This is just the way it’s been happening too.  This last month we’ve had sales at $179,900, $184,900, $274,900, $275,000, $299,900 $315,000, $588,000, $599,000 and $717,800.  Whoa!  Way to go Team Platinum.  I’m so proud to be affiliated this winning crew.

My “Buddy’s Best -Paw Approved” ads in the Telegraph Journal have been well received with buyers and sellers alike who are enjoying reading them off to their children with all kinds of kid- friendly/furry friends, important facts!  This week I’m featuring 3189 Rothesay Road.  Perfect For Pampered Pets and the entire family! This inviting abode features huge rooms, huge private fenced yard, oversized pool, California whirlpool tub, carriage house, gazebo & stunning renovations!  Just imagine the fun that can be had with this handsome two-storey carriage house, oh the parties we could have!  Perfect for school age children, tweens and teens of all ages (plus their puppies of course, don’t be planning fun in the carriage house without bringing your puppy).  All this plus this home is within easy walking distance to RNS, Rothesay Park School and Rothesay High School.  But let’s not forget the easy access to miles of nature trails at Spy Glass Hill!  One of Buddy Bacon’s very favourite places on Earth!  If you see me up there, please stop and say “Hello”!  I can totally fill you in on this stunning Rothesay property and any other questions you may have.

Open houses this week are Saturday with Steven at 33 Deveber Terrance, Millidgeville (beautiful updates and move-in ready with the M Gerald Teed Elementary just around the corner) from 2-4pm and Sunday he’s at 2808 Rothesay Road at the same time.  This home has a lovely layout, granite & cherry kitchen, nickel door hardware throughout, a stunning 1.8 acre private mature lot that is sub dividable and a huge oversized 2-car garage with finished loft!  Sunday from 2-4pm Jody is at 4 Crosswind Crescent with its modern open concept, stunning raised panel trim, finished walk-out basement, granite kitchen with fireplace and keeping room, impressive turned staircase and a master bedroom suite to die for!  We invite you to drop by all these properties and have a look for yourself, we’re always happy to welcome you!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Buddy Bacon
First Crocuses of the year in Mom’s Garden! Hello Spring!


Blogging with Buddy, April 8th, 2016

Wow, things just keep getting stranger! Winter finally arrives on the 4th of April! Super cold Monday night (way below freezing) with little Nicholas needing to wear his heaviest coat just to go out for a few minutes and Mama and Papa bundled up in all their warmest clothes and complaining like crazy. I was fine with my big coat but I can see what they are talking about. Then we get the snow, freezing rain and then lots more rain. Oh, well, April showers bring May flowers!

This crazy weather doesn’t seem to slow down the buyers through as Team Platinum have been busier in the last two weeks than they have been in quite some time, selling four houses in the last week alone. Go Team go!

I personally took a spring break myself last week; you may have noticed I didn’t post my blog last Friday. Everyone else had a break this spring so I thought, hey I work hard too, think I need a little holiday. Nicholas and I didn’t go anywhere special, we just took it pretty easy, enjoyed sleeping in in the mornings, having a late breakfast and some nice leisurely walks in the afternoon. Had a few special dinners; roasted chicken with rice and veggies, our favorite, yum, yum! Just some really good R and R for the two of us and we got to visit with our dear friend Judi who we love sooo much! I’m back at it now fully revitalized and ready to roll assisting the Team where ever I can.

Open houses are busy this weekend; Saturday 2pm – 4pm in Kennebecasis Park, 62 Park Drive $315,000, mint condition, stunning walkout basement with fireplace, huge flat lot on the waterfront, great for kayaking and canoeing (swimming for Big Buddy Bacon), and 18 Forrest Road $250,000 perfect starter or retirement home with gorgeous living room and family room both with fireplaces, master bedroom with ensuite bath and fully finished basement. Sunday from 2pm – 4pm we have a new listing at 16 Antler Crescent in Quispamsis $340,000, 1800 square feet one-level, one owner, ranch-style, newer home with open concept, great layout and beautiful stainless steel appliances included as well as 43 Bel-Air Avenue in Rothesay (near Sobeys) an absolutely stunning brand new ranch-style home with every bell and whistle imaginable, open concept, high-end custom cabinetry, finished basement with fireplace and oversized 2-car garage. We welcome you to drop by and say hello at any or all of our open houses this weekend!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Paw

Blogging with Buddy, March 25th, 2016

Happy Easter!  Well, the first day of spring was great, blue sky, sun shining and most of the snow gone.  We went for an extra big walk with Mama and Papa.  Then pow!  Next day we’re hit with the  dreaded Nor’easter.  We woke up to a white out!  I kept wanting to be out in all that fabulous swirling snow but Mama kept a close eye on me and my outings in the yard were short lived.  Whimpey little Nicholas spent the day curled up by the fire and wouldn’t come out to play.  I have to remember that the little guy doesn’t have my big Newf coat which Mama says resembles a bear skin.  It’s two lawyers thick with a good layer of downy fur close to my body and then my extra heavy thick fur coat on top of that.  Great in the winter as I don’t feel a thing but not so good in summer when the sun is beating down.  That’s when I hang in the shade and enjoy jumping in the Bay of Fundy for a refreshing swim every chance I get!  Mama bought special commercial-quality clippers just for me this year to prepare me for summer time but that’s another storey!  I must say that I already had my first swim of the year last week.  Along our walk we were passing a pond and when Mama looked the other way, splash, there goes the Budster doing a strong dog paddle stroking out across the water.  Yahoo!  I love it.  Nicholas looked at me as if I had two heads then put his paw over his eyes.  He’s a great swimmer but doesn’t like the cold water.  Mama yelled, “Buddy Bacon, you get out of that pond, now.”  Out I come, sopping wet with the biggest smile on my face.  I did a big shake.  The water was running off me the whole way home so by the time we got there I was fairly dry (my coat is so thick it took about 6 hours in the house before I was fully dry).  I’ve been watching that pond all winter and just waiting for the ice to melt.  A few weeks earlier I got in as far as the edge up to my knees and was using my big paws to break the ice but Mama caught me and ordered me out.  Sometimes I think she just doesn’t get it but I love her to pieces.

Hope you all have a very Happy Easter and that the bunny finds your house.  He has always found ours but Nicholas and I can’t for the life of us figure out how he does it.  We’ve looked in every nook and cranny but we see no sign of him and then Easter morning there are some wonderful treats for us.  We’re both looking for the same thing this year.  There is a new heavy canvas duck out and when you pull it’s beak it flies 100 feet in the air!  Imagine what fun we can have with that!  Nicholas drools just talking about it.  We’ll each need our own as we don’t share that well.  Wonder if we can play with it in the house?  Not likely, we have house rules you know.  All you furry friends make sure you stay away from the Easter chocolate as it doesn’t agree with us canines you know. We got Daddy another funny card.  The front shows the fattest bunny rabbit you ever saw sitting back on his haunches with his big hind feet sticking up and says, “Iz hiding the candy in mah tummy”!  He has a really guilty look on his face.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.  We love picking out these cards.

Our Team never has open houses on Easter Weekend but they are always busy Saturday and Monday showing houses especially to re-locators who like to fly in for the long weekend and locals taking a break and ready to search for their dream homes.  We certainly have beautiful dream homes, one for every taste!

Until next week, we’ll talk with ya soon and enjoy a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Your pal

Buddy Bacon

Buddy’s Blog, March 18th, 2016

Top of the morning to ya and Happy St Patrick’s Day!  Since Mama has Irish on both sides (Delaney & O’Regan) she was all into this special day yesterday.  Nicholas and I were wearing our Kelley green scarves and we gave Papa a funny St. Patrick’s Day Card.  It showed a picture of a dog on the front wearing a green plaid pea-cap while smoking a pipe.  On the front it said, “I’m not a Leprechaun” then inside it added, “And what you’ll be finding in the yard is not a pot of gold!” Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Nicholas and I laughed so hard.  Papa wasn’t as impressed as we were as he does most of the scooping in the yard.  Mama says it’s the down side of owning big dogs but we’re worth it!  Let’s not get Papa’s take on that.

We were out early this morning, playing in the new snow.  I was sooo happy as I’ve hardly seen snow all winter.  Too weird but Mama seems happy over it.  She hasn’t needed her boots all winter and it’s nice and easy for the buyers to get around looking at the houses.  Plus they can actually see the landscaping that is included, it’s not buried under five feet of snow like last year.  This is probably why showings are up so much this winter over last.

Team Platinum Open Houses this weekend on Sunday from 1pm to 3pm are uptown in the Historic district within walking distance of all uptown amenities  including the City Market, Brunswick Square, Market Square, King Square, Imperial Theatre, Harbour Station, plenty of bars, restaurants, galleries and numerous office buildings.  Have you ever considered living in an area where you walk to work?  Takes the need for two cars totally away.  What a great savings.  No need for taxi expenses either.  After a night out on the town with friends simply walk home and save the taxi fare.  Uptown living is a whole different lifestyle than the suburbs. Steven will be hosting 28 Mecklenburg Street with it’s amazing Italianate-style  built in 1877 and Jody will be hosting 212 Germain Street, a fabulous Victorian-style, turn of the century home. Both homes are brimming with character, elegance and charm. Hope you can stop in to say hello and have a tour.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, March 11, 2016

Winter’s not over yet!  I was so surprised (and happy, but don’t tell) to see a wee bit of snow this morning when I got up.  Nicholas and I went tearing out the door and flying around the yard just beyond ourselves to have this bit of snow to play in.  Right away we threw ourselves on the ground and started rolling around making snow angels.  With the weather we’ve had this winter, I told Nicholas that this may be our last chance!  So we rolled and we ran and we dug in it until our hearts were content (I even ate a bit of it, so cool and refreshing).  Being only three years old this is only my third winter and it seems to me that you never know what Mother Nature will throw your way.  My first winter had snow but it wasn’t all that deep and then last winter it was so bad that I almost got swamped in a drift if you remember and now this year it’s like late spring every day.  We don’t know what to make of it but we just go with the flow.

Nicholas and I both got in a bit of trouble lately with the home mail delivery!  I got caught stealing mail out of the mail box (stuff that was kind of hanging partially out anyway), taking it down the driveway, rolling on it, hiding it under me until no one was looking and then ripping it open and chewing on it.  What fun!  Til I got caught.  Mama talked with the Mailman and now he’s careful to push the mail all the way into the box so that I can’t get at it.  Bummer!   What a kill joy!  From that conversation with the mailman Mamma found out that our sweet little Nicholas waited until the mailman was up near our front door and mail box last week away from the truck and then he jumped into the mail truck (door was wide open), grabbed the bag of dog treats that’s kept beside the seat and took off like a bat out of H_ _ _!  There was no catching him then.  I was really sour because I hadn’t received my daily treat yet and Nicholas wasn’t in the sharing mood.  Plus he knows that I can’t catch the little Speedy Condoles! The mailman thought it was a great joke, told Mama that Nicholas is a kleptomaniac and that from now on he’ll be keeping the door of the truck closed!  What next?

Steven is a happy camper this week as he double-ended a new listing at a lovely waterfront cottage in Westfield thus breaking yet another record for Team Platinum!  Go Steven go!  He will be hosting two open houses this weekend.  Saturday he’s at 33 Deveber Terrace in Millidgeville from 1-3pm.  This beautifully upgraded bungalow has gleaming hardwood, all new windows and deck, fab bathroom, finished basement and lovely back yard all for $229,900.  On Sunday from 2-4 pm he’s at a spacious one-owner six-bedroom family home on the west side at 545 Lewin Avenue priced at $209,000.  With huge living room with wood-burning fireplace, main floor family room and stunning mature grounds providing a park-like setting this home is ideal for a large family.  Stop by to have a look, say hello and congratulate Steven on his big sale!  Talk with you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  Paw Print



Blogging with Buddy, March 4th, 2016

We’ve really been enjoying the mild weather and good footing with some nice long walks at Spy Glass Hill. At this rate the golf course will be opening soon! We met a new friend named Leonard (Golden Doodle) who is about the same speed as our spry little Nicholas. Running around the field wide open and actually doing dives over each other as they went. Go Nicholas go! I may not be able to run too far but with my big bark I make a great cheering fan and my money is always on my little side kick, Nicholas. When it comes to speed in running and swimming he’s never let me down yet. We also saw our friends Casey and Finnegan Flood. It was sooooo good to see them out for a refreshing walk with their Papa. They are a great pair as one is about my speed and the other is Nicholas’!

We surprised Steven last Saturday and dropped in to visit at his open house at 28 John Street in Nauwigewauk. He was shocked to see us! It was a gorgeous blue-sky day and I wanted a first-hand look at this property before I gave it my stamp of approval. Let me tell you, it’s definitely “Paw Approved” with its huge lot with lots of space to run and play, awesome sunset water view, quiet cul de sac, spacious rooms, large eat-in kitchen and even a dog run! Watch for this property in my upcoming ads in the Telegraph Journal entitled “Buddy’s Best, Paw Approved”! See below for our photo.

Nicholas and I are really hoping that Mama will let us try the new A & W Buddy Chicken Burger! We’ve been checking it out on line and the reviews are coming in that it’s delicious, good for you with 0% Antibiotics and best of all it’s named after Buddy Bacon, so it’s got to be good. And all for only $2.50. So far no luck with getting a tasting so we’re going to ask for my birthday instead of our regular Cheese Burger Picnic with friends if we can have a Buddy Chicken Burger Picnic! We’ve polled all our four-legged friends and we’re all in! Will let you know how that turns out. I’ll be four years old on May 25th!

While Jody is away on a much deserved holiday Steven is busy showing houses this Saturday and will host an open house at 10 Thompson Street, West on Sunday from 2-4pm. This 3-level townhouse has a fabulous view of West Saint John! Steven invites you to drop in and say hello!

Lucas update: Our dear little cousin seems to be getting a bit better this week and much brighter. Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton can see a definite difference thanks to their continual TLC. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for him! Keep them coming.

Your Pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Keep him distracted with kisses Nicholas while I try to get his glasses!

Blogging with Buddy, February 26th, 2016

Is it really February or are my eyes playing tricks on me?  Nicholas and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather and all the snow is gone from our yard!  Our brook is running really fast and it seems more like late April or May than February!  Mama and Daddy are sooooo happy about it as are everyone we meet!  They say after what we went through last winter we all deserve a break.  We actually have a few green shoots coming up in the garden already.  This is crazy but we love it.  At this rate we’ll be seeing the raccoons soon.  Nicholas doesn’t like the raccoons sneaking into our yard at night when he’s in bed trying to sleep.  Sometimes he growls at them out the window (much to Daddy’s annoyance)!

Won’t be too long now til the Easter Bunny comes and then we should be through the worst of winter.  Mammy says she doesn’t ever remember a winter this mild.  She doesn’t even have to wear her dreaded boots!  Maybe if we had some boots we wouldn’t be tracking in so much dirt on the floor but then I don’t think they’d be very comfortable and Buddy Bacon is all about comfort and easy living!

This weather is great for buyers, sellers and Team Platinum alike!  For the buyers to be viewing homes, so easy to get around and they can actually see the yards and gardens not like last year with a mystery under all that snow!  For the sellers who do not have to continually shovel out their walkways for showings and open houses.  And for Team Platinum who are not getting stuck in snow banks and constantly shovelling out their cars and scrapping windshields.

Steven is busy this weekend with not one but two open houses!  Saturday he welcomes you to 28 John Street in Nauwigewauk off Route 100 all afternoon from 12pm to 4pm.  If you enjoy a water view this picturesque view of Darlings Lake and the distant mountains of Pickwauket is about as beautiful as it gets in New Brunswick!  Straight out of a post card.  This is a very nice home with spacious rooms, wonderful kitchen and a huge yard.  On Sunday he’s at 2 Jones Ave off the Vincent yard from 2pm-4pm.  This two-storey home with finished basement is beautifully renovated from top to bottom and move in ready!  Also with an attractive yard with mature trees both these properties are Paw Approved by Buddy Bacon.  I hope you are enjoying my new spread in the Real Estate Guide of the Telegraph Journal with Buddy’s Best Paw Approved Properties.  Showcasing all the features most important to furry friends and children alike!

Please keep our cousin Lucas in your thoughts and prayers as he is not out of the woods yet.  Our Auntie Blue and Lucas have been meeting with vets in Central Florida for consultations and scans but just after Easter Lucas will come home to see his own vet here in the Valley who know him so well.  Nicholas and I hope you get well soon, dear little Lucas!

Your pal

Buddy Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, February 12th, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day from Big Buddy Bacon and his little side kick, Nicholas!  We really enjoy Valentine’s Day, everyone is so happy, smiley and mushy.  Mama keeps telling us how beautiful we are and what good dogs we are!  She and Papa are all mushy and the Valentine’s cards are flying around.  Hallmark must have a field day on the 14th of February!  They must be expensive because I hear Mama grumbling about the price of cards these days.  This is a big day for them as they were actually married on Valentine’s Day!  So this one is also their 24th Wedding Anniversary!  Wow, 24 years is a big deal in this day and age!  Mama says that next year is the biggy, 25 years!  She says she wants the Purple Heart (whatever that means) but she always laughs when she says it.  Daddy says he should get it.  I don’t know what they are talking about; it’s over the Budster’s head.

Our dear little cousin Lucas has been very sick in Florida and we’re very worried about him.  Our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton took him to a special clinic there and he had a scan which shows some fluid on the brain.  Very, very serious condition!  The vet doesn’t recommend operating but has Lucas on a new prescription that may help him with the problem.  We certainly hope so.  The Florida vet has been in consultation by phone with Lucas’ vet from the PEI Veterinary College and they are in agreement that this should be given a try. Auntie Blue is doing everything she can for the little man.  He is so small and so very sweet.  Mama is praying up a storm for his recovery.  She says that God loves the little animals too.  If you could say a prayer for our little cousin Lucas it would be greatly appreciated.  Nicholas and I send our love to the dear little boy.

February 13th is the big Rothesay Winter Celebration, “Winterfest” and it’s being held right on the Rothesay Common where our office is located.  The Common is so pretty with its sweeping lawns, mature trees and now we have the pretty new skating rink.  We can see the skaters right out our office windows!  Everyone seems to be having such a good time.  On Saturday the 13th the town has lots planned for the Winterfest with a public skate from 3:30 to 5:30, live music and the KV Walkers will be walking the Common.

On Sunday, February 14th Steven is hosting a Valentine’s Day Open House at 110 Auburn Way.   This is one of the most special properties in Woodleigh Park, quality built with features galore and a huge private lot at the end of a quiet cul de sac.  You’ll be hearing lots more about this stunning property in my real estate guide ad,  “Buddy’s Best, Paw Approved” in the TJ on Saturdays.  He’s the host with the most and will have beautiful red roses for the ladies and delicious chocolates!  Come one, come all!  (Steven can you save a few chocolates for me?)

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon  Paw Print

Clinton, Myra & Lucus Easter 2015 at Curtis'
Lucas (on the right) with his twin sister Myra & our Uncle Clinton.

Blogging with Buddy, February 5th, 2016

Well I asked for it and I got it. More snow last Wednesday!  I’m sure Nicholas and I are the only two who were excited about it in this family.  All our furry friends on the trails really like it just fine too.

We had a new adventure on Saturday.  It was a beautiful winter’s day and Mama and Daddy loaded us in the back of the SUV and we headed for Kingston Peninsula.  We loved crossing the Gondola Point Ferry.  There was no line up or wait time, we just drove right on.  Mama put our back windows down; we put our heads out and breathed deeply the fresh air off the river.  The ferry was actually pushing through big chunks of ice on the river, really neat to see.  Then our windows went up as we departed the ferry as Mama knows that dogs get ear infections from hanging their heads out the windows as you travel down the road with the speed of the wind.  We then drove along some lovely tree lined country lanes enjoying the scenery.  Then we pulled into a stunning property overlooking the St. John River.  We’d never been here before.  Surprise, surprise, out the front door comes our Uncle Tony and Aunt Margie!  Nicholas and I see Uncle Tony at the office sometimes but we’d never been to his home before.  What a fantastic place, doggy heaven for sure and I think the humans are pretty comfortable here too!  Acres and acres of fields along the St. John River and a beautiful vineyard too, as Uncle Tony owns Dunhams Run Estate Winery.  If you look closely at the logo you will see that it’s actually a running dog as the winery is named after Uncle Tony’s favourite dog, Dunham.  Dunham was a beautiful dog who used to play with our brothers, Theodore and Laddie who passed in 2010.  They were all great pals who used to run the fields together when the winery was just beginning construction, the vines were newly planted and an estate winery was the thought of an estate winery was still just a vision.   They had great fun swimming together in the river off the sandy beach and chasing sticks.  Dunham was a very special boy for sure.

What a place this is!  And it gets even better.  Uncle Tony has two beautiful dogs, Bricks and low and behold another Buddy who follow him out the front door!  They are Portuguese Water Spaniels, about a bit smaller than Nicholas (a whole lot smaller than the Big Bud).  Bricks is black and white and runs like a deer.  He and Nicholas ran up and down the driveway wide open as Mama threw the ball with the Fetch-It.  (Mama throws like a baseball player with the Fetch-It but take that away from her and the funs over!) This guy is wired and super smart (more about that later).  Buddy is all black, quiet and very shy (not much like Big Buddy Bacon).  He’s a really nice dog.  He was a bit intimidated by my size at first but once he saw that I’m a friendly fellow, he was fine.  He and I chilled out at a slower pace while Bricks and Nicholas ran like banshees.  Mama and Daddy went in the house for a visit and all four of us four-legged friends stayed out running around the yard and having a high old time.  Then we got to wondering what the humans were doing in the house so we all went to the front door.  Nicholas and I were just staring at it and then low and behold, Bricks goes over, stands on his hind legs and flicks the door latch with his paw.  POW!  The door goes flying open and we all go flying into the house.  “Shut the front door!”  Whoa is that guy smart!  We’re getting pointers from him!  Uncle Tony and Aunt Margie were laughing at us, their home is totally dog friendly with huge rooms and ceramic tile flooring so no worries about us scratching them.  We like it here!  Things were going well and then Nicholas and I got in a bit of trouble.  Aunt Margie was just home from the city with new dog toys for her boys and I found a new blue rubber bone.  It was nice, really nice!  I had it in my mouth before I even know what happened.  Then I saw their Buddy staring at me and he wasn’t happy.  It was his.  Mama came right over and took it away from me, so much for that bit of fun.  Uncle Tony saved the day and gave us all a nice treat.  Then Nicholas found Bricks new orange ball.  Well that was it, when he gets a ball there’s no giving it back.  Mama tried, Daddy tried and Uncle Tony tried to no avail.  Nicholas has those to huge eye teeth in the front and when he wraps them around a ball there’s no getting it out.  Then he started sneaking around the house, hiding behind furniture so that we couldn’t see him.  Everyone got a great laugh out of that.  When it was time to go, he brought it home with him.  Aunt Margie said he can have it.  Good thing, as he absolutely loves it, carried it all that night and even took it to bed with him!  What a guy, he’s obsessed with it.

Uncle Tony is sponsoring Dates Nights at the winery and Mama and Daddy plan on going this summer.  They have live music, singers, bands, art lessons, you name it!  What will Uncle Tony think of next?  On February 13th he is hosting “Paint & Pour with Manami Fukuda Stokes-Rees where you can create your own distinctive work of art. Sounds like a fun night out!

Hope we get to visit again real soon!

Does our Team never sleep?  Winter open houses this weekend are happening from 2-4 pm on Saturday with Steven at 13 Raymond Road in Rothesay near the French Village Petro Canada. This impeccable property has an extra-large lot and a very handsome large kitchen.  On Sunday he’s at a stunning executive waterfront home at 59 Anchorage Avenue near the Anglophone School District South and École Samuel-De-Champlain.  This is a property I would enjoy with spacious rooms, panoramic water view and the only beach in Cedar Point Anchorage!  On Sunday Jody is at 36 Yacht Haven Lane which is within walking distance of RKYC and M. Gerald Teed Elementary School.  Perfect location for the active outdoor enthusiasts with ice fishing skating, hockey, snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing right at your door step in winter time!  If you’re out for a drive, we invite you to drop over.

I don’t know what to make of the weather!  One day there is snow and the next everything is melting.  Snow, rain, snow, rain!  I have to admit it’s a lot better than last year where we had so much snow that Nicholas and I had nowhere to play but in our driveway!  Now we’ve got the whole yard plus our big walks every day.  Yahoo!  Let’s go see what Chipper (the squirrel) is doing in our back yard now.  Darn squirrels they’re driving us crazy!

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, January 29th, 2016

What happened to the snow?  I wait all year for it and it’s almost gone!  Nicholas has been having a blast chasing the ball on the grass but I’m having trouble finding a bit of snow to roll in and make my big snow angels.  Mama says don’t worry there will be more on the way, maybe even today.

We’ve been having a great time with our daily walks on the trails behind RNS.  Sometimes with Mama’s hectic schedule it’s quite late in the day when we arrive and we’re coming out of the woods just as the sun is setting.  She’s always got her flashlight just in case we get caught late but Daddy says we have to be more careful so we’re trying to get our walks in a bit earlier.  We have bumped into so many new and old four-legged furry friends there this past week!  First it was Cassie and Finnigan who went tearing around with Nicholas on the fly while I sat close to their daddy for a nice rub (I can’t keep up with the fools so I’m not even trying anymore).  I say hello and let them go.  They were running, jumping and diving in the air, quite a sight.  Then we saw Leonard who was just as crazy (Nicholas thought he died and went straight to Heaven with these fast playmates).  We saw our friend and neighbor Max, the border collie (black and white) and then a few days later we met a new guy named Max, also a border collie but brown and white.  We met others too but they were busy on their way and we didn’t catch their names.  Every day is a new adventure on the trails.  On the weekends Daddy comes with us and one day this week our dear friend Heather Mason came for the walk.  We absolutely love her and were happy to hear that she’s coming again next week!

If you’re out and about this weekend, drop into our Team Platinum open houses.  Saturday Steven is at 41 Pleasant City Street from 2-4 and on Sunday (same time) he’s at 62 Park Drive in Kennebecasis Park while Jody is at 36 Maliseet in Rothesay.  You’ll be hearing more from me on these last two properties as they are definitely Paw Approved, if you know what I mean!

Well finally I have my own ad in the Real Estate Guide in the TJ and I’m sooo excited about it!  “Buddy’s Best”! This is where as Prudential Platinum Properties’ official mascot I get to present some of my own favourite properties that will be of special interest to all the four-legged furry friends, like me, children and grandchildren of all ages as well.  This is what I call “Paw Approved”.  After all children and pets want the same features in a home!  These properties will include unique features such as large flat yards for running and playing ball, pools for swimming, waterfront beaches for digging and roasting delicious treats at the fire, skating ponds in winter, trails for going on long walks together and treed areas for climbing or even a treehouse!    The homes will have larger rooms for playing indoors, ceramic tile or other types of easy care flooring (some floors will be heated), separate play rooms for rainy days, cozy fireplaces to curl up in front of on cold winter days, Jack and Jill bathrooms, plenty of closets to store our toys and some may even have a real dog bath included!  All the most features most important to us pets and children!  Check it out in the guide and be sure to share “Buddy’s Best” with your furry friends and children.  The Team says I’ve got a real eye for fun properties and you know that Buddy Bacon is all about fun, fun, fun in the summer sun and the winter snow too!

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Rothesay 2-20160129-01161
Where’s the snow?


Blogging with Buddy, January 22nd, 2016

Finally, I’m getting my own ad in the Real Estate Guide and not a day too soon!  As the Platinum mascot I will be presenting my favourite properties that will be of special interest to all your four-legged furry friends like me, (dogs and cats included) which will appeal to children and grandchildren of all ages as well!  These homes will include unique features such as large yards or acreage for running and playing ball, pools for swimming, waterfront beaches for digging and roasting delicious treat at the fire (my favourite is Top Dog wieners), trails for going on long walks together, proximity to parks and treed area for climbing or even a treehouse!  All the features that are most important to us pets and children.  I spoke up at the last team meeting and everyone agreed with me that this type of property is important to young families with toddlers & young children, tweens and teens, empty nesters with grandchildren and absolutely everyone who owns pets.  After all we furry friends have our own check-list of requirements when searching for a new home and the same things that are important to us are important to children as well.  Who has more fun than a boy and his dog?

Mama says maybe a girl and her dog or cat.  Mama has had many cats in her lifetime and she’s been trying to talk Daddy into allow two new kittens into the house!  No luck so far but she hasn’t given up.  Daddy is worried about how Nicholas and I will react to kittens but Mama says she’s always had cats and dogs and we will all adjust quickly.  So far he’s not convinced.  Nicholas and I can’t really imagine it at this point as it’s always been just the two of us.  Mama says a kitty would crawl right up on top of me when I’m sleeping and have a nap on my soft warm coat.  I’m a pretty easy going guy so I’d probably be okay with that.  I might even look out for the little fella.  Not sure what Nicholas would think of it all.  He might get a little jealous.  He does that sometimes even when people pay too much attention to me.

Nicholas and I want to say a special thank you to Carter at the Marr Road Shell Station who unexpectedly treated us to dog treats when we stopped by this week for a much needed car wash.  They were yummy good, what a surprise!  “Mama, do we need a car wash today?” ha, ha.

Your Pal,

BuddyPaw Print

Blogging with Buddy, January 19th, 2016

On the weekend we were walking the trails behind RNS when who do we bump into but Hunter, Nicholas’ little friend from the Quispamsis Dog Park.  Hunter is a Nova Scotia Duck Toller who is two weeks older than Nicholas and they use to play together almost daily since they were eight weeks old.  They both stopped going to the park when they were about six months old (that’s when Nicholas got me to play with!) and they hadn’t seen each other since!  The two were so excited, jumping and spinning and running around.  I was happy to meet Hunter.  Mama says he’s a really nice boy and has grown up to be a really nice looking dog with his beautiful dark strawberry blond coat.  He couldn’t believe how big Nicholas is now!

I have to say that I’m loving this snow.  I just hate it when Mama makes me come in the house.  She gets scared that I’m getting cold and keeps a close eye on me but I say that I have a big coat just like a bear, I’m warm and toasty.  Sometimes when we’re out walking trails Nicholas will get cold feet and if he stops and holds one up Mama goes over and holds it in her bare cupped hands letting her body heat warm his foot and then away he goes.  I never have cold feet; I’m built for this weather and enjoy every bit of it.

The team will be hosting open houses this weekend but keep a close eye on our web site for storm cancellation announcements.  After last winter you never know what the weather man will throw at us at the last moment but we’ll keep the web site current if there are any changes.  Jody is at our gorgeous new listing at 4 Crosswind Crescent in the heart of Rothesay and Steven is at our stunning new executive ranch at 43 Bel-Air Avenue, Rothesay on Saturday from 2-4 pm.  Then on Sunday Jody is hosting our stunning spacious executive home on 5 Valley Road, Hastings Cove while Steven is nearby in Kennebecasis Park at our new cozy bungalow listing with two fireplaces on 18 Forrest Road off Park Drive.  If you’re out and about or thinking about a move, drop in they’d love to see you and show you around!

Hope you get out and about this weekend enjoying winter in New Brunswick.  Our Uncle Tom and Aunt Shelley have taken up cross-country skiing so Nicholas and I expect we may see them this weekend as we walk the trails behind RNS!  Hope to see you there!

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Rothesay Allison trails Jan 17, 2016

Blogging with Buddy, December 24th, 2015

It’s finally here!!!  The day we’ve been so patiently waiting for, Christmas Eve.  We’ve been good for so long now that we can hardly stand it and we’re sooo excited, can’t wait to open our gifts .  Mama keeps telling us that this is not what Christmas is all about but we can smell treats in the bags beneath our tree.  Mama snuck us one today from our pals Special & Spirit, sooo yummy.  Daddy says we’ve spoiled rotten and have way too many gifts from friends and family but our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton say he’s the spoiled one in the family and Mama agrees wholeheartedly!  Special thanks to our friends from Sussex, Tux, Rave & Daisy for finding the elusive elf who’s been spying on us and for sending us his picture!  Low and behold he was spying on them too but they’re so quick they caught him and threw him right in the tree!  Good going guys, keeps him to heck out of here!  Thanks for sending the pic.  We absolutely love it!

Elusive Elf
The elusive Elf

Let us not forget that it’s Nicholas’ Birthday on Christmas Day!  He’s named after Saint Nicholas and he’ll be four years old (although you’d never know it).  Mama got him a little mini birthday cake at Sobeys that says “Happy Birthday Nicholas”.  I saw the little size of it and I have to say by the time the Budster has a piece that will be the end of the cake, too bad for the rest of them, ha, ha.  So happy fourth birthday Nicholas!  He went for a visit to Shannex Parkland in the Valley in Quispamsis on the 23rd to visit our Auntie Rita and bring her a special Christmas gift.  Mama had gifts for her but Nicholas had a special one from himself.  Auntie Rita always had a special place in her heart for Nicholas as she used to baby sit him when he was only twelve weeks old and has fond memories of all his shenanigans as a baby! He brought her a framed picture of himself so she can place it in her living room and that way he’ll always be with her.  I didn’t go to Shannex as Mama says she can only handle one of us at a time but she promised Auntie Rita that I’ll be the one to visit next time.  There were several ladies in the reception area when Mama and Nicholas arrived and they just went crazy over Nicholas (just imagine what they’ll do when they see the Budster!).  He comes strutting in wearing his custom red plaid NB tartan coat he got last Christmas looking very debonair.   He sits right up so proud and well behaved as Mama signs them in.  The ladies are all saying, “What a beautiful dog (that’s all the little guy needed to hear), what’s his name?”  Then he has to greet everyone and he has this thing he does where he sits right up and puts the right paw up for a hand shake if you say to him, “How do you do?”  He was a hit, no doubt about it.  Then cool as a cucumber he goes up the elevator to our Auntie Rita’s apartment.  She was sooo happy to see him and the feeling was mutual.  She had special treats for him too!  I had to stay home with Daddy and we had our own fun but I can’t wait for my visit with Auntie Rita, hopefully coming soon.

Nicholas close up
Nicholas gift to Auntie Rita

Meanwhile down south our cousins Myra and Lucas were stars in the golf cart Christmas Parade in their park.  Those two little minx were all decked out for the holidays and proud as peacocks sitting up with our Auntie Blue with Uncle Clinton at the wheel for the Annual Christmas Golf Cart Parade!  Mama would need some type of big caboose to take me and Nicholas in that parade as there is no way you’d fit the Budster in the cart!  Maybe Uncle Clinton would teach me how to drive and Nicholas and I could get our own cart!  Can you see it?  Mouths would drop if we two were travelling along in the parade, Budster at the wheel and Nicholas waving to the people as we pass by.  Oh well, a guy can dream can’t he?

Nicholas and I wish you all a very special Christmas filled with Peace, Joy and Love.  To all our four-legged friends a special wish for 2016;  May the wind be always at your back, your tail in the air, your ears flapping in the wind and a big smile on your face as if someone left the gate open!  Merry Christmas!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, December 18th, 2015

Well our tree is trimmed, the gifts are wrapped and Nicholas and I are all ready for the big fella in the red suit to visit our house on Christmas Eve!  We’ve been trying sooo very hard to be good as Mama says there are Elves watching us at all times now.  Where the heck are they?  We’ve been snooping all around the house trying to pick up a scent and we can’t find any sign of an elf!  We’ve looked under the bed, behind the drapes, in the basement, under the sofas and everywhere but where is this elf?  Mama says he’s quick and hard to see but Nicholas and I say he must be one sneaky little snooping streak of lighting because he has us totally buffaloed!  I never thought anyone could be quicker than Nicholas and I’ve got the nose for scents in the family and  I’m picking up nothing.  I can pick up a squirrel scent from halfway across the golf course but I’ve got no reading on this elf!  I want to know what kind of a dude goes snooping around your house watching for a guy to slip up and then report back to Santa?  Who would take such a sneaky job?  Nicholas is about as impressed as I am but let me tell you we are being very, very good boys lately!  Oh ya!   Nicholas has been a bit calmer and not flying up and down the staircase like a banshee every morning.   We haven’t ripped apart Daddy’s socks with a tug of war in at least two weeks (this is usually a daily entertainment, ha).  Mama says he’s not going to have any socks left, guess he’d have to go bare foot like us.  Mama says I have four white natural socks with the white fur on all my feet.  I’m quite proud of it actually and keep them spotlessly clean.  I think a fella looks good with four gleaming white paws.  Nicholas doesn’t have white socks but Mama says he has a pretty face.  He may have a pretty face but I’ll tell you my bro is no sissy.  He’s as tough as nails, strong and wiry.  When we play tug of war he can even drag the Big Budster across the room and that’s not easy.

Mama says we may have a green Christmas!  What???  No snow for Buddy Bacon!  Give me strength!  It’s wintertime, I’ve been waiting all year for fun in the white stuff, where is it?  Mama tells me to stop this as she said we got enough snow last winter to last for years but I’m built for snow and I just love it.  It’s cold, wet, fluffy and a whole lot of fun to run, jump and roll in.  She says it will come at some point, just like last year and then it wouldn’t stop!

The Team are still busy showing houses to qualified buyers, even Christmas week!  When people need a house it can happen anytime, even this time of year.  The Team and our sellers are taking a break from open houses of course over the holidays to be with family and friends but they will start up again in the New Year and I’ll be announcing them as they go.  We have some fun things planned for the new year so stay posted.

I would like to say a special thank you to Thandi’s Restaurant (Mama’s favourite) for sending Nicholas and I home a doggy bag from the Prudential Christmas Party!  We both had our noses out of joint that we couldn’t attend.  We stayed home with long faces and then surprise, surprise Mama brings us home a yummy doggy bag, sooo good!  Then we had our own Christmas party here at our place this week and Pam, Steven, Stephanie and Jody gave us the nicest Christmas presents with lots of special treats.  We even each got the new long lasting Milk-Bone® large dog Chewlotta™.  Smile!

Nicholas and I wish a very Merry Christmas to you and to all your four legged friends and all the Best In 2016!  Happy New Year too!

Your pal

Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Christmas 2015

Blogging with Buddy, Dec 11th 2015

What happened?  Last week I was frolicking in the snow and now I’m lying in my yard basking in the sun.  Mama thinks it’s great but you know Nicholas and I really enjoy the snow.  Last week was just like a little tease!  We were so excited last night when we went out about 10:30 pm for our last pee of the day and the white flakes were coming down like crazy but when we got up this morning, nothing!  Mama says it will come and she’s just hoping that it won’t be anything like last year cause she said she just couldn’t take another winter like last year!  We had so much snow against our windows it felt like we were living in an igloo.  Nicholas and I were very restricted with our play area in the yard because as it kept building it wasn’t long before all we had left was the driveway.  Nicolas was flying up and down the snow banks but Buddy flew into one early on in the winter and Daddy thought he was going to need a crane to heist me out!  I buried myself, trying to follow the little guy.  Daddy didn’t need to worry, once I realized I was bogged down I just rolled right down off that big drift (and didn’t go near them again!  Fast learner).

Daddy is all set for the worst winter can send us this year,  with his new-fangled, high powered snow blower.  He said we won’t have to worry because he’s going to blow us a nice big yard to play in on the side lawn.  We are so happy to hear that.  He says we’ll have to stay in the house while he’s using the monster as he said it’s a very dangerous machine but once he shuts it off we are going to have so much more room to play in this winter!  Nicholas will be able to play fetch and I’ll be rolling in it for sure.  Mama didn’t dare walk us on the road last winter as the banks were so high and the road got so narrow it would have been dangerous if we were to meet a car.  We have a great plan for this winter walking the trails of Spy Glass Hill and Allison Drive.  Mama says that so many people and dogs walk the trails that no matter how much it snows these trails will be beat down enough for us to travel on.  Oh boy, we can’t wait!

Pam ordered me new business cards, just waiting for them to arrive.  I seem to go through my cards like crazy!  Now Nicholas thinks he needs some.  I told him he really doesn’t as I’m the major mascot for the company and he is just the assistant mascot.  He can’t even use the computer for heaven sake!  He says that doesn’t matter, he’s here with me making suggestions as I’m writing the blog, putting his two cents worth in.  With that and his charming personality that makes him an important member of the team.  I told him I’d talk to Pam and see what I can do for him.  He said if I have any problems just let him know cause he’s the charmer of the two and he thinks he can wrap her around his finger just by batting those big brown eyes!

We are excited to welcome our newest member to Team Platinum, Jody McCairns.  Mama says he’s a real dog lover and has several of his own!  This is our kind of guy!  We want to find out more about Jody’s four legged friends and we’ll share with you as we know more.  Maybe we can set up a play date!  Mama says he’s friendly, super-efficient, business orientated and techy.  All over social media like crazy!  A great addition to the team and busy as a bee.

I want to personally invite you to our “Christmas In Rothesay” Open House where four of our Rothesay clients have prepared their stunning homes in their Christmas finest and are opening them to the public this Sunday from 2-4 pm.  Three of the homes are in Hastings Cove/Kennebecasis Park; 5 Valley Road, 14 Garrison Drive & 62 Park Drive and the fourth property is in the heart of Rothesay at 4 Crosswind Crescent off Highland Avenue.  Drop by to feel the warmth of the cozy fireplaces, enjoy a sugar cookie, cup of hot cider and view sparkling splendour of the Season!

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy Dec 4th, 2015

Oh joy oh bliss!  Just what the Big Budster ordered, snow!  Nicholas and I have been waiting and waiting and we thought it would never come.  Mama came home from a listing appointment in Hastings Cove last night about 9pm and when she came in the door with a big smile on her face and said, “Boys, it’s snowing, it’s snowing!”  I just could hardly contain myself.  She threw on what she calls her ‘old dog coat’ (guess that means it doesn’t matter if we jump up and get paw prints on it) and boots and we rallied Daddy around and out the four of us went for a good play in the snow.  I just started bouncing up and down in the yard like a bucking bronco!  Nicholas started tearing  around in a large circle, wide open, as fast as he could go, barley missing Mama, Daddy and me as he sped by, ears flapping in the wind.  He made a big loop across the driveway down the side lawn, along the berm and back around the driveway and away he’d go again.  This went on for a good twenty minutes while Mama and Daddy just stood there laughing.  I did a bug run down the lawn and then just threw myself down in the snow and started rolling in it making snow angels.  Once Nicholas slowed down he came down and started the same.  The flakes were huge and sticky, clinging to every branch.  Mama said it looked like a winter wonderland out of a Christmas card but Daddy just grunted.  We don’t think he likes the snow as much as the rest of the family do but we have to give him credit for being a good sport and sticking it out with us in the wet cold white stuff.  Mama threw a few snow balls at him and Nicholas and I tried to catch them before they hit the ground.  She’s a terrible aim, they didn’t go anywhere near Daddy (he says lucky for her).  We went in and got dried off, two very happy fellas!  Getting dried off is just like getting a massage!

Mama’s been decorating the house for Christmas bit by bit at night.  It’s looking pretty glitzy.  Everyone who comes to our door says it’s easy to tell she worked as a designer.  We like it too and Daddy seems to love the Christmas decorations as much as we do.  The two of them decorated the outside together in mid-November before it got cold.  Of course we were the helpers!  Daddy put up all the strung lights and the spot lights, he also helped Mama with the big gigantic wreath at our front door.  Mama took her garden clippers and went around the yard pruning the evergreen shrubs and using them in the big planters she filled outside.  She says she has as many as thirteen different types of greens in those planters.  It was a huge job but we say it’s worth it.  We need our place looking as snazzy as possible for Santa, we don’t want to be overlooked on the big night (if you know what I mean)!

This is a big weekend for the team with our Christmas Open Houses starting with our clients homes all done up to the nines for Christmas!  Steven is at 2 Jones Ave off Vincent Road on Saturday from 2-4pm and the place is all a glow with Christmas!  This home is in mint condition with the most beautiful private yard (very important for puppies)!  Sunday is our Victorian Christmas Open House uptown from 2-4pm at 212 Germain Street and 28 Mecklenburg Street.  These two gorgeous brick Victorian homes will be done up in their Christmas finest and the team will be there to welcome you to a world of pine cones and holly, velvet ribbons and simmering spices.  What better way to get in the holiday mood than a tour through our Victorian Christmas homes amid a white winter wonderland of snow!  See you there!

Your pal,


Big Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Buddy's 1st snow of the year Dec 4 2015
1st Snow of the season!!! Dec. 4th 2015
Victorian dog with sled
This Victorian card is giving me ideas! I could pull a tree home if I just had a sled! Santa, are you listening?


Blogging with Buddy, November 6th, 2015

We were surprised and dismayed to see that bow hunting has been sanctioned on Spy Glass Hill in the heart of Rothesay.  Many of our four-legged friends along with their two legged masters (Mama’s friends) walk there as well as the mountain bikers from the school we frequently come across.  We saw some plain yellow circular metal discs nailed to some trees and we didn’t know what they meant (nor did anyone we came across).  Mama noted the numbers marked on them and did a Google search as soon as we got home.  Low and behold it means that bow-hunting is allowed in that area!!!  With so many people walking the trails, bikers biking and being located right beside the school, in a residential neighbourhood we were more than a little shocked.  Nicholas was really shook up and said, “Come on Buddy, let’s get out of here quick!”  This time of year Mama always makes us wear our hunter’s orange scarves (especially me with my white chest, blaze & socks) and Mama wears her bright red scarf just to be sure that no matter where we go hunters will not mistake us for deer.  A word of caution to our friends;  if you are going anywhere near the Spy Glass or Allison trails or those out behind RNS be extremely careful.  You may want to walk somewhere else until the deer cul is over which will still go on for quite some time.  We met several people on the trails and none of them knew what the yellow discs signified and only one doctor and his dog were wearing the hunters orange or red like us!  Please tell everyone you see on the trails what this yellow disk signifies so that they will be safe.  Daddy says the bows today are extremely powerful and send arrows a great distance, most citizens don’t realize how dangerous they are.  That’s all Nicholas had to hear and he went scampering home!

Our dear friend Diane came home Wednesday from PA with her new Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy name Wind!  What a sweat little girl.  See her picture attached.  Mama is going all gaga over her, (Nicholas and I were feeling a wee bit jealous).  She is nine weeks old and wheat coloured which we’ve never seen before.  Her sister, Special, is a beautiful mahogany brown.  Special is happy to have a new sister but oh that little girl is a handful as only puppies can be!  Diane and Special are going to have their hands full for a while.  Mama says she can remember when we were little 6 week old puppies and she could carry us around in her arms.  Man that wasn’t yesterday.  Even as a puppy, Big Buddy Bacon was an armful and a half!  Mama says nothing smells as sweet as a puppy!  Some days she wishes we still smelled that sweet but if we’ve been swimming those sweet smells are just not going to happen! (You know what I’m talking about)!

The team is pleased to announce that we have a new team member, Jody McCairns!  A very welcome addition.  You can read all about Jody on his bio on our site. He is hosting an open house in the heart of Rothesay at 2 Brock Court, Rothesay with Mama on Sunday from 2-4pm so please drop in and say hello as you view this beautifully updated ranch within walking distance to the Common.  Steven is on a well-deserved holiday to the sunny south so the team is filling in for him in his absence.  That’s what it’s all about, team work!  Together we are here for you!  If you are looking for a new house and your four-legged friend has questions about trails, toy stores, groomers, number of friends in the area, just pop me off an email at and I’m happy to help!

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Our new friend Wind at 9 weeks. What a cutie!

Blogging with Buddy, October 30th, 2015

What a nice surprise!  We bumped in to our old friends Jennifer and Apollo on the Allison Trails this week.  Wow has he ever grown into a handsome Bernese.  He is as tall as me now but not as (shall we say) stocky.  He had just come from the groomer and his black coat was just shinning.  He is two years old now and still very frisky.  He had a great time romping with Nicholas in the tall grass.  Mama, Daddy and Jennifer had a great laugh at the fiasco the three of us put on.  We hope to run into them again really soon.

We are getting all ready for Halloween.  Nicholas is going to be a pirate and I’m going to be a baby.  Can you imagine, a   B A B Y!  My Auntie Blue gave me a big blue baby bonnet to wear and an over-sized soother to hang around my neck and then Mama made me this great big white diaper from an old sheet.  I tried it on and the whole family was just hooting with laughter.  Nicholas kept trying to rip the diaper off me.  I think he’s trying to tell me something.  Nicholas and I are going to go trick or treating across the street at our friend Everett’s house.  I wonder if he’ll recognize us, Nicholas doesn’t think so !

We had a visit last week from our new friends Bonny and Murray.  They are real dog people and we really like them.  I sat right up beside Murray on the couch and he talked to me and rubbed my white chest.  Heaven!  (see pic attached).  He told me that I’m the most beautiful big dog he’s ever seen, (just keep it coming Murray!).  Hope to see them again real soon!

This Monday our cousins Myra and Lucas are leaving for Florida for the winter.  They are all packed and set to go, eager to be on the road.  They are really good travellers with our Uncle Clinton at the wheel and our Auntie Blue giving directions.  They are getting out of Dodge before the snow flies.  Myra and Lucas weigh about 5 pounds each, they can’t take the cold and snow like Big Buddy Bacon.  They’d die if they saw us in the heart of winter with me rolling around making Snow Angles  and Nichols running like a Banshee up and down the snow drifts wide open!  We love it but it’s not for toy Pomeranians.  They’ll be out driving around their neighbourhood in Uncle Clinton’s golf cart with the warm breeze blowing through their beautiful long red hair.  We’ll share the pics when we get them.

More open houses this weekend with Mama at the gorgeous 36 Maliseet Drive in Rothesay with the awesome Wolfe kitchen that she keeps ranting about!  Steven is at 43 Bel Air Avenue in Rothesay Landing, the brand new high-end bungalow by McKay Builders with all the bells and whistles.  Drop by to say hello, they are both always happy to see you and show off the stunning homes of Prudential Platinum Properties!  You won’t be disappointed!

Happy Haunting!

Your Pal,

Buddy BaconPaw Print

Buddy & Nicholas  with Murray Thanksgiving 2015
Nicolas and I with our friend Murray

Blogging with Buddy, October 16th, 2015

Oh, Nicholas and I totally enjoyed our turkey dinners last Sunday!  Daddy is not too keen on turkey so Mama only cooks it for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We absolutely love it and really look forward to the holidays.  Daddy always bellyaches about left-over turkey but yet he seems to lay right into it, and then complains of a tummy ache.  Daddy has been busy getting the yard ready for winter (dare I say the word) and has everything pristine and stored away, etc.  Mama says it never looked so good.

We’ve been enjoying our daily walks which have been just before dusk each evening.  Some days this week we saw awesome sunsets over the river with all the pretty reds, orange and yellows.  We also saw the Canada Geese take flight and fly over the river just at twilight, honking their loud horns and squawking like crazy.  It’s a pretty sight to see them take their V-formation.  A flock of them live on the golf course by our house and we see them fly over almost every night.  Nicholas would like a closer look but Mama says that is not going to happen.  They are quite large, probably as big as Nicholas.  But there is no bird around here as big as the Budster!

The Team are back hard at it with open houses this weekend, Sunday 2-4pm.  Steven is at 35 Elizabeth Parkway and we are at 8 Valley Road, both are in Hastings Cove, Kennebecasis Park, just one street apart.  Both are part of our Fine Homes International program as high-end executive-style homes.  Steven’s is on the waterfront with its own private beach and we have a gorgeous heated pool with very private yard.  The weather has been so awesome this autumn that those lucky enough to own a pool could keep them open longer than usual.  I keep telling Mama that we need a pool bust she says that since we are at New River Beach every weekend in the summer that the Bay of Fundy is Big Buddy’s pool!  Good thing I’m a Newf with a big thick coat cause I can tell you, if that’s my pool, it’s certainly not heated!!!  We hope you’ll drop by our open houses and say hello, Steven and Kim would love to take you on a tour.

Nicholas and I are planning some nice walks this weekend through the wood trails.  Mama says her and Daddy may take us to Rockwood Park, that would be a real treat!  So, get out there and enjoy this glorious weather because you know what’s just around the corner!  Our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton are talking about heading to Florida early this year.  We’re happy that they can go but we must say we really miss them when they’re gone!!  Those lucky little cousins, Myra and Lucas.  And Daddy says we’re spoiled!

Your pal,


Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, October 9th, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Big Buddy Bacon and his little brother Nicholas! Hope you are enjoy a sunny relaxing long weekend. The nights have been crisp but the days have been fabulous. We sure are looking forward to some quality time with Mama and Daddy with some nice long walks planned to admire the autumn foliage which is coming into all its glory now. Mama’s planning her big Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday. Our mouths just water thinking about that big juicy Butterball she’ll be pulling out of the oven tomorrow along with all the fixings. She’s been fussing over the autumn décor inside and out for days. Everything has to be just so (that’s the designer in her), driving Daddy crazy! We must say that he’s been a big help and we’ve been working right along with him doing what we can to keep him motivated and laughing. As long as Daddy stays laughing then all is copacetic!

On one of our walks this week over at Spy Glass Hill and the Allison trails we made a new friend. Well I should say I made a new friend. Lucy a 1 ½ year old Golden Doodle (more of a platinum blonde) was all over me! Mama thought with her high energy, jumping and bolting here and there that she’d be the perfect playmate for Nicholas but she took one look at the Big Budster and that was it! She didn’t even know he existed. Ran right up to my face, stood on her hind legs and wrapped both paws right around my neck, giving me a big hug. Whoa Bessy, don’t know what I did to deserve this, but keep it coming! I was frozen and just starred at her! Nicholas said I should have given her a kiss but not to a stranger that may come next week (stay posted). He raced around trying to distract her but she just hung with the Budster. Must be my glowing personality, shining black and white coat and manly physique! Nicholas eat your heart out!

The team are taking a well-deserved break this weekend from open houses to spend quality time with their families giving thanks with grateful hearts. Steven’s having a family get together, Pam’s planning not one but two turkey dinners and you know with her, it will be a full out autumn decoration extravaganza and full boar feast! Mama says there is absolutely nothings this lady can’t make to perfection!!! Nicholas and I were going to put our names forward for table scrapes at her house but Mama said it’s too late, her labs Molly and Abby are first in line and already drooling over the idea! Lucky dogs but our dinner here won’t be too shabby either! We bet our pals are just counting down the hours! To all our furry four legged friends we say “We’re with ya, Paws crossed and tongues hanging”!

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday,

Your Pal,

Buddy image

One of Nicholas’ favourite places!


Happy Thanksgiving!
Nothing like a brisk run at Spyglass Hill to work up a fella’s appetite!

Blogging with Buddy, October 4th, 2015

We can feel the crispness in the air especially at night! Big Buddy Bacon loves the autumn when the nights are cool and the days are sunny and bright. This Friday I started my new exercise regime of walking each morning. Nicholas and I just love it! This Sunday morning at 8 am there wasn’t a soul to be seen as we walked the fields of Spy Glass Hill. Actually Mama and I walked and crazy Nicholas just ran wide open in huge acre-wide circles like the crazy boy he is. You’d never guess that he’s going to be four years old this Christmas. Everywhere we go people ask, “Apparently that one’s still a pup, how old is he?” They are shocked at the answer. Mama says that the Border Collie in him, bred to run. Oh I do a crazy little dance when I first get out of the truck, bouncing up and down and running about but it only lasts about ten minutes and then I calm down and walk beside Mama. She says I’m an excellent watch dog as I never let her out of my site when we are out and about. I stay close by her side especially when strangers are around, I get really close and she can feel me up against her leg. Nicholas just keeps playing leaving the serious work for me. Good thing we live in such a safe neighbourhood and all the people and dogs are so friendly. Yes I’m cute, cuddly and exceptionally friendly but I can tell you if anyone ever tried to hurt my Mama they’d be dealing with the business end of the Budster! Mama has nothing to worry about with me around.

Our deal friend Apollo got skunked Friday night! Poor boy! We know all about this as Nicholas got it last May. It was absolutely horrible! Mama gave Apollo’s mother the recipe for a homemade paste that works instantaneously!!! One coating of this stuff on Nicholas and it was over. I never so poor Nicholas look so forlorn in my life! I think he felt even worse than he smelt. The skunk got him right in the mouth. He came in the back door foaming at the mouth with his jaw locked tight and wouldn’t even drink water. Mama quickly wiped his mouth and got him a nice bowl of cold milk. He drank it right down and stopped foaming at the mouth immediately. She gave him a second bowl and we couldn’t believe the difference in him. Then our office manager, Pam Trites came over to show Mama how to mix up a paste concoction and Mama got him in the shower, applied the paste then rinsed him off. That was it, he was done. Good luck Apollo, our thoughts are with you and we know your Mama will take good care of you. Nicholas says, “stay away from those skunks!!!”

We are not staying at the camp overnight any more this year as Mama says it’s too cold at night for that now. Daddy, Nicholas and I disagreed but it didn’t get us too far. We went down on Saturday for a nice walk on the beach, a run for Nicholas, Mama and Daddy looking for beach glass and a really good swim for the Budster. I never know this time of year how many more swims I’ll get in so I’m taking advantage and loving every minute of it. We all know what’s just around the corner (snow), shush, Mama says I’m not allowed to talk about it after the winter from Hell we put in last year. I’m the only one in the family who enjoys it like I do. I could stay out for hours if they’d let me. This is what my big thick double Newf coat is made for. But more on that later. Little sissy Nicholas has a big fuzzy lined winter coat he has to wear to keep warm and he doesn’t stay out long like me. I ripped it right off him at the end of last winter, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I kept saying, “Nicholas take that stupid coat off, it’s May now.” He ignored me so ripppppp, off it came! Our Auntie Blue is giving it a make-over now with new fussy lining. She’s a Fantastic seamstress with a capital F on Fantastic! She can make anything! She’s making me a really cool Halloween costume now, it’s going to be awesome! I’ll show you some pictures at Halloween, stay tuned. Nicholas got his at the Walmart but mine is custom made. I hope no one recognises me, we plan to go door to door to visit a few neighbours/friends and pick up a few treats! Mama or Daddy will have to carry my bag. Mama says anyone will recognize my big black and white nose not much I can do to camouflage that. Nicholas has a blond wig so he thinks no one will know him. Oh the pressure! Hey all you furry friends out there, if you get your family to send me a pic of you wearing your costume before October 30th, I’ll post my favorites on my Halloween Blog!

Your Pal,

Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print

Sand flying everywhere, Nicolas likes to dig?
One of my last swims for the year. Not nippy for this Budster!

Blogging with Buddy September 25th, 2015

Talking about summer fun, we had a great adventure this week with our new friend Special on a big walk from Spy Glass Hill to RNS! So many trails, we took one going over and another one on the return. Gorgeous warm day. Special (a Chesapeake Bay Retriever) is so beautiful and what lovely manners! She calmly trots beside her mother never letting her far from her sight and so friendly and sweet to us boys. We definitely are smitten! Mama knows these trails like the back of her hand as her mother and father lived nearby at Bridle Path Lane and her and her father use to ride these trails on horseback on a regular basis. She has great memories of them racing Dominique and Galley to the top of Spy Glass Hill. Her father always won, as his horse, Galley, was definitely the fastest! Mama says there is nothing to compare with racing cross country at a full gallop on a fast horse with the wind rushing through your hair! Those were the days!

Mark your calendars; Fine Homes International Open Houses this Sunday 2-4pm! Welcome to upscale living in the Valley! Oh please, please, please may Nicholas and I participate? Every house has either an in-ground pool, indoor pool or it is right on the water or both!!! The two of us have so much to offer by way of lifestyle examples. We can show people how much fun you can have swimming in a pool and Nicholas can demonstrate his diving. We can both show how to relax around the pool and I’m especially good at poolside lounging (might even take a quick power nap if no one is looking). At the waterfront homes we can both show off our swimming skills as well as beach fun, racing, digging holes in the sand and collecting sticks for a later twilight campfire. How much fun can your children, grandchildren and pets have at these stunning properties? Just think about it! We say loads and loads of summer fun! Mama is at 36 Elizabeth Parkway in Hastings Cove (Waterfront) and right at the next street at 5 Valley Road (in-ground pool), Steven is at 36 Maliseet Drive, Rothesay (in-ground pool with water access for your boat) and Pam is at 14 Apple Manor Lane, Quispamsis (indoor pool plus waterfront). On Saturday Steven is at 1294 Sand Cove Road, Saint John West located within walking distance of the Irving Nature Park. Lovely home with an ocean view! Hope to see you at our open houses and the paws are crossed that the Team will allow us to chip in and help as we’re both certainly willing and able! If they let us attend Nicholas and I will be giving out free bacon flavoured Buddy Biscuits! Here’s hoping!

Your pal

Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy September 4, 2015

Are you ready for the last long weekend of the summer!  Nicholas and I sure are!

The weatherman is calling for sun, sun and more sun the entire weekend which means visits to the beach, lots of fun for Nicholas to run and a lot more swimming for Big Buddy Bacon!  Swimming has been a big part of my weight reduction plan this summer and I’m very proud to say that as of my recent visit to the vet yesterday I am now down 14 pounds which is a big deal when you are only 32 inches tall!!!  Since May of this year I have gone from 176 to 162!  My vet wants me to keep going down a bit more and I plan on doing just that with a whole lot of great swims in the Bay of Fundy this weekend!  A Newfie dogs dream come true.  No matter what your plans are for the weekend ahead, Nicholas and I hope it’s a great one for you, your family and your furry friends.  We are planning a get together with family and friends on Sunday and we are so excited that this includes our Uncle Clinton and our dear Auntie Blue!  Did I mention that I’ve been writing a song about our “Auntie Blue” which is coming along nicely.  She is going to be sooo surprised!  I’ve already got the air and now I’m just critiquing the verses.  It’s several verses long you know.  (We have been getting advice from Mama as we go) Nicholas sings with me in harmony and has added his impute to the lyrics as well!  I don’t know who loves Auntie Blue more, Nicholas or I.  We just can’t wait until we unveil our new song to Auntie Blue!  I can just see her now, laughing until she gets a belly ache!  And we’re sure Uncle Clinton will enjoy it too!

Hopefully the Team will get a well-deserved rest this weekend although being in real estate they can’t expect the entire three days off!  It’s just the nature of the business.  When I buyer gets the notion that they wish to buy, it’s now and the Team are always ready! Steven is excited about his property showings booked for qualified buyers this weekend and Mama has a client flying in from Boston to look at high-end vacation homes!  Perfect weekend for it with all this sunshine!  Nicholas and I wish them all lots of luck with their sales and lots of fun on their days off, they really deserve it!

Have a great one!


Your pal,


Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, August 21, 2015

We are so excited! Our dear friend Diane has a new dog named Special! And Special she is!

She’s the most beautiful mahogany colored Chesapeake Bay retriever you’ve ever seen. She is about the height of Nicholas but heavier set with a big thick chest. Not only does she have the largest eyes, beautiful face, curly coat, thick curly tail, and the title of Westminster Dog Show Best in Breed winner, but she is the kindest, calmest, most gentle dog we’ve ever seen! And the beautiful manors!!! She doesn’t bark (even when the doorbell rings), doesn’t jump up, doesn’t sniff, just stands there very elegantly looking at you with those big gorgeous eyes. Va Va Voom! Wowsie Wow Wow!!! I don’t know who’s more smitten, Nicholas or the Big Budster himself.

I told my little friend if we are even going to have a chance to hang around with this pretty girl we’re going to have to pull up our socks and behave like real gentleman and I mean now. He agrees but I don’t think he’ll last long not acting the goof, jumping, spinning and squirreling around the way he usually does. Oh well, betters the chance of the Budster! I’m just going to be my charming, handsome self. (Think I’ll ask Mama to book me into the doggy day spa for a shampoo, trim and blow dry ASAP!) A fella needs to look his best.

On the real estate front, sales have been more active this year than last, and the conditional sales have been coming together better than Mama has ever seen them in her career. Steven is hosting an open house Sunday 2-4 in the heart of Rothesay at 2 Brock Court, off Grove Ave. This stunning fully renovated cedar shingled ranch is on large 1/2 acre lot with 2-sided fireplace, huge heated in ground pool. Walk to the post office, yacht club, tennis courts, bank, churches and Concerts on the Common!

Wishing you a good week!

Your pal,

Sand Paw Print
Buddy Bacon
Katherine Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, August 14th, 2015

Well I saw the culprit that did the dirty deed on my neighbor’s deck in New River!  They were so sure that it was Big Buddy Bacon and I got all the blame, if you remember.  We were driving back from a swim at Carrying Cove Beach and low and behold there goes a couple walking close to our cottage with three dogs, a medium size brown dog, a large black dog (maybe a Rottweiler mix) and a Bernese Mountain Dog.  That’s the one!  He was about my size (a wee bit smaller) and looks a lot like me but he has a bit of brown of course between the black and white markings.  “Look Nicholas, look, there he is, that’s the one!”  We spun right around in the truck looking out the window at him.  “Yes, that has to be him, Buddy” Nicholas excitedly cried.  “Stop the truck Daddy; we want to talk with this dude.”  “You two sit down and be quiet, it’s been resolved and everyone knows now that it wasn’t you Buddy, Daddy said.”  We sat back down but we sulked the whole way home mumbling between ourselves.  There’s still a chance that we’ll run into him at the beach.  Paws crossed and hoping!

Our Uncle Tom and Aunt Shelley sent us a selfie taken with their new selfie stick on Saturday.  They were out mountain biking.  We don’t have a selfy stick but we sent them back selfies of the two of us taken with our IBone and they thought they were awesome!  Maybe that’s something we could put on our wish list to Santa, a selfy stick.  Could be a lot of fun.  See our selfies below!

Our open houses are all booked for the weekend, hope you can drop by!  Saturday Steven is at 25 Cameron Court in the city, $239,900, a modern garden home with main floor master bedroom, cathedral ceiling, finished basement, wrap around deck, panoramic views of the city and the Saint John Harbour.   Sunday he’s at 42 Brighton Crescent, Quispamsis, $278,000 an absolutely fantastic value (best price in the area!) with huge stunning kitchen, economical heat pump, Air Conditioning and gorgeous interior, a “Must See”!   Sunday we are at 300 Hillcrest Road, East Saint John, $325,000, in a lovely inviting family home with great amenities, 2-car garage, finished basement and 1.25 private acres!  All open houses are 2 – 4 pm.

Mama and Daddy have been collecting beach glass now for about six years on the weekends.  Daddy started the hobby and then Mama picked up on it.  Daddy has a huge collection he keeps in tall glass jars at the cottage.  His most common glass is white, green and brown but he also has turquoise, aqua, opaque white and his special glass is yellow, orange, black, vivid sapphire blue and red.  Mama found both the pieces of red (although Daddy hates to admit it) and the second one was just last Saturday.  She was sooooo excited!  Red beach glass is so very rare.  Our friend and neighbor has been collecting beach glass for about sixty years and has only found five pieces in her entire lifetime!  Mama found some of the yellow and orange too but don’t tell Daddy we told you!  I help her out by running in the sand as my big Newfie paws make large indents in the sand.  So many times Mama has found the pretty glass in my footprints.  Once Daddy found a large pretty turquoise piece that he called “the nugget”.  It is gorgeous!  He gave it to our Auntie Blue and she had a sterling silver cage made around it and wears it on a silver chain.  Everywhere she goes people ask her where it came from, especially when she’s down south in the winter.  She tells them all, “New River Beach, New Brunswick”.  This is one of our favorite places in the province.  Mama is searching now for a new nugget for Auntie Blue in a different colour, something interesting.  You can be sure that we will be helping her by ripping up the sand as we fly along the beach!  Good luck Mama we want a new nugget for Auntie Blue!

Have a good week.

Your pal,

Buddy Sand Paw Print


Nicolas’ 1st selfie
My 1st selfie after a swim

Blogging with Buddy, August 7th, 2015

The Team has been as busy as bees these last few months! Summertime is supposed to be the slower season with folks away on holidays, at the cottage,  boating, busy barbecuing, entertaining etc. but not this summer!  Its one of the busiest we’ve had in some time with some well appreciated sales in a soft market.   In recent weeks, we are tickled pink with our sales on 1 Jester Crt, Quispamsis, 1364 Route 845, Kingston, and 21 Allison Drive, Rothesay.  Steven is excited about his sales on 9 Zachary ,Rothesay, 5 Mapleview Drive, Hampton, and 7 Wheaton Lane, Belleisle.  Mama is over the moon with her sales on 1 Minstrel Drive, Quispamsis, Penthouse 402 Robertsons Wharf, Saint John, and 5 Riverfront Crescent, Quispamsis.   Nicholas and I are keeping busy delivering Bacon/Cheese flavor Buddy Biscuits to our four -legged members of the buyers families.  Every once and awhile Mama let’s us keep a box for ourselves!  I can tell you, they are tried and tested by Big Buddy Bacon himself, and they are delicious!!!  When fussy little Nicholas likes them, you know they are good.

Hope you all enjoy a sunny, warm, New Brunswick summer weekend and don’t forget, if you see us out and about the parks, we’d love to say hello!  If you happen to see us in swimming, come on in, as a big Newf be sure that  if you get in any trouble in the water, I’ll save ya!

Your Pal

Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, July 31st, 2015

Oh joy, oh bliss!  Our Auntie Blue is coming down to the cottage and we’re hoping that she is going swimming with us!  Mama says don’t be expecting Auntie Blue to be getting into that cold water of the Bay of Fundy.   Not everyone loves the cold like Big Buddy Bacon!  Mama says Auntie Blue may put her toe in, until it turns blue which wouldn’t take very long.  “What are you talking about?”  Daddy won’t even do that and we know that Uncle Clinton won’t be getting in.  He’ll think we’re crazy.  Mama always goes in up to her knees and last weekend went in right up to her arm pits!!!  I loved it!  I swam around and around her saying, “Go for it Mama, you’re almost in!  Come swimming with Big Buddy Bacon”.  Nicholas was so excited that he dug a huge hole in the sand and than did a big dive right into the Bay.  He couldn’t believe Mama was in with us.  We’re hoping she gets in again this weekend.  We’d have to time it right when the surf comes in over the hot sand and warms up the temperature a bit.

We’re going to have a lobster fest for Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.  Um, um I think I’d love lobster but it seems all I get is a whiff if I’m lucky!  I’m a Newfoundland dog, of course I’d love lobster, just give me a little taste.  Daddy says if he ever catches Mama giving us even a wee bit then you know what is going to hit the fan and we don’t want Daddy to lose it.  But, then Mama calms him down with her sweet little soft voice and Daddy just smiles.

Nicholas and I hope you all have a fantastic New Brunswick Day Weekend!  Come and say hi to us if you see us out and about at the beach or the parks, we’d love to meet you!  The team is not having open houses this weekend as most people are either away at their cottages, their boat, their trailer provincial parks, concerts or whatever.  They really deserve a break as they’ve been going straight out.  Steven will be holding down the fort for showings, you just can’t keep a good man down!

Your pal,

Buddy Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, July 24, 2015

Heading out to New River Beach this Saturday for the Annual Sand Sculpture Contest?  It’s a “not to be missed” event with amazing sculptures of everything from huge 3-headed sea serpents to Mermaids!  Big Buddy Bacon is really looking forward to it especially to seeing all the thousands people (Nicholas and I just love to meet new people!).  There is a debate going on at home; Daddy says we can’t go because some people may be afraid of big black dogs, Mama says that no one could be afraid of a big cuddly teddy bear like me!  Nicholas and I are siding with Mama!  The worst thing I ever do is sit on people’s feet.  Yes you are reading this correctly, I love to sit beside you so close that I actually sit on your feet, all 170 lbs. of me!  Mama says it’s great when it’s 20 below zero but not so good on a hot summer day (especially when I’m all wet from a refreshing swim).  I do like to cuddle and Nicholas will sneak a kiss any chance he gets!  Paws crossed and hoping that Mama wins!

If you are heading to New River this weekend and you really love this area don’t forget that we have a waterfront property for sale at 20 Dickson Lane with 1260 feet of oceanfront and gorgeous sandy beach on neighboring Haggerty’s Cove.  Beautiful beach for sun bathing, sea kayaking or an evening of storytelling with a marshmallow roast or corn boil over an open fire!  This very private home/cottage priced at $260,000 is an easy 5-minute walk to renowned New River Beach (Nicholas and I should know, we walk in this area every weekend).

After viewing the Sand Sculptures on Saturday, we invite you to an Oceanfront Open House that Kim Burt is hosting at nearby 185 McCarthy’s Point Road, just 5-minutes up the road, at Pocologan.  Watch for our signs.  This tasteful 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath year round home/vacation cottage looks like it’s straight out of a magazine!  Offered at $450,000. Located on 3 ½ private oceanfront acres it comes complete with an additional neighboring 3-bedroom guest cottage with its own driveway and a beach!  These beach properties are definitely a Buddy Bacon kind of dream home!!!  Surf, sand, sun and sea!!!  What more could a big Newfie pooch and his four-legged sidekick ask for?  Not too much, we figure this is about as close to doggy heaven as it gets!

On Sunday, Steven is at 42 Brighton Crescent in Quispamsis.  This inviting 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom family home with finished basement is in mint condition with the best price point on the block!  Talk about Great Value at $289,900!  We are busy bees this weekend with a second open house on Sunday at 30 Grove Avenue in Rothesay offered at $599,900.  This stunning one-level home with high-end features galore is a real show stopper and what a fantastic location!  Easily walk the sidewalk to the Rothesay Common, Yacht Club, all 3 levels of schools plus RNS, churches, tennis courts, bank and post office!  Let’s not forget the weekly “Concert on the Common” with live entertainment free of charge for residents!  Nicholas and I are going to ask Mama if it would be okay if we went to one of the concerts.  We promise to be good boys, stay calm on our leashes, sit close beside Mama and greet all who come along with the right paw right up and a “How do you do”.  We’ll let you know how this goes!

Have a good week!


Your pal   Sand Paw Print


Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, July 17th, 2015

Happy Birthday to our dear Auntie Blue!  She celebrated her birthday on the 14th at a celebration dinner amongst her closest family and friends.  What Buddy wants to know is; “where was Buddy Bacon on that big day?”  How come I wasn’t invited?  Nicholas and I had to stay home along with the twins, Myra and Lucas!  They were about as impressed as we were!!!  The twins enjoy good table scraps as much as we do and all we got was a doggy bag we had to share.  Even fussy little Nicholas loves restaurant food.  Then we overheard Mama and Papa saying that it was the best birthday cake they’d ever eaten!  What the heck, we’re part of the family too and there was no birthday cake in that doggy bag, not even a crumb.  We sent a couple of surprises plus a beautiful arrangement of flowers to Auntie Blue earlier in the day provided by Mama and Papa’s favorite florist, Brian at Keirstead’s!  That man has plenty of talent plus the best flower assortment and they highly recommend him.  Auntie Blue’s had roses, peonies, Scottish heather, fragrant lilies and delphinium in three colours.  She loved it and we did too.  We have the best Auntie Blue, Nicholas and I just love her and she is so very good to us and to Mama too!  She likes to tease Papa and he sure does enjoy teasing her too.  Sometimes he says, “I think I’ll wind up Auntie Blue”, and Mama says “don’t you dare”. They have great fun together but Nicholas and I noticed that when Papa got home from the birthday party his shins were bruised a bit.  He said Mama was kicking him under the table.  We don’t understand why she’d do this, it’s over our heads but he seemed to have a good time!

The weather has been too hot for Big Buddy Bacon!  I’m swimming every chance I get and otherwise I’m staying in the house snuggled up to the air conditioning vents, so refreshing.  Our Uncle Clinton just loves the heat.  He sits in his sunroom on the hottest days just soaking up the rays and loving every minute.  We don’t think it could ever be too hot for him but then again he’s not wearing the big Newf coat like I am, really changes things, let me tell ya.

Mama and the Team have been as busy as bees!  She’s been flying around here and on that BlackBerry all hours of the day and night negotiating on properties. As have Pam, and Steven’s been burning the candles at both ends.  Mama says it’s usually busy in May but it’s as if a late spring hit in June and July!  She’s not complaining though, she loves to sell houses.  When an offer comes in she’s all over it!  She calls it tenacious but Papa says she’s like a dog on a bone!   Whatever you call it, it works.  Properties have been going priced anywhere from $114,900 to $848,000 and other in between!  Nicholas and I have been getting our Buddy Biscuits all ready to give out to the client’s four-legged friends with our own special thank you!

Have a great week with lots of fun in the summer sun!

Your Pal, Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, July 2nd, 2015

Life was a real three-ring circus last weekend at the beach with Nicholas. Mama decided Saturday that Nicholas was getting a bath!!! Me, I love baths, the more suds the better but the little guy, not so much! Off we go to a tidal pool which was warmed by the warm afternoon sun so he would not be in the cold water (nor would Mama and Daddy). Mama threw the stick to get him swimming to wet his coat and then asked Daddy to bring him into the pond which was only up to their knees. I sat on the side bank just watching the action thinking this could be very interesting. Mama opened up the Oatmeal Shampoo which is good for moistening his skin and preceded to suds him up and all was going well. Then Mama took a big dipper of water and poured it over his back to begin the rinse cycle. Well that was it! That was the trigger! Nicholas didn’t want water poured on him, no way, no how. He reared up on those strong hind legs of his and pulled so hard that he pulled Daddy right off his feet and Daddy went down right into the pond face first. Daddy was not a happy camper and the air was blue! Nicholas took off running like a fool going round and round us making huge circles. Mama yelled, “Catch him Doug, catch him” (that wasn’t going to happen, this was getting good). Nicholas was acting the fool and dodging Daddy then Mama said, “Nick come”. That’s all it took and Nicholas came right to Mama. Mama passed him to Daddy and said now hold on with both hands while I rinse him and apply the crème rinse. Within minutes the little guy was done, released and running like a wild banshee. He smells so good now and his coat is silkier than ever.

We had a great day Canada Day and went to the nearby Riverside-Kinghurst Park. We love it there and Nichols just loves swimming in the warm river water. Mama can hardly get him out!!! I swim in it a bit but being a Newf I really prefer the cold water of the Bay of Fundy (that’s where Mama has a problem getting me out of the water). At this park I do more lying around the beach watching the boats go by. Mama explained to us that we should be proud to be Canadians as we live in the best country in the World! We wore our red and white Canada Day scarves and everyone thought we looked mighty handsome and patriotic (Aunty Blue says “nice contrast with our shiny black coats”).

This weekend from 2-4pm Steven is at 444 Route 845 in Kingston Peninsula at a lovely property of 8.6 scenic acres. Talk about lots of space to run and play! On Sunday he’s at 14 Sunview Road in East Saint John at a property with a nice pool (did someone mention pool? Would Steven let Buddy swim in this pool?) and stunning modern updates to the home. On Sunday we are at 21 Allison Drive in Rothesay which features a huge price reduction (now $395), stunning modern renovations and a large private lot in the heart of Rothesay. Stop by and check these properties out!

Hope you all enjoy some of this warm weather we’ve all been waiting for (seems like forever) and I’ll be back to you soon.

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, June 26th, 2015

Loving this sunshine!!!  Is summer finally here?  You know what that means for the Budster and his little side kick, Nicholas, swim, swim, swim!  Because it was sooo hot last night (chuckle, chuckle) Mama took us down to Riverside Park for a refreshing swim just before twilight when she finished her appointments.  We’ve only been there a few times before but we both LOVE it!  I couldn’t believe Nicholas!  The little guy doesn’t do well in the cold water of the Bay of Fundy (not enough meat on him I’d say) so when we arrived at the river he first went in to his ankles, stopped and got a very happy look on his face.  Wow, this water is sooo much warmer.  He dove right in and wouldn’t come out.  Mama was throwing a stick in the water (supposedly for me) and Nicholas (as usual) kept hogging everything.  He never did learn to share.  Mama has to keep saying okay now give Buddy a turn, Nicholas it’s Buddy’s turn now.  He puts on the deaf ear so she finally caught him by the collar and held him with one hand, throwing the stick for me with the other so that I could swim out and retrieve it.  I have to say that I don’t mind the Bay of Fundy but the temperature of this river water is really, really sweet!  I swam way out.  Mama is a better throw than she used to be with all the practice we give her.  She threw until we got tired and then she waited while we took a rest on the beach, rolling in the sand.  This gave her a chance to catch up with the news on the cell with our Auntie Blue for a few minutes.

Mama has been working crazy hours, more than we’ve ever seen (sales are up) but then again we are only 3 years old.  She’s been starting early in the morning on the computer and more than a few nights Daddy has come home to baby-sit us.  What’s with his baby sitting anyway?  We’re not babies but we’re not complaining either as we love it when Daddy comes home early and plays with us.  Mama’s breaking another sales record but more on that next week!  Go Mama go!

Steven is heading to the waterfront for his open houses this weekend.  Thinking about the cottage life?  Perfect time of year to get bitten by the waterfront bug!  On Saturday June 27th he’s at 2562 Route 124, Hatfield’s Point on Belleisle Bay from 2-4pm.  Supper stunning home/cottage on 4 scenic acres with a beach!  On Sunday June 28th he’s at 1262 Bridge Drive on Washademoak Lake also from 2-4pm.  This extremely well built cedar home updated by Glenhar Construction, well known in NB as a superior builder is designed as a B&B, restaurant with bar or it would make an ideal full time home or vacation home with it gorgeous fireplace, bedrooms with ensuite baths, stunning water views and of course deep mooring waterfront.   Come for a look and explore the possibilities!

We are at 23 Cobblestone Drive on Sunday from 2-4 pm.  This stylish home overlooking the Kennebecasis River has just been reduced to $450,000 and features not one but two propane fireplaces as well as two huge decks (one covered and one open) overlooking the river plus extensive warranties!

Hoping I don’t get in as much trouble this weekend as I did last!  As Grampy Wiggins would say, “Caught innocent again!”

Your Pal

Buddy      Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, June 19th, 2015

What the heck???   I get in enough trouble on my own and now I’m getting blamed for things I didn’t even do!!!  Down at the cottage last weekend a neighbor came over and told Daddy that I ran away, came up from the beach all by myself and went up on their porch and pooped on it!  I can’t even believe they said that, yet alone thought it!  Daddy was highly insulted too!  Not only have I never run away from home but I’m totally house trained and the porch is part of the house as far as Big Buddy is concerned!  Daddy asked all the right questions (he’s never lost for words) and the people told him that it was a 200 pound black and white Newf dog!  There you go; now add more insult to injury as I’m down to 170 now on my new diet plan!  Nicholas and I put out heads together, who could this be?  Who would do something like this?   I’ve always been the only big black and white dog in the New River Beach area.  Upon further investigation with our friends the Andras, Don and Will helping us, we discovered that a house down on Haggerty’s Cove Beach had not one but actually two big 200 pound black and white Newfs visiting last weekend for the first time and they were down on the beach in front of the house in question!  Nicholas and I would love to have met them, we could have had some good fun on the beach and I bet they are great swimmers too, like me.  But don’t think we wouldn’t have given them a talking to about their lack of manners; we don’t care how big they are!  On second though probably better we didn’t meet them as Nicholas was just beyond himself at the insult to me and that guy may be little by my standards but he’s a real dynamo and I wouldn’t want to be in his bad books, if you know what I mean!  He’d wash the floor, I mean the beach, with them!  So we’ve never met them but if we do, I’m gonna say, “Listen fellas, you’re giving me a bad rap here in New River and I don’t appreciate it, so clean up your act and do it fast!”

Steven is at 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove this Sunday from 2-4pm.  Huge waterfront condo with walkout finished basement!  A must see.  Buddy Bacon could certainly swim here!!!  And we are at 300 Hillcrest Road the same day and time at a lovely modern family home with not one but two 2-car garages, one attached and one built-in all on 1.25 sprawling acres!   Lots of space for Buddy to run!

Hope you have a great weekend and that we see lots of sun for some summer fun!  Fire up that barbeque Daddy!  Nicholas and I will take a cheese burger please.

Your Pal,

Buddy BaconSand Paw Print



Blogging with Buddy, June 12th, 2015

Went for my first ever professional shampoo, cut and blow dry this week (Mama and Daddy usually do it)!  Oh what fun we had!  Absolutely loved the shampoo and blow dry part but standing around on a table for the cut and trim, not so much!  I didn’t mind getting trimmed and the clippers didn’t bother me at all but standing around for so long?  It was cutting into my nap time!!!  I arrived at 10am and I usually snooze after breakfast until close to noon.  Well that wasn’t going to happen!  Mama had to help hold me up when I’d try to sit or lay down (said her arms were aching, next time she’s bringing Daddy but he doesn’t know that yet).  I lived to tell the tale and now everyone says I’m sooo handsome!  My black coat is glistening with the effects of oatmeal shampoo which is so good for my skin, my chest and paws are snowy white and my sporty new trim is great in warm weather (if we ever get any) besides looking very chic!  I didn’t get trimmed too short; Mama calls it a puppy cut, kind of curly and fuzzy.  She says I’m strutting around like a peacock!  Daddy says I look bigger than ever because people use to think I was all fur but now they can tell that nope I’m all dog, it’s all Big Buddy Bacon!

Nicholas had a fit that I was going somewhere in the truck without him!  When I got home he was all over me with questions, “Where did you go, what did they do, what was it like?” “You look good but I smell strange scents on you”.  No fear little pal, you’re next!  Let’s see if you can man up and be as good a boy as I was at the groomer my first time?  We may be mutts but our groomers name is “Best in Show” and we sure do feel like show dogs when we come out of there!

Our open houses this weekend with Steven at 12 Coventry Crescent in Quispamsis with the stunning kitchen and we are at 1169 Route 860 Smithtown with an inviting country home on acreage.

Sunday is supposed to be a nice sunny day so come on out and have a look!

Your pal,

Buddy Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, June 6th, 2015

Ha ha ha ha, I figured out how to open the gate down at the cottage all by myself!!! Mama just about had a kitten! I didn’t get too far as she was right there and witnessed it with her mouth hanging open in disbelief! “Doug, Doug, did you see what that dog just did?” I’ve been working on it every weekend and realized that if I hook my claws into the mesh and pull really hard towards myself that the latch will let go and the gate swings in. Thought for a moment that Nicholas and I would be ‘Free Dogs’ and have some real fun running from house to house visiting our neighbors! Our first stop would be at Auntie Catherine’s and Grampy Bill’s right next door. We love them to pieces, they are just sooo much fun! We have a lot of the best neighbors ever!

Rain again this weekend, Nicholas won’t be happy! He thinks he’s made of sugar (probably because Mama is always telling him how sweet he is). Hard to be a ‘Beach Buddy’ when we’re getting so much rain.

Steven is at 5 Valley Road ($747,500) this Sunday from 2-4 pm with an open house is this gorgeous 2-storey in prestigious Hastings Cove. If you’re a clothes horse (like Mama and Auntie Blue), this home is a must see with one of the most fantastic closets Mama has ever seen, plus a stunning private back yard with in-ground pool and hot tub! We are at 1 Jester Court ($359,000) in an immaculate 2-storey home in a family neighborhood that’s one of the best buys on the market today! A must see! Looking for a waterfront cottage? Visit Steven is at 162 Hillside Road in Martinon on Saturday from 2-4pm at this 3 bedroom cottage with nice private beach on Grand Bay. Out of the fog belt plus fantastic swimming and boating!

Wishing you another great week. Get on out there, it’s all about lifestyle!

Your pal


Blogging with Buddy, May 29th, 2015

Not the best week for the Budster!  Had my 3rd Birthday on Monday and I was really looking forward to it and then I got sick over the weekend.  What a bummer!  Wasn’t feeling too well on Monday and Mama and Daddy had to take me to the vet to find out what was wrong.  I had a spot under my chin that was so itchy it was driving me crazy!  Come to find out it is nothing serious, something called a ‘hot spot’.  The vet says they are common with Newfie dogs and golden retrievers.  She gave Mama some cream to take away the itch and put me on antibiotics.  What a miserable birthday!  When I came out of the vet’s office Nicholas was waiting in the car and so happy to see me, tail a wagging!  He felt bad that I was under the weather and has been very gentle and kind with me all week.  I started coming around quickly to my old self and when Mama and Daddy took us for a walk last night I ran and I ran (even caught the ball once on Nicholas).  I had some good news while at the vet, I lost 6 pounds since my last visit earlier this spring!!!  She was very impressed with me and said that’s the results of my new weight control dog food and all the swimming I’ve been doing!  I’m a hero!  I was beaming from ear to ear when I heard this news.  Mama said she could tell I’d lost weight but Daddy was skeptical said he couldn’t see it.  Mama really gave it to him!

Mama had promised me a cheeseburger picnic for my birthday and although I couldn’t go out for a picnic nor invite all those I wished to join me she did make cheeseburgers for supper and Nicholas and I ate ours right up!  Mmm mmm good, yummy, yummy in Buddy’s tummy!

That lucky Steven is doing an open house this Saturday from 2- 4 at 7 Wheaton Lane on Belleisle Bay ($119,500).  Now here is a spot that Buddy could get used to pretty easily!  What’s nicer than laying out getting some R and R on a fine sandy beach with the fresh air blowing through your fur listening to the waves roll in along the beach after a nice refreshing dip in the bay with friends (or brother, this would be Nicholas)?  I can just picture it now!  Then wandering up the path to the camp as you follow the scent of a delicious barbeque (cheeseburgers please).  I wish Steve would let me come up there to help out.  I’m very good at greeting people and I could show off my dog paddle while Nicholas shows off his new dive where he runs down the beach wide open, flies through the air and dives out into the water as far as he can!  It’s really something to see. A German Shephard taught him that last summer at New River.  If you’re listening Steve we’re both available on Saturday but you’ll need a blanket for the back seat as we wouldn’t want to get your car interior dirty!  On Sunday the Team is in Millidgeville from 2-4 highlighting that desirable area of town with its gorgeous sunny weather (very similar to the Kennebecasis Valley).  Steven is at 15 Leeward Lane in Cedar Point Anchorage ($375,000), a lovely stone façade home with huge master bedroom, gazebo and water views. We are in a gorgeous home, (professional interior design straight out of a magazine) on 32 Deerwood Cres, ($489,900)near the ferry also with river views and Pam is at 78 Tudor Lane ($228,000 no condo fee) a lovely furnished garden home with natural gas heat and finished basement!

Hope you have a good weekend and if you see Nicholas and I out and about in the parks, trails or on the beach please come over to say hi!  We love meeting new friends, especially the four legged furry kind! (Be forewarned, Nicholas will try to kiss you!). If you see us in the parking lots waiting for Mama in our SUV come on over, you know we are super friendly and we’d love to talk with you.   We got my bright red SUV (known in the family as Buddy’s truck) last year from Doug Lockhart at Brett Dealership in Saint John. What a super nice guy, Nicholas and I hit it right off with him!  He has a pretty girl named Maggie ( a Westie, just like Maggie on the TV commercials) and he is the best of fathers to her.  He looked right after us and fully understood our four-legged needs in a vehicle!  We needed easy access, A/C and plenty of room for Big Buddy Bacon!  Our brothers who are passed now, Theodore and Laddie always got their SUVs from Doug at Bretts.  If you are four legged and furry and looking for a new vehicle we suggest you tell your family about Doug Lockhart.  We highly recommend him! (He may even sneak you the odd dog biscuit, but keep that one on the down low).

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon paw


Blogging with Buddy, May 22nd, 2015

I’m getting more techy by the day!  You can now follow me on Twitter!   twitterlogo4@buddybaconblog #funwithbuddy !   I’m currently following A & W Restaurants where I am so excited about their new Buddy Burger®, (was it named just for me?), the Cineplex , as Daddy and I are such movie buffs (Mama calls us couch potatoes) and SPCA where Mama thankfully found me and Nicholas!

Mama had an email from the SPCA that I came from and they have another gorgeous big boy at their shelter looking for a forever home.  His name is Mozart and he is a one year old St Bernard. Pic attached.  I was lean like this when I was one but as you know I quickly filled out (a little too much if you listen to Dr George but that’s okay I’ve started doing a lot of swimming and Mama says she sees the difference already!) (did I hear Nicholas grown).  Nicholas and I tried to talk Mama into adopting Mozart as our new brother but Daddy almost had a fit!  He says two big boys is all he can handle in one house.  Mama says his personality would be much like my Newfie one, very kind, gentle and loving (smile, smile).  I hope someone adopts him who lives near me as he sure would be the perfect playmate for Big Buddy Bacon!  Wonder if the guy can swim?  If you can give a loving home to a sweet dog like Mozart just email me at  and I’ll hook you right up.  He’s going to be a big bruiser but they’re the best kind!


On behalf of Nicholas, Team Platinum and myself we cordially invite you this weekend to our fabulous Fine Homes International™ Open House with four gorgeous properties open for viewing this Sunday May 24th from 2 – 4pm.  They include 100 Brigadoon Terrace Millidgeville Offered at $1,380,000 with a 3000 square foot stunning stone house (high-end renovations) on 2.6 private acres of manicured waterfront with private boat launch, 35 Elizabeth Parkway, Hastings Cove, Rothesay offered at $1,320,000 with a beautifully updated 3806 square feet handsome home on ¾ waterfront acres with beach in prestigious neighbourhood, 36 Maliseet Drive, Sagamore Point, Rothesay offered at $850,000 with a top quality 5004 square foot house with chef’s dream kitchen on a 3/4 acre private lot with in-ground pool and hot tub and 5 Riverfront Crescent, Quispamsis offered at $848,000 with a custom ranch house with finished walkout basement totalling 4275 square feet on 2.6 waterfront acres with sandy beach and boat launch!  If the Team would permit the Mascots to attend we would be happy to show you the great fun provided at each of these homes rather it’s swimming in the river or the pool!  Mama says no way but we are still working on her!

Your pal,

Buddy paw

Blogging with Buddy, May 15th, 2015

Happy Victoria Day Weekend from Buddy and Nicholas!  We are so looking forward to a nice sunny weekend, some R & R, barbeques, running along the surf and fine sand and more than a few swims in the refreshing Bay of Fundy for Big Buddy Bacon.  Mama says refreshing is a good way to put it and it sure is refreshing to me! This will be our first weekend this year at the camp and we need to supervise the packing and unpacking.  Need to be sure all the proper toys are packed, dog food and a few treats to boot.  Mama says it’s a big job but with our help we’ll roll more than a little fun into the process.  Daddy will moan like a dove about the work but he’ll love every minute of it.  He’s tries to play the big grouch but Mama says he’s just a big loveable teddy bear and I couldn’t agree more.  Buddy Bacon says, “Yeah Daddy, I’ve got your number.  You may complain about the messes we make, how much work we are and the dirt we carry into the house but you just love us to pieces and you just can’t hide it so don’t bother trying!”

I discovered something new this week and I think it must have been named especially for me!  The “Buddy Burger®” at the A & W Restaurant!  I love them, 100% beef raised with no hormones or steroids, only 310 calories, so healthy for Big Buddy Bacon.  Fussy little Nicholas even loves them.  Mama says when she was 16 years old her first summer job was at the A & W Drive-In on Rothesay Ave (now that wasn’t yesterday, be good Buddy).  She had a ball that summer, raking in tips like crazy.  Her brother (our uncle Tom), was only 5 years old at the time and he’d come in for a free Baby Root Beer in a frosty mug (free to those under 6) from time to time.  Wonderful memories for Mama.

Steven is a busy bee with open houses. Saturday from 2 – 4pm he’s at a waterfront ranch-style at 185 McCarthy’s Point Road in Charlotte County, turn left off the old St. Stephen Hwy #175.  Take the Lepreau exit #86 off Hwy #1, past New River Beach to Pocologan (before you get to Seeley’s Cove).  Sunday from 2-4pm he’s in Nauwigewauk at the most scenic waterfront property you’ll ever see overlooking Darlings Island, Darlings Lake and the distance mountains of Pickwauket in Hampton.  Just like something off a post card!  Drop in to say hello at 479 Route 100 at this 2-storey waterfront farm house.

Hope you have a great weekend and don’t forget your sunblock!

You can also now follow me on Twitter @buddybaconblog . Can’t wait to try the new #buddyburger #awrestauraunts.

Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy, May 8th, 2015

My little brother Nicholas started school Tuesday night, he’s now a little school boy!  He had already been to obedience training (Daddy’s says that a joke, Mama says he’s an angel and I say now that IS a real joke) so now he is in the Beginner class for Agility Dogs.  He came home sooo excited, he absolutely loves it!  We thought he would.  He will learn to go over jumps, through tunnels and hoops, over bridges, etc. on a set course and it’s all timed.  The fastest dog wins!  My money is on Nicholas; he’s fast, loves to jump and he’s super focused!  Mama says when he’s ready to go into competition that Daddy and I can go to cheer him on.  Daddy has a really big voice and I’ve got a really big bark so I’m sure he’ll hear us over the entire crowd, “Woof, Woof, Woof, Go Nicholas Go!”.  He has a really nice teacher named Julie who is very patient and kind and the school has a huge classroom which is spotlessly clean.  Nicholas made two friends at school already, Mia and Maude.  Mia is a border collie who is very smart and obedient (she even gave him a kiss after one of her rounds, I think he’s sweet on her).  Maude is a poodle who is super-fast and can jump like crazy!  The little guy is really going to have to bring on his ‘A’ game to keep up with these two speed demons!  These classes are indoors for now but in June they will move outdoors where they can enjoy the sunshine.  The outdoor classes will be in Rothesay so they won’t be too far from our house.  While Nicholas is at school with Mama, Daddy takes me for a nice swim in a nearby pond.  This is what makes Buddy very happy, as swimming is my favorite thing to do in the whole World!

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, don’t forget to roll out the red carpet for your Mother’s!  Daddy is taking Mama and our Auntie Blue to the Union Club for the Mother’s Day Brunch.  Our friend May says it’s going to be extra special this year but she can’t let Nicholas and I in (we begged and we pleaded to no avail).  We said we’ll just sneak in the back door but May said, “No way boy’s, not on my watch!”  May runs a tight ship but Mama says she’ll bring us home a doggy bag!  Ha, ha, Yeah!

On Saturday from 2-4pm Kim Burt is hosting an open house in a gorgeous “New Listing” custom home at 23 Cobblestone Drive in Quispamsis.  This one has all the bells and whistles as well as two huge decks with water view!  It’s a “Must See”!  Steven will be at 25 Cameron Court in Saint John on Saturday from 12 – 2pm (note the time) in Saint John at a lovely townhouse.  Don’t let the exterior deceive you from the street, this “New Listing” has a very spacious layout as you’ll see once you’re inside this open concept one-level, easy living home with convenient location.  Then on Sunday from 2-4pm Steven is hosting his soon to be famous “Mother’s Day Open House with Chocolates and Roses” at 2808 Rothesay Road, Rothesay on 1.8 mature acres within walking distance to RNS and the Riverside Golf and Country Club!  Let’s wish him the Luck of the Irish to repeat last year’s performance as he sold his last years “Mother’s Day Open House”, 120 Meredith Avenue, Saint John, right on the spot and all the ladies enjoyed the delicious chocolates and the beautiful roses!  Drop in to say “Hello”, you’ll be glad you did!

Nicholas and I met a handsome Bernese Mountain Dog this week named “Apollo”  whose mother is part of our Team Platinum, Jennifer.  He came by the office with her to say “Hello”.  He is super friendly, has a gorgeous coat, and like us enjoys driving in the back seat of his mother’s vehicle.  He’s just young but he’s already bigger than Nicholas but not as big as Big Buddy Bacon!

Looks like we’ll be doing yard work this weekend getting our place all spruced up for summer.  Mama says she’s going to buy a cart for me to pull as I’m built like a draft dog and could be a good help instead of her pushing the wheel barrow.  Nicholas thinks he’s the strongest and he wants to pull the cart too!  Border Collies, you just can’t keep them down!  We’ve nicknamed him “Super Dog”, photo attached.

Buddy Bacon


Apollo and Jennifer
Our new friend Apollo visits with his mama Jennifer. You can just see the love in his eyes.
Super Dog May 8, 2015
Super Dog Nicholas all ready for Agility School!


Blogging with Buddy, April 24th, 2015

Bring on the sunshine!  Happy days are here again!  Nicholas and I have been to the beach 5 times in the last 10 days!  We got to New River Beach once a few weeks ago and since have been visiting Redhead Beach after supper while it’s still sunny and (almost) warm.  We’ve met a few new furry friends there and enjoyed a great run across the sand flats with the tide far out.  I haven’t swam in the bay yet this year but I did find a large water hole in the sand near the rocks let when the tide went out the size of a small swimming pool and took a quick dip.  Pretty hard to keep Buddy Bacon out of the water.  Mama says it’s my Newfie instinct.  Nicholas was in to his ankles and that was enough for him.

We had a visit to our vet last Thursday, Dr George, who we both love.  Goofy Nicholas gave him a big kiss!  I had my nails trimmed, basic check-up and stepped on the scales for the first time since last fall.  Dr George laughed and said I weigh almost as much as him.  He quickly proceeded to put me on a diet and I can tell you that I am not a happy camper, at all.  Mama says once I start swimming on a regular basis my winter weight will turn into my summer weight and I’ll be all set.  I usually swim every weekend at the camp but now Mama says I’m going to be swimming every evening near our house in the Kennebecasis as well.  Good news to Buddy Bacon, the more chances I get to swim the happier I am.  Nicholas loves to swim too so he’ll be happy.  He actually lost 2 ½ pounds this winter probably running around the snow drifts playing “King of the Castle”.  I got swamped the first day I tried so game was out of the question for me.

Business is heating up with the weather.  Kim Burt was negotiating on a bidding war this past week and sold another house!  You go girl!  Steven is home from holidays as brown as a berry.  Jumped off the plane Saturday night and had an open house Sunday afternoon.  No dust settling under his feel!  He had a great crowd at 2808 Rothesay Road with the awesome price reduction to $388,500 with 1.89 private acres and he’s been showing houses like crazy!  They’ll both be busy again this weekend.  Steven is at 43 Bel Air Avenue at Rothesay Landing on Saturday the 25th from 2-4pm.  A stunning brand new executive bungalow with extremely high-end finishes!  He’s at our impressive 2-story Germain design at 15 Shetland Lane in Quispamsis on Sunday the 26th from 12-2pm (note the time) and then he and Kim Burt are both at our exciting new listing at 142 Centennial Road in Hampton from 2-4pm also on Sunday the 26th.  This Second Empire Italianate Country Estate circa 1871 on 8.27 acres is a rare find!

I read on the news today that a Cleveland Ohio police officer ordered a woman to sit inside her hot car as punishment for leaving her dog unattended in the vehicle earlier this month at a Walmart parking lot!  A passer-by noticed and called police.  The attending officer ordered her to sit in the car with the windows rolled up as a punishment.  She “looked very uncomfortable.”  Both the woman and dog were fine — the woman was not charged and was given a warning.  Nicholas and I would like to remind you with summer just around the corner to never leave children and pets unattended in hot cars.  Temperatures can rise quickly inside a vehicle, resulting in heat exhaustion and — in some cases — worse.  We go to Walmart and also Sobeys with Mama sometimes in the back of our SUV.  We are never allowed to go on hot days but on cool days we go and hang our big heads out the windows!  We like to watch the people coming and going.  If you see us come over and say “hello”!  We’ll both wag our tails like crazy but be aware Nicholas will try to give you a big sloppy kiss you if he can!

If your furry friends are looking for a nice place to run where there is no mud and space galore I highly recommend you ask your family to take you to Redhead Beach right on Redhead Road, off Bayside Drive East.  Parking is convenient and only a close walk to the beach.  Maybe Nicholas and I will see you there.  If so, come on over and say “Hello”.  We usually have a ball with us but Nicholas isn’t much for sharing as I can well attest to!  Never met such a ball hog!

Your pal

Buddy Bacon

Buddy's paw pring in the sand


Make sure you leave your windows down for a nice cross breeze!


Blogging with Buddy, April 10th, 2015

Hope you all had a Happy Easter and enjoyed some R & R over the long weekend.  Mama took foolish looking pics of Nicholas and I wearing rabbit ears but I refused to post them!!!  We are really enjoying these warmer days now above freezing. It feels sooo good to have the sun shine on our faces and hear the tinkle and drip of water as it starts to melt down the drain pipe.  Great for Nicholas who feels the cold more than me yet still very comfortable for Big Buddy Bacon!  We still go out and roll on the snow first thing every morning , doing our stretches while we roll this way and that.  Feels so good!  Crazy Nicholas squirms and twists like a contortionist with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, big smile on his face while rubbing his back on the snow.  Since the snow has formed a crust this last few weeks I have been enjoying the full use of my yard for the first time since mid-January as I can now walk on top of the snow without going through (can’t believe we still have a good 3 ft/40cm on our lawns).  I have to tell you that it’s been a long dreary winter having only my driveway to play in!  Good thing Mama takes us to visit friends and to Allison and Spy Glass Hill to walk the trails or we’d be going nuts here!

We are both so excited to have an outing planned for this Saturday!  Mama and Daddy are taking us for a big run down at New River Beach!!!  We can’t wait!  After being pent up so much this winter I can just see Nicholas going flat out down that beach.  I can tell you that I for one will not be getting in the little guys way because he’s like greased lighting! ( the little show-off). Mama found out while selling her first Charlotte County house there some years ago that the locals keep a path open to the beach all winter so they can enjoy walking the beach year round!  The ever changing tides means that the beach is washed twice a day with saltwater meaning no freezing, no ice and perfect footing year round! It’s supposed to go as high as 10C/50F this weekend, yahoo, bring it on, we’re ready (plus we get to drive in Daddy’s truck which we love)!  That ought to melt the snow.  Mama thinks we are not going to see our lawn until June but we are both hoping she’s wrong, surly we’ll see it in May.  I’ll post some pics from our trip down to New River on my upcoming blogs.

We both send out good wishes to our good friend Heather’s husband, John who is in the hospital and our dear friend Bluebell’s mother who has been under the weather.  Bluebell has the Best mother, we just love her, she is always so kind and friendly to us and whenever she comes to the house she brings us special treats!  I hope she’s feeling better so that she can come and visit us really soon.  We miss her!

Kim Burt is holding down the fort for open houses this weekend while Steven is away in Florida.  He’s been working so very hard all year, we’re happy he’s getting a nice break and will be back hosting open houses again next weekend.  Kim invites you to drop into 23 Cobblestone Drive, Quispamsis (stunning newer family home still under warranty with huge decks overlooking the river) on Saturday from 2 – 4pm and on Sunday at the same time to 21 Allison Drive, Rothesay.  If you are looking for a cul de sac bordering acres and acres of green space with miles of trails and a pristine house with every bell and whistle imaginable, this is it!

Due to the huge amount of snow this year we hear our lucky little cousins Myra and Lucas have extended their winter stay in Florida.  They’ve been sporting around their park in their father’s golf cart.  Myra especially just loves to feel the wind on her face and see all the sights while her twin brother Lucas is doing terrific after a very serious operation last fall, enjoying the wind blowing through his gorgeous coat which has grown in beautifully (with a lot of TLC from his mother). They usually come home near Easter but we understand that we’ll see them back here now closer to the end of this month.  Being Toy Poms with those short little legs they would never get around in this mess.  Their mother and father would have to carry them everywhere but that’s no problem at 3 ½ pounds each!  Doubt that Joe Atlas himself couldn’t carry Big Buddy Bacon across the yard, I’m on my own!!!

We’re heading to the vet next Thursday for a check-up, nail trimming and weight check so I’d better cut back on the treats and do a lot of running at New River this weekend.  Daddy says I’m in big trouble when Dr George see my weight after this long winter!  Bluebell says this is my winter weight when I can’t be so active with no swimming and I’ll be doing much better with my summer weight when I’ll be swimming every day like she does.  I’ll keep you posted.  Paws crossed and hoping that’s it’s not too bad!

Talk soon,



Buddy at Uncle Tom's March 1st, 2015
At my Uncle Tom’s when the snow was at its worse this winter!
Nicholas at Aunt Blue's March 1, 2015
Nicolas checking on our Aunt Blue’s house.


Blogging with Buddy, March 16th, 2015

Nicholas and I have been out shoveling with Mama since 6:30 this morning.  Oh where oh where did all this snow come from?  Mama is at the end of her rope, the snow is so deep at her office window that all she can see is a bit of sky!!!  Daddy says this way she won’t get distracted looking out the window and I don’t want to tell you what kind of response that got him but it wasn’t good.  My yard is getting smaller and smaller as the snow bank get higher and wider.  Mathew is doing a super job on our yard!!!  He was here three times yesterday just keeping it clear as the white stuff kept coming down.  He made sure at all times yesterday we were able to get out of our yard and with a day like that we say, “Job well done”!

Yesterday was the first time in the history of Mama’s business that our open houses had to be cancelled but it just was not safe for buyers or our Team to be out in that blizzard.  Steven tried to get to 15 Leeward Lane (that house is such a fantastic value, I can’t believe it hasn’t been snapped up) and managed to get as far as the end of Boar’s Head Road then hit a dead end!  That’s as far as the road was plowed!  Kudos to him for trying on a day like that!  We don’t need to question now that this is one guy who loves doing open houses or why he’s known as “The Host with the Most”.

It’s so difficult in a winter like this for Mama and Pam to predict the date and size of these coming storms when they’re preparing advertising for open houses.  You know Mama is the Queen of Advertising but when the paper sets deadlines to have the ads in and finalized by Tuesday, who can say what the upcoming Sunday will be like?  Buddy says, “You might as well go look out the window cause if they are predicting flurries we’ll probably get about 30 to 40 cm!”  About five years ago Mama hosted an open house in a huge blizzard in Rothesay on a street that went up a long steep winding hill.  She said to Daddy, “I’m not sure I can make it up there and back even with the four-wheel drive!”  But off she went with a good book tucked into her open house bag and she never dreamed anyone would show up in the blizzard.  Low and behold at 3:45pm a couple come through the door and bought the house right there on the spot!  That blew two theories out of the water, 1/ that no one would visit an open house in a blizzard and 2/that people don’t actually buy houses at an open house!  Mind you, it does not happen often but we’ve done it more than a few times and it does give the sellers another venue for exposing the home they are offering.

Also, Nicholas and I want to send “get well” wishes to our dear friend Molly Burt who had an operation on her leg last month.  “Molly we hope you are feeling better and that your leg heals quickly so that you can come up to Allison and Spy Glass for a run with us really soon!  Don’t forget to bring your new sister Abbey!  We’re attaching a pic of us all together last summer here at our place, hope seeing it makes you feel better.”

I’ve got to get off this computer now and go out with Mama and Nicholas to shovel some more snow.  If there was some kind of snow plow for working dogs that we could hook onto me I’m sure I could plow a lot of snow!  I’m big, I’m strong, I’m smart and I’m motivated, I’m Big Buddy Bacon!  Stay warm and keep your mukluks handy!

Buddy paw

Nicholas, Molly & Buddy
Nicolas, Molly & Buddy


Blogging with Buddy, March 12th, 2014

Do you enjoy the beach and swimming as much as Buddy and Nicholas?  Tired of shovelling snow and enduring the endless exasperation of bone chilling cold and one more storm after another?  Dreaming about a balmy winter in the sunny south with the sun’s rays beaming down on your face while you relax by the pool with a cool drink or listen to the soothing  sound of the surf gently collapsing against the shore as you sift fine beach sand through your toes?  Sounds good to Buddy!  Mama and Team Platinum are pleased to offer our clients a professional Florida buyer’s agent with many years’ experience in helping Canadians just like you find the vacation home of your dreams matched to your budget and lifestyle-objectives.  If you have four legged friends he can tell you the best dog friendly places for us as well.

As a former Maritimer, our connection is very familiar with our unique objectives and concerns as Canadians considering an investment in Florida real estate. “Our clients sing the praises of their buying experience with Our Florida Connection.”  Find out why today!”  I say, “Once a Maritimer, always a Maritimer!  After all what’s better than a New Brunswick summer?  By Buddy Bacon’s standards “Absolutely nothing beats an NB summer!”  For more details email me at, I’m more than happy to hook you up!

Our sweet little cousins Myra and Lucas have been wintering in Florida their entire lives and at 3.5 lbs each I am happy that they were not here in a New Brunswick this winter!  They usually come home after Easter and we’ll be happy to see them (they are twins you know).  At the rate we’re going we may still have plenty of snow in April.  They are no bigger than my big head but we are gentle with the wee ones!  See their pic attached.

The team is busy this weekend with open houses from 2pm to 4pm.  Steven and Kim are together at 12 Coventry Crescent, Quispamsis on Saturday.  Sunday they are in Millidgeville with Kim is at 32 Deerwood Place with a nice new price reduction and Steven is offering fantastic value at 15 Leeward Lane!  Come on out and say Hello, you know we’re always happy to see you!


Buddy's paw pring in the sand

Lucus & Myra, 7th birthday cropped_edited-1
Lucas and Myra


Blogging with Buddy, March 6, 2015

Congratulations from Buddy and Nicholas Bacon to our dear friends in Sussex, Tux and Rave Scovil on the arrival of their new baby sister Daisy!  Daisy is a 9-week old Dachshund puppy with the sweetest little face, see the picture attached!  Nicholas wants to know if we can meet her when she’s a little older?  Maybe you guys could all come down to Rothesay for Buddy’s big birthday bash the end of May, “Big Buddy’s Cheeseburger Picnic”?  It was a blast last year with games such as fetch, Frisbee, tug of war (of course Big Buddy won that, Nicholas says all I had to do was put my weight into it!), races, Mama organizing the fun and Daddy working the barbeque!  I can tell you that our daddy cooks one mean cheeseburger!

As you know we are still in snow up over our eyeballs!  So far over our eyeballs that we are wondering if we will even see our lawn in June!  This is only the first of March and you never know what storms can happen before this long old winter is over.  Mama says people are just sick to death of it but amazingly the serious house buyers are still out looking and buying, through the sleet and the snow, the ice and the cold!  You just can’t keep a serious buyer down!  For the dreadful winter we’re having the entire team has been extremely busy!

There is so much snow around our office that some days Pam and Heather feel like they are working in an igloo!  They are toasty warm though as our good friend and landlord Tony put in two new heat pumps last spring to keep the girls cool in the summer and toasty warm this winter.  If there was ever a winter that we would need it, this was the one!  Mama says that we can visit Tony this spring to see his new puppy and Nicholas can race around Tony’s huge property on Long Reach with the new puppy.  Be ready puppy, Nicholas is wired so you better eat your Wheaties if you think you’re going to keep up with him!  I’m just sitt’n back dream’n about some hot fun in the summer sun!  Will those days ever come?

Buddy paw


Blogging with Buddy, February 25th, 2015

I don’t know about you but if I never see another snow shovel it will be too soon!!!  We go out with Mama every time she shovels and she has more than had her fill!  Her shovelling time is taking away from our ball fetching time, as she’ll only stay out in the cold for so long.  You know I love the white stuff but when my driveway keeps getting smaller and smaller and the snow banks taller and taller until Buddy feels like he’s in a tunnel then it time to say, “Whoa there”!  Big Buddy Bacon needs a certain amount of space to play and it’s getting smaller by the day!  We just came in and the snow in our driveway is over our bellies!!!  Time to go in and lay by the fire to contemplate this for a while.

Not sure how they are doing it but Team Platinum is selling like crazy even with this insane weather!  Recent sales in the last 6 weeks range from $204,000 to $998,000 across all price ranges!  Mama has two new high-end Fine Homes International sales, Steven is doing outstanding with four awesome sales in the medium range and Kim Burt is rock’n with two fabulous sales in the medium to medium/high range.  Way to go Team!  Of the eight recent sales five of them are Team Platinum Listings!  “Who’s Selling Your House?”

Nicholas and I were recently asked to do a bit of modelling, can you imagine.  For Christmas we both received gorgeous new waterproof raincoats complete with New Brunswick tartan lining, collar and pocket!  These coats were custom made by Leslie Vanhee of “DoggyDudds” and did I mention they are reversible.  Your pet is measured, you select the fabric and style of your choice and await arrival!  It fun and easy and the quality is suburb!  They are easy to put on with large Velcro fastens and the wide band around the tummy keeps us warm too.  We love our new coats and everybody has been is oohing and ahhing over them.  Last Sunday DoggyDudds had a booth at the Doggie Expo at the Dartmouth NS Sportsplex and Mama received a call requesting photos of us in our coats for display in the booth.  We happily dawned our coats and headed out into the snow to get some perfect pics!  Mama says we’re a real pair of hams as we were posing this way and that for the best effect!  Good thing we watch America’s Next Top Model now and then to pick up a few tips from Tyra Banks!  See our pics attached and check out for the latest in canine fashion trends.

.Large Paw


This snow tunnel leads to our back door!

unnamed (1)

Nicholas thinks he’s a mountain goat!

Must be great to walk on top of the snow!

unnamed (2)

Nicholas makes a fashion statement!

unnamed (3)

Tartan side is awesome too!

unnamed (4)

Big Buddy looks dapper too!



Blogging with Buddy, February 7th, 2015

I said “I love snow” but this is getting ridiculous!!!  When the drifts are much higher than Mama’s head and we can’t see when we pull out of our driveway Big Buddy Bacon says “Enough is enough!”  At first I thought it was fun but as they say, “Be careful what you wish for!”  Then it kept snowing and snowing and coming down and coming down with no break in sight.  The drifts are getting higher and higher and I feel like I’m in a tunnel when I play in my driveway.  It’s got to end soon!

I woke up to a blue sky this morning and barley recognized it.  Oh yeah… that’s what it looks like, blue like Daddy’s eyes.  My crazy little brother Nicholas doesn’t seem to mind he dives through the drifts like a gazelle!  Digs huge holes burying himself out of sight and they bam, up he flies out of the hole like a torpedo and takes off across the snow again!  I have to be careful to stay out of his way.  I made a huge mistake on the last big storm.  Nicholas went up our front walk and then down over the bank beside the house, I followed him.  Then he did a big dive into a drift and I did the same.  Just one problem, Buddy Bacon flies like a cement truck!!!  I flew through the air and then poof, I went down and down and down into the soft drift.  The snow was all around me and I couldn’t get out.  Nicholas was laughing and jumping all around me, teasing me like crazy and there was nothing I could do.  The more I tried to move my legs the deeper into the drift I went.  Thank Heavens that Daddy was out back filling the bird feeders and saw it happen.  He came over to help me out but I’m 165 pounds he couldn’t budge me!  He had a really worried look on his face!  What are we going to do???  I had to do something and I had to act quickly so I rolled onto my back and rolled right down out of that drift!  Daddy said he couldn’t believe how smart I am!  Nicholas thought it was hilarious and I learned a very valuable lesson, Big Buddy Bacon flies like an elephant and needs to stay out of the drifts!  Mama takes us for walks where it is either ploughed or a trail is beat down.  Good walking for her, good walking for me.  And Nicholas can dive into any drifts he wants but he’ll be doing it alone from here on!

The Team has been super busy even with all this snow with accepted offers on two of our high-end houses, one in Rothesay and one in Charlotte Country!  Mama’s been negotiating like crazy!  Right in the middle of January and the biggest storms in decades!  Steven’s been working on four accepted deals and Kim has been busy with several serious buyers, finding them the perfect home.  Can you imagine that Kim had 30 people at her open house last weekend at 43 Bel-Air Ave in Rothesay.  The storms are not holding this Team down.  Nicholas and I are doing are part too, delivering our Buddy Biscuits to furry friends and keeping up our blog and public relations!  Stay warm, stay dry, stay safe and stay out of those drifts!

Large Paw





Blogging with Buddy, January 28th, 2015

Another storm day and no one is happy except Big Buddy Bacon!  Nicholas and I have been in and out playing in the snow for the past two days, what great fun we are having!  Not so much fun for Mama and Daddy and the rest of the Team, shovelling, shovelling and more shovelling! We roll in it, romp through it, dive into the drifts, eat it and make our own version of snow angels.  This is as close to Heaven as the Big Bud gets.  I have a nice fleecy lined winter coat but I only wear it when it’s really cold as I enjoy the feel of the cold snow on my Newfie coat.

Now Nicholas is another story.  He always wears his winter coat as he’s not built like me and his soft fur isn’t warm enough for the cold winter.  Mama says he looks really cute in it (I beg to differ)! Ha, ha!  He doesn’t stay out nearly as long as I do either!  Sometime Mama makes me come in even through I’m really not ready yet.  “Just a few more minutes please Mama?”

We are all ploughed out, shovelled and snow blown!  Mama’s been busy designing Telegraph Journal ads for the Teams big Open House Extravaganza this Saturday and Sunday.  Kim Burt and Steven are at 5 Clark Road, Rothesay (beautifully updated and renovated) on Saturday and our brand new listing at 43 Bel-Air Avenue, Rothesay Landing (ranch with numerous upscale upgrades including stunning light fixtures) on Sunday.  Also on Sunday Steven is at 36 Maliseet Drive, Sagamore Point (one of the best kitchens you’ll ever see in NB!), Pam is at 5 Valley Road, Hastings Cove (possibly the best walk-in master closet in NB!) and Mama is just around the corner at 35 Elizabeth Parkway in a gorgeous waterfront home with a ton of upscale modern features.

I checked The Weather Network and they are saying no snow tomorrow but then more coming Friday and Saturday.  Mama is moaning, Daddy is groaning and Big Buddy Bacon is saying “Oh joy, oh bliss!!!  More fun in the fluffy white stuff for me and my little bro!  Bring it on; The Big Bud is ready!

Large Paw

Blogging with Buddy, January 21st, 2015

It’s nothing short of a miracle that Santa Paws found our house at all his year with Nicholas (renamed by our friends and neighbours Dennis the Menace) got in more trouble than you can shake a stick at.  And all the week before Christmas!  Five days before the “big day” he goes out early in the morning while it’s still dark and gets skunked!!!  Yes you are reading this correctly!  Can you believe it?  The weather was super mild and the skunk must have come out of hibernation.  The little hunter here sees it and runs right up to it barking his head off!  It got him right in the face!  I saw it and ran in the other direction for home, no way the Big Bud was messing with that little black and white feller.  You didn’t need to get real close to know he stunk and I wanted nothing to do with him!  I usually back Nicholas up if he’s in trouble as a big brother should do but I was having nothing to do with this mess!  Mama was freaking, no one in her family had ever had a dog skunked before.  She didn’t know what to do!  Daddy didn’t know what to do!  Mama was going to rush him to the vet but it was too early and they were not open yet.  Nicholas had his jaw locked tight shut and wouldn’t even take a drink of water.  Mama got him a nice bowl of milk and he drank it right down and was quite a bit better immediately.  Mama called Pam our manager who came right over and knew exactly what to do as her boxer dog use to get skunked twice a year!  She mixed up a homemade concoction of white vinegar, peroxide, baking soda and a squirt of Dawn dish detergent and made it into a thick paste,  Mama got in the shower with Nicholas and plastered the paste over his face, chest and front legs where he had been sprayed making sure to keep it away from his eyes.  She left it on for 5 minutes and then rinsed it off and dried him.  Low and behold, the smell was completely gone.  It worked and it worked great!  I highly recommend it!  Nicholas was so relieved and so was I.  I really love the little guy but I was never so disgusted with him in my life as I was that morning.

You would think that would be enough excitement but no there’s more!  Christmas Eve morning Mama looks out the kitchen window and sees a deer running up the greens of the golf course and what’s running behind it but Nicholas who had escaped our invisible fence!  Apparently his battery ran low and he checks it daily so he knew he was a free dog!  I want you to know that the Big Bud is never checking to see if that fence is operational!  I was trained by Ingrid Warning (I nick named her the wicked witch) and I just take it for granted that it is up and running.  If I never see Ingrid again it will be too soon!  Mama says I shouldn’t be like that because the fence keeps us off the road and saves our lives.  I run to the house as fast as I could barking and barking to let Mama know Nicholas was up to no good again.  She grabbed her coat and out we flew!  To the little guys credit, Mama called in her loudest voice (it’s not very loud but don’t tell her I said that) “Nicholas Come”!  He stopped right in his tracks, turned and ran for home wide open!  She opened the back door and in he flew.  Ingrid brought us over some new batteries and all was good again.  I was so discouraged, I never expect to ever see Santa Paws ever darken our door but low and behold he did come while we were sleeping that night and left us everything on our list.  I was so happy I was jumping up and down Christmas morning and ripping the tissue off the presents!  Nicholas was going crazy, spinning, grapping toys and doing everything but back flips!  What a happy day and lots of turkey to boot!

I was happy to have this big Newfie coat when we went through the cold spell early in January.  Even with this coat I didn’t stay out very long and Nicholas was out and in within 5 minutes or less with his soft Border Collie fur.  I will say that Mama listens very carefully for us at the door and the minute we arrive; bang we’re back in.  Please keep in mind if you have furry friends of your own that we cannot stay out long in the cold weather.  Our paws and ears especially are very susceptible to the cold weather.  We were glad to see the milder days come because that’s when Mama takes us for nice long walks and plays ball with us with our “Fetch It”, perfect for distance throwing.

The Team is back in full swing with the holidays behind them, regular meetings and full steam ahead with open houses!  We are planning an open house weekend extravaganza coming soon in January, watch for dates and locations.  Come one, come all and enjoy a tour through our gorgeous homes!  Everyone is working hard and setting new goals for themselves in 2015.  Nicholas and I have a goal set to get out and about more to meet more of our clients and possibly host a meet and greet!  We did go out Christmas week and deliver our “Buddy Biscuits” to all our furry clients!  They really loved them (we love them too, Nicholas says I have to stay out of the stash, no Buddy Biscuits for Buddy).  There is something wrong with that picture!

Blogging with Buddy, December 16th, 2014

Yahoo!  I now have my own email address!!!  We’re getting all ready for Santa Paws on the big night, both so excited we can hardly sleep!  We put our own tree up last week and yesterday helped Mama and Daddy with theirs.  We had a few little accidents with big bushy tails sending ornaments flying across the room but the bottom three feet of the tree is decorated with unbreakable ornaments so no biggy!  Whew, TG for that!!!

Nicholas helped me with the letter to Santa, although I did the typing myself as usual.  He can’t use the computer but he does contribute with some good ideas!

Dear Santa Paws,

This is Buddy Bacon here in Rothesay with my little brother Nicholas.  We hope all is well with you and Mrs Claus (saw her on a TV show last week, nice looking gal, wink, wink).  We have been very good boys all year.  Nicholas has been eating his meals regular (no problem there with the Big Bud), we haven’t been wrecking anything in the house or playing tug of war with the bath towels, I’ve stopped ripping branches off Mama’s prize lilac tree and of course we’ve been doing all our business outdoors even when it feels like it’s 20 below zero!  Mama confirms that we’ve been very good (please wait until New Year’s if you plan on questioning Daddy)!  We are very much hoping that you will find our house on Christmas Eve.  Daddy’s got the landing lights out and we have our own small tree beside the fireplace in the family room.  Nicholas is looking for a new ball that will bounce very high, I’m looking for a plush squeaky toy to carry around the house and we both would thoroughly enjoy our favourite treats; Marrowbones, Milk Bones, Dental Bones and of course Buddy Biscuits.  Mama and Daddy will be out to church that evening but we’ll be here waiting for you.  We are going to leave you out some of Mama’s homemade thumbprint cookies and a nice glass of milk.  I got the new iBone smart phone so I’m going to try to take a selfie of Nicholas and I with you!!!  Can’t wait to email it off to our friends!  Please don’t forget our cousins  Myra and Lucas in Florida and our furry friends here in Rothesay; Bluebell, Casey, Finnigan, Molly, Abby and those that we’ve met at Spy Glass Hill, on the Allison trails, the Quispamsis Dog Park and New River Beach last summer.

Safe sledding Santa, hope to see you real soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

and his little side kick, Nicholas

Large Paw

Buddy and Bow Buudy and Nick

Reply from Buddy’s Blog:

Buddy, Rave and Tux really enjoyed having your Santa Paws letter read to them.  Very nice letter, and you are a great typist, my what a smart boy you are.  Have a very Merry Christmas.  Rave and Tux thank you for the iBone Phone suggestion, probably the only dog toy they do not already own.  Tux just loves squeak toys. 

 Gail Nelson Scovil

Sussex, N B Canada

Blogging with Buddy, December 7th, 2014

Nicholas and I are enjoying the cold weather and very busy getting ready for Christmas! Our little Pomeranian cousins Myra and Lucas are warm and toasty down in Florida for the winter but that wouldn’t suit us big boys with our big warm coats, Big Bud will take a cold day any day. Mama has our house decorated inside and out for Christmas (Dad says you just can’t keep the designer side of her down and it shows) and she helped us put up our little Christmas tree this week. It’s the sweetest little tree, about 4 feet high and every ornament is some type of animal! We have bunnies, squirrels, bears, ponies, dogs and even cats, can you imagine! Pictures attached.

Later this week we are going to write our letter to Santa Paws which we’ll share with you then.

Big Buddy Bacon got a nice surprise from Team Platinum this week!!! Earlier in the year Mama’s assistant Heather got a new iPhone and it was sooooo cool Buddy wanted one too, it was all I talked about. So this week, at the office meeting I was surprised with a new iBone! It’s the coolest phone yet, made of soft rubber (good for chewing) and it squeaks too! What more could a big boy ask for in a phone? Yes, I share it with Nicholas, as he was pea green when he saw it. Pictures attached.

The Team are busy with open houses today from 2 -4pm with Steven and Kim at 14 Sunview Road, Saint John, (Loch Lomond to Spring Garden Road to Sunview), really nice house, beautifully renovated, shows like new and Mama is at 21 Allison Drive off Rothesay Road. I know that this is a great area as Nicholas and I walk Spy Glass Hill from here, miles of trails, huge private yard and an easy walk to RNS for the kids. This is a great location if you’re a nature enthusiast, runner or have furry friends like us! It’s a “Smart Home” too so drop by today and check them out! Talk soon!



Blogging with Buddy, November 15th, 2014

Yahoo!!! Mama said it would come soon and here it is, white, cold, fluffy snow! This Big Buddy is sooooo happy! Mama has a hard time to get me in the house now for two days! I stay out for hours at a time while she calls out the door, “Buddy Bacon, you get in this house!” Nicholas is wearing his argyle knit sweater (another creation by Doggy Duds) with fur lining and he comes out for 20 to 40 minutes at a time then goes back in to warm up and lay by the fire, especially today. We run, jump and roll (lots of rolling), shake off the snow and then do some more frolicking around the property. Nicholas likes to burrow his face in it and his face comes out looking white instead of black. I go in once and a while for a short time, maybe 15 to 20 minutes to warm out and then bark at the door to go out again! Mama says we’re driving her crazy! Don’t know why!

Today our good friend Rocco came out to play with us! Oh Boy, oh joy! Rocco is a one year old Rottweiler/Husky mix, high energy and plenty of fun! He and Nicholas go ballistic together, especially in the snow while I jump around breaking them up, making sure it all good clean fun with no overly rough fighting. That agile Nicholas sure can hold his own, I must be the referee (I am wearing black and white naturally). We sure do love Rocco! We’ve been giving him pointers as to how to look extra cute and innocent this time of year so he’ll get more goodies from Santa. We told him, “If you’re even thinking about getting into mischief just hold off at least until after New Year’s!”

With the Team’s three sales this week Pam has been super busy shuffling paper work between bankers and lawyers. Heather’s busy setting up appointments for inspectors and water testing. Steven and Kim are busy this weekend with more open houses, Mama is busy showing houses and making sure all is copasetic while Nicholas and I are busy playing in the snow and keeping our blog updated. We all work together as Team Platinum, Go Team Go! Mama will kill us when she finds out but we are both hoping for more snow! To her it means ploughing, shovelling, frozen lock boxes and slippery driving but to us it means more fun, fun, fun in the white stuff with our Mum!!!

Blogging with Buddy, November 13th, 2014

Hello again from Big Buddy Bacon.  Nicholas and I can’t believe the beautiful mild weather we’re having!  Mama was so excited about it that she spent most of the weekend decorating the outside of our house for Christmas while she could without freezing her hands off (which is usually the case)!  Dad says she goes a little overboard with the decorating but she says it’s in her blood and she loves it.  We think it looks pretty good and I got in a bit of trouble as I snatched an artificial blue jay out of a planter that was part of her decorations and ripped it to shreds before I got caught!

It’s not very often that Buddy Bacon is called a B A D dog but I did get that on Saturday! (along with a finger shaken in my face).  Oh Boy!  Of course sweet little Nicholas just ran around chasing his favourite yellow ball.  He’s more impressed than I am with the mild weather as I really do love the cold with my big Newf coat (Mama says I look like a bear cub!).  That’s okay because when the cold wind blows and everybody starts belly aching and complaining about it, Buddy Bacon will be sitting back with a big smile on my face so toasty in my big fur coat!  That’s when Mama pulls out Nicholas’ fur lined overcoat with Velcro fastens (needs strong fastens for when we get rough housing out in the yard).  The little guy doesn’t have much meat on him so he really needs a good warm coat!  Mama has new plaid lined yellow rain slickers ordered for both of us and she’s tired of towel drying us on rainy days.  Dad says it’s going to look stupid, we’ll see, I can’t say I’m too impressed but we’ll model them and show you the pics when they arrive.

The Team is busy as usual with open houses on both Saturday and Sunday with this Saturday being 21 Upper Deck in Drury Cove, (new waterfront condo) and Sunday our fab new waterfront listing at 10 Luminous Court in Morrisdale near Westfield on the St John River (gorgeous upscale waterfront with sandy beach, just the type Buddy likes)!  They’ve been busy selling too with Steven selling one Friday night and Mama selling one yesterday!  Both waterfront properties, go Team go!

Nicholas and I are heading out now to wait for the Mailman.  Really nice guy, loves us, we love him and he gives good treats!  Talk with you soon!


Blogging With Buddy, October 31st, 2014

Happy Haunting from Big Buddy Bacon.  Nicholas and I are all set for Haloween and the Trick or Treaters!

We can’t wait to have all the kids show up at our door!  Mama prepares the treats and Daddy gives them out (sometimes he gets dressed really scary)!  We are getting dressed up too!  Nicholas will be dressed as an angel and I’m going to be a Pirate, four corner hat with the skull and crossbones, cape and all!  I wonder if anyone will recognize us?  Hope we get a few good treats.  I just had a check up at the vet yesterday and I’m down 6 pounds, (all my running at Spy Glass Hill this past month) so my vet is very happy with me.  Nicholas had his vaccines and we both had our nails trimmed.  Skinny little Nicholas is as skinny as ever, no wonder the way that guy runs, faster than a speeding bullet!  Our vet says he’s in perfect condition!  Mama is going to check out “Agility Dogs” to see if she can enroll him in a class.  I think he’d do super but there’s no way they’re getting Big Buddy Bacon jumping over hurdles and through hoops plus I’d never fit through the tunnels!  I’ll go watch and be the cheering section for Nicholas!

Our Team Platinum is hosting several open houses this weekend!  Don’t forget as you’re out and about Trick or Treating in the neighborhood if you see a house you really like have your parents call on our team for a closer look.  We’re here to help!

If you’re headed to the “Top of the Hill- Auction, Dinner & Dance” at RNS  this Saturday night, I’m very proud of the spectacular basket the Team put together from Prudential’s Team Platinum appropriately named “Platinum Picnic” as the raffle item for this event!  It includes everything from high-end specialty wines, designer wine glasses, European imported cheeses & crackers, monogrammed cheese board & knife, Champagne (James Bond’s favorite), Godiva Chocolate & more!  Everything you need for the ultimate picnic (personally I prefer the cheese, yum, yum and the ultra-soft plaid throw, so cozy for Buddy on a cool winter night)! Congratulation to the lucky winner, Enjoy!  Special thanks to Candace Dixon and Kim Burt for all their hard work in pulling the contents of this special basket together!

I hope you all have a Very Scarry & Safe Halloween and bring in a good haul with your treats!  If you want to drop a few off to Buddy you know where to find me!


RNS Platinum Picnic revised
Buddy inspecting the Platinum Picnic
Haloween 2014 b
Big Bad Bud the Pirate
Halloween 2014 a
Nicolas as the Littlest Angel

Blogging With Buddy, October 16th, 2014

Can you believe this glorious autumn!!! Warm sunny days, almost too warm for the Big Bud with my thick Newf coat! The good news is that Nicholas and I still get to go for runs on the Haggerty’s Cove beach on the weekends. Mama says any day now the temperature is going to drop and our beach days will be over until next summer. That’s when we give up the sand and start playing in the white stuff I love sooooo much but I am not at this point allowed to talk about it!!!

Lots of excitement last week! Mama was working away in her home office, while Nicholas and I were out on our Invisible Fence supposedly out and about checking out our yard looking for Chipper the squirrel when Mama heard some wild screaming coming from the lower garden. She knew immediately that it was Nicholas and ran to the living room window to see what was wrong. There Nicholas had dropped his favourite ball into Daddy’s Koi pond and he had fallen in! He was standing on the bottom with water up to his armpits, front paws on the edge, crying his eyes out as he couldn’t jump out. Mama quickly cranked open the window and called out, “Hang on Nicholas, I’m on my way.” He immediately stopped crying and calmed down knowing she was coming out to help him. I ran as fast as I could for the back door barking in my biggest big-dog bark for Mama to come help us. As she ran down the hall grabbing her shoes I was arriving at the door, I had to get help to rescue my brother! Mama and I ran for the pond as fast as we could go and there was poor Nicholas looking pretty pathetic, just standing in the water waiting for our help. Mama didn’t think she could lift him out as he weighs about 80 pounds so she recalled a little game we play all the time at the beach with the Fetch-It that might help in this instance. She squatted down beside him and took him by the collar and said “Okay Nicholas, are you ready? One…, two…, Three!” On three Nicholas jumped just as Mama lifted and he flew right out of that pond (I have to admit, the little guy is very smart to know that’s what was expected). We brought him up the house, got a big bath towel, dried him off and brought him in where he quickly settled in for a nap. I was sooooo happy that he was safe and curled up with him on the couch. Too much excitement for one day for Big Buddy Bacon! Now I know why we are not allowed to stay out in the yard when Mama is away from the house, you never know what might happen (especially with Nicholas around).

The hot property this last week seems to be the century plus fishing lodge in Loch Lomond with grandfathered fishing rights! I went out with Mama to take a look and it has beautiful meadows (good for running and rolling on the grass) and huge trees. Nicholas and I could have a lot of fun on this property and Daddy could even catch a fish or two (huge fish out there). We just love these outings and getting a drive in the truck! Only on the market one week and we already have an accepted offer! Pretty good for a recession!

Blogging With Buddy, September 26th, 2014

First I must say “Happy Birthday” to daddy today! Our friends at New River Beach are having a big party for him and Nicholas and I are invited! Nothing we enjoy more than a good party where “we boys” are included. Everyone down there loves us (what’s not to love?).

We’ve had some exciting outings to Spyglass Hill this last week (pics attached)! Been going up every night before dark as Mama likes to see the colourful sunsets over the river and we all enjoy the walk. Nicholas and I just want to meet all the new furry friends we’re making! Going to this place is like dying and going to Doggy Heaven! Large hay fields, wood trails, lots of doggies, what more could a boy ask for? Nicholas just goes nuts, running like crazy! We were on trial this week to see if we were going to be good boys out and about sticking close to Mama and behave ourselves. She says so far we’re batting a 100! One night our friend Candace came with us. We just love Candace (see our picture attached).

Team Platinum has a busy Sunday with three open houses scheduled from 2-4;
• 31 Fox Point Drive, 2-storey family home with superior quality and great value in Drury Cove! Kim Burt
• 21 Upper Deck, new upscale waterfront condo with gorgeous finished walkout basement! Steven Barrett
• 21 Allison Drive, beautifully renovated on quiet cul de sac within walking distance to RNS & Spyglass Hill! Candace Dixon

Hope you have a good weekend and if I’m lucky Big Buddy Bacon may get in for another swim in the Bay of Fundy! This time of year I’m just keeping my hopes up one week at a time!
Cnadace and dogs


Buddy, Nicholas just love Candace!



Happy Dog Spyglass Sept 25, 2014

Nicholas & Buddy run the top of the hill!



I love this place! Spyglass Sept 25, 2014

Blogging with Buddy, September 12, 2014

Can sure feel that crispness in the breeze these days and the coolness at night time. Autumn is just around the corner! One of my favourite times of the year. After sweating it out through a hot July and August with this big Newfie fur coat (imagine how you’d feel wearing a bear skin all summer!) I sure am enjoying the weather these days! Mama says I’m so much more active, running more on the beach, trying to catch Nicholas and cut him off at the pass, exploring, play King of the Castle on the rocks, romping around the lawn and not feeling the need to be in the Bay of Fundy quite so much.

Nicholas and I sure had a great summer! Mama says we are much better behaved now that we are two and turning out to be quite the little gentlemen (as long as we’re in her line of vision)! Nicholas didn’t pick up the nick name Denis the Menace of New River Beach for nothing!!! (Okay Nicholas, I won’t talk about it.) Mama keeps telling Daddy that we are little Angles! Daddy says we are not angels and a far cry from little, especially me. The vet told Mama he wanted me doing a lot more swimming this winter to keep the pounds off and I have been cruising up and down the bay at least 3 or 4 times a week. The little guy stays more to the beach even though he’s a strong swimmer as with his slim build he doesn’t seem to be able to take the cold water too much! Needless to say, “I love it!” I’m sooooo happy I live on the Bay of Fundy!

The team has been working really hard and have no less than 12 open houses planned in the next 10 days in Millidgeville, North End, Grand Bay/Westfield & Rothesay! Wow! Busy, busy bees! There even planning a Pool Party Open House on Sept 21st where every house has a fantastic heated pool! They better not try to keep me from that one as I don’t even need to bring my trunks, they’re all built in! It’s been a busy summer with a fair amount of sales on specialty properties making the sellers very, very happy in this soft market. I will soon be introducing my new thank you gift for all furry friends whose parents list of buy a home with our team! I’ve been looking for a way to be more active in the day to day operations and Nicholas and I put our heads together and I think We’ve hit the jackpot! More news on that later!

Hope you have a great September, all you kiddies back to school (Nicholas and I are grade 2 doggy school graduates). Get out there and enjoy the last of the late summer sun. Am I the only one still swimming this late in the year? We all know what’s around the corner but Mama will have my head if I start talking down that road!!!



Blogging With Buddy, August 15th, 2014

Hope you are all having a great summer!  Little more rain than most would like but rain doesn’t bother Big Buddy Bacon! I know Nicholas and I are a  bit of a nuisance when we come in soaking wet looking for a nice dry-down.  We have our own big towels with paw print design on them just for us (okay we may be a little spoiled).  We love getting a rub down and our paws must be dried before we darken the door of the house.  There’s a little sign handing on our back door that says “Wipe your paws please”.

If you are out and about on the weekend the team are having another destination open house, this Sunday 2-4pm at Kingston Peninsula. Steven, Candace and Kim are hosting three very nice properties on the Peninsula, all completely different with attractive features ranging from waterfront to large acreage, heritage homes to new with all the bells and whistles!  Whatever you’re wanting for a gorgeous summer home or year-round retreat stop by and check them out this Sunday.  While you’re there let the team know that you think Nicholas and I should be allowed to work these open houses!  So far all we’ve heard is “NO”.  We can easily demonstrate the great swimming, running in the open fields, chasing squirrels up a tree and all the many great pastimes your pets and children will enjoy at these special properties. We’re counting on your support, so back us up here!  My direct email is and don’t worry I’ll read whatever you send to Nicholas and forward it on to Mama.

Blogging with Buddy, August 1st, 2014

imageBuddy Bacon here crossing my paws and hoping for good weather and more than a few good swims in the Bay of Fundy this New Brunswick Day Weekend!  Mama and Team Platinum have been unbelievably busy with listings, showings and sales and Nicholas and I are hoping for some quality time with her and Daddy over the weekend.

Team Platinum have been very busy with “Destination Open Houses” around Southern New Brunswick showcasing our listings.  They were in Kingston Peninsula last weekend with Steven at a gorgeous waterfront ranch retreat at 3 Clifton Wharf Road, Kim Burt at 1520 Route 845 a mint condition century home on 96 scenic acres and Candace at 3036 Route 845, a stunning newer home designed as a century farm house!  This is a hot property with 30 plus people at her open house, an unheard of number of visitors on the Peninsula!

This weekend Steven is the “Host with the Most” as he showcases a stunning ocean view property at 2357 Route 111 St. Martins with a Weekend Extravaganza Saturday from 2–4pm and Sunday from 1-4pm.  This well-built home on 5.4 acres overlooks the Bay of Fundy and the famous “Caves of St. Martins”.  If you are going for a drive to the Fundy Trail over the weekend drop in and say “Hi” to Steven.

Sunday August the 10th is set aside for Waterfront Open Houses on beautiful Belleisle Bay.  Check back for a list of address’ coming soon!  Waterfront, think I can go???

My little brother Nicholas has been in some trouble in the last week as he hasn’t been listening to Mama or Daddy when they call him and basically just doing his own thing!  I just love to hang around Daddy and when we’re at the beach and he’s looking for pretty beach glass I could walk with him for hours!  We walk and he talks to me, I stop for a swim and then walk with him some more, Heaven!  Not our little Nicky!  He’s forever exploring and running and looking to see what he can get into next!  Usually there is nothing you could get into at the beach but last Sunday some people came near the beach with a power boat and Nicholas jumped in the water and tried to swim out to them.  We’d never seen a boat before and he wanted to have a closer look.  He was heading straight out into the Bay of Fundy and Mama’s heart was in her throat as that water is too cold for a long swim for a slim little guy like Nicholas.  I was on the leash so I couldn’t go out and get him as the cold water has no effect on me with my big Newfoundland coat!  Daddy wouldn’t let me off the leash he said bad enough we had one out there we don’t need two!  The boat turned and left and Nicholas did come back to shore but Mama and Daddy were not happy and our day at the beach was immediately over and we went home!  Thanks for ruining my fun day at the beach Nicholas!  This week Mama had the trainer come and do more work with Nicholas so he will come when called.  The trainer said he is very smart and got quickly back on track.  TG because I just couldn’t take a New Brunswick summer where I wasn’t allowed at the beach!  You better be good Nicholas, big brother Buddy is going to be watching you very closely!

Blogging With Buddy, July 11th, 2014

Can you believe that it’s a week today since Hurricane Arthur! Nicholas and I weathered the storm, no pun intended! Let me tell you that this Big Buddy Bacon was terrified of the high winds! I got up Saturday morning, Mama opened the door to let me out, and I took one look at the sheets of raining sailing by and went back in the house! Good grief! Who’d expect a guy to go out in that??? Not me and Nicholas! I don’t mind rain at all, I actually quite enjoy it but that wind howling; it was just too much for Buddy! The only way I was going out was with Mama (and Daddy too) all bundled up and standing near me on the side lawn with protection from the 17’ cedar hedge while I did my business (as Mama politely calls it)! Enough to give a guy the big one! Let me tell you Nicholas and I were not wasting any time getting back in the house. Then we lost our power! Oh boy! Mama kept saying “At least we’re not cold”. Cold is not what I worry about, it’s the heat and lack of air conditioning that makes me worry. Then that night it cooled right off, yeah! Mama and Daddy got out the candles and Daddy taught Mama how to play poker by candlelight. Seems that Mama caught right on (she’s pretty lucky with a bit of Irish on both sides of her family) because she seemed to be doing really well and Daddy was doing a lot of moaning! When we got up Sunday morning our beautiful big Linden tree was laying on the roof on the garden shed. Mama was not a happy camper. Duncan from Brunswick Nurseries (Mama says he’s the tree expert) came right over to check it out and he’s getting it cleaned up for us.

The week has flown by and our friend Everett has dropped by twice a day to play ball with us on his way for his coffee run at Tim’s. I just love Everett!!! When he heads in the yard I go to the edge of the Invisible Fence and just start bouncing up and down! Nicholas loves him too but he is more fixated on the ball, I think that guy would chase that ball til he drops! Everett often says, “I think you’ve had enough Nicholas, time to take a little rest now.”

Can you believe that Mama went out Saturday and showed a waterfront house in that storm? It was a hot property and the buyer told Mama they are not made of sugar and Mama said, “Neither am I! Nicholas and I were at the door saying, “Be careful Mama, don’t get washed into the Kennebecasis!” She took Daddy’s big heavy truck to be safe and she told him the wind was actually lifting it when she stopped at the stop signs. She sold that house and she says the property is absolutely gorgeous with a nice beach. Beach, beach, did someone mention a beach? That’s Buddy’s favourite word!

Steven, Kim Burt and Candace have all been very busy this week!!! Kim has been negotiating an offer on an executive property; Candace has an accepted offer on a nice property and Steven listed an executive home in Rothesay. Nicholas and I say “Go Team Platinum Go!”

We did get to meet Molly Burt and her baby sister Abigail thisweek, here in our yard, it was sooooo exciting. That Molly is a hot tomalley, brown chocolate lab, perfect friend for Nicholas. Baby Abigail is a golden lab only 8 weeks old. Kim held her in her arms while I had a closer look. Abigail was scared of me (probably my big size) so her Mama put her in the car where she felt safe. She was awfully cute, let me tell ya! Don’t think Mama could carry me around like that at 8 weeks!!! Nicolas says her knees would have buckled! That’s enough from the Peanut Gallery!

Kim and Abby Nicholas and Molly 2

Blogging with Buddy, June 28, 2014


What glorious weather for a Canada Day weekend! I’m hoping to get for a swim (or two or three, or more, ha). Nicholas and I, both have new Canadian flag scarfs, handsome with the red and white against our gleaming black fur. We may sport them at the St. Andrews dog show this weekend. We’ll be in the audience, of course, cheering on our friends! Nicholas says if they have a biggest dog competition I should go in. Is the little guy being smart with me?

Mama’s been working some crazy hours, so she’s hoping to get a couple of days off over the long weekend. But if I know Mama, like I know Mama, is someone wants to buy a house, away she’ll go, on the fly! She very excited to have so much great support staff now with Pam, Steven, Kim and Candace. Our clients are loving them too! Personable, trustworthy, caring and service orientated, just want the doctor ordered! I still feel as Team mascot that I am a very important part of the team. The clients love me too and I love them. I just like to sit beside them while they are talking to Mama while they rub my head (don’t stop rubbing now). Nicholas usually lies next to Mama’s feet (he’s a real Mama’s boy).

The market seems to be on the move because the phones, texts and emails have been red hot and the Team is on the fly! Business is way up over last year through every price range from low, mid-range to high, even though we had such a late spring. I think everyone was so relieved to see the end of all that snow that they just feel rejuvenated in the summer sun and want to move on and celebrate in a new home! Was I the only one happy with all the snow? Nicholas wasn’t impressed and hung near the fireplace with Mama a lot. What about you other big dogs out there? Were we happy or what!

Nicholas and I wish you all a very good Canada Day! We hope you have lots of fun with your families with barbeques, games and fireworks while we all give thanks for this great nation we are fortunate to live in. I can tell you we are two proud Canadian dawgs! Woof, woof!

Blogging with Buddy, June 14th, 2014

I have to say that Nicholas and I must have gone to Heaven last Sunday afternoon because if that wasn’t Heaven where we were than Heaven may be more than these two furry dudes can handle!!! We spent 3 hours at 463 Mascarene Road visiting Shelby Armstrong, a sweet 3-year old golden retriever (did I mention female!) and her parents David and Leslie. It was a gorgeous blue sky day and as we drove down the driveway the scenery opened up beyond the trees to this fabulous place on the Passamaquoddy Bay on the Bay of Fundy overlooking St Andrews, Grand Mannan, East Point Maine, Deer Island and more! Mama says it’s one of the prettiest homes on the Bay but all we could see was Shelby coming to greet us and 32.5 acres of woods, lawns, fields, ponds and the Bay of Fundy! The little guy practically flew out of Dad’s truck and his eyes were as big as saucers. I don’t think he even noticed Shelby at first, all he could see was the scenery, No invisible fence, No retractable leashes and we were both F R E E DOGS! He took off flat out around the house and around the lawns (can that guy ever run!) while I headed right to the 17 foot deep swimming pond, Splash, (was that a belly flop?)! I was swimming and swimming, Nicholas was running and Shelby looked at the two of us as if we had just landed from the Moon! She whispered to her mother, “These city dudes don’t get out much do they!” Next thing you know, that’s it, I jump right in the Bay of Fundy! There is something about the salt sea air mixed with the cold salt water that takes me back to my roots. I’m swimming back and forth and back and forth, so refreshing, so nice and cold (the other two wimps didn’t join me)! I hear the grown-ups saying, “Look Buddy’s right in the Bay!” Where else would you think a Newfoundland dog would be? And loving every minute of it too!

We were exhausted when we left there. We slept the entire way home and Mama had to wake us up to get us in the house! We slept most of the next day too, comatose! Heather couldn’t figure out why we were such good, quiet boys, ha! We barely moved, were almost dead! Then Mama always says, “How are the angels doing?” Heather says, “What angels?”

Mama and the Team are going to be back to Charlotte County this Sunday for Open Houses at 4 beautiful Beach Houses on the water! Mama is at 463 Mascarene Road, Steven is at 746 Seeley’s Cove Road (1 km of oceanfront), Pam is at 72 Kaydon Lane in Lake Utopia (fab pristine, warm, fresh-water swimming) and our newest member Candace (she’s a real sweetheart!) is at 133 Green’s Point Road in L’Etete (just past Mascarene) (watch the whales jump right from the beach!). “Buddy wants to see the whales jump, why can’t I go see them jump?” “I could swim out and get a closer look!” Mama says that’s what she’s worried about. The whales in the Bay of Fundy are the largest in the World! Mama says one slap of their tail and Buddy would be toast! Pam put maps on the Open House page of the web site to help people find their way. Nicholas and I are not allowed to go to open houses, no matter how much we whine! We just don’t understand, if we’re running and swimming won’t the people see how much fun can be had at beautiful places like this? With any luck we’ll get back to Charlotte County really soon. Paws crossed and hoping!!! Happy Weekend!


Blogging with Buddy, June 6th, 2014

What the heck is going on? Mama’s out showing houses and writing offers like crazy! She says it must be something in the drinking water because everyone wants to write an offer and they want to write it “right now”! The little guy (Nicholas) was whining but I’m good at calming him down. Besides Heather taking good care of us through the day, we’re good company for each other, play hard, rest, run as fast as you can, rest, have a wrestling match, need more rest! Mama says she hasn’t been this busy for about four years and it’s mostly the high-end properties that are the hottest right now. The DuPont Registry predicted that the Baby Boomers would rule in 2014, rewarding themselves for all their hard work by finally upgrading and buying their Dream Homes with cash offers and that’s exactly what’s happening here! Mama has broken a few of her own sales records lately but more on that later!

The Platinum Team has been busy too! (I call them the Dream Team because as team mascot Big Buddy’s part of it too!)We have a new listing at 31 Fox Point in Drury Cove and another on Deerwood with an awesome panoramic water view in Millidgeville.  We are hosting an open house in a nice new construction spec home at 120 Meredith Avenue on Sunday. Steven is as busy as a bee with a new 2-family listing on Westmorland Road, east and a luxury waterfront condo at 21 Upper Deck in Drury Cove where he’s having an open house this Sunday 2-4pm as well. The crowds they’ve been getting at their open houses is wild! Like Mama says, there’s something in the drinking water! Drop by and say “Hello”, they’ll be happy to show you around!

Not sure how but Nicholas lost every single one of his six to eight plus rubber balls right here in the yard last week. The guy is totally obsessed with the game of fetch and he was without a ball since last Monday!  Driving us all ballistic! Thank heavens Mama was able stop at Pet Coral in Quispamsis between appointments yesterday to pick us up a new ball! The girl was so helpful and even though they were closing when Mama arrived she gladly stayed a few moments extra so that Mama could grab that new ball and a few treats for us!  Nicolas can hardly stand it because it’s not just any ball; it’s the RuffDawg XL which bounces like crazy and floats like a boat so we can take it to the beach!!! There is no way Big Buddy Bacon is going to fetch a ball; if you throw it; you’d better plan on going to get it!  If it goes in the water I’ll bring it to the shore but I’m not giving it back. I’d rather run, roll in the grass, chew my new bone or just continue doing my favourite thing; Swim, swim, swim but I’m not fetching a ball! I think the little guy buried the others and has forgotten where! (Maybe I buried a few and have forgotten too). No matter how busy Mama is she always plays fetch with us at least once a day, usually at dusk and if she’s not going flat out, in the early morning as well about 6:30 or 7am. All week we couldn’t even play with our dear friend Everett who usually stops in on his way to Tim’s for a good game of fetch. We love Everett, he plays with us almost every day, buys us great toys, even Nicholas’ all-time favourite ball, the famous Blue Ball was a gift from Everett. It’s the best, rolls fast and bounces high! It’s amazing the way the little guy can jump so high in the air and catch that ball before it even hits the ground!  Super duck live! Easy to see the Border Collie in him.  As a pup Nicholas played a lot with the athlete of athletes “Thunder”, a pure bred Scottish variety of Border Collie. Nobody but nobody runs jumps or fetches like Thunder. No doubt about it Nicholas was taught by the best! And Thunder was so kind that he’d catch the ball and pass it to young Nicholas to fetch back (not many boys would do that)! I take a different approach, keep cool and play the out-field! When Nicholas misses it, I just open my big mouth and plop the ball falls right in. (Chuckle, chuckle), no running, no panting, no effort, just plop, I’ve got the famous Blue Ball with very little effort! And that folks is the way it’s done. Nicholas you’re going on the watch and learn program with Big Buddy Bacon!

May 29th, Blogging with Buddy

It was a long day for Nicholas and I yesterday with Mama out on a whirlwind tour showing homes. We were up at 5:30 am, me to check out my yard to be sure no deer or other critters had stepped foot on my private property while I slept and Mama to check overnight emails on the computer and fine tune the detail sheets of the tour.  That lazy Nicholas didn’t get up until almost 7:30 but what else would be new?  Daddy’s an early bird; if he’s not at his office by 6:30 he thinks he’s late!

Good thing my good friend Robin came by to stay with us!  She arrived at 7am.  I just love Robin; she’s so kind and friendly, always gives us treats and a nice rub.  (She also makes Nicholas and I a piece of toast in the mornings, are we spoiled or what?  Nicholas is a very fussy eater but he loves Robins toast!)

Mama left the house for the tour at 7:45am and didn’t get home until 6:30pm!  Whew, what a day! She showed houses from Charlotte Country to Saint John, Rothesay to Quispamsis.  She was beat but still smiling when she saw her boys!  We were so happy to see her, jumping all around and Nicholas was spinning round and round and even jumped up on her (which we’re not allowed to do).  Mama pushed him off and said “Four on the floor, Nicholas!  I don’t jump on people because I’m sooooo big I might flatten them!  If I stood on my hind legs I’d be as tall as most people, probably taller than Mama!  Whoa!!!

Daddy knew Mama was going to have a long day so he kicked in and had a nice supper going for all of us!  Mama put her feet up and told us about her day and the lovely people she was with, how enjoyable it was to show them such gorgeous properties, made the day just fly!  Nicholas started bellyaching about her being away for the day but I said, “Cool it Dude, she’s rarely away all day and like Grampy Wiggins always said, “Those that don’t work, don’t eat and if she sells one of those nice houses it means we’re eating well for another month, so you just smile, try to look sweet and say “Good Luck Mama”!


May 25th, Blogging With Buddy

“Happy Birthday to Buddy! Happy Birthday to Buddy!  Happy Birthday Dear Buddy, Happy Birthday to Me!” I turn 2 years old today!!!  Me and our Pomeranian cousins, “The Twins”  Mira and Lucas share birthdays with them turning 8 years old today!  Not sure what the twins have going on but Mama promised me a Cheeseburger Picnic, one of my favourite things after swimming!  Of course I’ll share with my bro, Nicholas. The guy looks kinda cute in the funny pointed birthday hat!

Mama has an open house this afternoon from 2-4 at 32 Rowanberry Terrace in Millidgeville (her team are working Millidgeville today including 32 Deerwood Place and 59 Anchorage Avenue) so my picnic will have to be at supper time.  Daddy can fire up the barbeque, he’s good at that.  Nicholas and I can just smell those burgers cooking already.  Nicholas no drooling please, it’s very unbecoming.

On Friday we met Mama’s newest team member Kim Burt and she was really, really nice.  Nicholas, the big Romeo, snuck a kiss of course, he thinks she’s really cute.  The guy is not safe out!  Kim was good about it, she just pushed him away, giggled and told us that she has a chocolate brown lab of her own named Molly.  Ho, ho, ho I’d like to meet this Molly girl myself!  Maybe I can entice her to come over to the cheese burger picnic!  I’ll get Daddy to throw on a few extra burgers for Molly with extra cheese too!  We’re on the invisible fence here and Kim says Molly has it at home too so she’d be used to it.  We could have the play date right here in my own back yard!!!  You back off Nicholas, Molly just might be my new girl, if she likes me!  I may be no Don Juan but when Buddy Bacon turns the charm on, the girls, they are fond!  Ho, ho, ho Molly girl, you come on over here to visit Big Buddy Bacon, the burgers are on the house!  Fire up that barbeque Daddy, Buddy’s throwing a Birthday Party!


May 21, 2014

Supper was a wee bit late last night as Mama was out listing a stunning new house at 6 John Street in Rothesay.  Daddy was looking after us but Mama says he can get a bit slack on keeping track of the time and keeping us on schedule! We know that Daddy is busy too and does his best.  Sounds like this house would be perfect for Nicholas and I as it has spacious rooms(good for big dogs) and a big fenced yard to play in.  It even has a pool!  How much fun could Buddy have in a pool?  Mama says I’d never come out of it!  With four fireplaces Nicholas would never be cold as he could curl right up in front of one, happy as a clam!  As the big Newf dawg I can’t stand too much heat myself so I’d choose to lay on the cool tiled floor myself in the winter and to keep me cool in the hot weather it has air conditioning!  Love it!  Mama says I may get shaved a bit this summer to help me stay cool.  Not too much Mama, I don’t want to look like a big geek, just go easy with the clippers! As the company mascot, I have an image to uphold you know!

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain!  No fun for Big Buddy Bacon when Nicholas, Mama or Daddy won’t come out and play with me in the rain!  I don’t know what their problem is, it makes me feel nice and cool but even Nicholas just runs out to do his business and then right back in the house.  What a wis he is (tell me, I didn’t just say that).  I did get to the beach for about 30 minutes on Saturday at Haggerty’s Cove.  Just starting to really get into it, had two good swims, a few runs down the beach with my bro and three really good rolls in the sand (this makes Daddy crazy because then I get sand all through the cottage!) and then it starts to rain!  Right away Mama starts gathering us up, shouting “It’s raining, it’s raining, quick to the cottage”.  What the heck, it’s just a little rain, we’re not made of sugar.  Well Big Buddy Bacon is not but maybe Mama is cause I think she just sweet!  When she smiles at me and tells me what a good handsome boy I am, I could just melt!  It’s been raining ever since Saturday afternoon and not looking good for the week either.  “Rain rain go away, Buddy Bacon wants to play!”

May 13

Mama is hosting an agent’s open house today at 33 Bernard Court in Quispamsis. Everyone on the team is running around busy making sure all is ready and as close to perfection as they can make it. We overheard her on the phone ordering a big dark chocolate cake with boiled icing from the Irving Convenience to serve the other agents! Heather is picking it up this morning all freshly made! Holy Toledo’s! That’s our favourite. Mama says she’s trying to entice the agents to drop by and view what she calls a “gorgeous new listing with a panoramic river view up and down the Kennebecasis River. One of the best river views she’s seen in year!” Nicholas and I would drop by ourselves for a piece of that cake but she says, “no way”! I politely remind her that we are the company mascots and an important part of Team Platinum but that didn’t fly either.

Steven’s at 29 Grove Ave, Rothesay. A house with a big private yard and big pool! That’s not far from our house. I wonder what he’s serving. If we weren’t on this darn Invisible Fence we could slip over there and check it out. Steven’s a nice guy, he knows we like treats, he’d slip us something I’m sure! A treat and a swim in the big pool, sounds like Heaven to me! (Wish the vet hadn’t told Mama that I need to cut back on the treats! Is the guy trying to ruin all my fun?)

Everyone on the Platinum team loves us, especially the girls. That Nicholas is always trying to kiss them and then they giggle and shove him away and he kisses them some more. (They didn’t nick name him Romeo at the dog park for nothing, the guys certainly got an eye for the ladies).

I say something needs to change around here! We’re not allowed at the public open houses and now we find out we’re not allowed at the agent open house to share in the goodies either! Mama says she’s not worried about Nicholas but I’m not safe around a chocolate cake. The woman is going to give me a complex! She thinks if she turns her back, I’d devour it. Is someone having trust issues? (I can’t say they’re not warranted)! Best I can hope for is she’ll bring us home a little piece. Paws crossed and hoping! “Nicholas you cross your paws too!” Nicholas, “Okay, okay Dude, they’re crossed, see they’re crossed!”

May 9!

Happy Mother’s Day on May 11th from Big Buddy Bacon! To all of you mothers out there Nicholas and I say kudos to you and all that you do! The big things, the small things, the fun things, the boring; the rough things, the tough thing, the slow thing, the souring! You do it all because you love us so much and it’s our day to show you that we love you too! We agree with Mama when she says, “If your dog thinks you’re the greatest, don’t seek a second opinion!”

We’re happy to have our Mama home with us this Sunday. No open houses on Mother’s Day for Mama, her buyers and sellers are spending the day with their families and Mama says the ladies will all be Queen for a day! We’re just waiting to see what Daddy does to make Mama feel like a Queen. Does that mean we’ll be Princes for a day too? Prince Buddy & Prince Nicholas, kind of has a nice ring to it.

We know we’re the happiest just spending time with Mama & Daddy. Maybe they’ll take us to do something special! Paws crossed and hoping!

We know that Mama has a big day on Monday showing waterfront properties. She’d better eat her Wheaties cause she’ll be hitting the ground running! It’s an out of town buyer so she’ll be describing all the pluses of our beautiful Saint John River, Grand Bay, the Kennebecasis River Valley and the inland waterways. Nicholas and I could do that job pretty easily! We go swimming in the river in the summer and also the Bay of Fundy.

Who has more fun in the water than us and our furry friends? I do more of the swimming in the Bay than Nicholas, me being the big Newfoundland dog and all. Cold water doesn’t bother me any, I actually find it quite refreshing. If Mama holds onto me in the water I easily take her right back to shore! Not that she’s getting into the Bay of Fundy all that often but usually several times a summer with our lovely friends at New River (it has to be a hot day for Mama to get it). Daddy says “You’re crazy, the waters too cold!”

I hate to admit it but Nicholas is the faster swimmer (Border Collie mixed with something larger, we have no idea what). He may be fast (and he likes to dive) but he’s not built like me, he’s so slim he can’t take a lot of time in the cold water. I have to admit the guy is one fast runner too! When he’s flat out down that beach you don’t want to get in his way. Mama says if he was a human boy she’d put him in the Olympics! Sometimes I think he’s just showing off (that’s when I try to trip him or grab him by the tail)! “Who said that?”

1 2


May 7

My brother Nicholas
My brother Nicholas

Have to say that Nicholas and I had a fantastic time at the beach on Saturday!!! First swim of the year and the little guy went absolutely nuts at the beach He ran like the wind and dug huge holes in the sand which was flying 10 feet out behind him. Mama threw the ball for him to play fetch, his very, very favourite game in the whole World, bar none! Me, I just wanted to swim! And swim I did. I ran straight for the water and waded right in. This is the Bay of Fundy and I didn’t even feel the cold. Mama says I float like a boat! Nicholas went in to his ankles and that was enough for him. I also walked the beach a bit with Daddy looking for beach glass, then time for another swim! We were pooped afterward and slept the entire way home and had a pretty quiet evening after a nice supper. A great first day at the beach this season, we were two very happy dogs!

Mama and The Team are all excited this week about their big sale at 66 Park Drive in Kennebecasis Park. Mama says the sellers are two of the nicest people she’s ever met and they have two really sweet dogs our age, Casey & Finnigan (better known as Finnie)! Casey is a Golden Doodle (Nicholas had one of those in his grade 1 class at school) and Finnie is a Golden Retriever. I said we wouldn’t mind meeting those two and they live nearby too. From how Mama describes them they sound like they are pretty high energy dudes and that’s right up our alley! Maybe we can get Mama to arrange a play date! I’ll get Nicholas to sit up and try to look really sweet and slant his eyes just so at Mama (you know she’ll give him anything he wants)! She’s a real sucker for that old slant eye trick! She says we’d have to be on our best behaviour (are we ever any other way? ha. Don’t ask Daddy that). Paws crossed and hoping on the play date!

PS – I’ve been getting a lot of emails of people asking what Nicholas looks like so I’m including a photo of him in his work suit with his plaid shirt collar and Prudential blue tie! It was made for him by our Auntie Blue who lives in Rothesay with our Uncle Clinton and our cousins Lucas and Myra, the toy Pomeranian twins! They are cute and yappy, look like fluffy balls, the colour of a fox. They are sweet but I’m so big and they’re so small I’m terrified I might step on them!

May 3!

Here I am on my second day in the blogging world! Nicholas and I were surprised to get so many nice emails, thank you! I read each one to him.

We’re so happy to see such a bright blue sky sunny day!!! Mama promised to do something special with us today since she’s working tomorrow at her open house at 59 Anchorage Ave in Millidgeville from 2-4. She says its waterfront with a fabulous panoramic view! I said we don’t care about the view, if it’s waterfront why can’t Nicholas and I come along for a swim!

We saw the pictures and there is a nice staircase right down to the water. Perfect! Easy access! Mama says there is no way we’re coming to open houses. She can’t baby sit us and considerate on the potential buyers at the same time. We keep telling her, “We don’t need babysitting!

Nicholas is two and I’m going to be two in July, we’re big boys now. Plus we’re fantastic swimmers; if the little guy gets in trouble I’ll pull him out, as a Newfoundland dog that’s what I do! We’ll stay down at the water out of the way and show the people just how much fun you can really have with a waterfront property!” She says “Forget it, it’s not going to happen, no unsupervised swimming and you two are not coming to open houses.” Okay, okay, okay I’ve got it, no open houses for me and Nicholas (or is it Nicholas and I.. Whatever).

To make up for it Mama is taking us to the beach today!!! We’re going to run, run, run and swim, swim, swim! The sand will be flying and our ears will be straight out behind us! Daddy says, “We’re crazy, it’s too cold out”. He seems to tell us we’re crazy a lot but we just said, “Hey big Daddy, bundle up and get on the band wagon, roll that truck out and let’s head to the beach because we’re going to have a real fun, fun, fun day!

May 1!

My name is Benjamin Bartholomew Bacon, (better known as Big Buddy Bacon) and my mother sells real estate.  I live in Rothesay on the 3rd tee of Riverside Golf Course with my father and mother and my older brother (by six months, I’m one and a three quarter and he’s two), Nicholas Copernicus Bacon.  We may be mutts from the shelter but we’ve got pretty high flouting names!  Nicholas and I are both rescue dogs from the SPCA, myself from Gatineau Que. and Nicholas from Dartmouth NS.  Our mother found us on-line through a Google Search, can you imagine!  I told Nicholas, “we hit the jackpot that day, we surely did bucko”!  If ever two orphaned dogs were loved it’s us!  People say we are spoiled rotten but Mama corrects them saying yes we are spoiled but we’re certainly not rotten!

Because our mother sells real estate we live with her crazy schedule!  Mama makes sure that we are rarely alone though because Heather, her assistant, is always with us Monday to Friday 9-5.  We like Heather.  She keeps us good company and lets us in and out if the need be (even slips us a few treats but keep that one on the down low!) while mother is out showing houses and all the things she does.  We hear Mama is a good agent but then again we’re more than a little biased! If we were looking to buy a new home there is no one else we’d rather see them with!  We like to lie beside her desk when she’s working at the computer.  She spends many hours on the computer answering emails, talking to clients, making up advertisements and planning sale strategies.  Every so often she gives our heads a rub and tells us what good sweet boys we are!  Are we in Heaven, nope but its darn close!